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BigWetButts.com - Здоровенные мокрые задницы!

Полный сайтрип по 16.07.2010 в разрешении Full HD 1080p! 59 видео!

100% анала и больших мокрых задниц!

Video: WVC1, 1920x1080, 12Mbps, 29.97fps
Audio: WMA2, 128Kbps, 44.1kHz, stereo

Все видео переиндексированы, проигрываются и перематываются в любом медиаплеере.

Title: Big Butt Style
Date: 05.06.09
ID: 3775
File: 20090605_3775_bwb_aletta_jenny_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 2,13 Gb
Length: 00:25:03
Cast: Jenny Hendrix, Aletta Ocean, Keiran Lee
Category: ass to mouth, facial, fishnet, threesome, anal, bubble butt, oil
Rating: 9.17
Aletta and Jenny have been hired to appear on the new "Juggalites" music video: "Big Butt Style". They show up late but they look so hot that no one seems to care. During the shoot of the music video, Keiran pours enormous amounts of oil on their asses and sticks his fingers in their assholes. They love it and get really horny and after the shoot, they ask Keiran to fuck their Big Wet Butts.
Title: Assport Renewal
Date: 12.06.09
ID: 3942
File: 20090612_3942_bwb_olga_cabaeva_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 3,38 Gb
Length: 00:39:51
Cast: Olga Cabaeva, Johnny Sins
Category: big ass, big dicks, deep throat, natural tits, anal, cum on tits, oil
Rating: 8.9
Olga wants to stay in the country but needs her ass inspected before getting an assport renewal. Luckily she went through the proper channels or else she would have been caught by customs at the airport and sent back home never to return.
Title: Don't you wish your girl was a freak like me!
Date: 19.06.09
ID: 3895
File: 20090619_3895_bwb_andi_anderson_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 2,45 Gb
Length: 00:28:48
Cast: Andi Anderson, Scott Nails
Category: ass to mouth, big dicks, big tits, blonde, anal
Rating: 8.19
Andi accompanies her best friend shopping spree to get a chance to spend some time with her bestfriend's boyfriend, Scott. Andi will pull out all the stops to have a taste of Scott's big dick in her mouth and deep in her ass. Andi is one dirty, ass reamage loving girl! No girlfriend can compete with that.
Title: A Little Trip To Hell
Date: 26.06.09
ID: 3911
File: 20090626_3911_bwb_angelika_black_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 3,22 Gb
Length: 00:37:56
Cast: Angelika Black, Bob Terminator
Category: ass licking, big dicks, big tits, brunette, anal, cumshot on ass
Rating: 8.81
While doing her routine aerobic workout, Angelika slips and tragically dies... When she wakes up she finds herself in a strange world and she understands very fast that this place is hell!!! Turns out the devil wasn't ok with her training her ass and getting it smaller so he got her to come for an ass fuck session!!!
Title: Big Butt Adventures
Date: 03.07.09
ID: 3956
File: 20090703_3956_bwb_holly_west_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 2,58 Gb
Length: 00:30:23
Cast: Holly West, Scott Nails
Category: big tits, brunette, facial, anal, bubble butt
Rating: 7.75
In this weeks episode of Big Butt Adventures, Scott Nails takes us along on a dangerous ride to capture the wild and elusive Great Wet Desert Ass. Once the beast is captured he will attempt to tame the wild creature and bask in its beautiful presence.
Title: Smack That Ass!
Date: 09.07.09
ID: 3971
File: 20090709_3971_bwb_kya_tropic_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 2,90 Gb
Length: 00:34:08
Cast: Kya Tropic, Scott Nails
Category: asian, big ass, facial, anal, high heels
Rating: 8.68
Kya's boyfriend has let out the secret that she gets extremely wet whenever someone smacks her big ass. Obviously, everyone of his friends wants a piece of her ass for themselves so they all take swings at her ass whenever her boyfriend is not looking.
Title: Triple Butt Pump
Date: 17.07.09
ID: 3964
File: 20090717_3964_bwb_flower_harmony_phoenix_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 4,35 Gb
Length: 00:51:16
Cast: Phoenix Marie, Harmony Rose, Flower Tucci, Scott Nails, Johnny Sins
Category: ass to mouth, big ass, big dicks, blonde, orgy, anal, bikini, bubble butt, cumshot on ass
Rating: 9.17
The best way to wash a car is with Flower Tucci, Harmony Rose and Phoenix Marie's asses! Brazzers Car Wash and Detail company owner, Scott Nails, has that all figured out! While washing one of their costumers' car, Johnny Sins, the girls get a little excited with the soap and end up scratching his car. Scott comes up with a quick plan for compensation. 3 assholes, 3 pussies, 3 mouths and 6 tits and Johnny forgets all about the stupid fuckin scratch!
Title: Going Once, Going Twice... Buttsex!
Date: 24.07.09
ID: 4025
File: 20090724_4025_bwb_katja_luscious_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 3,11 Gb
Length: 00:36:37
Cast: Luscious Lopez, Katja Kassin, Danny Mountain
Category: ass licking, big ass, threesome, anal, bubble butt, oil
Rating: 8.86
There's nothing like an good old fashioned outdoor auction on a hot summer's day. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and the asses are jiggling. On this fine day, Katja and Luscious are scheduled to be sold to the highest bidder at 11:00AM. Their handler, Billy Bob has spent years training their bodacious bottoms to meet the highest standards of the USBFA (United States Butt Fucker Association). Today he hopes to see the fruits of his labor realized as wealthy ranchers bid for the booties he helped blossom.
Title: I Hate Big Butts and They Make Me Cry
Date: 31.07.09
ID: 4039
File: 20090731_4039_bwb_sky_taylor_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 3,13 Gb
Length: 00:36:51
Cast: Sky Taylor, Keiran Lee
Category: ass licking, ass to mouth, big ass, big dicks, anal
Rating: 9.17
Today on the Gordy show, two people with extremely odd phobias come onto the show to meet hypnotist, Sky Taylor, who is there to help them fight their fears. Chris, a studious type, loves to do math problems, but is extremely afraid of pencils. Keiran Lee, your average Joe, loves women, but cannot stand the sight of big butts. Sky knows exactly how to solve these specific phobias. She has a great ass and a great smile.
Title: Trump My Rump
Date: 07.08.09
ID: 4037
File: 20090807_4037_bwb_delilah_strong02_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 2,91 Gb
Length: 00:34:15
Cast: Delilah Strong, James Deen
Category: ass licking, big ass, big dicks, anal
Rating: 8.93
Delilah is enjoying a wonderfully made ice cream cone in the park when a lonely stranger comes by to keep her company. The topic of conversation is roughness and Delilah reveals that she likes "it" extremely rough. She takes off on her bike and the lonely stranger has to find a way to follow her home.
Title: Fill My Cracks And Fuck My Ass
Date: 14.08.09
ID: 4051
File: 20090814_4051_bwb_bridgette_b_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 2,97 Gb
Length: 00:34:55
Cast: Bridgette B, Derrick Pierce
Category: ass licking, latina, anal, oil, cumshot on ass
Rating: 8.86
Bridgette B has been having a problem with cracks in her expensive tile flooring. Fortunately for her, Derrick is an expert in the field of crack filling. When Derrick is hired to come take a look at Bridgette's crack problem, he finds out that she has a very special crack that needs to be filled... Her ass crack.
Title: Big Butt Cake
Date: 21.08.09
ID: 4066
File: 20090821_4066_bwb_rebeca_linares02_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 3,06 Gb
Length: 00:36:00
Cast: Rebeca Linares, Scott Nails
Category: ass licking, big dicks, facial, anal
Rating: 9.14
Rebecca is a cleaning lady who is always clean in her bikini and on the beat of her special Latin music. Today, she is totally wastes her boss special cake by sitting on it while chatting away with someone on the phone. To save the two ($200) dollars worth cake, she offers her boss to lick off the cake around her big wet butt.
Title: The Ass Man
Date: 28.08.09
ID: 4092
File: 20090828_4092_bwb_trina_michaels04_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 1,90 Gb
Length: 00:22:21
Cast: Trina Michaels, Scott Nails
Category: ass licking, big dicks, big tits, anal, oil
Rating: 8.62
Scott Nails is famous for crashing music shows, he finds his way backstage at a Trina Michaels' concert. She has no idea who he is but because she just came off a pretty bad performance, she could use some good cock up her ass.
Title: Fuck Friends
Date: 04.09.09
ID: 4125
File: 20090904_4125_bwb_tory_lane04_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 2,55 Gb
Length: 00:30:08
Cast: Tory Lane, Scott Nails
Category: ass to mouth, big tits, anal, bubble butt, cum on tits
Rating: 9.11
When Jasmine suspects her boyfriend Scott might be cheating on her, she asks her best friend Tori Lane to help catch Scott in the act. Tori decides that she'll try and seduce Scott by offering him something he can't refuse...her tight ass.
Title: Impale my Big Wet Ass
Date: 11.09.09
ID: 4140
File: 20090911_4140_bwb_andi_anderson02_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 3,82 Gb
Length: 00:44:57
Cast: Andi Anderson, Keiran Lee
Category: big ass, blonde, gonzo, anal, pool
Rating: 8.43
Andi walks out on the back balcony of her friends mansion with Keiran and proceeds to suck and fuck his big dick. The two then go down to the pool and get her ass all wet.
Title: Wet market anal-ysis
Date: 18.09.09
ID: 4169
File: 20090918_4169_bwb_bobbi_starr02_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 2,44 Gb
Length: 00:28:46
Cast: Bobbi Starr, Scott Nails
Category: ass to mouth, brunette, anal, swallow, bubble butt
Rating: 8.98
Scott's scared about the status of the current economy and has a dilemma at Big Butt Enterprises; he's got to let go of two thirds of his ass-sets. He brings in his stock to review and test their market value, dismissing the cheeks that don't pass his rigorous tests then puts it all on the line and rides out his last remaining ass-set; Bobbi Starr. Looks like Bobbi's ass is going to rake in the cash at Big Butt Enterprises!
Title: Dig My Ass Hole PLZ!
Date: 25.09.09
ID: 4198
File: 20090925_4198_bwb_gina_jolie_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 2,00 Gb
Length: 00:23:30
Cast: Gina Jolie, Jazz Duro
Category: ass licking, big ass, facial, anal, brazilian
Rating: 8.46
Gina spends the day at the beach. She lays down in the sun, dips her tootsies in the ocean, and makes her butt wet, wet enough to have a dick in and out of her ass hole.
Title: Poolside Fuck
Date: 02.10.09
ID: 4171
File: 20091002_4171_bwb_katja_kassin04_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 2,98 Gb
Length: 00:35:04
Cast: Katja Kassin, Scott Nails
Category: big ass, brunette, facial, anal, german
Rating: 8.52
Katja enjoys a nice dip in the pool and then enjoys a nice dip in her ass.
Title: Getting aHead in Hollywood
Date: 09.10.09
ID: 4207
File: 20091009_4207_bwb_kelly_divine02_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 3,61 Gb
Length: 00:42:33
Cast: Kelly Divine, Anthony Rosano
Category: big ass, big tits, brunette, facial, toys, anal
Rating: 9.18
Innocent Kelly has just stepped off the bus in Hollywood, determined to make a splash on the big screen. She's soon picked up and introduced to a director who shows her what it takes to make it in Hollywood.
Title: The Every Ass!
Date: 16.10.09
ID: 4249
File: 20091016_4249_bwb_nikki_thorne_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 2,19 Gb
Length: 00:25:47
Cast: Nikki Thorne, Scott Nails
Category: big ass, blonde, facial, natural tits, anal
Rating: 8.94
Today Billy Brazz is selling the ultimate all purpose household product for bachelors. This amazing product is called "The Every Ass For Every Man!" and it is able to do practically everything, and we mean everything.
Title: Delta Force Fucked!
Date: 23.10.09
ID: 4267
File: 20091023_4267_bwb_riley_evans02_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 2,70 Gb
Length: 00:31:49
Cast: Riley Evans, Keiran Lee
Category: blonde, deep throat, facial, anal
Rating: 8.31
She is the is big butt that fucks in the night, she is the fun tunnel that deep throats all evil. She is Delta Force Fuck! And her tail pipe's ready to take on the meatpole of crime in the name of justice!
Title: Anal Sacrifice
Date: 30.10.09
ID: 4282
File: 20091030_4282_bwb_emma_heart_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 2,60 Gb
Length: 00:30:38
Cast: Emma Heart, Johnny Sins
Category: ass to mouth, big ass, big tits, brunette, anal, cumshot on ass
Rating: 8.91
Emma Heart is tonight's sacrifice as part of a satanic ritual which occurs once a year on Halloween! The sacrifice is one of the flesh...juicy, bubbly flesh and most importantly...an anal sacrifice!
Title: Brand New ass Oil
Date: 06.11.09
ID: 4284
File: 20091106_4284_bwb_velicity_von_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 2,19 Gb
Length: 00:25:50
Cast: Velicity Von, Scott Nails
Category: big ass, big dicks, big tits, blonde, hardcore, anal, oil
Rating: 9.07
Brazzers has a new oil product for all those couples needing a little joost to bolt up their sex life. This oil has Velicity and Scott going crazy about how they spent so much of their lives without it.
Title: Sophie Dee-posit Box
Date: 13.11.09
ID: 4295
File: 20091113_4295_bwb_sophie_dee02_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 2,36 Gb
Length: 00:27:48
Cast: Sophie Dee, Scott Nails
Category: big dicks, big tits, facial, anal, bubble butt
Rating: 9.15
Mr. Nails has something very precious and valuable stowed away in the bank. It has an ass worth more than gold and Mr. Nails is banking on tapping this fine resource.
Title: Ass Auction Associate
Date: 20.11.09
ID: 4325
File: 20091120_4325_bwb_jessica_moore_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 2,51 Gb
Length: 00:29:36
Cast: Jessica Moore, Scott Nails
Category: ass to mouth, big ass, big dicks, hardcore, anal, oil
Rating: 9.02
These aren't your typical folk, they specialize in warding off asses to interested parties and Scott Nails is their number one scout. So its no surprise when Jessica lands in the market as she outlasts everyone to win the anal intrusion experience.
Title: Fuck My Asian Ass
Date: 27.11.09
ID: 4338
File: 20091127_4338_bwb_mya_luanna_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 2,48 Gb
Length: 00:29:13
Cast: Mya Luanna, Keiran Lee
Category: asian, ass licking, big ass, big dicks
Rating: 8.99
On Keiran's business trip he stops at an asian restaurant for some tasty food and "sake". He flirts with the asian waiter and talks dirty to her in english thinking that she doesn't understand. As he finishes his meal and cracks open his fortune cookie, he finds a fortune that blows his mind and his cock!
Title: Oily Therapy
Date: 04.12.09
ID: 4389
File: 20091204_4389_bwb_adrianna_nicole_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 2,98 Gb
Length: 00:35:09
Cast: Adrianna Nicole, Keiran Lee
Category: big ass, blonde, facial, tattoo, anal, high heels, oil
Rating: 8.62
Adrianna and her boyfriend Keiran are having relationship problems and visit a sex therapist. Keiran explains that as much as he begs her she does not want him to stick his dick up her ass. The therapist has a solution and hands them a bottle of massage oil, which will help Keiran's dick slide right into her ass.
Title: Fuck My Luscious Beehind!
Date: 11.12.09
ID: 4402
File: 20091211_4402_bwb_luscious_lopez06_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 2,41 Gb
Length: 00:28:23
Cast: Luscious Lopez, Keiran Lee
Category: ass to mouth, big ass, anal, oil, cumshot on ass
Rating: 8.82
Luscious heard about a beekeeper who's got some amazing honey oil for the skin that she could use for her line of work, so she takes a ride out to his bee ranch to meet him. Bee Keeper Keiran shows her a sample, which Luscious wants Keiran to test on her nice, round ass right away. The honey oil does the trick and makes her ass all smooth and ready to take Keiran's monster cock!
Title: Taking it in the Laundry Shoot
Date: 18.12.09
ID: 4457
File: 20091218_4457_bwb_mya_nichole02_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 2,55 Gb
Length: 00:29:58
Cast: Mya Nichole, Keiran Lee
Category: ass to mouth, big ass, big dicks, tattoo, anal
Rating: 9.11
Mya falls into the laundry shoot while fucking in a hotel hallway. Her boyfriend asks the concierge, Keiran, if he can check the laundry room to find her. Keiran gladly helps him out but when he sees her ass he decides to stick around and spend some quality time with it.
Title: Big Butt Intervention
Date: 25.12.09
ID: 4479
File: 20091225_4479_bwb_mackenzee_pierce02_1920_12000-hd.wmv
Size: 3,41 Gb
Length: 00:40:12
Cast: Mackenzee Pierce, John Strange
Category: big dicks, anal, bubble butt, oil, cumshot on ass
Rating: 9.17
Mackenzee and her husband have been noticing a major problem in their friend John's behavior lately. He is clearly addicted to big wet butts and the only way to address the problem is to have an intervention for him. During the intervention Mackenzee realizes that John needs some restraint training so she demands a little one on one time.
Title: The Double Penetration Settlement
Date: 01.01.10
ID: 4438
File: 20100101_4438_bwb_aletta_ocean_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 2,74 Gb
Length: 00:32:17
Cast: Aletta Ocean, Scott Nails, Danny Mountain
Category: big dicks, big tits, facial, tattoo, anal, double penetration
Rating: 9.1
Danny and Scott have been offered a challenge; the fastest to get to her house gets to fuck her. In more time a marathon style race develops and both guys run to her house as fast as they can. They arrive bursting into her house and Aletta calls it a tie and requests the double penetration as settlement for their effort.
Title: Free Ass Ride
Date: 08.01.10
ID: 4513
File: 20100108_4513_bwb_brittney_shyla_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 2,68 Gb
Length: 00:31:33
Cast: Shyla Stylez, Brittney Skye, Keiran Lee
Category: big ass, big tits, blonde, facial, tattoo, threesome, anal
Rating: 9.17
A hapless transient named Keiran was just minding his business in a squalid alleyway when he stumbled upon someone's lost chocolate bar. The fates would have it, that this hapless young man would get something delicious to eat and to his surprise, a free ass ride.
Title: The Sultan's Slutty Skank
Date: 15.01.10
ID: 4514
File: 20100115_4514_bwb_eva_angelina_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 2,40 Gb
Length: 00:28:13
Cast: Eva Angelina, James Deen
Category: big dicks, brunette, facial, pornstar, anal
Rating: 9.14
Eva is just about getting annoyed with her sultan's demands. He barks out orders for grapes or meat while groping her and that just isn't her cup of tea. When she question's his regalness, he shows her why he is the sultan.
Title: Thru The Doggie Door
Date: 22.01.10
ID: 4470
File: 20100122_4470_bwb_diamond_kitty02_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 2,19 Gb
Length: 00:25:45
Cast: Diamond Kitty, Shane Dizzle
Category: big ass, brunette, latina, anal
Rating: 8.83
Silly Diamond has locked her keys in her car. Unable to get into her house, she tries to squeeze through the dog door...unfortunately she gets her big bum stuck! Lucky Shane comes along and frees her luscious ass with his big hard cock!
Title: The Living Ass
Date: 29.01.10
ID: 4538
File: 20100129_4538_bwb_diamond_foxxx02_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 2,05 Gb
Length: 00:24:07
Cast: Diamond Foxxx, Scott Nails
Category: big dicks, blonde, anal, oil
Rating: 9.01
Wealthy Art Patron, Mr.Nails, has come to see Karla Buttlieber's latest masterpiece: The Living Ass. Upon seeing the perfect amazing ass, he determines he must possess it At Any Price!
Title: A Soldier's Salute
Date: 05.02.10
ID: 4557
File: 20100205_4557_bwb_jewels_jade_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 2,97 Gb
Length: 00:34:58
Cast: Jewels Jade, Keiran Lee
Category: big ass, big tits, brunette, facial, fishnet, milf, tattoo, anal, boots, anal toy
Rating: 9.03
Keiran is about to get deployed to war so his friend Crazy Jay sends over a big butted escort to his house, so he gets sent off right. She arrives at his house in a big trench coat, but when she takes it off she makes sure he gives her a proper soldier's salute!
Title: Big Wet Butt Workout
Date: 12.02.10
ID: 4555
File: 20100212_4555_bwb_eve_madison_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 2,10 Gb
Length: 00:24:41
Cast: Eve Madison, Shane Dizzle
Category: big ass, ebony, interracial, anal
Rating: 7.85
Eve Madison leads a workout group of girls to help make their bums bigger and better. She shows them all sorts of exercises so they can better appease their men's desires. And her 'man' comes to meet her after the class to take advantage of her big round perfect ass.
Title: Butt Smuggling
Date: 19.02.10
ID: 4583
File: 20100219_4583_bwb_riley_evans03_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 2,96 Gb
Length: 00:34:53
Cast: Riley Evans, Scott Nails
Category: big ass, blonde, facial, natural tits, anal, anal toy, high heels, oil
Rating: 8.97
Riley has just been stopped by airport security because she is suspected to be trying to smuggle illegal items in her big ass. When the security guard Scott questions her she denies everything illegal, so he strips her down and searches up her sweet asshole. When he finds what he's looking for she realizes that she is caught and it might be the last time she can fuck. So she tells Scott that he hasn't found everything and should check deeper.....but with his dick.
Title: Hillbilly Ho Down
Date: 26.02.10
ID: 4575
File: 20100226_4575_bwb_dana_tory_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 2,73 Gb
Length: 00:32:07
Cast: Tory Lane, Dana DeArmond, Scott Nails
Category: big ass, cum swapping, threesome, oil
Rating: 8.95
Dana and Tory both have their chaps in a twist over the musically gifted Scott Nails. Unable to decide which one of them gets to pound Scott's massive dick, Dana and Tory must solve their differences according to family tradition: Naked wrestling in the giant tub of magic sauce.
Title: Hot Ass Oil Party
Date: 05.03.10
ID: 4606
File: 20100305_4606_bwb_holly_halston03_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 3,45 Gb
Length: 00:40:38
Cast: Holly Halston, Scott Nails
Category: ass to mouth, big dicks, big tits, milf, anal, oil
Rating: 9.16
Holly has her friend Kelly over for an oil party: where the two get to try out different oils for their ass from the friendly sales rep Scott. The two girls have a fun time rubbing on different oils and Scott is more than pleased to massage that oil into their plump rumps! After the party Scott packs up and is ready to leave, but Holly wants just one more demonstration....
Title: Candy Ass Bitch
Date: 12.03.10
ID: 4648
File: 20100312_4648_bwb_kristina_rose_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 4,10 Gb
Length: 00:48:20
Cast: Kristina Rose, Danny Mountain
Category: ass to mouth, big ass, big dicks, facial, anal
Rating: 8.5
Kristina Rose gives us a personal tour in her candy shop and then gives Danny Mountain's dick a personal tour in her asshole. The ultimate candy ass poundage paaaal!
Title: Birthday Butt Fuck
Date: 19.03.10
ID: 4635
File: 20100319_4635_bwb_claire_dames04_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 3,93 Gb
Length: 00:46:18
Cast: Claire Dames, Keiran Lee
Category: ass licking, ass to mouth, big dicks, big tits, facial, anal, anal toy
Rating: 8.81
Its Claires birthday and Keiran has prepared everything for the party. Before their gets arrive Keiran wants to give Claire a few gifts. Claire gets wet quickly and before you know it shes taking Keirans big dick straight up her tight asshole.
Title: Big Ass Brothel
Date: 26.03.10
ID: 4679
File: 20100326_4679_bwb_phoenix_marie_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 3,25 Gb
Length: 00:38:19
Cast: Phoenix Marie, Scott Nails
Category: big ass, blonde, creampie, anal, swallow, oil, stockings
Rating: 9.16
Scott visits a brothel searching for the biggest ass he can find. Being the high roller that Scott is he demands a couple girls to strip for him to show off their ass shaking abilities. When Phoenix comes out his decision is made cause he knows exactly where his load is gonna end up.
Title: It's Bigger, It's Better, It's Badder
Date: 02.04.10
ID: 4676
File: 20100402_4676_bwb_ava_rose_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 2,91 Gb
Length: 00:34:18
Cast: Ava Rose, Scott Nails
Category: ass to mouth, big ass, big dicks, hardcore, natural tits, tattoo, oil, rough sex, piercing
Rating: 8.88
She's got triple B's on her, Ava Rose shows us why she's considered to have one of the best asses in the business and she will show you how deep that hole gapes.
Title: Taking A Dip In Her Ass
Date: 09.04.10
ID: 4729
File: 20100409_4729_bwb_monica_santhiago_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 2,87 Gb
Length: 00:33:47
Cast: Monica Santhiago, Scott Nails
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Monica spends the day out beside the pool wetting her big ass. When Scott stops by, instead of taking a dip in the pool he dips right up her Brazilian wet ass.
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Date: 16.04.10
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Cast: Krissy Lynn, Keiran Lee
Category: big ass, blonde, facial, anal, oil
Rating: 9.17
Krissy has learned the art of teasing, she knows just how to turn on Keiran enough and then find a way to avoid getting him to fuck her. But Keiran can no longer wait, he decides he has had enough and her virgin asshole has to pay an ultimate price.
Title: Biker Butt
Date: 23.04.10
ID: 4773
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Cast: Angelica Heart, Scott Nails
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Angelica is hanging out in the sun rubbing her big oiled up ass all over her motorcycle. When her fuck friend comes around they decide to take a ride up her big wet ass.
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Are you ready to get slippery with Trina Michaels? Then sit back and enjoy the show as Trina slithers and grinds her beautiful, big, oil soaked booty, followed by an oily pounding from Keiran.
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Cast: Claudia Valentine, Scott Nails
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Rating: 9.08
Claudia Finds herself in an airport security room after attempting to board her plane with more than 3oz of liquid. After determining that the liquid is harmless massage oil, the interrogating officer gives Claudia a choice: throw the oil away, or use it all...while he supervises.
Title: The Backdoor to Limbo
Date: 14.05.10
ID: 4823
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Size: 5,05 Gb
Length: 00:59:28
Cast: Kelly Divine, Scott Nails
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Scott is stuck between ass heaven and booty hell. He's being tempted by Kelly's divine ass, but Lea also has one hell of a booty! Which side should he choose? How about both!
Title: Fisting and the Asian persuasion
Date: 21.05.10
ID: 4787
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Cast: Ava Devine, Ramon
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Rating: 7.69
Ava answers some questions while teasing and stripping in an oriental setting. Then the floodgates open on her phat ass! She shows off how many knuckles her sphincter can take. She gets in some butt plug action before Razor Ramon swoops in for the drill!
Title: An Angel's Ass Glows In The Dark
Date: 28.05.10
ID: 4810
File: 20100528_4810_bwb_angel_dark04_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 3,57 Gb
Length: 00:42:03
Cast: Angel Dark, James Deen
Category: facial, natural tits, anal, high heels, oil, euro
Rating: 9.05
Angel Dark gets her big ass splattered with paint and then goes into the dark room so we can watch her big ass glow before it gets pounded.
Title: Special Sun Block
Date: 04.06.10
ID: 4842
File: 20100604_4842_bwb_diamond_kitty03_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
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Length: 00:26:29
Cast: Diamond Kitty, Johnny Sins
Category: brunette, facial, latina, anal, bikini
Rating: 8.64
Diamond is at the beach and needs some assistance to oil up her ass so she can get a nice tan. She calls over Johnny to oil her up, but he ends up going over to her place and rubbing his special cream all over her face.
Title: Fuck that Ass in Class
Date: 11.06.10
ID: 4862
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Cast: Sammie Spades, Jordan Ash
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Holy shit ladies and gentlemen! This teacher's a sexy blonde bombshell with a perfect big juicy wet ass that's begging for a big cock. Sammie Spades loves the feeling of getting her asshole stretched open by Jordan's thick huge cock. We got to see it happen and it was spectacular, and now your going to get to see it happen and its going to make you cum every last little drip from the depths of your horny balls. Believe it.
Title: Bitch in a Box
Date: 18.06.10
ID: 4877
File: 20100618_4877_bwb_amanda_jasmine_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
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Cast: Jasmine Black, Amanda Black
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Jasmine has a box delivered to her home. Inside is everything she could possibly need for a fun afternoon. The contents of the box include lube, oil and a sexy broad to canoodle with. The delivery man is no fool. He sticks around to see if he can get in on the action. Wise move on his part, cause he gets what he desires.
Title: Officially Anal-yzed!
Date: 25.06.10
ID: 4831
File: 20100625_4831_bwb_nikki_sexx_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
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Nikki's booty takes center stage in this scene! This is your chance to get up front and personal with her delicious, wet ass. She spends some time teasing and dancing, massaging oil into her bouncing buns. She teases with anal beads then pleases with James Deans big dick!
Title: Monroe's First Anal Experience
Date: 02.07.10
ID: 4922
File: 20100702_4922_bwb_isis_monroe_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 3,37 Gb
Length: 00:39:54
Cast: Isis Monroe, Jordan Ash
Category: ass licking, ass to mouth, big ass, big tits, facial, tattoo, anal
Rating: 8.57
Jordan has lucked out here folks Isis Monroe is about to give him the massage of a lifetime with much more than a happy ending. Isis has granted Jordan the opportunity to fuck her in the ass for the first time ever.
Title: Double Cumshot Special
Date: 09.07.10
ID: 4900
File: 20100709_4900_bwb_joyce_oliveira02_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 3,41 Gb
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Cast: Joyce Oliveira
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This ass was made for riding, within minutes of sitting on a cock she made it cum, however the cock fought back and delivered an amazing scene that might just make you cream your pants twice, so load up and get ready to jizz.
Title: Cream Flows Out
Date: 16.07.10
ID: 4942
File: 20100716_4942_bwb_madison_scott_1920_12000-hd_indexed.wmv
Size: 3,19 Gb
Length: 00:41:00
Cast: Madison Scott, Jordan Ash
Category: big dicks, big tits, creampie, anal, oil
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Madison Scott finds her happiest days in a barn where she has a way of making milk taste the perfect blend. In this cream filled scene, we learn Madison can not only take a cock up her asshole but her asshole can suck in a load of cum in any amount.

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