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Excess All Areas: The Selfie Generation / Выйти за все пределы: Поколение селфи

Год производства: 2015 г.
Страна: UK
Жанр: Young, Big Dicks, Oral, Anal, 3-somes, Cum
Продолжительность: 01:52:50

Режиссер: Ashton Bradley
Студия: Yound Bastards

В ролях: Reece Bentley, Mickey Taylor, Luke Desmond, James Lain, Damian Gomez, Ashley Hayes, Deacon Hunter, Josh Jared, Jeremy Chris, Levi Stephans, Luke Vogel

Описание: Молодые, одарённые и возбуждённые мальчишки хотят удовлетворения, обожая большие твёрдые члены. Счастливчики нашли подходящих активов, чтобы те дали им удовольствие жёсткого секса. Эти голодные шлюшки могут опуститься достаточно низко в своей необходимости ублажать, отдавая свои тела для энергичных прелюдий и беспощадного траха со своими брутальными приятелями. Пять сцен, одиннадцать мерзавцев и бесчисленное множество причин, чтобы выбросить свой заряд!

Original synopsis: Young, hung and horny fucktoy boys need to satisfy and worship hard cocks just to feel useful. These lucky lads have found just the right tops to give them the servitude they crave, rewarding their devotion with some rough and rugged fucking. These needy whores can’t sink low enough in their need to please, handing their sub bodies over for forceful foreplay and merciless poundings by their brutal fuck buddies. Five scenes, eleven bastards and countless reasons to dump your load!
1. Impaled on Reece''s Mighty XL Fuck Tool

Damian Gomez and Reece Bentley start out snogging and their cocks soon take over, pulling the hot young studs into a slutty public scene. In an open stairwell Damian starts sucking Reece off, gobbling Reece''s meaty tool down to the root. But horny Damian needs more of Reece''s chubby, throbbing cock he does what a slut does best and bends over the handrail to take the thick tool over and over again. He''s rewarded by being covered in Reece''s jizz, and repays him by cleaning him up with nothing but his tongue.

2. Young Slut Sniffing Sox And Taking A Hard Fuck

This grubby scene starts with young slut James Lain on the ground, in his place under the feet of tormentor, Jeremy Chris. At first little James just sniffs at Jeremy''s feet like a puppy, but soon he can''t control how boned the stink makes him and heads up to suck on Jeremy''s thick, veiny cock. From there control is out of his hands as all the slutty sucking makes Jeremy need to fuck and bends the young twink over to serve his urges. His achingly stiff cock pounds relentless into the weaker body until he finally busts the nutt he so needs all over Jame''s slutty, smooth body.

3. Chav Dudes Selfie Porn XXL Threesome

Staring at their own dirty snaps on their smart phones, these self-obsessed lads start turning themselves on. Mickey Taylor, Luke Desmond and Josh Jared wind up getting off by watching their homemade selfie porn on the big TV screen, simultaneously packing out their bouncing boners and starting to stroke. Mickey makes the first move and then they''re all on the rutt, pushing their meat into each other''s open, hungry holes. Tattooed punk Mickey and monster-hung Luke make it a competition to tear their mate Josh''s fucktunnel apart until they can''t hold back and douse him with their spunk.

4. Ginger Bitch Boy Learns His Lesson

Levi Stephans and Ashley Hayes are two uncontrollably horny young fuckers. Redheaded sub stud Levi loves the smell of feet as much as he loves to be used by a dominant dude. Luckily for him, Ashley is happy to use the slut to take whatever his own dong needs. After some foot fetish play Levi ploughs his tool into Ashley''s face with a rough throatfucking. Soon the horny stud is delivering a rough, relentless fuck up the boytwat the only real way to keep a slut happy.

5. Monster Cock Lads'' Toilet Threesome

Shameless public fucker Mickey Taylor starts this scene out filming the hard slamming he''s giving Deacon Hunter on his smart phone top show off to his mates later. When sexy young Luke Vogel busts in on them he also wants in on the action and the sub hole. After busting out his dangerously thick cock, Deacon begins to fuck his throatcunt down on Luke''s XL tool, while Mickey keeps ramming him up the ass. Spitroasting selfie studs making their bottom bitch into their own private pornstar.
Качество видео: DVDRip
Формат видео: AVI
Видео: MPEG4 Video (H264), 1024x576, 29.97 fps. 2437 Kbps
Аудио: AAC, 44100Hz, stereo, 64Kbps

Трекер:  [ 27-Авг-2015 11:30 ]


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