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[1080p] [Teendorf.com] Мини-пак из 10 HD (1920х1080) роликов с сайта Teendorf.com (2009 г.)

Год выпуска: 2009
Жанр: Teen, All Sex, Outdoor

Студия: TeenDorf.com

Качество: HDTV
Формат: WMV
Видео кодек: Windows Media
Аудио кодек: WMA
Видео: 6000 кбит/сек, 1920*1080, 25 кадр в сек
Аудио: 256 кбит/сек,44.1 Кгц

Дополнительная информация: Большинство из этих роликов (по-моему, 8 из 10-ти) присутствуют на трекере в разрешении 720р (два первых я уже выкладывал отдельно в 1080р).

This blonde teen is barely legal, but she already knows how to work a cock. She can´t wait to take this stud´s hard member in her mouth. She´ll slowly slide her lips up and down it at first, feeling it fill up her mouth. She starts to speed up her pace, bringing him to the edge then stopping. She wants him deep inside of her pussy before he cums. She needs him to fuck her tender cunt. He gives her more than she expected, pounding her pussy with all of his force behind every thrust. Not stopping until he´s ready to cum all over her.
It looked so innocent with two young, barely legal lovers kissing in the sunflower field. It was perfect for a picture or postcard. Then, things started to get out of hand. He started to unbutton her dress, revealing her blossoming body. His jeans came off and his own growing manhood was revealed. She was truly have to see it. She couldn´t wait to feel the pleasure that it provided as it slid deep inside of her. Nothing made her feel as good as having a cock filling her completely.
These two very horny teens are always looking for new and very naughty places to have sex outdoors. This farmer´s field seemed like the perfect place today. The hay bales would make a perfect hiding spot. On the other side was a busy road and houses, but on this side these two teens started to take off their clothes. She had to have his cock and soon she had it in her mouth. But even better yet was seeing that cock thrusting deep inside of her tender pussy. It made her huge boobs bounce with each and eveyr thrust.
Most of the time it´s just grapes growing in this vineyard, however today it´s something else that´s growing there. Just being around this brunette hottie makes this stud´s cock grow hard. He knows that as soon as they´re alone, she´s going to turn into a total nympho. It happens every time, even if they´re outdoors like today. He was right. Soon, hidden only by the rows of plants, they start to take off their clothes. It´s the beginning of one very hot hardcore fuck fest outdoors in this vineyard.
I don´t know what it is about redhead teens, but they always seem to be a little bit more wild and horny than any other girl. Don´t believe me? Check out her in action in this video. Most teens would´ve made their boyfriend go inside with them, but she wanted to have sex outdoors. She was turned on by the idea that someone might catch them having sex. She was turned on by feeling the ground beneath her. It´s so much more natural to have sex outdoors and for this redhead teen it´s a major turn on.
These two teens found the perfect spot for an outdoor fuck fest. It´s quiet and out of the way, safe from any prying eyes. She´s the one that picked this spot. It´s always been one of her fantasies to have sex outdoors and now it´s coming true. Within a few minutes, her lips go from his mouth to his cock. She gives her very first blowjob outdoors. Then there´s another first when she gets her tight pussy penetrated by his hard cock. If there was anyone around, they would surely hear her moaning.
This cute redhead teen has a natural beauty about her, so what better place for a sex filled adventure than outdoors. They really found a hot and steamy way to enjoy nature. She looks so cute and innocent, but she can´t wait to get naked with this stud. She doesn´t care if they´re outdoors and there´s a chance that they´ll get caught. All she cares about is getting the sexual satisfaction that she needs. And soon she´s getting that satisfaction in the form of his rock hard cock pounding her tight, tender pussy.
There was a perfectly good bed inside the log cabin, but these two teens would much rather have sex out in the open. There is something much more erotic about having sex outdoors. There´s the cool breeze and the warm sun on their tender, naked bodies. Is there´s the chance that someone will see them. All of it turns them on and it isn´t long before he´s thrusting his cock deep inside of her pussy. He´s fucked her hard before, but now he´s so turned on that he´s literally pounding her pussy.
There´s something very amazing about this nature scene. I don´t know about you, but I think it has something to do with her huge, all natural tits. She has an award winning curves that could make any man melt. Believe it or not, she used to be very shy about the size of her breasts. All of the attention used to make her want to cover them up. Luckily, she´s changed her mind and loves to show them off and a whole lot more now. Today, she does a lot more than just show them off for the video camera.
Erika & Karol on 15 Nov (Добавлен 22.02.2010)
These two teens decided to cool off on this hot summer day with a refreshing swim in this lake. At first, they were going to keep their underwear on, but when they realized that there was no one else around, they decided to go swimming all natural. One thing lead to another and soon they were doing a lot more than just swimming. It started when her hand brushed up against his cock and felt how hard he was. She had to have that cock. She took it in her mouth and soon deep inside of her pussy.

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