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The Best Of Roger / Лучшее Роджера

Год производства: 1981 г.
Страна: USA
Жанр: Classic, vintage. oral, anal, compilation
Продолжительность: 01:32:37

Режиссер: Jack Deveau, and others
Студия: Bijou films

В ролях: Roger, Mandingo, Bruno, Chuck Samson, Jack Wrangler, Eric Strieff

Описание: Roger was a handsome man with a muscular body and sumptuous cock that the camera loved. Roger appeared in many Bullet Videopacs, a few Falcons and two Hand-in-Hand films (Sex Magic, Hot House). Some other films he appeared in include Heavy Equipment, Hunk, and Super Studs. His looks and sexual abilities propelled him on his way to become a gay icon.

Доп. информация: This compilation of some of Roger''s hottest scenes includes:

Physical Education (featured in The Academy & Roger)

Solo sequene. Roger performs a slow striptease to show off his muscles, grinning and teasing the camera. He''s dressed in a sweat band and flexes and touches himself through his almost sheer, white sweatpants. His biceps glisten and the camera worships him. He strips down to just a jock strap and uses both hands to grapple with his massive erection. He finally undresses all the way and jerks off to climax. This segment was beautifully photographed live at the Nob Hill Cinema in San Francisco.

Break Time (from Sex Magic)

Roger and Mandingo play as construction workers in this excerpt from the Hand-in-Hand film Sex Magic, about a magical ring that makes sex fantasies come true. Roger finds the magic ring on their construction site and shows it to straight guy, Mandingo, who quickly becomes aroused. The two find themselves alone in a shed. Roger opens the back of Mandingo''s long underwear and fucks his asshole doggie-style with his enormous cock, then climaxes on Mandingo''s back.

Good Neighbors (featured in Bullet Videopac 7 & The Best of Bruno, Volume 2)

This vignette features the famous Bruno. While Bruno is putting down a plant that Roger has brought him, Roger cannot help but notice Bruno''s big cock as it hangs out of his towel. Roger then goes down on Bruno. Bruno now trades places with Roger and goes down on him. Roger eats out Bruno''s ass. Bruno now fucks Roger with big and powerful jabs. Bruno jacks off a huge load all over Roger; Roger also shoots a fair-sized load.

Garden Party (featured in Bullet Videopac 5)

This film features Chuck Samson alongside Roger. While watering his garden, Chuck can''t keep his eyes off of Roger, who slowly starts to jack off. Putting down his water hose, Chuck joins Roger. Chuck whips out his long cock and then strips down. Roger starts off by sucking on Chuck''s balls. They then fall into a 69 position as Chuck goes down on Roger. The boys are now kidding and caressing. Chuck face fucks Roger with his cock. The climax: Chuck shoots huge load that flies across Roger''s chest, and Roger in turn shoots a good-sized load of his own.

Oiled Up (from Hot House)

This excerpt from Hand-in-Hand''s Hot House features Jack Wrangler, Roger and Eric Strieff in an excellent, very erotic, memorable, slow scene. Jack and Roger are on plastic, oiled and engaged in foreplay. They exchange blow jobs. Eric Strieff enters the room and joins the two men for a three-way of oral sex and hand jobs.

"Roger gives good head ... The big-ticket draw of Hot House was to have been the sex scene between Wrangler and Roger, and the pay-off is there. Back in 1977, these two porn titans knew that the audience expected to be transported nearly to Valhalla when settling in for this section, and both go all out to create what comes off as a genuine physical desire. I nearly fell off the bed when I saw Roger turn and swallow Wranger''s not-insubstantial organ."-- Manifest Reader, February 1984

A young brunet man (no credit listed) sketches Roger, who is posed, nearly nude, lounging before him. The camera and the young man''s eyes carress Roger''s form. The artist adjusts Roger''s pose, having him stand up, nude, and continues drawing. As he sketches Roger''s enormous cock, Roger becomes erect and the artist can''t help touching himself. Roger does the same and the artist gives up on his drawing and approaches Roger. The artist gives Roger a blow job until Roger stops him, pulls his jeans down, and sucks his large, uncut cock. Roger bends over and rims the artist, then fucks him. The two men wind up rolling around on the floor all over a pile of the artist''s charcoal sketches, covering their naked skin in smears of charcoal and sweat. Roger continues to fuck the artist on the sketches until he cums on his chest.

Egyptian Fantasy (from Sex Magic)

Another short excerpt from Sex Magic, this one a solo scene. Roger stands in a black room under colored lighting, fog sweeping around his mostly exposed form. He wears a cape, an ornate belt with chains hanging from it, left open to reveal his cock, and the magical ring on his finger. He stares straight ahead very seriously and touches himself, stroking his chest and jerking off. The scene ends with Roger shooting a large load, which is followed by a series of shots of his dick and the magical ring. Roger dramatically raises his arms up into the iconic pose from the Sex Magic poster.

Качество видео: DVDRip
Формат видео: MP4
Видео кодек: H.264/AVC
Аудио кодек: AAC
Видео: Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 640x480 30fps 1633kbps
Аудио: Audio: AAC 44100Hz stereo 125kbps

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