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MilfsLikeItBig.com - Голодные мамки хотят большой хрен!

Полный сайтрип по 08.12.2010 в разрешении Full HD 1080p! 76 видео!

Эти MILFы знают толк в хренах! Достаточно, что бы знать - размер имеет значение! Они не идут на компромисс, им нужен самый большой хрен в округе!

Video: WVC1, 1920x1080, 12Mbps, 29.97fps
Audio: WMA2, 128Kbps, 44.1kHz, stereo

Все видео переиндексированы, проигрываются и перематываются в любом медиаплеере.

Эта раздача могла не состояться, если бы не помощь коллеги по цеху, известному под ником Evgenii.
Title: Mommy digs some young cock
Date: 24.06.09
ID: 3938
File: 20090624_3938_mlib_tabitha_stevens.wmv
Size: 2,67 Gb
Length: 00:31:29
Cast: Tabitha Stevens, Scott Nails
Category: big dicks, big tits, brunette, milf, fingering, rough sex
Rating: 9.15
Tabitha ain't afraid of shit, she takes away the guy of her daughter's dreams and makes his, a reality. She fucks him so hard he cums in her mouth, but that wasn't what she wanted. She spits out his cum onto her left hand and spreads it right back into her pussy, smothering his cum all over it, this milf is one fucked up milf.
Title: An Intense Yoga Workout
Date: 08.07.09
ID: 3984
File: 20090708_3984_mlib_monique_fuentes.wmv
Size: 2,63 Gb
Length: 00:31:00
Cast: Monique Fuentes, Johnny Sins
Category: big dicks, big tits, latina, milf, bubble butt, cum on tits
Rating: 9.12
Monique is trying to relax from all the stress that her son gives her by doing some yoga. But when her son comes in the room with his friend and interrupts her so he can play video games she explodes and kicks him out of the house. However, she makes her sons friend Johnny stay so she could get another type of workout that will relax her more than yoga.
Title: Keys to the V.I. Pussy
Date: 15.07.09
ID: 3982
File: 20090715_3982_mlib_holly_sampson.wmv
Size: 2,97 Gb
Length: 00:34:58
Cast: Holly Sampson, Keiran Lee
Category: big dicks, big tits, blonde, blowjob, facial
Rating: 9.12
Holly is bored with her significant other. He seems to be a bit of a douche as well as a huge asshole. He drags Holly to a party where he mingles with the other guests, so she takes off and fucks the valet.
Title: Porn Overload!!!
Date: 22.07.09
ID: 4011
File: 20090722_4011_mlib_jennifer_adams.wmv
Size: 2,96 Gb
Length: 00:34:52
Cast: Jennifer Adams, Johnny Sins
Category: big dicks, big tits, blonde, facial, milf
Rating: 7.57
Jennifer has a passion for big cock porn. She has her son call his friend Johnny to fix her laptop because she overloaded it with pics and vids of big cocks!!! When Johnny finally fixes it, she thank his dick by sucking and fucking it!!!
Title: Fuck at First Sight
Date: 29.07.09
ID: 4022
File: 20090729_4022_mlib_lezley_zen02.wmv
Size: 2,64 Gb
Length: 00:31:06
Cast: Lezley Zen, Johnny Sins
Category: big dicks, big tits, milf, doggystyle
Rating: 9.11
Lezley Zen is a wonderful looking human being who is looking to improve her health by joining a gym. She is a very skeptical girl and wonders if the gym will satisfy her calorie burning urges. The lovely receptionist gives her a tour of the facilities and this is when Lezley spots a super hero like man who she immediately falls in love with. Since Lesley is so outgoing she decides to sneak into the mens locker room in hopes of satisfying her many other sexual urges.
Title: A Big Cock goes a Long Way
Date: 05.08.09
ID: 4053
File: 20090805_4053_mlib_lexxxi_lockhart.wmv
Size: 2,60 Gb
Length: 00:30:37
Cast: Lexxxi Lockhart, Keiran Lee
Category: big ass, big dicks, brunette, facial, milf, natural tits
Rating: 9.14
Lexxxi stays up all night waiting for her son to return home. When he does arrive, he does so with the help of Keiran. She thanks him by letting him slip his penis into her mouth amongst others things.
Title: I'm a Milf, I'm Hot, and I Want Big Dick
Date: 12.08.09
ID: 4045
File: 20090812_4045_mlib_diamond_foxxx04.wmv
Size: 2,81 Gb
Length: 00:33:03
Cast: Diamond Foxxx, Scott Nails
Category: big dicks, big tits, blonde, milf, bikini
Rating: 9.04
Diamond Foxxx' son Micah is having a little party by the pool. She decides to slip into a bikini to crash her sons party in hopes to find the big cocks she's been craving all morning. After arguing with her son everyone leaves except her son's friend. He bonds with his friend's hot mom on a very deep and pleasurable level.
Title: Pump My Milfy Asshole
Date: 19.08.09
ID: 4062
File: 20090819_4062_mlib_angel_maria.wmv
Size: 3,51 Gb
Length: 00:41:25
Cast: Maria Bellucci, Angel Long, Keiran Lee
Category: ass licking, ass to mouth, big dicks, anal, british
Rating: 8.83
Maria and Angel do not remember anything that happened from their crazy night before. All of a sudden they hear snoring from Angels bedroom. They slowly go upstairs to find out who it is. Its a man, sleeping in Angels bed. At first they are pissed, but when they catch a glimpse of his obese rod they realize exactly why they brought him home. Their asses are hungry from some good ol' fashion pumpin' and stumpin'.
Title: Milfs Destroying the Poor Guy
Date: 26.08.09
ID: 4081
File: 20090826_4081_mlib_brandi_holly.wmv
Size: 3,69 Gb
Length: 00:43:35
Cast: Holly Halston, Brandi Edwards, Johnny Sins
Category: big dicks, big tits, cum swapping, facial, milf, threesome, anal, cowgirl
Rating: 9.15
Holly and Brandi are horny as hell, all they want is a guy to fuck the shit out of them. They don't understand why it is so hard to find a guy that will just fuck them without any commitments. Tired of trying to pick up random guys at bars they try their luck with the TV Repair man who is about to show up any minute. When he fails to surrender to them they take matters into their own hands.
Title: Fun in the Sun
Date: 02.09.09
ID: 4090
File: 20090902_4090_mlib_dyanna_lauren.wmv
Size: 2,77 Gb
Length: 00:32:36
Cast: Dyanna Lauren, Scott Nails
Category: big dicks, big tits, blonde, facial, milf
Rating: 9.01
Scott decides to pass by his girlfriends house but arrives a little to early. His girlfriends mother Dyanna tells him that she is still at the hair salon and should come in and wait for her. While waiting Dyanna takes a little sun by the pool and asks Scott for some help to oil her up, which leads to sloppy and oily mess.
Title: Bride's best man's got a big dick
Date: 09.09.09
ID: 4115
File: 20090909_4115_mlib_honey_west.wmv
Size: 2,73 Gb
Length: 00:32:09
Cast: Honey West, Keiran Lee
Category: big dicks, big tits, milf, lingerie
Rating: 8.96
It's her big wedding day and bride Honey West can't stop thinking about Keiran; her fiance's best man. Keiran fucked Honey a week before the wedding, and all Honey wants now is Keiran's big dick. Keiran comes to get Honey and to see why it's taking her so long to get to the altar, that's when Honey shows Keiran that something so wrong can feel so good.
Title: Freaky Deaky pt 2
Date: 16.09.09
ID: 4183
File: 20090916_4183_mlib_phoenix_marie.wmv
Size: 2,38 Gb
Length: 00:28:02
Cast: Phoenix Marie, Scott Nails
Category: big ass, big dicks, big tits, blonde, milf, doggystyle, stockings
Rating: 9.14
The anticipated sequel to the original "Freaky Deaky" epic. In this tale we find the mind of Madison Parker trapped in her mother, Pheonix Marie's body. Madison takes full advantage of her mother's mature and sexy body in this crazy sequel to "Freaky Deaky"
Title: Brianna in the Beach House
Date: 23.09.09
ID: 4190
File: 20090923_4190_mlib_brianna_beach02.wmv
Size: 3,14 Gb
Length: 00:37:01
Cast: Brianna Beach, Enzo Lorenzo
Category: big dicks, big tits, blonde, milf
Rating: 9.14
Brianna Beach invites her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend up to her beach house. After an unexpected turn of events, Brianna realizes that she's more attracted to her daughter's boyfriend more so than her own. Brianna show her daughter's boyfriend how to really enjoy all the guilty pleasure's of the beach house.
Title: Rules of Milf Attraction
Date: 30.09.09
ID: 4218
File: 20090930_4218_mlib_diamond_janet.wmv
Size: 2,42 Gb
Length: 00:28:33
Cast: Janet Mason, Diamond Foxxx, Scott Nails, Keiran Lee
Category: big dicks, big tits, foursome, milf
Rating: 9.12
In this scene lies the secrets of Milf seduction; the key components of detecting a Milf and the essential ingredients required to get her on your cock. Scott Nails and Keiran Lee will be our actors today in this instructional video on how to seduce a Milf. Apply these rules in your daily hunt and let us know how your Milf was in bed!
Title: Karate Chop My Dick
Date: 07.10.09
ID: 4229
File: 20091007_4229_mlib_ariella_ferrera.wmv
Size: 3,25 Gb
Length: 00:38:19
Cast: Ariella Ferrera, Keiran Lee
Category: big dicks, big tits, brunette, milf
Rating: 9.15
Ariella Ferrera has been scared to walk home alone at night lately because of all the creeps lurking the streets wanting to find some easy breezy pussy. She decided to take some self defense classes but during the session she is too shy to ask the instructor questions. She waits until the end of class to really get the answers she's looking for. The eyes of an eagle wouldn't be able to determine the path ahead. Ariella gets exactly what she wants in life, a huge dick slammed straight up her va jay jay.
Title: The Sandman
Date: 14.10.09
ID: 4228
File: 20091014_4228_mlib_lisa_ann05.wmv
Size: 2,64 Gb
Length: 00:31:02
Cast: Lisa Ann, Keiran Lee
Category: ass licking, big dicks, big tits, facial, milf
Rating: 9.14
Keiran can't catch a break, he gambles and loses, shoots and misses. One day he places a large bet with a local crime boss known as "The Sandman", and inevitably loses once again. He drowns his sorrows with a bottle of a strong beverage and passes out, only to wake up to the barrel of a gun! He's brought in to meet "The Sandman", who wants to collect his unpaid dues. This may end up being the luckiest day of Kieran's miserable life or business as usual.
Title: Cooch Flash
Date: 21.10.09
ID: 4271
File: 20091021_4271_mlib_diana_doll03.wmv
Size: 2,40 Gb
Length: 00:28:15
Cast: Diana Doll, Johnny Sins
Category: big dicks, milf, outdoor sex, uniform
Rating: 9.03
All Diana ever wanted was to love her husband and show him just how much she cares. However, only her husband thinks that; everyone else knows her as a slut. So its no surprise when she flashes her wet cooch at Johnny Sins, all in the name of wanting a huge cock.
Title: Day of the Living Milf
Date: 28.10.09
ID: 4285
File: 20091028_4285_mlib_julia_ann03.wmv
Size: 2,23 Gb
Length: 00:26:19
Cast: Julia Ann, Mick Blue
Category: big tits, blowjob, facial, milf, anal
Rating: 9.11
When a medical truck carrying sperm crashes in a cemetery, milfs come back to life with one purpose; get huge cock.
Title: Cocktion
Date: 04.11.09
ID: 4274
File: 20091104_4274_mlib_kayla_nikki.wmv
Size: 4,31 Gb
Length: 00:50:46
Cast: Nikki Hunter, Kayla Carrera, Keiran Lee
Category: big dicks, big tits, blonde, brunette, facial, milf, threesome, anal, high heels
Rating: 8.63
Keiran is being auctioned off in an exclusive high profiled sex slave auction. Nikki and Kayla have been out-bided on every big cock they've bided on. They decide to pool their money together to win the last big cocked slave. When they win the last slave they take him home to release their carnal desires.
Title: The Big Cock Coffee Club
Date: 11.11.09
ID: 4146
File: 20091111_4146_mlib_brandi_phoenix.wmv
Size: 3,41 Gb
Length: 00:41:25
Cast: Phoenix Marie, Brandi Edwards, Johnny Sins
Category: big dicks, big tits, blonde, milf, threesome, cuckold, stockings
Rating: 9.15
Brandi and Phoenix are getting together for their weekly coffee talk when they complain that they have not been getting any big quality cocks lately. Despite their efforts, they have only been able to land crappy little dicks. Their meeting gets crashed by Phoenix's neighbor, Johnny who is complaining about her kids throwing footballs onto his property again. Phoenix and Brandi decide to apologize in a way that will make everyone happy: pulling off Johnny's pants and sucking and fucking his big dick.
Title: Psychotic Milf 2
Date: 18.11.09
ID: 4317
File: 20091118_4317_mlib_veronica_rayne04.wmv
Size: 2,72 Gb
Length: 00:32:03
Cast: Veronica Rayne, Johnny Sins
Category: big dicks, big tits, brunette, facial, milf, anal
Rating: 9.15
Johnny once made a mistake by cheating on his wife with Veronica. This one mistake almost ruined his life because Veronica became obsessed and stalked him. His wife found out and divorced him, so he moved away trying to start anew. He got remarried and things finally started to come together for him until Veronica tracked him down. Now he has to fuck her ass if he wants to be rid of her.
Title: Video Store Incident
Date: 25.11.09
ID: 4343
File: 20091125_4343_mlib_dylan_ryder02.wmv
Size: 2,47 Gb
Length: 00:29:06
Cast: Dylan Ryder
Category: big dicks, big tits, hardcore, milf
Rating: 9.14
Day dreams happen to most of us, so when Dylan learns the Video store manager was an ex-porn star, she knows that a cock like that can't go unused. She's one huge cock craving Milf that's about to get what she wants.
Title: Newcomer Punts Hot Cunt
Date: 02.12.09
ID: 4382
File: 20091202_4382_mlib_montana_skye.wmv
Size: 2,35 Gb
Length: 00:27:39
Cast: Montana Skye, Carlo Carerra
Category: big dicks, big tits, milf
Rating: 8.58
Montana is a lonely housewife who's husband is always away playing football...and when he is around, he ignores her and treats her like dirt. One day he brings home the up-and-coming player, Carlo, and she decides that if her husband is not going to satisfy her 'needs' then she'll go elsewhere to get tackled and sated!
Title: Pleasures in the Hotel Bathroom
Date: 09.12.09
ID: 4408
File: 20091209_4408_mlib_rhylee_richards02.wmv
Size: 2,85 Gb
Length: 00:33:34
Cast: Rhylee Richards, Enzo Lorenzo
Category: big dicks, blonde, facial, milf, titty fuck
Rating: 8.98
Rhylee has been compensated a free room at the hotel because of some double bookings. When she takes a look at the bathroom, she is shocked to find that she will have to share it with a couple. Weirdly enough Enzo catches Rhylee in the shower. With his fiance by the pool, Enzo and Rhylee get down to business quickly before she returns.
Title: Cock-A-Dildo-Doo
Date: 16.12.09
ID: 4422
File: 20091216_4422_mlib_sara_jay03.wmv
Size: 2,33 Gb
Length: 00:27:27
Cast: Sara Jay, John Strange
Category: big ass, big dicks, big tits, facial, milf
Rating: 8.74
Sara is one horny milf out on the hunt for something to grind. While on the look out for some cock in the park, Sara is accosted by a dildo. When she tries to grab it for her own personal enjoyment, it takes off. A wild chase ensues until Sara is lured into Mr. Strange's lair. In this lair is where Mr. Strange cajoles Sara into some serious sex.
Title: The Cock Guru
Date: 23.12.09
ID: 4410
File: 20091223_4410_mlib_monique_fuentes02.wmv
Size: 2,74 Gb
Length: 00:32:15
Cast: Monique Fuentes, Keiran Lee
Category: big dicks, big tits, facial, milf
Rating: 9.03
The Cock Guru can cure any woman of many ailments. He has specialized skills in the art of healing. He's mystical, magical and miraculous when it comes to finding remedies for women's afflictions. When Monique arrives at his office, there's only one thing that can cure her; a dose of big dick.
Title: The Cock Huntress
Date: 30.12.09
ID: 4404
File: 20091230_4404_mlib_jessica_jaymes.wmv
Size: 2,38 Gb
Length: 00:28:04
Cast: Jessica Jaymes, Keiran Lee
Category: big dicks, big tits, brunette, milf, piercing
Rating: 9.11
On today's episode of Cock Huntress, Jessica, is out hunting a 9 & a 1/2 inch big cock. She skillfully tracks her prey, caveman Keiran, through the safari desert until she successfully captures him. Bringing her specimen back to the lab for further examination, she makes use of his sizable phallic assets.
Title: Rocked By Homeless Cock
Date: 06.01.10
ID: 4485
File: 20100106_4485_mlib_marilyn_scott.wmv
Size: 2,35 Gb
Length: 00:27:43
Cast: Marilyn Scott, Keiran Lee
Category: big dicks, big tits, brunette, facial, hardcore, milf
Rating: 8.8
Marilyn gets home from a busy day at work and the last thing that she wants to deal with are the raccoons digging through her garbage cans! But raccoons aren't waiting for her when she gets to the garbage, but a filthy hobo who's looking for his next meal. Marilyn feels sorry for the poor man and brings him in to feed him and clean him up. Then Marilyn starts to think about how the guy can repay her for her kindness after she catches a glimpse of the hobo's monster cock in the shower...
Title: Mr. Fixxxer Up The Pussy
Date: 13.01.10
ID: 4488
File: 20100113_4488_mlib_zoey_holloway.wmv
Size: 2,67 Gb
Length: 00:31:29
Cast: Zoey Holloway, Keiran Lee
Category: big dicks, big tits, brunette, facial, milf, tattoo, cuckold
Rating: 8.97
Zoey is fed up of acting like a trophy wife to her rich husband who feels the need to control her so she isn't taken away from him. He lavishes her with gifts but all she really wants is a big cock, which he cannot provide. One day, there are complications with the shower and a handyman is called into fix it. With water spraying everywhere drenching the worker, his big package is revealed and her urges rise so high that she is unable to control herself.
Title: When Cougars Attack
Date: 20.01.10
ID: 4507
File: 20100120_4507_mlib_rayveness03.wmv
Size: 2,72 Gb
Length: 00:32:04
Cast: RayVeness, Keiran Lee
Category: big dicks, big tits, brunette, facial, milf, natural tits, stockings
Rating: 8.4
Keiran was just minding his business while sauntering down the street when he got attacked by a wild cougar. The cougar chased him down and knocked him out. When Keiran awoke, he found his penis inside a RayVeness.
Title: As Big As It Gets
Date: 27.01.10
ID: 4510
File: 20100127_4510_mlib_kayla_carrera.wmv
Size: 3,26 Gb
Length: 00:38:22
Cast: Kayla Carrera, Johnny Sins
Category: big dicks, brunette, facial, milf, anal
Rating: 9.1
Kayla is doing a reading of her new book, As Big As It Gets. She's also promised all her fans that she'll stay to sign their books after! One of her 'biggest' fans is eager to stay and show her his favorite part of the book....and have her put her special signature on it!
Title: Bribing The Law
Date: 03.02.10
ID: 4530
File: 20100203_4530_mlib_shay_sights02.wmv
Size: 2,44 Gb
Length: 00:28:42
Cast: Shay Sights, Sean Michaels
Category: big tits, black cock, brunette, deep throat, facial, interracial, milf
Rating: 7.69
Shay is a big time drug dealer the only thing is she is to stoned to realize it. When Detective Michaels comes ringing at her door she gets busted for drug trafficking, but she manages to utilize the few brain cells she has left to bribe the cop by giving him a shake down of his own.
Title: Keep The Noise Down & Your Cock Up
Date: 10.02.10
ID: 4539
File: 20100210_4539_mlib_rachel_love02.wmv
Size: 2,09 Gb
Length: 00:24:34
Cast: Rachel Love, Keiran Lee
Category: big dicks, big tits, facial, milf, natural tits, busty
Rating: 8.17
Rachel is trying to spend a relaxing afternoon home alone,trying to get off, but her biker neighbor is making too much noise for her to concentrate. She goes see him and rudely explains that the noise is keeping her from enjoying a good masturbation session. Keiran immediately challenges her to drop her sex toys and have a go with the real thing.
Title: Cougar Talk
Date: 17.02.10
ID: 4571
File: 20100217_4571_mlib_isis_monique.wmv
Size: 3,55 Gb
Length: 00:41:45
Cast: Monique Fuentes, Isis Love, Enzo Lorenzo
Category: big ass, big dicks, brunette, latina, milf, girl on girl
Rating: 9.03
Today on Cougar talk Isis and Monique tell very interesting stories about how they were being dirty sluts when they were super horny. They also bring Enzo on the show, a young fellow they met at the club. These two smoking cougars get their big tits out and pounce on Enzo immediately.
Title: Straight To The Point
Date: 24.02.10
ID: 4558
File: 20100224_4558_mlib_holly_west.wmv
Size: 2,70 Gb
Length: 00:36:22
Cast: Holly West, John Strange
Category: brunette, facial, milf, anal, bikini
Rating: 8.37
Holly is taking some sun on the beach when she is approached by a guy. He settles next to her just to see what she's up to. She looks him up and down and gets straight to the point. She grabs his dick and feels him up, checking if he's well equipped for her. Once the big dick check passes the test she invites him to her room for a bigger evaluation.
Title: Cheaters Always Win
Date: 03.03.10
ID: 4607
File: 20100303_4607_mlib_dylan_ryder03.wmv
Size: 2,32 Gb
Length: 00:27:22
Cast: Dylan Ryder, Scott Nails
Category: big ass, brunette, milf, adultery
Rating: 9.14
Scott is playing in a high stakes poker game against his boss. When the boss' wife, Dylan, comes in to watch the game she catches Scott cheating! When her husband leaves on a sudden call, she blackmails Scott into paying her half of his winning, giving her a play with his cock, and a solid long fuck.
Title: Peeping Mom
Date: 10.03.10
ID: 4623
File: 20100310_4623_mlib_angela_attison.wmv
Size: 2,48 Gb
Length: 00:29:13
Cast: Angela Attison, Keiran Lee
Category: big dicks, big tits, blonde, facial, milf
Rating: 8.36
Angela rents out apartments to young men in the neighborhood but something is a little strange. She has an amazing set up of camera's in each apartment which she calls "fire alarms". Angela has a naughty fetish for watching these young men on her security cameras while playing with herself.
Title: It's A Beautiful Dick In The Neighborhood
Date: 17.03.10
ID: 4662
File: 20100317_4662_mlib_jewels_shay.wmv
Size: 2,65 Gb
Length: 00:31:12
Cast: Shay Sights, Jewels Jade, Keiran Lee
Category: ass to mouth, big dicks, big tits, brunette, facial, milf, threesome, anal
Rating: 9.15
Jewels is a sexy Milf minding her own business gardening away. She looks up and what does she see? A nice young buck moving into the neighborhood. She goes over with her friend Shay to welcome him with a nice plate of cookies. They get to talking and find out he's a major porn star with a huge cock! Their sexual curiosity leads them to watching a few of his previous films with him. When they see the size of his cock their welcoming becomes a lot more friendlier.
Title: Sex and Whore Shoes
Date: 24.03.10
ID: 4641
File: 20100324_4641_mlib_carolyn_reese.wmv
Size: 2,15 Gb
Length: 00:25:17
Cast: Carolyn Reese, Levi Cash
Category: big dicks, big tits, facial, milf, natural tits
Rating: 9.05
It's late at night and Carolyn will do anything to get a new pair of shoes. She strolls in the the shoe store and demands to be helped. Levy attends to her immediately and gives her exactly what she wants, a new pair of kicks and a big ol dick in her vagina.
Title: Mom's Boss is a Hot Slut
Date: 31.03.10
ID: 4661
File: 20100331_4661_mlib_caroline_pierce.wmv
Size: 2,86 Gb
Length: 00:33:53
Cast: Caroline Pierce, Jordan Ash
Category: big dicks, facial, milf, office
Rating: 7.57
Jordan is down visiting his mother so she takes him to her work and shows him around. When he meets her sexy boss she immediately takes a liking to him. The boss quickly finds tasks for Jordan's mother so she can have him all to herself.
Title: Casting Call For Cock
Date: 07.04.10
ID: 4684
File: 20100407_4684_mlib_ariella_ferrera02.wmv
Size: 2,56 Gb
Length: 00:30:12
Cast: Ariella Ferrera, Ralph Long
Category: big tits, blowjob, brunette, latina, milf
Rating: 9.12
Miss.Fererra is a casting agent who needs to find some good talent and big cocks. But she's having no luck....until her 1:30 appointment shows up! Hapless Ralph will do anything to get this part, including letting Ariella take full advantage of him and his big yummy cock.
Title: Mommy Needs To Find A Way
Date: 14.04.10
ID: 4720
File: 20100414_4720_mlib_vanilla_deville.wmv
Size: 2,45 Gb
Length: 00:28:55
Cast: Vanilla Deville, Johnny Sins
Category: big dicks, big tits, brunette, facial, hardcore, tattoo, upskirt, adultery, cowgirl
Rating: 9.11
Vanilla's hubby is in the Pen for life and all his money has run dry, so she needs to go to his old boss and give up what she vowed to keep only for her husband.
Title: Devil On The Prowl
Date: 21.04.10
ID: 4776
File: 20100421_4776_mlib_ava_devine03.wmv
Size: 2,97 Gb
Length: 00:35:04
Cast: Ava Devine, Keiran Lee
Category: big dicks, big tits, brunette, deep throat, facial, hardcore, uniform, anal, adultery, rough sex
Rating: 8.68
Is there ava a time Mrs Devine isn't looking for dick? She will go to hell and back just to get fucked dirty and so nasty it will make your balls sweat and give your cock chills. "Devil On The Prowl" starring Ava Devine and Keiran Lee.
Title: Cougar's Coat Check Catch
Date: 28.04.10
ID: 4759
File: 20100428_4759_mlib_mercedes_ashley.wmv
Size: 2,37 Gb
Length: 00:27:56
Cast: Mercedes Ashley, Keiran Lee
Category: big dicks, big tits, latina, milf, piercing, tongue ring
Rating: 9.15
Bored dealing with stuck up rich guys who hit on her by bragging about themselves, Mercedes to leave the classy party, but she stops at the sight of the guy at the coat check. His shy and timid nature brings out the predator in Mercedes, and this cougar is on the hunt after seeing the big bulge in his pants!
Title: Flip The Script
Date: 05.05.10
ID: 4709
File: 20100505_4709_mlib_rhylee_richards03.wmv
Size: 2,23 Gb
Length: 00:26:12
Cast: Rhylee Richards, Keiran Lee
Category: big tits, blonde, blowjob, facial, milf, titty fuck
Rating: 8.9
While having dinner with her daughter and her new boyfriend, Rhylee increasingly becomes fed up (but secretly turned on) by Keiran's overly aggressive attitude towards her daughter. when Keiran comes into the kitchen looking for snack after having "desert" with her daughter, Rhylee gives this young punk a lesson in sexual agression.
Title: Silent Attack
Date: 12.05.10
ID: 4743
File: 20100512_4743_mlib_diamond_foxxx05.wmv
Size: 2,80 Gb
Length: 00:32:59
Cast: Diamond Foxxx, Keiran Lee
Category: ass licking, big dicks, big tits, blonde, blowjob, milf, anal, bubble butt, cum on tits, rough sex
Rating: 9
Keiran Lee finds himself in a difficult predicament because he has to stay at Ms Foxxx's house and abide by her rules. One night he brings a girl he met at a party, Ms Foxxx makes a huge deal accusing him for breaking her rules. She catches him in the act and forces the girl out of the house, which enrages Keiran forcing him to take a stand for the first time ever.
Title: Plant Me A Big Dick
Date: 19.05.10
ID: 4741
File: 20100519_4741_mlib_isis_victoria.wmv
Size: 2,91 Gb
Length: 00:34:15
Cast: Victoria Valentina, Isis Love, Ramon
Category: big dicks, big tits, brunette, facial, milf, squirting, threesome
Rating: 9.1
Isis is constantly reminding her friend Victoria that her husband has a small cock and desperately needs a big one. Her urges rise as soon as she notices the sexy gardener in her backyard. Victoria decides to go outside and help Isis with her cock problem by setting up his big dick with her needy pussy.
Title: Thirsty for COCKtail
Date: 26.05.10
ID: 4770
File: 20100526_4770_mlib_deauxma03.wmv
Size: 2,50 Gb
Length: 00:29:26
Cast: Deauxma, Keiran Lee
Category: big dicks, big tits, brunette, facial, mature, squirting, anal, stockings
Rating: 8.81
Deauxma is a trying to enjoy the baseball game with her husband and his buddies in a luxurious sky box, but she doesn't fit in. Rejected the hot milf turns her attention on the younger bartender. She goes over for a drink and tries out a brand new COCKtail!
Title: Cock Over Cash
Date: 02.06.10
ID: 4801
File: 20100602_4801_mlib_rhyse_richards.wmv
Size: 2,38 Gb
Length: 00:28:04
Cast: Rhyse Richards, Keiran Lee
Category: big dicks, big tits, blonde, facial, milf, titty fuck
Rating: 8.84
Keiran attends a Milf auction amongst some pretty high rollers. When the bids get out of control Rhyse gets impatient and decides that the size of their cocks are more important than the size of their bank accounts.
Title: My Mom Loves To Suck Cock
Date: 09.06.10
ID: 4816
File: 20100609_4816_mlib_taylor_wane.wmv
Size: 2,25 Gb
Length: 00:26:33
Cast: Taylor Wane, Keiran Lee
Category: big dicks, big tits, blonde, facial, hardcore, milf, british
Rating: 9.08
Because Tyler's mom is such a freak and sexually insane, the natural course of rebellion that leads children to be an opposite to the their parents led Tyler to be a decent good girl who is afraid of cock because her mom loves, afraid to even look at one because her mom just can't get one out of her mouth and afraid to see it because her mom carries one everywhere she goes...
Title: Stolen Orgasm
Date: 16.06.10
ID: 4845
File: 20100616_4845_mlib_holly_halston03.wmv
Size: 4,06 Gb
Length: 00:47:46
Cast: Holly Halston, Johnny Sins
Category: big dicks, big tits, facial, masturbation, milf, toys, anal
Rating: 9.08
Holly has a shitty day at work and goes home early to release some stress. She decides a good orgasm would do the trick so she begins to masturbate. Just as she is about to cum Johnny walks in her room, killing the moment and ruining her orgasm! Holly's not too happy about that and forces Johnny to give her back the orgasm he stole from her.
Title: Sex in Your City 2
Date: 23.06.10
ID: 4887
File: 20100623_4887_mlib_sarah_jessie.wmv
Size: 2,48 Gb
Length: 00:29:10
Cast: Sarah Jessie, Keiran Lee
Category: big dicks, big tits, blonde, facial, milf, titty fuck
Rating: 8.92
Sarah Jessie needs to do some research for her column. She has a deadline to meet, so she decides to see if L.A. has any big cocks. She runs into Mr. Big and tries to see if the rumours about his sobriquet are true.
Title: Yoga-tta Big Dick?
Date: 30.06.10
ID: 4881
File: 20100630_4881_mlib_sienna_west05.wmv
Size: 3,09 Gb
Length: 00:36:26
Cast: Sienna West, Keiran Lee
Category: big dicks, big tits, latina, milf, piercing, tattoo
Rating: 9.15
Sienna's dragged by her friend to yoga class. Sienna thinks yoga is stupid and doesn't really want to go, but her friend wants her to go because their instructor, Keiran, is incredibly hot. Sienna seems to agree, she also notices that Keiran has an incredibly huge bulge in his shorts, so she decides to stay after the lesson for some private training.
Title: A Big Will
Date: 07.07.10
ID: 4921
File: 20100707_4921_mlib_lezley_zen03.wmv
Size: 3,09 Gb
Length: 00:36:44
Cast: Lezley Zen, Jordan Ash
Category: big dicks, big tits, brunette, milf, high heels
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Lezley is living with a rich old man and is waiting for him to pass away so she can inherit his fortunes. When Jordan, the old man's grandson shows up, her plans are soon to be ruined. But Lezley has a plan to trick Jordan into sharing the will, so she can make a lot of money and enjoy a big dick at the same time.
Title: Cocksucker Proxy
Date: 14.07.10
ID: 4915
File: 20100714_4915_mlib_ariella_ferrera03.wmv
Size: 3,69 Gb
Length: 00:43:36
Cast: Ariella Ferrera, Keiran Lee
Category: big tits, brunette, latina, milf, anal, busty
Rating: 9.16
Ariella is tired of waiting for her new boyfriend to drop the "gentleman" act and to give her a good shagging. She thinks he's sweet, but sometimes a girl just needs a cock once in a while. Horny and frustrated, she attempts to get Keiran in the mood by showing him an x-rated movie...of herself!
Title: How I Fucked Your Mother!
Date: 21.07.10
ID: 4958
File: 20100721_4958_mlib_tyler_faith.wmv
Size: 3,05 Gb
Length: 00:36:08
Cast: Tyler Faith, Keiran Lee
Category: big dicks, big tits, blonde, facial, milf, high heels
Rating: 9.09
Keiran is a young orderly that takes care of Tyler's mom. On one particular day, Tyler comes over to visit and Kerian is there to greet her and mentions his long history with her mother. Tyler questions the relationship and further probes into the matter, only to have Keiran detail the story of "how he fucked her mother!"
Title: I'm Ready For My Facial, Mr. Nails
Date: 28.07.10
ID: 4952
File: 20100728_4952_mlib_diana_prince.wmv
Size: 2,72 Gb
Length: 00:32:11
Cast: Diana Prince, Scott Nails
Category: ass to mouth, big dicks, big tits, milf, anal
Rating: 8.98
The extremely rich, eccentric MILF Diana is bored, so she decides to throw a party. She employs the party planner Scott to plan and cater for the event. But Scott starts to wonder what kind of party it is when people aren't showing up. By dessert time Diana gets what she's been after all along: a large serving of big cock!
Title: Milf Prowl
Date: 04.08.10
ID: 4971
File: 20100804_4971_mlib_diana_doll04.wmv
Size: 3,20 Gb
Length: 00:38:19
Cast: Diana Doll, Jordan Ash
Category: big tits, blonde, facial, milf, stockings
Rating: 8.68
Diana is a cock hungry milf out on the prowl for some big cock at a classy cafe but there aren't any guys around. She notices that a girl has left her cell phone on the table so she picks it up and texts the guy on the other end to meet with her immediately. When Jordan shows up Diana drags him to her house where she fucks his big cock till her pussy screams
Title: Presidential Sabotage
Date: 11.08.10
ID: 5007
File: 20100811_5007_mlib_randi_wright.wmv
Size: 2,60 Gb
Length: 00:30:49
Cast: Randi Wright, Keiran Lee
Category: big tits, brunette, facial, milf, high heels
Rating: 8.85
Randi is campaigning for the senate. She preaches good moral/family values and basically has no flaws to her image. One of her contenders wants to ruin her image so he has a better chance to win the elections. He knows Randi loves big cocks so he hires Keiran to seduce Randi and tape their sexual encounter with a hidden camera.
Title: All Inclusive Package
Date: 18.08.10
ID: 5016
File: 20100818_5016_mlib_sophia_lomeli03.wmv
Size: 2,57 Gb
Length: 00:31:14
Cast: Sophia Lomeli, Jordan Ash
Category: big tits, blowjob, facial, milf, pornstar
Rating: 8.28
Sophia is a milf who has decided to treat herself to a nice vacation. Jordan tries to interest her in some popular vacation packages. Sophia has heard that Canadian men have huge dicks so she inquires about Canada. Being from Canada Jordan opens his pants to give Sophia what she really wants an all inclusive Canadian package right up her vagina.
Title: Picocksso
Date: 25.08.10
ID: 5023
File: 20100825_5023_mlib_julia_ann04.wmv
Size: 3,05 Gb
Length: 00:38:39
Cast: Julia Ann, Keiran Lee
Category: big dicks, big tits, blonde, facial, milf, titty fuck
Rating: 9.14
Julia was a well respected painter, but recently hasn't sold any paintings in a while. When her agent comes over to discuss her career, he gets a peek of her latest painting, but she refuses to sell it because she claims it's too personal. However, after Julia catches a glimpse of Keiran's cock, she is more than willing to exchange the painting for the real thing.
Title: Suck On My Busker Balls
Date: 01.09.10
ID: 5036
File: 20100901_5036_mlib_winnie.wmv
Size: 3,13 Gb
Length: 00:43:44
Cast: Winnie
Category: ass to mouth, big tits, blonde, anal, cum on tits, euro
Rating: 8.94
Winnie is on a night out with her friend, they're walking down the street where they approach a busker. They ask him for a song but want more and make the guy do all kind of tricks with his guitar. Winnie offers good cash for a last request, to show them his dick. Later, she comes back looking for that big cock to take it home and fuck it.
Title: Poolside Poon
Date: 08.09.10
ID: 5042
File: 20100908_5042_mlib_francesca_le03.wmv
Size: 2,17 Gb
Length: 00:26:46
Cast: Francesca Le, Scott Nails
Category: ass licking, big tits, facial, milf, anal, hairy pussy
Rating: 9.02
Francesca is a smoking hot MILF who spends her morning like any other - she goes for a swim and massages her tits to a seductive soundtrack. Today, however, Francesca is joined by her best friend and her son, Scott. Francesca invites Scott to stick around and "catch up." This apparently involves putting on her "dead ex-husband's" speedo and fucking her brains out.
Title: A Wild Ride Before the Wedding
Date: 15.09.10
ID: 5065
File: 20100915_5065_mlib_devon_michaels02.wmv
Size: 2,40 Gb
Length: 00:28:54
Cast: Devon Michaels, Keiran Lee
Category: big tits, blowjob, facial, milf, high heels
Rating: 8.34
Everyone is gathered to happily bask in the union of Keiran & Robbie, and wish them well before they take that ultimate leap. Devon is the lonely, cock hungry maid of honor who will pounce on any large cock in sight. She starts messing around with Keiran's pants under the table. When he goes to the bathroom she leaps on the opportunity to have a huge cock stretch her vagina out.
Title: Pardon Me, But Your Mouth Is On My Penis
Date: 22.09.10
ID: 5077
File: 20100922_5077_mlib_ava_addams.wmv
Size: 3,00 Gb
Length: 00:35:45
Cast: Ava Addams, Keiran Lee
Category: big dicks, big tits, milf, natural tits, tattoo, titty fuck
Rating: 9.17
Ava is a smoking hot and very domineering MILF who orders her butler, Keiran, around like a slave. Keiran is subjected to further humiliation when Ava's friends come over and mock him for having a "small cock." When they actually touch it though, they quickly realize he's packing some serious heat. At this point, Ava tells her friends to hit the bricks as she suddenly has a hankering for some raw meat, and Keiran's trouser snake is on the menu!
Title: Mrs Fortune
Date: 29.09.10
ID: 5097
File: 20100929_5097_mlib_diamond_foxxx06.wmv
Size: 2,86 Gb
Length: 00:36:00
Cast: Diamond Foxxx, Keiran Lee
Category: big tits, facial, milf, pornstar, POV, anal
Rating: 9.08
Tonight Diamond Foxxx is on the prowl anxious for some large young cock. She immediately pounces on her date when he arrives. Shocked to the aggressiveness Billy excuses himself to the bathroom to try and calm down but ends up getting his dick caught in his zipper. An excellent doctor is called over and gives Billy some painkillers that knock him out. While hugging the doctor good bye, DIamond senses a large cock in the doctors pants. Diamond is instantly on her knees begging to suck the doctors dick.
Title: Joslyn James: The Tigress Milf
Date: 06.10.10
ID: 5119
File: 20101006_5119_mlib_joslyn_james.wmv
Size: 2,89 Gb
Length: 00:34:08
Cast: Joslyn James, Keiran Lee
Category: big tits, facial, milf, red head, tattoo, high heels
Rating: 8.94
Joslyn is on the prowl at a local bar. She's ready to pounce on anything like a fierce tigeress. She sets her sights on a lonely boy in the corner who is practically sleeping. The lonely boy is very nervous because Joslyn is being so forward. All Joslyn cares about is the hard cock in his pants so she drags him quickly to the bathroom for a milf style fuck.
Title: The Daily Routine
Date: 13.10.10
ID: 5099
File: 20101013_5099_mlib_taylor_wane02.wmv
Size: 1,93 Gb
Length: 00:22:59
Cast: Taylor Wane, Scott Nails
Category: big dicks, big tits, blonde, milf, titty fuck, british, fingering
Rating: 8.5
Taylor starts her day with exercises to keep her stomach flat and her ass tight. Then she gives herself the first orgasm of the day in the shower. After applying a skin softening lotion all over her body, she's ready to meet her assistants, who complete her tasks. They bring her a fit young man with a huge cock and she leads him to her bedroom for an hour or two of pleasure.
Title: You Like Getting, I like Giving
Date: 20.10.10
ID: 5144
File: 20101020_5144_mlib_brooke_haven02.wmv
Size: 1,90 Gb
Length: 00:22:36
Cast: Brooke Haven, Johnny Sins
Category: big dicks, big tits, blonde, blowjob, milf, titty fuck, doggystyle
Rating: 8.45
Johnny and his wife, Robbie, have Brooke over to their house for dinner. After supper, Johnny and Robbie show their guest pictures from their recent vacation. They come upon a nude intimate picture and Brooke gets a good look at Johnny's big dick. This peeks her curiosity and then she realizes that she must fuck him.
Title: Masturpiece Theatre
Date: 27.10.10
ID: 5159
File: 20101027_5159_mlib_janet_mason02.wmv
Size: 2,65 Gb
Length: 00:33:14
Cast: Janet Mason, Jordan Ash
Category: big dicks, milf, red head, doggystyle, hairy pussy, stockings
Rating: 7.14
Janet walks into a XXX theatre for some private time, but her plans are foiled when Jordan walks in. She is shy at first and has trouble masturbating with Jordan down the aisle doing the same thing, so she decides to fuck him instead.
Title: Taming The Beast
Date: 03.11.10
ID: 5167
File: 20101103_5167_mlib_holly_sampson02.wmv
Size: 3,10 Gb
Length: 00:36:37
Cast: Holly Sampson, Johnny Sins
Category: big tits, blonde, facial, milf, high heels
Rating: 9.15
Holly has a seminar to promote her new book on the modern woman in society. She explains her new method of "Taming The Beast". To demonstrate, she has her own handy tools, Johnny and his big cock, the audience is curios about it. But Holly gives her best fucking Johnny and explaining how to use the pussy for women's advantage.
Title: The Window Washers Are Here
Date: 10.11.10
ID: 5186
File: 20101110_5186_mlib_jewels_jade.wmv
Size: 2,55 Gb
Length: 00:31:44
Cast: Jewels Jade, Scott Nails, Keiran Lee
Category: big dicks, big tits, brunette, milf, anal, bikini
Rating: 9.17
Scott and Keiran are window washers and have 3 houses to work on today. They finish their first house pretty fast and are ready to tackle their next job, but Jewels has just one more task for them. This task will be worth their while, but it will probably make them late for their others contracts. I wonder what they will choose.
Title: Probation Fornication
Date: 17.11.10
ID: 5214
File: 20101117_5214_mlib_kianna_dior.wmv
Size: 2,11 Gb
Length: 00:28:08
Cast: Kianna Dior, Scott Nails
Category: asian, big dicks, big tits, facial, doggystyle
Rating: 8.62
Scott Nails is down on his luck. He just got out of jail and his probation officer puts him to work right away. Not only does he have to do yard work all day, but the owner of the house, Kianna Dior, refuses to sign his hour sheet unless he fucks her mouth. Scott's been working hard all day, but that won't stop him from fucking for his freedom.
Title: Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better
Date: 24.11.10
ID: 5221
File: 20101124_5221_mlib_lisa_ann06.wmv
Size: 2,20 Gb
Length: 00:26:07
Cast: Lisa Ann, Chris Johnson
Category: big ass, brunette, milf, busty, cum on tits
Rating: 6.98
Lisa and Ashley are two classy MILFs, and when they're around each other it's always a competition. When a little bit of cattiness turn into a full blown catfight, Lisa proves to Ashley who's the bigger MILF whore..... by sucking off the hired help.
Title: The Jordan Hour of Power
Date: 01.12.10
ID: 5250
File: 20101201_5250_mlib_sophia_lomeli04.wmv
Size: 2,75 Gb
Length: 00:32:49
Cast: Sophia Lomeli, Jordan Ash
Category: big tits, deep throat, facial, milf, titty fuck, doggystyle
Rating: 8.31
It's time for THE JORDAN HOUR OF POWER and today's guest is the lovely Ms. Sophia Lomeli. After successfully completing the Cougar Competition Extravaganza that sees her swallow dildos of all shapes and sizes and thereby proving her cougar capacity and MILF mastery, Sophia wants the real thing and Jordan's only too happy to oblige her.
Title: A Good Morning Cock
Date: 08.12.10
ID: 5275
File: 20101208_5275_mlib_shay_sights03.wmv
Size: 2,43 Gb
Length: 00:28:45
Cast: Shay Sights, Xander Corvus
Category: big dicks, big tits, brunette, facial, doggystyle, cowgirl
Rating: 8.82
Shay has recently divorced and luckily for her, she gets to keep the house. One day she gets woken up by a couple of young movers coming to the house to pick up her ex husband's stuff. She has always been a big fan of younger cocks and wasting no time, she chooses the guy with the biggest cock to give her a good old morning banging.

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Сайтрипы 1991-2010 (HD Video) / SiteRip's 1991-2010 (HD Video) ·· [Milfslikeitbig.com / Brazzers.com] Diamond Foxxx (I'm a Milf, I'm Hot, and I Want Big Dick) / Крупнейшие петухи: Татьяна рано утром встала, п... об лавку по-чисала (с) [big dicks, big tits, blonde, milf, bikini, 1080p] HDV Galfimbul 30148931882.81 GB 0 0 1665447027



Сайтрипы 2015 / SiteRip's 2015 ·· [MilfsLikeItBig.com / Brazzers.com] Zoey Portland (Making Night Moves / 23.01.15) [2015 г., MILF,Blonde] Galfimbul 231673546221 MB 1 0 1662131405



Сайтрипы 1991-2010 / SiteRip's 1991-2010 ·· [Milfslikeitbig.com / Brazzers.com] Ray Veness (aka Rayveness) (When Cougars Attack) [2010 г., All Sex, Big tits, Facial, Milf] Galfimbul 568366398542 MB 0 0 1661638809



Сайтрипы 1991-2010 / SiteRip's 1991-2010 ·· [MilfsLikeItBig.com / Brazzers.com] Austin Kincaid, Ava Lauren & Bailey Brooks (Yacht orgy! / 10-09-2007) [2007, Big Tits, Blowjob (POV), Brunette, Latina, MILF, Natural Tits, Orgy, 480p [url=https://adult-images.ru/1024/35489/]Смотреть онлайн[/u Galfimbul 338608449323 MB 0 0 1659575427



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