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What Friends Are For / Зачем нужны друзья

Год производства: 2004 г.
Страна: Hungary
Жанр: Oral, Anal, Group sex, Cum
Продолжительность: 01:24:19

Режиссер: Roland Dane
Студия: Studio 2000 International

В ролях: Daniel Halasz, Gabor Szeles, George Vidanov, Giovanni Floretto, James Jordan, Janos Kovacs, Johnny Huzosh, José Ganatti, Robert Kern

Описание: What Friends Are For is Studio 2000 International''s ball-draining delight from director Roland Dane. This superstar sex-performer is fast becoming one of the best directors at work today. He has a keen eye for casting the best Euro eye candy in the biz and clearly knows how to get the most spectacularly sizzling sessions from them. What Friends Are For is packed with fab faces, powerful physiques, protruding pricks and butts begging to be banged. What Friends Are For is also a foreskin lover''s wet dream as each and every member proudly sports uncut meat. Studio 2000 International, director Roland Dane, and nine fantastic, foreskinned fellows show you What Friends Are For. The potent and provocative formula belongs exclusively to Studio 2000, but the sexually sonic results are all yours. This cast of familiar favorites and exciting new inductees into the world of male erotica will leave you boned and breathless. What Friends Are For is to make you cum and cum again. A friend in hand is a friend indeed!
"What Friends Are For" — опустошающее яйца наслаждение от режиссёра Roland Dane и студии Studio 2000 International. Снимая суперзвёзд секса, он быстро стал одним из лучших режиссёров, работающих сегодня. У него намётанный глаз в кастинге наилучших моделей Европы и он чётко знает, как от них получить наиболее зрелищные и возбуждающие сессии. В фильме потрясающие лица, мощные тела, впечатляющие члены, и попки, просящие чтобы их потрахали. Также, это — эротический сон любителей необрезанных членов. Девять фантастических ребят покажут Зачем Нужны Друзья, и оставят вас обессиленными и запыхавшимися, ведь вы будете кончать снова и снова. Такие друзья — действительно друзья!
The cast is cum-prised of one winner after another. Giovanni Floretto with his super-thick skin-covered slurpy, ever-dependable dervish George Vidanov, and buzz-cut cutie Daniel Halasz are perfection. Glam boys Jose Ganatti and Robert Kern, sexy and sleek James Jordan, big-boy bottom Janos Kovacs, buff butt-babe Gabor Szeles and tattooed blond Johnny Huzosh complete the picture.

The story is sexy, swift and simple. While working out in the gym, rich guy Robert Kern announces he is throwing a private party at a club. He badly wants a piece of blond Johnny Huzosh who turns down the invite because he has a competition the next day. Kern chats up his friend Gabor Szeles about the situation and sends Szeles into the sauna to check out Huzosh''s sexual status.

In the sauna, Szeles finds out real quick that Huzosh is new to the game but definitely interested in exploring manflesh. Huzosh wants to taste cock and that is just what he does, licking, sucking, and chewing on Szeles'' sizable sausage and nibbling on his nuts. Szeles takes his turn blowing Huzosh''s huge hose and they both really go to town kissing each other. Huzosh is a quick learner and in short order his taste for cock turns into a taste for topping tush. Szeles sits on Huzosh''s hard-on, bouncing up and down on the stiff stick with glee. In fantastically framed close-ups, the pounding continues in the missionary and doggie positions until they both fire off fountains of prick pudding all over the place.

Back at his home, Robert Kern is hanging out with buddy George Vidanov when Szeles arrives to tell him the good news that Huzosh is gay and will attend his party. To practice for his night with Huzosh, Kern decides to go a round with Vidanov. On a huge beige couch, in the sun-drenched living room, these two sex-machines simply sizzle. Vidanov''s prick package is clean-shaven and Kern''s boasts a dark, trimmed bush. Both are hung heavy. Vidanov is an all time fan favorite, and inarguably one of the best bottoms in the business. Kern is a dark-haired dynamo with a delicious dick that demands devotion. Vidanov treats Kern''s cock to a champion blowjob followed by an intense sixty-nine that finds each guy taking a mouthful of swollen schlong. Kern rams his rod deep into Vidanov''s valley in the missionary position as they trade wet kisses.

The fucking plays out in a multitude of positions. The most sphincter-stretching event finds Vidanov rolled up on his shoulders, legs spread high and wide, being deep-drilled from above by Kern. This is truly a sight, and allows Kern to explore the hidden recesses of Vidanov''s sweet hole. After intense, pile-driving penetration, Kern pulls off his rubber and lets his load fly all over Vidanov who jerks off his own cream-filled cock to a combustible climax.

The butler Daniel Halasz has been watching the action and reports back to cleaning man Janos Kovacs in the atrium. Of course, one thing leads to another and soon these two are naked with ramrods ready to rock. Kovacs simply towers over Halasz but that does not stop Halasz from proving his talents as a topman supreme. Kovacs sucks on Halasz’s dick then bends over to let Halasz finger his big-boy butt and blow his long, curved cock. Kovacs then sits on Halasz''s hose for a rough rod ride. The plowing continues all over a wicker sofa with Halasz stuffing his massive member up Kovacs'' awaiting ass in the missionary and doggie positions. After a thorough pounding, Kovacs takes a breather by stroking Halasz''s hard-on using his two feet. It isn''t every day one finds a new and creative way to beat off boner! Ultimately, they both squirt off sprays of spooge with Halasz''s load landing all over Kovacs'' chest.

The five man private party at the club commences and it is everything one would want and more. Besides host Robert Kern and guest of honor Johnny Huzosh, the other three are all exceptional. Giovanni Floretto has muscles for days and an incredibly fat cock with a heaping helping of tight foreskin. Jose Ganatti and James Jordan are both mouth watering and muscle-bound. This is a scrumptious, rock ''em, sock ''em, cocksucking, ass-eating, butt-banging orgy of erotic excess. You will love it.

As expected, Kern and Huzosh are all over each other. Huzosh sucks on Kern''s cock, licks his foreskin, and chews on his knob. Jordan and Ganatti take turns blowing Floretto''s famously fat fireplug. Floretto''s unique cock-knob never does more than peek out from under the layers of tight foreskin that surrounds it. If there is such a thing as a novelty knob, this is it. The group gathers together for lots and lots of kissing, followed by face-filling blowjobs with everyone giving and receiving oral attention. Tongues explore open mouths and firm fuckpoles, as they all moan and groan in appreciation of each other.

Atop the pool table, Huzosh drops down onto Kern''s crank and rides the wood. It is certainly worth noting that Huzosh remains rockhard throughout the pounding. When the fucking changes to the sidesaddle position you are offered an even closer view of Kern''s ever-hard dick drilling into Huzosh''s hole. Meanwhile, both Ganatti and Jordan take turns slamming their extra-large erections into Floretto''s gaping manhole. Floretto loves to get screwed and seemingly cannot get enough. Both tops are only too eager to try and fill the awesome opening. Ganatti takes a shot at slamming Huzosh who proves to be a totally insatiable bottom. Throughout this spectacular screw-a-thon, all five rods remain rigid and, ultimately and thunderously, release what seems like quarts of guy goo. Blond stud Huzosh, the centerpiece of the orgy, ends up covered in cum.
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Формат видео: MP4
Видео: MPEG4 Video (H264) 720x540 29.97fps 1997Kbps
Аудио: AAC 44100Hz stereo 94Kbps

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