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Оригинальное название: Private Life of №1 - 10
Название: Моя жизнь в "Прайвет" №1 - 10
Год выхода: 2000-2003
Жанр: Cumshots, Anal, Cumshot in Mouth, Multiple Cumshots, Blowjobs, Gangbangs
Режиссер: various
Выпущено: Private
Продолжительность: 1 hour 58 mins ; 2 hour 13 mins; 1 hour 43 min; 1 hour 58 min; 2 hour 03 min; 2 hour 05 min; 2 hour 04 min; 2 hour 51 min; 1 hour 59 min; 2 hour 03 min; 1 hour 51 min; 1 hour 58 min; 1 hour 42 min; 1 hour 33 min; 0 hour 17 min; 1 hour 30 min; 1 hour 51 min; 1 hour 38 min; 0 hour 17 min; 0 hour 14 min;
This whirlwind tour takes us through some of Private Stars finest moments, this special collectors pack will show us the Best moments of their film careers!
01. The Private Life of Monique Covet: A torrid trip over the Private film career of the mouth-wateringly horny Monique Covét. This whirlwind tour takes us through some of Monique´s finest moments. From her first photo shoot up to her latest fetish work. All together there are 8 handpicked scenes of the best that Monique Covét could possibly offer you. On the DVD version there is 1 extra disc absolutely packed with 8 extra scenes not included in the Video version.
02. The Private Life of Sylvia Saint: Oh Silvia we love you so, with your beautiful blonde hair, those tantalising lips and those deep ravashing eyes. I need to see more of you, I want you to make me shudder with delight. The Private Life of Silvia Saint will satisfy these cravings in which this porn superstar performs incredible scenes of anal, blowjobs, double penetrations and hot lesbian action. Silvia, you are gorgeous! 21 scenes and over 4 hours pure Silvia Saint pleasure on 2 discs.
03. The Private Life of Cassandra Wild: Horny Hungarian Cassandra Wilde has mada a huge impression here at Private with a string of sizzling hot scenes too many to number. We have decided to bring you a selection of her finest moments of fucking as a celebration to the extraordinary sexual skills of this titillating temptress.
04. The Private Life of Bettina This is an exclusive selection of the most scorchingly hot scenes from Bettinas career. Containing previously unreleased interviews and backstage footage from the Private archives. Also featured are those sizzling sluts: Monique Covét and Dolly Golden. The scenes take us through the full spectrum of anal antics, blistering blowjobs and some (sometimes unexpected) eruptive facial cumshots! At 27, Dutch beauty Bettina is a legend in the adult industry, she shot to international fame with Private within months of her discovery by Pierre Woodman in 1997. She is perhaps best known for her roles in such Private mega productions as Tatiana, The Uranus Experiment and Kamasutra. Exclusive footage for this release was shot in Berlin during the Venus 2001 fair, and one particular moment nearly proved more interesting than we had bargained for when the lift, in which Bettina was masturbating for the camera, stopped unexpectedly and the doors started to open. Furiously pressing the "close door" button Bettina managed to avoid shocking hotel guests and we were able to successfully finish filming our lusty lift ride.
05. The Private Life of Sophie Evans: Sophie Evans has to be just about the hottest thing currently on the adult scene, with a string of red hot hits behind her since she started at Private 3 years ago. This 26 year old Hungarian has a body and a natural sensuality that leaves no doubt whatsoever as to why she has shot to superstar status and has such a huge following of fans. She’s tried every from fetish to fellatio in her time, and the rich mix of anal, DP, cunnilingus, blowjobs and cumshots in this blistering hot biography will leave little doubt that she has found her true vocation. The first 7 hot scenes are interwoven with exclusive backstage and interview material and don´t forget that there is a second disc packed with scenes from another 9 of Sophies movies plus an extensive photogallery.
06. The Private Life of Wanda Curtis: PRIVATE brings you the very best moments of Wanda Curtis in this selection of her finest frenzied moments of fucking. Enjoy the very best of these memorable moments gathered together for the first time in this special collection dedicated exclusively to the wicked Wanda. The locations take us from Venice to the Costa Brava, to 11,000 metres above the earth in a military jet plunging in parabolic freefall dive to create a zero gravity environment for sex! Wanda talks us through the action from scene to scene as she relates in her own words her rise to stardom with PRIVATE.
08. The Private Life of Lynn Stone: The lovely Lynn Stone shot to fame as the star of Private´s groundbreaking post-nuclear sci-fi series Virtualia. This 24-year old Czech beauty has worked almost exclusively with top director Antonio Adamo with roles in the prestigious Private-Penthouse series and the latest Gladiator trilogy. As we follow the tempestuous trail of Lynn´s career at Private we are treated to an ardent array of anal sex, DP and the scintillating sight of her licking the cum from her lips. These 7 steamingly hot scenes will leave you in no doubt whatsoever about this young lady´s voracious craving for cock.
09. Private Life of Julia Taylor: Discover, in this new edition, Julia Taylor's talent; her best scenes compiled in 215 minutes of extremely high temperature.
10. The Private Life of Rita Faltoyano: The Private Life of Rita Faltoyano takes us through some of the most memorable moments ever of her Private Career and gives some glorious glimpses of just what this young lady is capable of, from her very first experience of the adult world with Pierre Woodman in Costa Rica back at the beginning of 2000, through to the acclaimed Roman bath scene from part 2 of "The Private Gladiator". Remember that the DVD version includes a second disc with loads of extras!

Формат: mkv
Видео: Mpeg-2 Video AVC, h264, 480p|576p, 2048 Kbps vbr
Аудио: English: 48 kHz, AC3 Dolby Digital, 2 (L,R) ch, ~192.00 kbps avg

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