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Скачать Millennium / Тысячелетие (John Drop, Private) [2000 г., Anal, DP, Feature, Compilation, Backstage, Group] через torrent

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Millennium / Тысячелетие

Год производства: 2000 г.
Страна: USA
Жанр: Anal, DP, Feature, Compilation, Backstage, Group
Продолжительность: 02:57:23

Режиссер: John Drop
Студия: Private

Язык: Английский
Доп. языки: Французский, Немецкий, Испанский, Итальянский
Субтитры: Нидерландские, Шведские, Датские, Португальские, Польские

В ролях: Anette, Stan, Francois, John B., Michael, David O., Peter Tree, Frank, Frantisec, Nataly, Richard. Langin, Frank Versace, Natasha Storm, Dino Toscani, Nastasy, Missy, Boke Ashley, Lana Sands, Lennox, Kimi Ji, Joy, Bruno Sx, Gabriella Wolf, Jean Yves LeCastel, P. Soine, Mephisto, Silvia Saint, Julia Channel, Anita Blonde, Demia Moore, Nikky Andersson, Tania Russof, Kitty, David Perry, Nikolette, Rita, J. Journe, Cecile, Vanessa D’ Angely, Channone, Jon Dough, Tammi Ann, Frank Towers, Mike Foster, A. Rey, Diana, Elone, Nick Lang, Katy, Fefe, Zenza Raggi, Claudia James, Andrea, Judith, Melinda, Katalin, Melissa Hill, Laura Palmer, F. Gun, Ian Daniels, Agnes, Linda, Alexandra, Y. Prince, Rachel, Dina Jeuwel, Gabriella, Miralda, Goldie, John Walton, Laura Angel, Monique Covet, Sorrica, Kevin Long, Katja Kean, A. Youngman, Christina Dark, Wanda Curtis, Cassandra Wilde, Y. LePrince, Jean Pierre Armand, and Remingio Zampa
Millennium is one of those rare features that you never seem to hear anything bad about whether by reviewers or consumers. Sometimes there’s a reason for being so well received and reviewed. I know if studios sent a porn star with each DVD that gave blowjobs while the reviewer watched the movie it would be hard to give it a bad rating. There are exceptions, like if they sent Randy West, Ed Powers, or Dick Nasty, but even then I think many reviewers wouldn’t care. In the real world there are studios that only send out DVDs to reviewers they know will give favorable ratings or studios that seem to coincidently get favorable ratings after buying a lot of advertising in certain magazines. Millennium doesn’t seem to fall in any of those categories. At least not that I know of (if my free porn star blowjob got lost in the mail, please e-mail me). Millennium was well received no matter who watched it. Thinking there had to be a reason for that, I decided to watch it.

Millennium spans the history of Private from when it started in 1965 as a magazine until today. Thankfully they don’t spend a lot of time on the Private magazine. I’m hoping they didn’t because they couldn’t find many pages from the early magazines that weren’t stuck together. Private started getting into videos in 1990, and things start of with a bang, of the gang type, right away. The first scene comes from Private Video Magazine #1 and an aptly titled scene called Anette & 8 Studs . This scene lets anybody completely unfamiliar with Private know that if they don’t like group and anal sex, they better run away fast. There are many other scenes from the Private Video Magazines throughout the feature. There’s a lot of room for them, as there’s a total of twenty, yes, twenty scenes in Millennium . They cover all of Private’s different lines (such as Gold, Black Label, Pirate, etc.) And explain a little about what each line is about.

Millennium shows that Private is more than just anal and group sex. It’s anal and group sex in exotic locations. The locations aren’t always easy either. Millennium includes Sex Under the Tower , which was shot underneath the Eiffel Tower at night with many people and lots of cops around. The scene actually won an award due to the risk of shooting it. Apparently it’s much better than Sex in Euro-Disney which nobody showed up for. There’s also Private In Mont Blanc which was the highest altitude sex scene ever shot. A helicopter was used to ferry the four people up to where the scene was shot and they were all dressed in warm heavy clothes. It’s a beautiful location and I think everybody hired themselves out as human glass cutters for at least the next month after the scene was shot. Katja Kean and Jean Yves LeCastel also have a great scene where a lot of the action takes place underwater. It’s a really hot scene and the cameras catch it all.

Of course, sex just isn’t sex without Miracle Whip, I mean beautiful women. Several of Private’s girls, such as Silvia Saint, Nikki Andersson, and Anita Blonde are featured in casting interviews. This was one of my favorite parts of Millennium . It’s a little bit of behind the scenes in the middle of the feature. The girls’ casting interviews on what they like and don’t do are cut together with some of their scenes. It does a great job of showing how some of the girls have opened up sexually. Millennium also includes a short feature on Tania Russof Gabriella Wolf, and Cassandra Wilde as they are thought of as some of Private’s hottest and most famous women. There’s some stiff competition (no pun intended) there and the girls have all earned it. Tania was the runner up for Penthouse Pet of the Year after coming to Private. Gabriella was Miss Hungary in 1994 and Cassandra was one of Europe’s top models before coming to Private.

Of course, with talent such as these girls Private has feature films. When Private does a feature film, they don’t seem to spare any expense. Included are scenes from The Pyramid, The Pyramid 3, Tatiana, Operation Sex Siege, and many others. Each most of the scenes include a small lead in which tells about the feature film. They shouldn’t be skipped as most of them are really interesting and they made me appreciate the scenes a lot more.

Millennium is made the way compilation features should be made. The transfers are very good and are probably better than when the scenes were originally released in a few cases. Every scene lists the feature it came from and many have short lead ins about the history of the feature. Even better, at the end of each Millennium (since it’s a combination of a two part video), there’s real credits. Unlike most adult films, be they compilation or not, there’s real credits here. Every scene is broken apart and the cast listed. They go by fast, so keep your remote handy, but you can still see who was in each scene.

Extras: A three hour feature, and Private still gives extras. Although some don’t consider it an extra, the animated menus on Millennium do add to the DVD. There’s also a list of the awards Private won between 1994 and 1999. This seems to be getting more common on DVDs. Although it’s not the greatest extra it does give one an idea of other films to check out that are probably very well done.

As with almost any other DVD release there’s a few trailers. Included on this DVD are trailers for Millennium, Fatal Orchid, Indecency, The Matador, The Tania Russof Story, and XXX 4 .

If the twenty scenes lasting almost three hours aren’t enough, Millennium also has two bonus scenes. The first is from Private Stories #16 and was directed by Scott Lucky. It’s an outdoor group scene that lasts about ten minutes. It’s not your usual Private scene. The only lesbian action in the scene is a little kissing and neither of the girls takes it up the ass. Even more surprising is the technical quality of the scene. There’s some horrible wind noise. This is the first outdoor Private scene I’ve seen where the wind noise is a problem. It’s an okay extra scene, but there’s a reason it’s not part of the actual feature.

The second scene is from The Fugitive , which was directed by Pierre Woodman. It lasts about twelve and a half minutes and is more your standard outdoor Private group scene. There’s anal as well as a double penetration. The technical quality is more of what you expect from Private as well. It’s even in widescreen! The scene is better than average, but it’s always a little distracting during outdoor scenes when there’s a bunch of flies hovering around the ladies’ nether regions. Luckily, that’s about the only complaint I can make about the scene.

Themes: Straight, gang bang, anal, DP, lesbian, foot worship, orgy, fetish wear, Bondage & discipline, toys, public sex, and exotic locations

Raincoat Factor: Extreme. I don’t think there’s a full minute where somebody is fully clothed.
Меню: Есть
Качество видео: DVD9
Формат видео: DVD Video
Видео: MPEG2 Video 720x480 (4:3)
Аудио: Dolby AC3 48000Hz stereo

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