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Heavy Hung / Тяжелая Хунг

Год производства: 1983 г.
Страна: United States
Жанр: Vintage, Condom-free, Anal, Oral
Продолжительность: 00:39:23

Режиссер: Mustang Studios
Студия: Mark Reynolds

В ролях: Allen (aka Kenny)
Brian (sf)
David (mustang)
Jerry (mustang)
John (Vaughn)
Shawn (sl)
U Bob (Rikas)

Описание: Super-hung Allen shows receptive David that he knows how to use his giant dick. "Tom, Dick and Harry" gives you a wild 3-way with two leather guys ganging up on a friend. "Solo Jerk" has beautiful and hung Brian showin'' it all. Finally, Shawn does it just for you.

1. Heavy Hung (short) 150''
Allen (aka Kenny), David (mustang)
Allen is a super hung jock, but in this film he is with a great stud, hung even heavier than he is.
During a heavy 69, Allen tongues David''s big cock and you can tell he sure as hell digs it in the top position. Allen sinks his huge piece of meat deep into David''s throat as David thrusts he even bigger piece into Allen''s beautiful hot mouth. David begins to choke and when he pulls away to get his breath he finds himself looking straight into Allen''s smooth young ass.
He spread the firm cheeks and exposes the most beautiful warm pink hairless little asshole he''s ever seen. David looks at it, licks it, and then darts his tongue in and out as far as he can. Allen is overcome and plunges his big cock deep into David''s young ass with all the force he can muster and blows his cum all over. David groans and cries out, "Shit man, you sure can fuck!"

2. Tom, Dick and Harry 150''
Jerry (mustang)
This is a wild three-way with two leather guys ganging up on one dude and really working him over.
With a cock in his mouth and one up his ass. Jerry becomes too hot to care about the grueling punishment his ass is taking. The thought of getting it shoved into him by two strangers made his own cock hard as a rock and bursting to come. It was too soon, he wanted more cock up his ass and mouth. The dude in the back kept fucking harder and harder. Jerry felt the guy''s cock growing bigger and it started to hurt him. Just then he heard the bastard start to moan and he knew he was about to get it rougher. Jerry''s ass was really burning as he felt the guy''s cock swell and fill his ass with hot cum. Jerry reached down for his cock just as it burst into a heavy spasm and shot forth huge globs of his own cream.

3. Double Trouble (Mustang) 150''
John (Vaughn), Bob (Rikas)
John picks up a young guy and when he gets him home, forces the kid to suck his roommate''s cock. While he is sucking. John hold the kid''s arm behind his back and greases up his ass.
The kid tries to pull away but John holds him down and begins to fist fuck him. Again the kid tries to move but John holds his arm up behind his back with one hand and keeps pushing his other hand up the kid''s ass. The young ass if finally stretched enough to take the whole fist and more. Then John pulls it out and plunges his cock in up to the hilt. What follows is a hard, fast fucking three-way and the kid ends up covered with hot juice, including his own.
see also Mustang loops

4. Solo Jerk 150''
David (mustang)
Brian is from a small town. 18 years old, beautiful and damned near a virgin. He admits to jerking off a lot and sometimes with a close buddy. Once he was drunk and stayed the night with a friend that tried to fuck him. He said, "I liked it until it started to hurt and then I got kind of scared and made him quit. My friend got pissed and made me suck him off."
In this film, Brian jerks himself off and you will see why he enjoys it so much. He has a big cock with a beautiful sculptured shape and he shoots out about three feet.

5. Shawn 200''
Shawn (sl)
Like most of us, Shawn finds a walk along a deserted beach to be a refreshing experience. The sound of the surf, the brisk clean air, and the warm sun all seem to relax him completly. As he becomes more and more relaxed, his mind dwells on the many sexual fantasies of an 18 year old boy. He takes hold of his big thick cock and his excitement increases. As he places his fingers deep into the crevice of his buns, he imagines himself being assaulted by a hung young friend. In his bind. Shawn''s fantasies come to life as he gushes his liquid pleasure all over his writhing body.

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Формат видео: MP4
Видео: MPEG4 Video (H264) 640x480 29.97fps 1983kbps
Аудио: AAC 44100Hz stereo 192kbps

Трекер:  [ 16-Авг-2015 14:00 ]


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