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Скачать [DeviceBondage.com / Kink.com] 66 роликов за первую половину 2009 года + ссылки на продолжения [BDSM, Bondage, Torture, 2009, HD 720p WMV] через torrent

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[DeviceBondage.com / Kink.com]
66 роликов за первую половину 2009 года

Формат: WMV 1280x720, 1500Kbps, 29.97fps | 128Kbps, 44.1kHz, stereo
эпизод 6614: avc1, 1280x720, 2 999 Kbps,29.970fps | AAC, 125 Kbps, 2 channels, 44.1 KHz

Episode: Rain Degre, Trina Michaels Live(5567)
Date: Jan 2, 2009
Cast: Trina Michaels, Rain DeGrey
Size: 723 MiB
Time: 01:00:40.799
This fantastic live show starts with a brutally slow and painful test of Rain Degre's body and mind as she is locked in place inside a fiendish metal triangle that makes her keep her body in rigid alignment with no option for relief. Out of the frying pan for a while, Rain gets to do a bit of sadistic slapping as Trina Michaels is chained, squatting down with legs wide apart and cyd's mystery burning sauce concoction from hell is applied and rubbed into Trina's most sensitive bits, rimming her asshole, under her clit hood and of course directly on her clit. Once the joy of her suffering subsides, her already sore labia are clamped tight and strung over to Rain's labia and the girls are placed on their backs to have a cunt tug of war that is unbelievably intense. The clamps are on there TIGHT and the war goes on for an agonizingly long time before it ends. (You'll have to watch to see how.) Then the girls get treated to a thick double dong dildo lathered up and slipped into both their holes as their feet and legs are lifted off the ground for some foot torment and doubledong fucking. If you aren't watching this stuff live...I don't know what you could possibly be doing that's better.

Episode: Sybil Hawthorne(5957)
Date: Jan 7, 2009
Cast: Sybil Hawthorne
Size: 771 MiB
Time: 00:51:04.897

Episode: Swiss visits DeviceBondage(6028)
Date: Jan 14, 2009
Cast: Damon Pierce, Swiss
Size: 750 MiB
Time: 01:02:39.167
Swiss visits Device Bondage and gets put through several punishing experiences while locked up in metal devices. Clamped into a rigid iron wrist and ankle spreader, the tender flesh of her inner thighs is vulnerable and exposed to be worked over with painful clips and clamps connected together to eventually be ripped off together as a zipper. Her cunt and asshole are electrified, eliciting delicious screams and moans before she is subjected to an intense humiliation scene, her senses deprived with a latex hood and she is controlled and made to waddle around like a blind animal, mouth stuffed with rubber cock as she is paddled and spanked.

Episode: Face Down Ass Up(6035)
Date: Jan 21, 2009
Cast: Lavender Rayne
Size: 657 MiB
Time: 00:54:49.367
The moment Lavender Rayne enters the set, Cyd grabs her, binds her tight, throws her on the floor and treats her like his dog. Just look at how tight the head harness gag has been strapped on. She's under control from start to finish, face down, ass up like the slut she is.

Episode: Penny Play's Anal Facial Humiliation Day(6027)
Date: Jan 28, 2009
Cast: Penny Play, Damon Pierce
Size: 513 MiB
Time: 00:42:47.320
Some days I get up and I just want to play rough. I want to grab the cunt, lock her down, control her completely and humiliate her. I don't care what her name is, or what she's done, or who the fuck she is. All I know is when I get my hands on her she's in for it. This one showed up and found herself on her knees, clothing stripped off, her head in a rubber hood and trapped in a metal cube with her wrists cuffed behind her. Then she's upside down, ass in the air, with a hook jammed up in it and tied to her air. A mirror underneath her so she can stare at herself drooling and intensify the humiliation.

Episode: Sister Dee(6106)
Date: Feb 4, 2009
Cast: Sister Dee
Size: 767 MiB
Time: 01:06:59.263
Sister Dee showed up with a serious need for an attitude adjustment, and that's just what she got. Chained and locked down inside a metal box with an insulated electrified metal grate screwed in place just millimeters away from her flesh, she must hold herself perfectly still or receive a severe shock if she touches the grate. To make things interesting, cyd cattle prods her, torments her nipples and slathers her cunt with the fire sauce. It's only the first scene and her will is already broken. The electrical cage predicament is followed up with an intense spanking and anal play scene with Sister Dee's head locked down beneath a concrete floor in a steel box, leaving the rest of her body above ground to be whipped and punished. The final electrical interrogation scene completes an awesome set. If you watch only one shoot on this site, watch this one.

Episode: Overwhelming Ami Emerson(6076)
Date: Feb 11, 2009
Cast: Ami Emerson
Size: 834 MiB
Time: 01:09:37.159
Ami is a cocky blond who welcomes any challenge because she thinks quite simply that she will win. Cyd starts slow allowing Ami to relax and feel like she is still in control even as the power to move, stand up or even raise her head is taken away. She likes to squirm so Cyd uses this to his advantage as he tickles her with the pin wheel, pours hot wax all over her body and makes her cum uncontrollably with a vibrator. Ami screams through her gag so loud the audio peaks, her face contorted and blatantly exposing her pleasure and pain. In the final scene, the slow steady immeasurable burn of the hot sauce teaches Ami to chose her challenges wisely.

Episode: CAN A GIRLS Dakoda Brookes and Eve Lei(6053)
Date: Feb 18, 2009
Cast: Eve Lei, Dakoda Brookes
Size: 359 MiB
Time: 00:30:01.999
You hire cute girls and you hope for the best. You get girls for their first time bondage experience and you hope for the best. You take 20 year old hotties, dirty them up, tie them down, bring some punishment and you hope for the best. At the end of the day you know that you did your best, and all that is left is hope...

Episode: CAN A GIRLS Dakoda Brookes and Eve Lei(6178)
Date: Feb 18, 2009
Cast: Eve Lei, Dakoda Brookes
Size: 221 MiB
Time: 00:16:18.213
You hire cute girls and you hope for the best. You get girls for their first time bondage experience and you hope for the best. You take 20 year old hotties, dirty them up, tie them down, bring some punishment and you hope for the best. At the end of the day you know that you did your best, and all that is left is hope...

Episode: Part 2 of the Nov live feed(5728)
Date: Feb 20, 2009
Cast: Claire Adams, Sara Faye, Elyse
Size: 924 MiB
Time: 01:17:12.607
The conclusion of the November 08 live feed. Claire Adams continues her sadistic torture of Sara Faye and Elyse. Both girls are severely bound and made to endure brutal punishment. Hot wax, extreme nipple punishment with castration bands and heavy flogging conclude this six hour marathon of hell.

Episode: The French Connection(6302)
Date: Feb 25, 2009
Cast: Cecilia Vega
Size: 568 MiB
Time: 00:47:26.151
Cecilia Vega comes to America and surrendering is not an option. Cecilia is strapped down, single tailed until the pain brings sweat, and made to cum so hard it brings tears. Leaking out of every hole, she suffers on. Hot wax, more orgasms and still, she suffers on. Rigidly bound onto a sybian, no hope for escape, no hope for respite, made to edure nonstop excruciating pleasure as the eyes roll back and the body continues to leak, until there is nothing left but honesty.

Episode: Rock-Nipples-Suffer(6180)
Date: Mar 4, 2009
Cast: Sara Faye
Size: 545 MiB
Time: 00:45:37.083
Sara Faye is back and suffering as usual: made to cum over and over, fucked deep by a machine, juices dripping from her holes, impaled and vibrated, nipples brutally punished, and more. We take, and Sara gives, so we take more...

Episode: Oiled, fucked, bound and tortured(6332)
Date: Mar 11, 2009
Cast: Jade Indica
Size: 531 MiB
Time: 00:43:42.794
Agony box Nipples pulled by an automatic machine - machine ramming her pussy...oiled body arched over the agony box....whipped and teased... Hitching post Weights hung from her nipples...shackled to a post, vulnerable, and exposed. Jade in her paper work says she has a water fantasy - really....head shoved in a bucket of ice water while she's getting fucked in her ass... Steel grid Chained to a steel grid, neck and throat held tight with a leather strap...wax dripped all over her tits, stomach and thighs then a clothes pin zipper attached to an automatic zipper machine that pulls the clips free from her flesh. She must push the button to release the numerous clips. All clips are removed in less than 5 seconds. Sensory overload.

Episode: Two in a cage is worth more than one with a shaved bush.(6333)
Date: Mar 18, 2009
Cast: India Summer, Brooke Adams
Size: 588 MiB
Time: 00:48:20.619
Wide eyed Brook is thrown into steel bondage and made to help cause pain to India Summners. Can she stand it? Wait & see as she drips wax unbeknown to her on Inda's soft, tender skin. Bound on her toes, India must traverse splintered wood to complete her tasks as she is distracted over & over again by orgasms

Episode: The Experiment(5883)
Date: Mar 25, 2009
Cast: Bobbi Starr, Romario Faria
Size: 632 MiB
Time: 00:52:50.950
Most of Cyd Black's Regular update material was used up weeks ago, but then we found this lost project hidden in the vault. So instead of destroying history, we present it. This was an experiment, a creative thought by Cyd Black, directed by Alan Smithee to bring sex to the Device Bondage formula. Here is a glimpse back in time, to the beginning, to a unique vision that may or may not have led to brilliance. All we can say is that this path shall forever remain unknown. Except the first tentative step, which we present to you today. As one of Cyd's last efforts its value to the membership is priceless.

Episode: Part One of the December live feed(6050)
Date: Mar 26, 2009
Cast: Damon Pierce, Natalie Minx, Ami Emerson, Amber Keen
Size: 757 MiB
Time: 01:03:13.052
This is part one of the December live feed featuring Amber Keen, Ami Emerson and Natalie Minx. Foot torture, orgasms, breath play and 3-girl bondage are some of the highlights of this great live show, edited for download.

Episode: Part Two of the December live feed(6051)
Date: Mar 27, 2009
Cast: Damon Pierce, Natalie Minx, Ami Emerson, Amber Keen
Size: 720 MiB
Time: 01:00:06.542
This is part two of the December live feed featuring Amber Keen, Ami Emerson and Natalie Minx. Hard pussy torture and pussy suction with painful orgasms. Heavy wax play and zipper action with face torture and humiliation. These are just some of the things that take place in the second part of December's Live Show, edited for download.

Episode: Impaled in a one person prison(6500)
Date: Apr 1, 2009
Cast: Tia Ling
Size: 222 MiB
Time: 00:18:34.445
Welcome Tia Ling to Device Bondage. Trapped and held in a custom one-person prison, Tia is helpless to the sexual attacks delivered to her shaved, smooth, tan body. Impaled on a huge dildo and gagged with hard metal, Tia cannot move as she suffers from pussy flogging and foot torture. Tia however, has a problem. Once she cums, she cannot stop herself from cumming again and again, and each orgasm is more painful then the last; as her clit becomes more sensitive with each explosion. In the end she is a broken sexual plaything that begs- no, begging is not a strong enough word- pleads, she pleads with her very existence to make the vibrator stop. She is reduced to a mindless animal reacting to stimulus, and it is amazing to watch. Someone so strong defeated so easily.

Episode: College co-ed boxed, fucked and made to cum(6499)
Date: Apr 2, 2009
Cast: Calico
Size: 176 MiB
Time: 00:14:38.615
Spring break for colleges across the country is here, so that means another visit from Calico. Our sexy blond co-ed loves to spend her time off at Kink, and we love her for it. Boxed like an item, Calico is reduced to ass and nipples. Fuck how cute she is, fuck her personality, lets have the parts that mean something. Ass up and out, blind and deaf to our actions, reacting to physical abuse and pleasure, Calico is reduced to a couple of holes for our entertainment. Add in some caning, nipple abuse and her inability to control her orgasms; Calico is just an object for our amusement.

Episode: World famous Mistress, helpless on the sybian made to cum like a common whore(6493)
Date: Apr 4, 2009
Cast: Princess Donna
Size: 185 MiB
Time: 00:16:28.687
Princess Donna for years has been torturing naked girls with the sybian. The most powerful vibrator in the world. This device will rip orgasm after orgasm out of your body, if you can stand to stay on it long enough. When you are bound, and helplessly impaled on it with absolutely no hope to get free, you are truly in trouble. So lets all watch our Princess, scream in pain/pleasure as orgasm after orgasm is torn from her noble body. After a few minutes she is coming harder then the most dirtiest of whores, and nothing on the planet, not even Donna herself, can stop the next sweet painful orgasm, or the next, or the next...

Episode: Claire Dames Her huge tits, brutally bound and oiled. Her body spread and tortured. (6554)
Date: Apr 7, 2009
Cast: Claire Dames
Size: 203 MiB
Time: 00:16:59.784
Claire Dames is severely bound by an unforgiving custom metal device. She is painfully arched over a wooden back-breaker. Her huge 36DD breasts are tightly bound and oiled. All this and we haven't even touched her yet.. We maul her bound breasts, we cane her body and we make her shaved oiled cunt cum, cum and cum. We even make her swollen pussy squirt by finger fucking her g-spot until she screams for mercy. The metal on her wrists and ankles dig in and remind her there is no escape, no hope.

Episode: A take down.(6432)
Date: Apr 9, 2009
Cast: Tia Ling
Size: 182 MiB
Time: 00:15:11.610
Tia Ling, our hot little Asian bondage slut, gets taken the fuck down. She is manhandled into bondage with leather belts. Elbows touching and wrists tightly bound, Tia is stripped and molested. With her legs painfully spread, cranked into a strappado position, Tia is pulled up high on her toes, and suffers for it. Now add a huge pussy hook, pull her straight up, and this tiny Asian is at the breaking point. We now vibrate her pussy and she hopes, she prays for us to let her cum, but today we are not feeling so benevolent...

Episode: Dana DeArmond Immobile, unable to stop the hard cock from face fucking her skull(6433)
Date: Apr 11, 2009
Cast: Dana DeArmond, Maestro
Size: 167 MiB
Time: 00:13:58.136
Dana is bound in one of our hardest inventions yet. Best described as a vertical hogtie. DeArmond is totally immobilized in unforgiving metal. Impaled on a dildo, with a powerful vibrator smothering her clit, Dana is torn between the brutal bondage and the vibration working her into a sexual frenzy. Now add a hard cock fucking the back of her skull balls deep, and you have a girl who is cumming at one end, and being brutally face fucked on the other. Beautiful.

Episode: A Take Down(6486)
Date: Apr 14, 2009
Cast: Beverly Hills
Size: 242 MiB
Time: 00:20:15.641
Welcome 22 year old Beverly Hills to Device Bondage. Like most first timers she suffers through the "take down." The take down is how we learn to read a girl we have never worked with before. We learn her pain level, her flexibility, her tolerance for bondage, and about 20 other things. It is a vital tool for working with a new girl. Beverly suffers, and suffers hard: her elbows tightly bound behind her, big ball gag stretching and filling her mouth. She is made to strip, and we brutally bind her big breasts. Knocked to the floor, we vibrate our bound bitch, and order her not to cum. She obeys and begs for release. When we grant it, her body loses control and she squirts all over the floor. Now spent, Beverly has reached the maximum her body can endure... until next time.

Episode: Orgasm overload, for our Spring Breaker.(6498)
Date: Apr 16, 2009
Cast: Calico
Size: 200 MiB
Time: 00:16:41.352
Calico is put in a very painful and tiring leg spreading position. Her arms trapped, above her body, stressed to the max. We attack her shaved pussy and clit. With every vibrator at our disposal we assault her sensitive clit. We rip orgasm after orgasm out of her body, each one becoming more painful, but more intense at the same time. Before long her pussy revolts and become engorged with blood and swells to 4 times its normal size. Unable to stop herself from cuming, Calico resorts to begging - sweet pathetic begging. We can make her come all day; she is helpless and powerless to stop us. Her body betrays her mind and even more orgasms are ripped from her body. We are merciful benefactors, and eventually... we stop. For reasons of sanity only. Hers.

Episode: Princess Donna Trapped in a hard metal hogtie finger fucked to orgasm(6466)
Date: Apr 18, 2009
Cast: Princess Donna
Size: 180 MiB
Time: 00:16:09.635
Princess Donna is helpless in a perfect hogtie metal trap. Then it gets real. Severely bound into a ridged inescapable hogtie position, Donna is plugged at both ends. But not before some foot torture and finger fucking that cause her body to get sloppy wet: very undignified for a premier Mistress such as herself. Even the most accomplished bitches squirt and cum when finger fucked and vibrated beyond their ability to control, and she is no exception.

Episode: Hot Californian blond, suffers her first foot torture.(6607)
Date: Apr 21, 2009
Cast: Krissy Lynn
Size: 216 MiB
Time: 00:18:02.868
Welcome Krissy Lynn to Device. A former Hooters girl, Krissy has no real SM experience. Yes, she has been tied up and fucked, but nothing in her privileged life prepared her for what we did to her. It was interesting to watch how she processed the pain, how she learned to deal, how she took harder and harder strokes to her feet. Never in her life had she felt pain like this and she was proud of her accomplishment.

Episode: Inverted, suspended, tortured, as her rock hard body is sexually abused.(6501)
Date: Apr 23, 2009
Cast: Tia Ling
Size: 130 MiB
Time: 00:11:33.059
Tia Ling suffers an inverted suspension, in metal. With her head encased in a heavy metal ball, Tia's screams are muted for us, however amplified for her. Upside down and impaled with a vibrating cum machine, Tia is helpless to stop the orgasms that rip though her fitness trainer body. Each orgasm sends her closer to insanity as her screams echo through the metal ball closed around her head. Tia is pushed past the limit as her own screams almost deafen her. She is helpless and pathetic, but beautiful to look at in her suffering.

Episode: Huge tits brutally bound in metal helpless to stop the pain or pleasure.(6469)
Date: Apr 25, 2009
Cast: Claire Dames
Size: 195 MiB
Time: 00:16:19.178
Claire Dames' massive 36DD breasts are cruelly bound in unforgiving metal. Made to stand on her toes, with her arms bound painfully back, Claire is suffering before we even touch her. Pussy whipped, flogged and vibrated, Claire suffers intense pain and pleasure. This is a true bondage lovers update.

Episode: Part 1 of 4 of the March Live Feed(6366)
Date: Apr 27, 2009
Cast: Isis Love, Annie Cruz, Ariel X
Size: 560 MiB
Time: 00:46:49.142
This is the edited part one of the feed we broadcast live to members in March. Every Monday you will now get an edited part of the previous month's live show. Ariel X is the main subject with Annie Cruz as the "decoration," or secondary subject. Isis Love is co-topping. Part one has the edited pre-chat with Ariel X then Isis shaves Annie's massively hairy pussy and torments her new shaved cunt with orgasm after orgasm. Ariel is then put into a custom stock and made to walk on her tip toes. She is anal hooked and her nipples are tied off. Flogged and caned, she continues until her calf muscle can take no more.

Episode: Scared local girl over cums her fear and suffers beautifully for her pleasure.(6614)
Date: Apr 28, 2009
Cast: Winter Sky
Size: 441 MiB
Time: 00:19:42.754
Nothing in Winter's short life could have prepared her for what she was about to endure for our amusement. Winter's life is one of comfort, and this shoot was the hardest thing this snowflake has had to suffer though in her short adult life. Nipple torment. Foot torment. Hard floggings with cane work tossed in, these are just some of the ordeals Winter had to overcome. We also ripped a few orgasms out of her helpless body to boot. Winter was very proud of what she accomplished and so were we

Episode: Spread, stuffed, and vibrated.(6540)
Date: Apr 30, 2009
Cast: Dana DeArmond
Size: 221 MiB
Time: 00:18:27.773
Dana is dangerously stretched out to the limit with harsh, unforgiving metal. Up on her toes, she can do nothing but suffer. Dana suffers the bondage, the flogging, the tickling, the gag, the dildo jammed in her, and finally the powerful vibrator on her clit. There is nothing Dana can do to prevent the vibrator from making her cum over and over. As she cums her body weakens, and the bondage become even more unbearable. She is no longer strong enough to stay on her toes, which causes her to sink onto the vibrator, which cause her to cum even harder, which cause her to weaken, which causes her to...

Episode: Captured in a handmade, custom fitted, device that pins her to a beam.(6567)
Date: May 2, 2009
Cast: Beverly Hills
Size: 200 MiB
Time: 00:16:45.924
Award winner Beverly Hills suffers in a custom made metal prison. Trapped against a beam, Beverly is helpless as the vibrator rips orgasm after orgasm out of her moaning body. Beverly's huge breasts are cruelly bound and pressed, and her body pinned tightly against the wooden beam. Once we kick the box out from under her feet, Beverly has no choice but to hang in pain and pleasure as the vibrator gets buried deeper into her wet pussy. The result is beautiful to watch

Episode: Part 2 of 4 of the March Live Feed(6368)
Date: May 4, 2009
Cast: Isis Love, Annie Cruz, Ariel X
Size: 581 MiB
Time: 00:48:28.837
Live Show Mondays brings you part 2 of the March live show that featured Ariel X, Annie Cruz and special guest co-top Isis Love. Ariel is chained to the floor and gagged with a tube. The tube leads to a collection funnel. When both Annie and Isis come, they squirt waterfalls. I think you can see where this is going. Ariel has no choice but to swallow all the cum that Annie and Isis can produce, and they can produce quite a lot. Members requested Ariel be put on a wooden horse and zippered. So who are we to deny them. Add 32lbs of bowling balls hanging off Ariel's neck and we have a great live BDSM scene.

Episode: Impaled on an electrified dildo and made to orgasm.(6443)
Date: May 5, 2009
Cast: Calico
Size: 194 MiB
Time: 00:16:12.155
Most girls go to Cabo for spring break, Calico comes to Kink. For her, it is the happiest place on earth. Locked down hard and impaled on an electrified dildo, Calico is in her happy place. The tens unit is set to "waves" and the electricity starts slow, builds, peaks, then starts over. In addition to the harsh electric pulses that torture her shaved cunt, we add a vibrator and make the helpless co-ed cum over and over while the electricity causes pain and pleasure. After she is exhausted from the ordeal, we leave her to suffer the electric dilemma in her own time.

Episode: World famous mistress bound and begging to cum.(6494)
Date: May 7, 2009
Cast: Princess Donna
Size: 221 MiB
Time: 00:19:38.911
Princess Donna though the years has tortured, and humiliated her share of people, now it is our turn. Trapped in a "fuck me position" with her pussy spread and exposed to anything, Donna is totally helpless. Her big breasts are tightly bound, squeezed to the breaking point her hard nipple clamped and pulled. Her pussy flogged, fingered, she is helpless, as she begs to cum. There is nothing sexier then a Mistress begging...

Episode: Hot Californian blond, faces orgasm overload!(6488)
Date: May 9, 2009
Cast: Krissy Lynn
Size: 213 MiB
Time: 00:13:29.809
Krissy Lynn has been custom bound to and oak chair, spread, and stuck on a vibrator. With no hope to escape or even move, Krissy is trapped as a dildo fills her wet pussy and a vibrator attacks her helpless clit. There is nothing that our California girl can do to get off the vibrator as it rips orgasm after orgasm out of her helpless body. Well there is one thing she can do, she can beg us to stop making her cum, but why would we do that?

Episode: Part 3 of 4 of the March Live Feed(6620)
Date: May 11, 2009
Cast: Isis Love, Annie Cruz, Ariel X
Size: 423 MiB
Time: 00:35:11.370
Live Show Mondays brings you part 3 of the March live show featuring Ariel X, Annie Cruz and special guest co-top Isis Love. In part three, Ariel is bound tight with heavy rubber bands. The bands constrict over time, leaving Ariel whimpering as her elbows are crushed, and her arms dangle useless behind her. Ariel is put in the cage as Isis cums and squirts all over her. Annie is then brought out and put into a brutal scorpion position. Annie is then fucked, and made to cum over and over, with an ass hook cranking her head back.

Episode: Local girl next door trapped in a brutal metal stappado.(6487)
Date: May 12, 2009
Cast: Winter Sky
Size: 174 MiB
Time: 00:14:34.874
Wearing the clothes she walked in the door with, Winter is put into a tight metal strappado. Legs spread, bent over, arms back. Poor Winter is helpless to prevent anything from happening to her. We strip her, violate her pussy, make her come over and over, and abuse her sensitive nipples. These cute innocent local girls are so much fun.

Episode: An exploration(6489)
Date: May 14, 2009
Cast: Lorelei Lee
Size: 233 MiB
Time: 00:19:32.570
In the 11 years that Matt Williams has been doing bondage, not once has he had the pleasure to work with bondage legend Lorelei Lee. So this is an exploration, this feeling out the model, testing, pushing, learning. The new "take down" if you will. Bound by metal anchored securely in the ancient stone walls, a helpless Lorelei suffers beautifully. Labia weights and clamps, nipple torture, face manipulation; these are just some of the cruelties Lorelei is powerless to prevent. She is also made to cum and cum hard, and there is absolutely nothing she can do to stop it.

Episode: Her huge tits are a curse and a blessing(6553)
Date: May 16, 2009
Cast: Claire Dames
Size: 193 MiB
Time: 00:16:09.268
Claire Dames' huge tits are a curse for her and a blessing for us. It is so easy to control sluts by there tits or nipples, and today we do both. Inverted, impaled, and fun-bags bound, that's how we like Claire. Her massive breasts trapped between unforgiving metal. Helpless to move, helpless to stop the orgasms we rip from her body.

Episode: Part 4 of 4 of the March Live Feed(6621)
Date: May 18, 2009
Cast: Isis Love, Annie Cruz, Ariel X
Size: 297 MiB
Time: 00:23:59.504
Live Show Mondays brings you part 4 of the March live show featuring Ariel X, Annie Cruz and special guest co-top Isis Love. Isis Love is grabbed and tossed into the cage with the very same girls she was tormenting, and they take their revenge. Ariel and Annie sexually assault and overpower our sexy dominatrix. After having their way with Isis, they make her jack off the boss. Isis is covered with cum in the end. Meanwhile, Annie and Ariel are anally plugged and made to cum and squirt on themselves as the show comes to its 4-hour conclusion.

Episode: Machine fucked and tortured.(6349)
Date: May 19, 2009
Cast: Christina Carter
Size: 157 MiB
Time: 00:13:09.388
Former fashion and bikini model Christina Carter is bound to a metal chair and fucked to orgasm by a machine. Breast flogging, foot caning, and painful bondage are just some of the torments Christina deals with in this update. The best part is the cumming and the begging. Oh, the beautiful begging...

Episode: Big titted, blond, trapped in the big squeeze(6606)
Date: May 21, 2009
Cast: Krissy Lynn
Size: 186 MiB
Time: 00:15:33.599
Trapped in a custom prison only 6 inches wide, Krissy Lynn feels the squeeze, unable to even turn her head. Her breast are pressed but her phat ass sticks out beautifully for whipping and hitting. Krissy is made to cum, made to suffer, tickled, and made to cum some more. Her emotions run the gambit and she is overwhelmed at one point. She collects herself and we move on, to more pain, more cumming.

Episode: Trapped in the ultimate of "fuck me" positions and drilled in the ass!(6541)
Date: May 23, 2009
Cast: Dana DeArmond, Maestro
Size: 220 MiB
Time: 00:21:16.755
Dana DeArmond is bound, back down, feet up, in the ultimate missionary positions. Her ass and pussy are exposed to any brutality we can think of. Foot caned and gagged with her own panties, Dana gets the full treatment. She is made to cum and then she is brutally fucked in the ass. Maestro comes in and just tears up her ass with a hardcore brutal fucking that has Dana moaning and losing control like the whore that she is. Add some man juice to her gagged face and we have a day.

Episode: Part 1 of 4 of the April live feed.(6549)
Date: May 25, 2009
Cast: Madison Young, Isis Love, Sindee Jennings
Size: 666 MiB
Time: 00:55:36.290
Live Show Mondays brings you part 1 of the March live show that featured Madison Young, Sindee Jennings and special guest co-top Isis Love. Madison is the main subject with Sidnee Jennings as the "decoration" or seconday Subject. Isis Love is co-topping. Part one starts with an amazing category 5 suspension. Madison is suspended by her elbows and a crotch chain. One of the hardest suspensions in the world. Other activities: Pissing, handjobs, nipple torture, foot caning, flogging, and hardcore orgasm denial.

Episode: Making the cute girls prettier since 2007(6613)
Date: May 26, 2009
Cast: Winter Sky
Size: 225 MiB
Time: 00:18:48.286
Our cute local girl next door just realized that this BDSM thing is for real. Winter is bound down hard, with her face manipulated to take away her stunning cuteness. With her best asset taken away from her, Winter is humiliated for our amusement. We overwhelm her with pain and pleasure. We take her to the breaking point, a place she will learn to love and want to visit over and over and over.

Episode: Anal Intrusion(6615)
Date: May 28, 2009
Cast: Bobbi Starr
Size: 207 MiB
Time: 00:17:18.469
Bobbi Starr started her porn career at Kink, and today her journey comes full circle, she is back at the place she thinks of as home. Well in this house our bitches are bound ass up and naked, and stuck in the ass with a dildo. They are blindfolded, gagged, suffer foot torture, caning, and we make them cum whether they want to or not. And after they cum once we make them cum again. Our bitches are helpless and we control their bodies. It's so pathetic for them in a way, don't you think?

Episode: Sensory overload.(6618)
Date: May 30, 2009
Cast: Lorelei Lee
Size: 248 MiB
Time: 00:20:45.711
Lorelei Lee endured sensory overload in this intense Device Bondage scene. Gagged, blindfolded, caned, flogged, and made to orgasm over and over. As if trapped, standing barefoot, and squatting on jagged concrete wasn't enough, Lorelei suffers though a most intense scene. Heavy breath play, nipple torment, and some of the hardest orgasms cause Lorelei to enter "subspace". A phenomena that must be watched to be understood.

Episode: Madison, Sindee Jennings and Isis Love(6622)
Date: Jun 3, 2009
Cast: Madison Young, Isis Love, Sindee Jennings
Size: 729 MiB
Time: 01:00:19.265
Live Show Mondays brings you part 2 of the April live show that featured Madison Young, Sindee Jennings and special guest co-top Isis Love. Madison is bound into the ultimate fuck me position. Isis love strap-on fucks orgasm after orgasm out of Madison's helpless body. Then we pull off one of the most amazing double binds, predicament bondage we have seen in a long time. Madison, with her elbows held together in metal, is cruelly bound, bent back and helpless. Her nipples are tied to Sindee's toes and Sindee must keep her legs off the ground or she will cause devastating pain to Madison. Sindee does her best but in the end her stomach, back and leg muscles give out and Madison suffers for it. Listening to both girls scream in pain for different reasons is music, and in the end we just rip the zipper off Madison and go about our day.

Episode: Hogtie Hell(6616)
Date: Jun 4, 2009
Cast: Bobbi Starr
Size: 219 MiB
Time: 00:18:19.865
Bobbi is back and locked into a difficult strappado hogtie. We give Bobbi's ass the attention it deserves. Hard flogging and a big, deep ass dildo. With a dildo jammed up her pussy and a vibrator locked on her clit, we take the huge dildo and double penetrate Bobbi into orgasm after orgasm. We fuck her ass deep and hard, pounding it to the bottom. Add a hair-tie, some foot bondage, and Bobbie is just another helpless slut cumming on our floor, unable to stop it.

Episode: THE ORGASM TRAP(6766)
Date: Jun 6, 2009
Cast: Christina Carter
Size: 153 MiB
Time: 00:12:47.251
Device Bondage presents a Super Hero production of "The Orgasm Trap" Starring Christina Carter as Wunder Woman. A girl is held against her will in an underground bunker and Wunder Woman comes to the rescue. As she grabs the bars of the cage holding the cute prisoner, Wunder Woman is hit with 5000 volts of electricity. Knocked unconscious, Wunder Woman never realizes it was a trap all along. Now bound to the wall, Wunder Woman is helpless. She is undressed, groped, flogged and humiliated. With a powerful vibrator positioned perfectly on our heroine's pussy and clit, Wunder Woman will soon face the ultimate of diabolical traps. Hooked up to 1,000,000 volts of power and a sensor that will detect orgasms, Wunder Woman must fight off the urge to cum. If she cums a 3rd time, the entire load of electricity will flow through her body. Who knows if even Wonder Women can withstand that much current. Join know to see the exciting episode: "The Orgasm Trap"

Episode: Part 3 of 4 of the April live feed.(6623)
Date: Jun 8, 2009
Cast: Madison Young, Isis Love, Sindee Jennings
Size: 493 MiB
Time: 00:41:14.314
Live Show Mondays brings you part 3 of the April live show that featured Madison Young, Sindee Jennings and special guest co-top Isis Love. As we set up the next two-girl bondage scene, Isis Love gets on top of the cage and vibrates herself into a squirting orgasm that drenches the two handcuffed girls. Then Madison is put into a strict elbows touching strappado hogtie, on top of a box with Sindee trapped inside. We rub a chemical heating agent on to Sidnee's cunt. Her screams and begging go on deaf ears as most of our attention is turned to Madison. Except when we re-apply the chemical to Sidnee's cunt and breasts. Madison is then Triple-teamed, as Peter comes downstairs and helps with the punishment. Isis abuses Madison's nipples with heavy-weight clover clamps and CASTRATION bands. Then the two men bear down on Madison with their full strength and power with floggers and canes. This scene features some of the hardest foot caning we have done to date, along with some hard flogging, all the while the other girl is screaming from a burning pussy. Add in a powerful orgasm ripped from Madison's body and we have just part 3 of our April live feed.

Episode: Former All-American Track Star(6881)
Date: Jun 9, 2009
Cast: Mason
Size: 206 MiB
Time: 00:17:15.047
Mason grew up The All-American Girl, she was a track star, and excelled at all other sports. Now 23 years old, Mason finds that she has an amazing sexual appetite, she loves being bound down, dominated. She loves being a captive sex slave and made to serve her captor in any way they want. She wants and needs it taken from her. Bound, being fucked from a machine, vibrator on her clit and being choked with a leather strap, Mason has her hardest orgasms to date. Add in some foot caning, flogging and nipple torture and this Amateur girl got everything she bargained for and more

Episode: One of S.F.'s hottest lesbians!(6783)
Date: Jun 11, 2009
Cast: Leah
Size: 165 MiB
Time: 00:13:51.529
Leah is 20 years old, of Portuguese descent, and cuter then a kitten. Oh yeah, she is also 100% lesbian. So what is it about BDSM that drives a lesbian into the clutches of a man? Is it the being helpless part? We really don't know and we really don't care. We are just happy to take a lesbian, bind her, and make her beg for orgasms. Make her beg for fingers to help her come harder. Make her beg for a man to make her cum. This was the first time a man has ever made her cum, and I don't think it will be the last

Episode: Breaking the girl(6700)
Date: Jun 13, 2009
Cast: Lorelei Lee
Size: 264 MiB
Time: 00:22:02.265
What does it take to overload one of the most experienced BDSM models of the 21st Century? What is that one thing, or combination of things that can bring one of the toughest bondage girls to the edge of their endurance? Was it being bound and suspended upside down, in a cold scary basement? Having your feet caned? Being impaled by a dildo? Having a vibrator making you cum? Nipple clamps and heavy weight added? Your panties jammed in your mouth and severely tape gagged? Raised higher with the shaky pulley? Having an 18 lb. weight tied to your neck, and having that pressure trigger your brain to make you cum harder and faster? The cold water sprayed at you in high pressure, hitting your sensitive nipples and clit? The water hitting your face making it hard to breathe all while still hanging upside down? Was it one of those things that pushed her over the edge or all of those things? Who want to make a guess?

Episode: Part 4 of 4 of the April live feed.(6624)
Date: Jun 15, 2009
Cast: Madison Young, Isis Love, Sindee Jennings
Size: 545 MiB
Time: 00:45:37.784
Live Show Mondays brings you the conclusion of the April live show that featured Madison Young, Sindee Jennings and special guest co-top Isis Love. We set up a wicked three girl bondage scene. Isis is handcuffed with hands over head, while Madison and Sindee are put in another double bind, or predicament bondage if you will. Each has a chain though their pussy attached to the other girls leg. Each girl must use tired muscles to stop the pain for the other girl, or the chain digs deep into the unprotected pussy of the other. Isis is made to cum and she can't stop her pussy from squirting. Sindee was teased and denied the entire day. When she finally cums, she gushes and squirts like a fucking fire hose! It was one of her hardest orgasm ever.

Episode: Anal Violation(6895)
Date: Jun 16, 2009
Cast: Amber Rayne
Size: 233 MiB
Time: 00:19:29.294
It's been about two years since we have seen Amber Rayne on Device Bondage so we thought it was time to bring back this flexible anal queen. Severely bound, spread out, and helpless, Amber's holes are wide open for anything we want to do them. After some hard caning of the feet and some brutal flogging, we torture Amber's poor nipples with weights and clamps. After teasing Amber with the vibrator and refusing her orgasms, we find one of the biggest toys we have and impale her ass with it. After a rough ass fucking we lock the massive dildo in place, and then fuck her pussy with another toy, then we vibrate her swollen clit to orgasm after helpless orgasm.

Episode: The Zipper(6785)
Date: Jun 18, 2009
Cast: Leah
Size: 203 MiB
Time: 00:16:59.533
So what do you do to a 20 year old girl during one of her first hardcore BDSM experience? A zipper of course. Leah's hot sexy body is put in stocks and her legs are spread out with a chain. We run a crotch chain up her cunt and start adding the clothespins. Then without much fanfare we simply rip them all off her body with one brutal pull. What happens next is priceless.

Episode: The Mom next door.(6678)
Date: Jun 20, 2009
Cast: Felony
Size: 198 MiB
Time: 00:16:30.638
Our favorite MILF is back and more helpless then ever. Her huge tits and swollen pussy are at our disposal. Bound in splits and impaled on a huge dildo, with vibrator stuck on her swollen clit, Felony is helpless from the start. With a huge ring gag and the orgasms that she cannot stop from ripping though her body, Felony is soon leaking fluid from all holes. Throw in some great nipple torture, flogging and hard foot caning, and we have somebody's mom cumming like a whore.

Episode: Part 1 of 4 of the May Live Feed(6869)
Date: Jun 22, 2009
Cast: Dana DeArmond, Ariel X, Nika Noire
Size: 483 MiB
Time: 00:40:21.127
Live Show Mondays brings you part 1 of the May live show that featured Dana DeArmond, Busty Nika Noire and special guest co-top Ariel X. The show starts simple enough, Dana chatting to members and bound to the floor. We gag and and un-gag Dana and put a posture collar on her for fun. Ariel is instructed by the members to sexually arouse Dana while she is trying to chat. Then we bring in the busty 20 year-old and bind her all spread out. It doesn't take long to see that Nika is in way over her head and she is just the decoration. Dana is bound in a severe metal strappado, stripped, gagged, abused, finger fucked, and made to cum. Add heavy nipple weights to the equation and this is just our warm up starting scene.

Episode: Former Gymnast ass hooked to hell.(6841)
Date: Jun 23, 2009
Cast: Wenona
Size: 209 MiB
Time: 00:17:30.494
Wenona was a Gymnast back in college, flexible, cut, strong, tan, shaved, now add helpless to the list. Wenona can make the most difficult of bondage positions look easy, bound into some splits and arms strappado up this is a difficult device to maintain. When we add some ass fucking and a ass hook, a cunt dildo for some double penetration, and a vibrator that makes Wenona's muscular body cum like a whore. You get a day we like to call Tuesday at Device Bondage.

Episode: Water Works(6617)
Date: Jun 25, 2009
Cast: Lorelei Lee
Size: 232 MiB
Time: 00:19:22.094
In a custom made prison for one, Lorelei has another emotional and fulfilling adventure in the sub-basement of the Armory. Without any chance for escape or even movement, Lorelei is in trouble. We cane her feet, flog her wet shaved pussy and clamp her nipples. We finger, vibrate and make her cum over and over. After locking the vibrator in place, Lorelei can do nothing but cum has her body betrays her and she is powerless to stop the orgasm from ripping though her body. Then we get mean. Add the water torment, with the gag in her mouth and the water hitting her full force. She soon finds breathing a luxury she doesn't enjoy anymore. Once again Lorelei is taken to the edge of her emotional limits. Then a little past...

Episode: Former Track Star(6883)
Date: Jun 27, 2009
Cast: Mason
Size: 183 MiB
Time: 00:15:18.889
Mason is a local Amateur girl, and for the moment she's exclusive to Kink. She was a former All American Track star, and still has the powerful body to prove it. We put Mason in one of the most difficult positions. The strain on her knees and arms in brutal. A tight ball gag, and a lot of cloths pins for a nasty zipper is added next. Mason experiences her first painful zipper with a loud scream, that scream soon turns into to moaning as we take our new helpless slut and make her cum and cum and cum.

Episode: Part 2 of 4 of the May Live Feed(6682)
Date: Jun 29, 2009
Cast: Dana DeArmond, Ariel X, Nika Noire
Size: 515 MiB
Time: 00:42:56.004
Live Show Mondays brings you part 2 of the May live show that featured Dana DeArmond, Busty Nika Noire and special guest co-top Ariel X. Dana DeArmond is mummified in black vet tape and belts. With a vibrator held in place against her clit she is made to lick and service Ariel's wet, smooth pussy. The we pick up Dana and put her into a standing device that immobilized her further, as the vibrator never stops it's sexual assault on her engorged clit. Meanwhile our little busty 20 year old is getting attention from Peter and Ariel as she is brought to orgasm after orgasm.

Episode: Chained Pussy(6896)
Date: Jun 30, 2009
Cast: Amber Rayne
Size: 181 MiB
Time: 00:15:10.493
Amber is bound to the floor and soon gagged. Easy enough until the crotch chain comes out. With the chain pulled tightly through her shaved wet pussy, Amber is made to use all her strength to stay up in the air or the pussy chain will severely punish her. Arms painfully behind her, up on her very tippy toes, Amber must struggle against time with her weakening body. Soon her strength gives out and she can no longer prevent the chain from cutting in. So we let her suffer, and suffer, until she strikes a deal. A deal we hold her to.

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