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Men In The City 2 / Мужики в городе 2

Год производства: 2015 г.
Страна: USA
Жанр: Muscle, Bareback, Oral, Anal, Big Dick, Tatoos, Flip Flop, Hairy, Group, Masturbation, Cumshot
Продолжительность: 01:46:45
Режиссер: Strongboli
Студия: Kristen Bjorn, Sarava Productions

В ролях: Antonio Miracle, Denis Vega, Diego Lauzen, Jalil Jafar, Jan Faust, John Rodriguez, Manuel Olveyra, Marco Rubi, Mario Domenech, Rado Zuska, Rainer, Wagner Vittoria, William Bravo

Описание: The city is filled with horny men looking for sex. Come see 12 of the world''s sexiest men in 5 red-hot encounters you won''t soon forget! This film features condomless scenes.
1. Manuel Olveyra OgrAbt, Rainer (Cazzo) OgrAbt
Rainer and Manuel have enjoyed a great night together and as Manuel showers he can see that Rainer is remembering the wild night as well. Manuel steps out of the shower cleansed and with a raging hard on. He soon finds that Rainer has matched his thoughts exactly and with the same desires. The guys swap blow jobs, running their tongues up and down the others hard shaft and pleasuring the hidden treasure under their foreskin. Manuel has gotten a bit excited and feeds Rainer his creamy load. Rainer sucks Manuel’s cock clean before probing his hot ass with his tongue. Manuel then flips Rainer and rams his raw cock deep inside of Rainer’s juicy hole. Rainer then flips Manuel and shoves his unsheathed cock into Manuel’s already moist ass. Rainer pumps away at Manuel’s ass until he shoots his huge load all over Rainer’s pucker hole, before slamming his cock back into Manuel and depositing the last of his load in his ass. Friends are a true gift.

2. Jalil Jafar OgrAb, Jan Faust OgrAt, Rado Zuska OrgAtb
Jalil is taking in the sites of the city when he finds himself being cruised by 2 hot guys that invite him over. Rado and Jan quickly strip Jalil and begin double fucking his mouth with their huge, hard cocks. Jalil enjoys sampling and licking both cocks in his mouth before positioning himself over Rado. Rado begins tongue fucking Jalil’s perfect, pink pucker hole while he and Jan tag team Rado’s throbbing cock. Jan then spreads Rado’s legs open and slams his raw cock deep into Rado’s wet hole. Jalil begins face fucking Rado while Jan pleasures Rado’s ass. Jalil takes full advantage of the situation and mounts Jan while Rado takes his ass from behind. Jalil rides both raw cocks as Jan smacks his ass for deeper pleasure. Jan and Rado pound away and Jalil’s hungry hole until Rado sprays his wet load all over Jalil’s hole and Jan joins in and combines his load with Rado’s. Both men shove their dripping cocks back into Jalil and ride him just a little longer. Double your pleasure at every opportunity you get.

3. Denis Vega, Diego Lauzen, Wagner Vittoria
On a cool autumn day Diego and Wagner are enjoying the views of the reflecting pools when they spot a very handsome and virile man. They follow Denis back to his place and place him in the center of all attention. No matter which way Denis turns there is a handsome man, an incredible body, a huge cock and a hot ass. Denis starts out by tasting the delights of Wagner and Diego’s luscious lips and then moves onto their throbbing and hungry cocks. Working his way from one cock to the other, Denis revels in the succulents of the huge man meat that fills his mouth and his senses. Denis finds that his desires continue to escalate with all this hot cock sucking. Diego and Wagner position themselves so that they can both lick and taste the delectable ass positioned above them. Wagner then slips his hard cock inside of Denis as he sucks on the pleasures of his lovers cock. Diego and Wagner flip positions so that Denis can feel the sensation of both lovers cocks. The guys then move into a train of treasure as Wagner rams his cock into Denis and Diego plants his cock up Wagner’s hungry hole. Diego sprays his lover’s ass with his cum and shoves the last of his dripping load back into his love canal. Wagner then rips off a hot and creamy load all over Denis’ ass and Denis in turn shares the pleasure and shoots his thick load all over Wagner’s face and lips.

4. Antonio Miracle, John Rodriguez, Mario Domenech, Rainer (Cazzo)
While out for drinks Antonio and Mario spot John and Rainer and decide to make it a wild night of sex. After shedding their clothes John begins swallowing Antonio’s pulsating cock down his throat. Mario has shoved his huge cock down Rainer’s hungry mouth with ease. Antonio takes John’s head in both his hands and forces his cock deep into John’s open passage. Mario and Antonio take full advantage of these hungry cock suckers and feed them all they can handle. The guys then move into a cock sucking chain with Mario sucking Rainer’s hard cock, Rainer sucking on Antonio’s huge cock and Antonio sucking on John’s steel rod. Rainer then lines up the guys for a rim fest as he works his way down the line of hot pink holes. John moves into a 69 position over Antonio as he swallows Antonio’s and Mario’s huge cocks at the same time, while Rainer rams his raw cock up his ass. Mario pulls his slicked up cock out of John’s mouth and deep into Antonio’s wet ass. Rainer pulls out of John’s ass so that Antonio can suck his cock and lube him up a bit more before fucking John again. Mario loves fucking his lover raw and blows his huge, creamy load and John is right there to eat it all. Mario then positions himself over his lover’s cock and rides him hard. John has also begun to pound Rainer’s hungry hole with his bare cock. Antonio shoots his enormous load into his lovers awaiting hole. John begins to hurl his load that ends up in Rainer’s ass, before Rainer feeds John his second load of the night. It is a good session when everyone fucks and gets fucked.

5. Jalil Jafar OgrAbt, Marco Rubi OgrAbt
Marco is taking the wonderful sights of the city when he decides to have his portrait drawn. After the street vendor is finished, Marco realizes that he doesn’t have any money with him and invites the artist, Jalil Jafar back to his room so he can pay him. Of course Marco has no money and so the oldest form of payment in the world is used. Marco savors Jalil’s hairy pecs and pits with his wet tongue and lips. Jalil pops Marco’s throbbing cock free from his shorts and devours every last piece of it. Marco slicks up Jalil’s huge cock as both men spit on his cock and Jalil takes Marco’s head in his hands and begins face fucking his hungry mouth. Marco chokes down every bit of that huge, wet cock. Marco and Jalil flip fuck each other until Marco ends up squatting down onto Jalil’s huge piece of meat. Marco demands more and Jalil delivers all that he desires until Marco can hold back no longer and lets his thick creamy load flow from his straining cock. Jalil continues pounding away at Marco’s hot ass until he explodes his famous unending geyser of cum that just keeps on shooting from his throbbing cock. I think Jalil will accept this form of payment, would you?
Качество видео: DVD9
Формат видео: DVD Video
Видео кодек: MPEG2
Аудио кодек: PCM
Видео: MPEG2 720x480 (16:9) 6127 KBytes 29.970 fps
Аудио: PCM, 48000 Hz, 2ch, 1536 Kbps

Трекер:  [ 22-Янв-2016 02:30 ]


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