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Jungle Lust / Похоть джунглей

Год производства: 2014 г.
Страна: Kenya
Жанр: Uncut, Blacks, Amateur, Twinks, Kissing, Oral, Anal, No condoms, Pissing
Продолжительность: 02:18:43

Студия: 80 Gays

В ролях: Jay, Rony, Andrew, Martin, Marvin, Mukowu, Kalamagi, Peter, Brian, Steven, Patrick

Описание: Travel to the villages of Kenya and witness the secret sex encounters of young Black gay males, many with a passion for water sports. Their hardcore rebellious adventures made more exciting by the risk of getting caught. Black African twinks, with big cocks, yearn for the opportunity to suck dick and fuck bareback. In the blistering African heat, smooth ebony skin glistens with sweat as naked bodies entangle and raw jungle passion ignites. Experience up-close the innocent defiance of Black gay youth driven by the lust for another man''s touch.
Jay, Rony and Andrew

Jay and Andrew invited Rony to their apartment, wanting a taste of his cock and ass. Andrew releases Rony''s big black dick and goes down on it. Then Jay sucks Rony, while he services Andrew''s huge black cock. Jay wants to get fucked and lowers himself onto Rony, while Andrew sucks his nipples, and Rony strokes his dick. Then Andrew takes his turn riding Rony, as Jay strokes his dick. Andrew bends over the sofa and Rony''s balls slap his ass, as he pounds deep into that black ass. Jay sucks on Andrew, while he bounces on Rony''s black meat. Then lays on his side and Rony fucks him raw. Andrew shoots his cum all over Jay''s fingers and Jay licks it up. The smell of cum makes Rony unload on Andrew, and Jay licks his cock clean. Finally, Jay jerks himself off, adding his own jizz to the mess.

Martin and Marvin

Martin and Marvin wake to the feel of each other''s smooth black skin. The twinks suck each other''s cock and Marvin Fucks Martin''s mouth. Marvin struggles to enter Martin''s tight black ass, who gasps with pain and pleasure as he''s stretched to the limit. Marvin pushes his friend''s legs back, so that he can drive his cock deep inside. Then he lowers his ass onto Martin''s cock and takes a ride, while stroking Martin''s hard cock. When Martin erupts Marvin licks the cum from his dick, then shoots his load onto Marvin''s smooth dark skin.

Mukowu and Kalamagi

Kalamagi is chilling out on the sofa, while his young friend Mukowu is doing homework. He feels horny and asks Mukowu to come over and play with him. As they kiss, Kalamagi and Mukowu quickly get hard. Then Kalamagi decides to bareback fuck his cute African buddy. For young guys, who don''t have sex very often, these two Black twinks can hold their load quite a while. Eventually, Mukowu receives a load of warm Kenyan cum from his ebony fuck buddy.

Peter and Brian

Peter and Brian are from different tribes, and when they get some time alone, there''s always hot bareback sex between the young Africans. The youthful Black twinks strip each other, and suck their massive cocks until they''re raging hard. Then Peter lowers himself onto Brian''s monster black dick and gasps out loud. After riding Brian''s beast, he rolls his bottom over and slides back in to drill his youthful fuck buddy deep. Peter braces himself against the thrusts of his very well hung African top. His ass squeezes Brian''s cock, as he pushes deep into it. Brian pulls out and strokes himself, until he cums, and then goes back down on Peter''s cock. When Peter is about to unload, Brian scratches his nipples, and cum shoots all over his smooth ebony belly. Brian is again ready to release a load of cum, and directs it at his young bottom''s cock and balls.

Steven and Patrick

African twinks Patrick and Steven return from a tribal ceremony, still in their robes. Horny for each other, the two pull up their robes and Patrick goes down on his Black friend. Then Steven has to piss and Patrick drinks the golden nectar. Patrick''s ebony body is still wet with piss and shiny from massage oil when Steven pulls him on the bed to fuck his black ass raw. Patrick has difficulty taking his top''s big black cock, but eventually they get to some serious bareback fucking. Then Steven has to piss and Patrick drinks it all. After some more fucking, Steven is on the edge, so Patrick showers him with his piss. Steven is still hard when he sprays his yellow gold in Patrick''s mouth. With lots of piss breaks, Steven controls his orgasm, but eventually he can''t hold back. He pulls out and shoots onto his friend''s belly. Patrick soon follows with his own cum load.
Качество видео: HDRip 1080p
Формат видео: DVD Video
Видео: WVC1, 1920x1080, 25.00fps, 5000Kbps
Аудио: WMA, 44100Hz, stereo, 64Kbps

Трекер:  [ 16-Авг-2015 13:00 ]


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