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Foreskin Frenzy 2 / Сумасшествие крайней плоти-2

Год производства: 2009 г.
Страна: Brazil
Жанр: Oral, Anal, Latin, Cumshots, Youngblood, Bareback
Продолжительность: 02:00:32

Режиссер: Ed Hunter
Студия: Third World Media

В ролях: Junior, Alan, Eduardo, Kaike, Kenzo, Luiggy, Victor, Yuri

Описание: Since the release of Foreskin Frenzy, people are still wondering just how far foreskin can be stretched, docked, swabbed and even nibbled on. Perhaps this volume will help answer any remaining questions. Either way, foreskin has never looked nor tasted so good!

Yuri and Kaike have been lovers for a long time. Yuri is much taller and a little darker than his small, white friend Kaike. Both men sport very slim and trim physiques, as well as a couple of healthy-sized wankers. They jump into a hot tub together, rinsing their sticks with warm bath water before thoroughly washing them clean with each other''s tongues. Kaike holds his breath, taking an underwater nose dive for Yuri''s cock, which he swallows deep before flipping him over and chewing out his asshole. They kiss passionately, before grabbing a hold of, stretching and eating out each others foreskins. Yuri has a thick meaty layer covering his long shlong, and he is not at all ashamed to use it when slapping young Kaike''s pretty face.

Kaike''s tongue becomes better acquainted with the inside of Yuri''s cock, before the two introduce their penises with a quick round of cock docking. Foreskins stretch as cocks dock and asses begin to tear. Kaike''s dick swings from side to side, as Yuri starts things off from behind. Several minutes in, he feeds Kaike a little taste of his own ass juice, before continuing to bust his buddy''s bunghole and rub his rather large nutsack. Kaike gets his own turn to get his skinny thing in a frenzy, as he pummels Yuri doggie, before switching to some reverse ATM, finally letting Yuri jump up and blow his load on Kaike''s young face. Yuri goes on standby for his facial, which cums by way of Kaike tossing off his own shaft.

Eduardo and Luiggy are a handsome young couple. Both guys are physically fit, with dark hair and very tan skin. They are hanging out in their undies, as they start to kiss, lick and tug at each other''s foreskins. One guy stretches while the other warms his tongue for some rimming and deep skin swabbing. Like two snakes that morph into one, their tips come together and their foreskins swallow up everything else as the two join forces. Eduardo bends Luiggy over the counter and stuffs him from the rear, as Luiggy''s weiner stands at half mast. They switch to the bed next, Eduardo''s massive hog cramming Luiggy''s tiny butt cheeks. Eduardo removes his hog from time to time, giving Luiggy a generous offering of his own shit chute. They switch things around, as Eduardo takes a spin on Luiggy''s mini roller coaster, only stopping when taking breaks to lick his buddy''s cock clean. Eduardo spanks his monkey and spills a large one on Luiggy''s chest, where they mix their cum together as Luiggy lands a thick one of his own right on target.

Kenzo and Victor are two stylish studs. They dress nice and wear cool sunglasses as they meet for their weekly rendezvous. They passionately kiss, as they slowly strip each other down. They are both young white boys and both sporting generous servings of cock with plenty of foreskin to play with as well. They gnaw, nibble and stretch each other''s skin to the max, opening wide for the other to fuck the inner workings of each other''s soft cock skin. While their foreskins may be soft, their assholes are apparently even softer, as the two get busy pounding booty and licking some ass off of each other''s cock. Kenzo blows a bit early in Victor''s ass, but is able to continue after Victor licks all the remaining cum away. They switch positions, as Victor licks Kenzo''s ass, readying it for his meaty sausage. He fucks for a while before pulling out and both boys blast off on Kenzo''s mid-section

Junior is the chiseled young, foreskin sucking cover model. He and Alain care for each other deeply and are eager to satisfy each other''s appetite for foreskin. They size each other up, as Junior gets busy tugging and stretching Alain''s cap far beyond its intended limits. Alain returns the favor, letting Junior slap his skin coated cock head on the tip of his tongue. Junior heads deep down Alain''s anal canal, plugging away at his shitter like a plumber rooting out a clogged septic system. Junior pulls Alain''s cock out of his own ass and sucks it clean, readying it for another round of plunging his tunnel. Alain can not hold on anymore, whacking his salami dry, spilling a mustardy one on Junior, who follows that with a creamy one of his own. The boys kiss and say good bye to each other''s foreskins for now.

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Формат видео: AVI
Видео: DivX 5 640x480 29.97fps 2204kbps
Аудио: MP3 44100Hz stereo 320kbps

Трекер:  [ 28-Мар-2017 14:30 ]


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