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Billy Boy / Малыш Билли

Год производства: 1970 г. (October, 29)
Страна: USA
Язык: English
Жанр: Vintage, Classic, Drama, Romance, Naked Twinks, Erotica, Kisses, Wrestling, Anal, Trio, Party, Cross Generation, Love
Продолжительность: 01:11:30

Режиссер: Robert Henry Mizer (Bob Mizer)
Студия: Athletic Model Guild (AMG)

В ролях: Billy Young, Dick Harold, Jackie Slaughter, James Chittenen, Richard Steele, Skip Tumaloo, Jim Gay, Lucky Starr, Chuck Otis, Ray Cabe, Phil Seward, Jackie Nunn

Описание: It''s an age-old story. A sweet young boy from somewhere in Middle America leaves home for the big city with nothing but his dreams and the shirt on his back. He makes his way out to Hollywood, shooting for the stars. His small town upbringing can''t possibly prepare him for what the city has to offer. Like the thousands that came before, he''ll find that Los Angeles is not all bright lights and movie stars. Most of these sweet young souls won''t strike gold on California''s shore, instead, if they''re lucky, they''ll end up with a fistful of copper. Billy Boy is the tale of one such small town boy, just trying to get by in the rat race of the Golden State.
Это история стара как мир. Приятный молодой мальчик откуда-то из Центральной Америки, покидает свой дом ради большого города, не имея ничего, кроме одной майки и своей мечты. Он держит свой путь в Голливуд, где хотел бы стать звездой. Его небольшой городок не может подготовить его к тому, что его ждёт в городе. Как и тысячи других, кто пришли раньше, он поймёт, что в Лос-Анджелесе есть не только яркие огни и звёзды кино. Большинство из этих молодых душ не найдут золота на берегах Калифорнии, вместо этого (и то, если им повезёт), они найдут лишь горсть меди. Малыш Билли — это рассказ об одном из таких провинциальных мальчишек, который просто пытается выжить в этих крысиных бегах Золотого Штата.
Scene 1: A young man named Billy stumbles into an alley followed by a pair of blue suits. The cops push him up against a wall telling him that they’ve got his number. There’s no way he’ll make it out of this one, and to make sure, they cuff him, pull down his pants and underwear, and slap him around a bit. Their four, long arms of injustice swing wildly at the helpless boy as he tries to block his face and simultaneously pick up his pants, his dick flopping about like a fish out of water. Lucky for Billy a compassionate daddy named Bob, who works around the corner, has come to check out the situation. He tells the cops to back off and promises to get Billy off the street. Bob takes the boy home and gets him cleaned up. That night they spend the night in each other’s arms; Billy, completely, nude wraps his slender legs around his hairy daddy’s barrel chest.

Scene 2: The following morning Bob heads off for work praying to see Billy when he returns. Billy spends the day resting up in his new home. When Bob returns, the two embrace and head off to the gym. This is not your average sports club. Bob point out that some of the boys here like a bare work out. Indeed they do. Nude boys of all shapes and sizes adorn the gym, boxing, wrestling, lifting weights. As they prepare for the workout, Billy decides he is more comfortable sweating in his clothes. He suits up and hits the weights. Robert remains behind and a friend warns him of the dangers of running around with a boy Billy’s age. Billy starts his work out with a couple of c СПАМ As he lifts the weights to his chest, a young man in a leather jacket approaches and offers him help with his technique. Instead of teaching him how to lift the dumbbell properly, however, Skip offers lessons of a more personal nature. Rubbing Billy’s leg, he tells the boy to give him a call if he wants to get away from boring old Bob.

Scene 3: As Skip sits and dreams of Billy’s silky white ass pumping up and down on his plump cock, Bob takes Billy away to the beach. The boy and his keeper sit side by side in the sand. Bob inquires about Billy’s past, but he’s not quick to give details. Billy reluctantly concedes that his father was a drunk, his mother a whore, and he himself a troublemaker. He admits that his good behavior won’t likely last, but Bob is confident in his new companion. Back at the gym, Skip does a bit of skinny lifting. His big dick hangs between his sinewy thighs as he pumps the weights over his head. Billy arrives solo this time and Skip points out that they are alone. Why not wrestle, he suggests. After some coercion, he convinces Billy to strip down and hit the mats. With Billy fully exposed, Skip makes his move. As he pins Billy to the mat, he attempts to penetrate his sweet boy hole. After a few failed attempts, he asks Billy whether he’s ever been fucked and Billy admits that he’s been on the receiving end, but only once.

Scene 4: Billy flashes back to that fateful day when a pair of hippies gave his ass a good pummeling. The boys had picked him up onthe street and coaxed him to a private spot. Once there, the blonde one kissed him. Shocked but excited Billy wasn’t hard to get out of his clothes. However, he didn’t anticipate what came next. Once his briefs hit the dirt, they held him down and used him as their personal fuck box. At first he resisted, but soon Billy was content as their bitch boy. The two double-teamed him until all three exploded in ecstasy.

Scene 5: In the present day, Billy admits to Skip that he really liked the way it felt. Seeing as they are alone, Skip recommends a reenactment and Billy acquiesces. Skip turns him on his stomach and slides his rock hard cock in the boy’s taut white ass. They fuck until Skip cums inside him. In the afterglow, Billy agrees to meet him again soon.

Scene 6: Back at Bob’s, Billy plays a game of solitaire. The phone rings. It’s Bob saying he’ll be home late from work. Minutes later a call comes through from Skip, who convinces Billy to let him bring some boys over. Billy runs to the shower to get ready for his guests. Before he’s done, Skip and a band of street scamps arrive, soda bottles in hand, ready to party. Billy comes out with a towel around hi waist. He’s surprised to see so many boys, but goes along to impress his new friend. Within minutes the boys are naked, dancing and smoking refer. A drug-induced orgy ensues, boys suck, fuck and shove RC cola bottles in each other’s posteriors. Billy, having only taken one hit off the joint sits in a panic, worried about what Bob will think. Skip tries to pull Billy in, but he punches him. Skip’s cronies ransack the house in retaliation. The sounds of sirens emerge and the boys leave the place in tatters, taking a bewildered Billy with them.

Scene 7: In a strange turn of events, the cops – the same cops, have you, who nearly beat Billy to death just days before – arrive to inspect reports of a disturbance. In the rubble of Bob’s den, they find a sack of weed and a few joints. As the cops snoop for more dope, Bob walks into the room. They immediately approach him with the drugs and arrest him on possession charges. They book him and lock him up. Soon after he is placed behind bars, Bob’s lawyer, the same man who warned him about Billy, comes to his rescue. He gets Bob out of jail and immediately, Bob runs out to find his boy lover. He returns to the place where Billy confessed to his spotted past. There on the beach Billy sits, his knees to his chest, his head hanging low. The two embrace. On the shores of the Pacific, Billy’s mind wanders to fantasies of he and his hairy savior, finally consummating their relationship. So things are looking up for our little Billy, but temptation looms large in the City of Angels. If Billy’s smart he’ll steer clear of the pit fall’s that have left many a Hollywood hopeful high and dry. For now, he’s sitting pretty but fates can change in an instant here in the Golden State.
Качество видео: DVDRip
Формат видео: AVI
Видео: MPEG4 Video (H264) 640x480 29.97fps 1786Kbps
Аудио: MP3 44100Hz stereo 256Kbps

Трекер:  [ 22-Сен-2015 13:30 ]


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