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Оригинальное название: Private Life of №11 - 20
Название: Моя жизнь в "Прайвет" №11 - 20
Год выхода: 2000-2003
Жанр: Cumshots, Anal, Cumshot in Mouth, Multiple Cumshots, Blowjobs, Gangbangs
Режиссер: various
Выпущено: Private
Продолжительность: 1 hour 58 mins ; 2 hour 13 mins; 1 hour 43 min; 1 hour 58 min; 2 hour 03 min; 2 hour 05 min; 2 hour 04 min; 2 hour 51 min; 1 hour 59 min; 2 hour 03 min; 1 hour 51 min; 1 hour 58 min; 1 hour 42 min; 1 hour 33 min; 0 hour 17 min; 1 hour 30 min; 1 hour 51 min; 1 hour 38 min; 0 hour 17 min; 0 hour 14 min;
This whirlwind tour takes us through some of Private Stars finest moments, this special collectors pack will show us the Best moments of their film careers!
11. The Private Life of Dora Venter: Formerly a nurse on one of Budapest's emergency wards, the delectable Dora Venter decided to fulfill her secret ambition of acting in porn movies and took the plunge when she walked into an agent's office and set herself firmly on the road to success. That was a memorable day for Dora, and a lucky day for all of us! The nurse's uniform might be a fetish fantasy, but what lies underneath it is simply mind-blowing! From Tanya Hyde, to the ardent annals of ancient Rome in the Private Gladiator, Dora takes you through a rich and varied repertoire that has led her halfway around the globe from Austria to Israel, from Budapest to the Adriatic, and always in the pursuit of pleasure and always in the company of the most capable cocksmen!
12. The Private Life of Michelle Wild: Wild by name. Wild by nature. Do you want to get to know Michelle Wild? Discover her most wildest sexual secrets with The Private Life of Michelle Wild!
13. The Private Life of Jodie Moore: Collector's Edition 2 - Disc Set! Since her first movie for with Michael Ninn's Perfect, Jodie Moore has shown that she has got what it takes to go all the way to the very top. With a devastatingly dirty sexual appetite this awesome Aussie beauty has proved that she is not just a pretty face, shes a pretty pussy, tits and ass too! The Private Life of Jodie Moore is a celebration of all the very best scenes of her career and a whole lot more, including exclusive interview material too! The mouthwatering moments that we are presented with include scenes from such top directors as Gazzman, Michael Ninn, Antonio Adamo, Alessandro Del Mar and Little Al, and such blockbuster titles as Perfect and The Scottish Loveknot where she plays the Lady of the Lake in this red hot costume epic... Jodie fans everywhere this is what you have been waiting for!
14. The Private Life of Lea Demae Enjoy gorgeous Lea in this incredible compendium of every red-hot scene she s delivered for. Two discs with more than four hours of hardcore sex, lots of extras, and a blistering new scene shot exclusively for this title!
15. The Private Life of Laura Angel: Special two-disk collector's edition featuring Private's darkest angel!
Maybe it's too much to hope that all Angels are like this, but press the play button and you'll certainly think you've gone to heaven. With a string of hit movies behind her and a regular on the pages of Pirate magazine, Laura Angel has become a legend at Private and it's little wonder why. Her fondness is above all for fetish, and we see her here in some of her most marvelous leather & latex moments with directors Tanya Hyde and Frank Thring, and then just watch as she turns her pussy to some ardently artistic work at the hand of director Antonio Adamo. The carnal cravings of Miss Angel are the common denominator that have made all her movies such resounding successes, and seeing her in action leaves little doubt that her obsession for sex is absolutely genuine. Make sure you don't miss all the previously unreleased material and interviews contained within this incredible movie as this lusty lady lets us into the secrets of a real life nymphomaniac and shows us what lies behind the Angel that we all know and love.
16. The Private Life of Kate More: Discover all the lust and sensuality that Kate More has inside of her in her best scenes for Private. A must have for all collector's of Private's intimate moments with their sexy superstars.
17. The Private Life of Mercedes: Mercedes is one of the hottest brunettes ever to star for Private. Now she's back! Returning after two years of retirement in this well deserved anthology and showing that she's still in top form and hungry for sex.
18. The Private Life of Jessica May: TOut of all of Privates hardcore porn princesses, Jessica May has got to be one of the most seductive. In her Private Life Of collection she shows you just how seductive she can be as she puckers up her lips ready to swallow some thick cock. And when it comes to f**king she is simply insatiable. She loves to have her pussy and her ass eaten out and we bet you'd like to do it to her too! In this special two disc set juicy Jessica is joined by twenty-one other Private babes in four hours and seventeen scenes of intense hardcore action including a brand new scene shot especially for this special Collectors Edition!
19. Private Life of Jane Darling: Enjoy all the hottest scenes of Private's latest beauty, Jane Darling. With her huge natural tits, angelic face and insatiable appetite for the most carnal of acts, Jane Darling is one of Private's most popular new stars.
20. Private Life of Sandra Iron:Enjoy the sex power of Sandra Iron and get to know her secrets.

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Аудио: English: 48 kHz, AC3 Dolby Digital, 2 (L,R) ch, ~192.00 kbps avg

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