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avatar Galfimbul

Clara-G.com (59 роликов) Полный рип по 19.01.09

Вашему вниманию предлагается полный рип сайта Clara-G.com в HDTV 720p разрешении.

Clara G Hamilton - конкретная извращенка, и весь ее сайт - настоящая находка для такого извращенца, как ты!
Загляни под спойлер и увидишь! Девченки соло, друг с другом, с самотыками, парнями, трахаются, ссут друг на друга,
проверяют на прочность свои дырки, суя туда все что ни попадя! Настоящий жесткач в HDTV качестве!

Video: WVC1 1280x720 29.97fps 5000Kbps
Audio: Windows Media Audio 48000Hz stereo 192Kbps
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Эта раздача была бы невозможной без моего коллеги по цеху с ником Evggenii
My first POV ever

Episode: 001
Scene ID: 11
Date: 18.02.2008
Directed by: Clara G
Cast: Jordan Green , Clara G , Sherilla Lamante
File: 001_s11_hd.wmv
Time: 00:36:14.976
Size: 1350,26MB
While I'm drinking my cappuccino on a nice terrace, suddenly I remember how I was fucking the other day two great sexy bitches. Sherilla Lamante and Jordan Green. They were so excited and me as well because this was my first POV scene ever the girls were so hot and I fucked them as hard as I could cause I saw that their pussies were hot like fucking lava. After four good fucking positions and after lots of cum Sherilla Lamante starts peeing on my legs which I love so much darling... Got pee?
G's specialty - the great fisting

Episode: 002
Scene ID: 6
Date: 18.02.2008
Directed by: Karma
Cast: Clara G
File: 002_s6_hd.wmv
Time: 00:23:30.176
Size: 875,62MB
Fisting was always my favorite, even if I wake up in the morning I still can make the best fisting ever seen on the internet this is what I did in this scene too, I was pleasuring my hungry pussy with a fisting first thing in the morning, this was my breakfast and I enjoyed it so much that I could hardly eat that day
Joysen solo action

Episode: 003
Scene ID: 21
Date: 18.02.2008
Directed by: Clara G
Cast: Joysen
File: 003_s21_hd.wmv
Time: 00:35:46.879
Size: 1331,99MB
While I was taking a look at the neighborhood in Brno-Czech Republic Joysen came to my apartment and surprised me by waiting for me in front of the window and dancing, the view was very exciting and I started to record this on camera. I went inside and she started to strip and play with herself and I couldn't say a word, I was just stunned and started doing my job as a cameraman but in my mind I wished I could be there with her, then she masturbated with a purple dildo in many positions till she had a huge orgasm!!
Free Ones For Everybody

Episode: 004
Scene ID: 19
Date: 18.02.2008
Directed by: Raul Cristian
Cast: Clara G , Suzie Carina
File: 004_s19_hd.wmv
Time: 00:33:44.192
Size: 1257,11MB
This fantastic day with Suzie Carina I dedicate to all my fans from Free Ones, and everybody who love to see 2 hot nasty girls playing whit each other. So Suzie Carina was into fucking today and she brang with her 2 dildos so we can have fun for YOU! We started to tease ourselves, I bet you all know guys that Suzie has THE greatest ass, so I licked it, slap it and after all Fuck it like crazy! SO FREE ONES ENJOY!!
Fucking Beautiful

Episode: 005
Scene ID: 20
Date: 18.02.2008
Directed by: Clara G
Cast: Gina
File: 005_s20_hd.wmv
Time: 00:34:22.395
Size: 1282,94MB
Gina is a fucking beautiful girl from Czech Republic hot and always ready to surprise us, so when I was in Czech I wanted to see her and what she could do with my own eyes, so I called her and we met at a place that I was renting. She had this sexy outfit and great make up on and she started to perform for me and my camera. She was so sexy that she made me hot in a second, she starting striping off her clothes, and taking a dildo in her pussy and mouth... mmmmm I was so horny but I let her do her thing till she had an amazing orgasm. Dam girl!
Feeling smokey hot after office

Episode: 006
Scene ID: 3
Date: 18.02.2008
Directed by: Karma
Cast: Clara G
File: 006_s3_hd.wmv
Time: 00:37:40.565
Size: 1404,16MB
Office days can be really exhausting if you don't know how to relax after work, but for me this is not a problem because I always know how to relax. As you will see in this hot scene how I'm masturbating my dripping pink pussy, I can get off so many times that you can't imagine I fucked my pussy in many crazy positions like I always do Have fun watching it.
Making Carol Happier Then Ever

Episode: 007
Scene ID: 23
Date: 18.02.2008
Directed by: Raul Cristian
Cast: Clara G , Carol
File: 007_s23_hd.wmv
Time: 00:34:59.232
Size: 1302,43MB
After I saw Carol satisfying herself and doing every thing just to make me hot I had to take her and fuck her so she could feel exactly how it is to get laid by Clara G. I start eating her tits, pussy and ass out. Both our pussies become dripping with pleasure and she starts to fuck my pussy and ass like crazy, after that it was her turn to be fucked and I did it so fucking good that she will never forget this orgasm. Never.
Fisting fun with Cindy Hope

Episode: 008
Scene ID: 9
Date: 18.02.2008
Directed by: Raul Cristian
Cast: Clara G , Cindy Hope
File: 008_s9_hd.wmv
Time: 00:30:43.114
Size: 1144,66MB
Well guys I used too think that I was one of the sexiest, nastiest, craziest fistfucking addicts in the universe...and I am. But I have too tell you this girl Cindy Hope is not hopeless she is for real. This bitch (and I mean that in a good way) is no fucking joke. She fucks me I fuck her we fuck each other. This is a ass smacking, face slapping, cunt fisting, girls pissing, CLARA G fan special not too be missed!
Double joy

Episode: 009
Scene ID: 5
Date: 18.02.2008
Directed by: Karma
Cast: Clara G
File: 009_s5_hd.wmv
Time: 00:26:53.013
Size: 1001,67MB
I'm sure you will adore this scene, butyou wont see anal, or fisting here but you will get a really good double pussy fucking with my 2 purple plastic friends, and a bottle and a candle, I was really horny that day my cunt was dripping all over the place, watch my pussy lips spread as I bring myself to a shuttering orgasm.
3 Amazing fists in 1 scene

Episode: 010
Scene ID: 8
Date: 18.02.2008
Directed by: Raul Cristian
Cast: Britney , Clara G , Angelina Crow
File: 010_s8_hd.wmv
Time: 00:34:28.010
Size: 1283,59MB
I'm so horny that sometimes I prowl the streets looking for hot girls to fuck. And since girls know what girls want and I'm a hot chick myself I almost never strike out. But now I've really scored big time with these two euro cuties Angelina Crow and Britney. These two bitches(and I mean that in a good way) are on my sexual level and more. They love fisting and perverted things that real dirty girls like. But you know how it is. When I score you score...I'm CLARA G bitch!!!
Fucking 2 gorgeous babes

Episode: 011
Scene ID: 12
Date: 18.02.2008
Directed by: Clara G
Cast: Adriana Russo , Clara G , Eve Angel
File: 011_s12_hd.wmv
Time: 00:41:58.485
Size: 1564,13MB
Eve Angel and Adriana Russo are two good looking hot chicks and in this scene really crazy like never before. They appear in this scene with two strap-on dildos, Eve had her strap-on on her head and Adriana on her pussy...they start to make out with each other and after a while with me doing the camera work I get hotter and hotter like I usually do and I had to get down into the scene and fuck the hell out of both these horny euro sex babes...I just love it.
Straight to the "A"

Episode: 012
Scene ID: 4
Date: 18.02.2008
Directed by: Karma
Cast: Clara G
File: 012_s4_hd.wmv
Time: 00:28:03.882
Size: 1045,86MB
This is all about ass fucking, I love to fuck myself in the ass I always loved it and I will always love it...just look in my eye and you will see what I'm talking about, this is all about pleasure and hard anal fucking in different locations all over my backyard baby.
Hottest threesome

Episode: 013
Scene ID: 2
Date: 18.02.2008
Directed by: Raul Cristian
Cast: Clara G , Regina Moon , Frank Gun
File: 013_s2_hd.wmv
Time: 00:42:16.277
Size: 1575,60MB
This beautiful Brunette Regina Moon she is an adorable teen who really likes to get fucked in her tight young pussy, you can see that from this great scene with Frank Gun and Me...Great match cause Frank is a fucking perv, he loved how I pissed in his mouth so perfect and he was drinking it all, while I was fucking my tight ass with a butt plug.
Classy babes walking around

Episode: 014
Scene ID: 10
Date: 18.02.2008
Directed by: Clara G
Cast: Zafira , Ginger B
File: 014_s10_hd.wmv
Time: 00:40:02.901
Size: 1492,24MB
My two classy bitches Zafira and Ginger B are walking around town in sexy lingerie, I see them walking towards me and smiling, they look amazing and they made me so hot. I realize how horny they are and I ask them to come to my bedroom and start what they came there for. Hot nasty action. In no time at all these two horny Hungarian fuck sluts were licking pussy, butt slapping and ramming dildos all over the place. The treat for me was when I got them to pee on my legs at the end. What a pussy rush...wow.
Corn in my ass, drill in my pussy

Episode: 015
Scene ID: 13
Date: 18.02.2008
Directed by: Raul Cristian
Cast: Clara G , Levi Lee
File: 015_s13_hd.wmv
Time: 00:30:19.818
Size: 1129,77MB
Today I was feeling like I wanted all the neighborhood's to see me naked and to see how sexy and fucking crazy I can be, so I went up to my roof and from there almost naked I started to get my sweet pussy dripping, then I had to go downstairs where my good friend Levi Lee was waiting to help me fuck myself with the drill dick which I bought a few days ago. After that to finish the scene I put the corn in my ass, I fixed it with a belt and I went back to the roof so I could show this to all my neighbors. Fantastic scene...nuff said.
Anal fist with Bonny Bon

Episode: 016
Scene ID: 1
Date: 18.02.2008
Directed by: Raul Cristian
Cast: Clara G , Bonny Bon
File: 016_s1_hd.wmv
Time: 00:39:24.330
Size: 1466,57MB
Deep hard anal fisting, huge gaping holes, anal footfucking, lots of squirting, this is what you can see in this amazing scene with Bonny Bon and me. She was born for fucking and it's incredible how she can take my foot in her ass so easily. Watch this amazing action only for the hardcore.
Clara-special afternoon

Episode: 017
Scene ID: 16
Date: 25.02.2008
Directed by: Raul Cristian
Cast: Nikky Rider , Clara G , Peaches
File: 017_s16_hd.wmv
Time: 00:34:12.552
Size: 1276,39MB
Today I was inviting Peaches and Nikky Rider to my place so we can have a "Clara -special afternoon". We dressed up and from that moment we couldn't have enough of each other, we started to eat each other and the first who got lucky was Peaches cause she started to fuck her ass with a big dildo!!! Nikky got so horny that she asked me to fist her pussy as hard and fast as I can!!!!
Fucking the shit out of Eliza

Episode: 018
Scene ID: 7
Date: 03.03.2008
Directed by: Raul Cristian
Cast: Clara G , Eliza
File: 018_s7_hd.wmv
Time: 00:34:09.194
Size: 1272,39MB
One crazy girl is great but when you have two this is the greatest, this is what happened here with this gorgeous slut Eliza, she can take a big fucking dildo in her round beautiful ass so easily, just like me. We fucked each other's ass like crazy and we came so many times that I can't even remember the number. Watch this horny scene and have fun.
Do It Carol !!!

Episode: 019
Scene ID: 22
Date: 10.03.2008
Directed by: Clara G
Cast: Carol
File: 019_s22_hd.wmv
Time: 00:33:31.410
Size: 1248,56MB
I just can't wait to meet Carol, she is from Czech Republic and she came to Budapest to visit me, so for this occasion I rent a big house so we can have enough space to play. Carol told me that she really wants to perform for me so I had to take out my camera, I was so fucking excited, so I started to film her and she started to play with herself for me, she penetrated her ass and pussy and she looked great, I could feel her sexual energy fill the whole room and when she came her body was shaking. It was great to watch her satisfying herself for us, a real sexual animal no fake shit here!
I Fist My Pussy Cat

Episode: 020
Scene ID: 17
Date: 17.03.2008
Directed by: Raul Cristian
Cast: Clara G , Mya Diamond
File: 020_s17_hd.wmv
Time: 00:35:39.438
Size: 1327,29MB
My hot little pussy cat is waiting for me on the terrace already drinking milk...slowly I'm approaching her and start to lick up the milk too! So after we had fun with the milk I grabbed Mya Diamond and we went inside where we start to fuck each other with 2 HUGE dildos, then comes what I was waiting for from the beginning: THE FISTING where I'm getting crazy again and fist her like never before!
Never Enough

Episode: 021
Scene ID: 18
Date: 24.03.2008
Directed by: Raul Cristian
Cast: Clara G , Sabrina Sweet , Lauro Giotto
File: 021_s18_hd.wmv
Time: 00:30:46.679
Size: 1145,57MB
I'm getting ready to have a great afternoon with Sabrina Sweet and Lauro Giotto. She is already ass-fucking herself in the backyard even before we started to do something together, so you can imagine how bad she wants it. I suggest that you take a look at this fucking great action!
Sweet girls with nasty habits

Episode: 022
Scene ID: 24
Date: 31.03.2008
Directed by: Clara G
Cast: Alien , Cherry Jul , Titus Steel , Mike Angelo
File: 022_s24_hd.wmv
Time: 00:42:13.632
Size: 1572,97MB
This is my contribution to world peace because I truly believe that if we can fuck together then goddamit we can live together. Cherry Jul who is from Russia and Alien a very sweet looking Hungarian bitch whose ass looks like a planet with legs are on a mission to get laid by two world class fuckaholics Titus Steel from Romania and Mike Angelo from France these two Hump-honey's get double penetrated as if they were competing for a gold medal in the international hoelimpics. Hmmmm what will I think of next?
DP with Peaches and Misty

Episode: 023
Scene ID: 14
Date: 07.04.2008
Directed by: Clara G
Cast: Peaches , Misty
File: 023_s14_hd.wmv
Time: 00:35:59.530
Size: 1341,60MB
I was driving to the grocery store to buy some melons on this fucking hot day in August and by accident I meet with my good friend and lover Peaches, who was there with her friend Misty. We were so happy to see each other that I invited them to my house for a cold drink (yeah right!). We arrive at my home and go straight to the garden, always the pervert I take out my camera and start to film these super sexy girls bodys. Peaches knows me so she starts to undress Misty, one dirty thing leads to another and soon ass and tits follow in this girl on girl sex orgy that still makes me horny just thinking about it... I need more.
Three dicks are better than one

Episode: 024
Scene ID: 25
Date: 14.04.2008
Directed by: Clara G
Cast: Jasmine Rouge , Mike Angelo , Mugur , Titus Steel
File: 024_s25_hd.wmv
Time: 00:37:36.042
Size: 1400,92MB
Jasmine Rouge stares into the camera with an innocent sweet smile and an expression on her face which could mean only one thing...DOUBLE PUSSY PENETRATION. Now I'm sitting here guys and I wonder "do I really need to write anything more?" I mean Jasmine Rouge in her first DOUBLE PUSSY PENETRATION. She strips, she teases and my camera just loves her but now I need more and I bring in the boys Mike Angelo, Titus Steel and Mugur. Watch closely the face of Jasmine and the "I love sex" expression on her face tells the story of a deep long held desire.
Alien invaded

Episode: 025
Scene ID: 26
Date: 21.04.2008
Directed by: Clara G
Cast: Alien , Lauro Giotto , Nick Lang , Frank Gun
File: 025_s26_hd.wmv
Time: 00:39:39.093
Size: 1477,59MB
This perfect ten hump-happy cum thief walks into the room wearing nothing but sexy black and a "please fuck me" smile. Those penetrating eyes from another planet seem to be saying: 'I am Alien...take me to your penis'. And at that moment all I wanted to do was play "show me what ya got bitch" and lucky for us she wanted the same thing; she strips, she teases, she plays with herself, and before she's finished you want to see her fucked. So, just for you, I hook her up with the cruel cock mafia: Frank Gun, Nick Lang and Lauro Giotto; no hole is safe when these hoe-bangers for hire got to work.
The squirting queen, Carla Cox

Episode: 026
Scene ID: 27
Date: 28.04.2008
Directed by: Raul Cristian
Cast: Carla Cox , Mike Angelo , Titus Steel
File: 026_s27_hd.wmv
Time: 00:33:18.037
Size: 1241,04MB
Carla Cox should change her name to Carla Squirts because less than two minutes after she arrives she starts washing the car with her Czech pussy juice. I guess all the excitement of driving around Budapest strapped to the hood of Raul's car, legs spread wide open with an exposed cunt, made her whoreny or maybe it's just a case of over active whormones. By the time we arrive back at my place, Mike Angelo and Titus Steel are so eager to fuck this incredible slutbunny that I don't need to say much. Carla Cox is cute and I really like her because she doesn't let that stop her from being a cock sucking DP dick ridin' slut.
California creamin'

Episode: 027
Scene ID: 28
Date: 05.05.2008
Directed by: Clara G
Cast: Brook Bell , Carlie Banks
File: 027_s28_hd.wmv
Time: 00:32:02.855
Size: 1193,38MB
Hi guys, another beautiful day in Los Angeles: the sun is shining, the birds are singing and now all I need is two hot bitches with big tits for breakfast, and I'm ready to fuckin' rumble. Enter Brook Bell and Carlie Banks, these two ex-schoolmates make their debut as Clara G fuck buddies, they both love each other so there's no beating around the bush here fellas. Pink tacos are on the menu along with pissing, double orgasms, choking, slapping and all types of wild ass shit...they let their fingers do the walking.
The Seduction of Sophia

Episode: 028
Scene ID: 29
Date: 12.05.2008
Directed by: Raul Cristian
Cast: Sophia Santi
File: 028_s29_hd.wmv
Time: 00:25:42.485
Size: 957,98MB
Wow guys! Sophia Santi has an awesome body and all those great tattoos really give you something to read while you're fucking her. Early in this scene we got her to confess that she likes pain and also, sometimes, she needs to be choked. And I really believe her, just watch the way she deepthroats that huge dildo, that made me almost pass the fuck out. No fake shit here baby: GREAT ASS, SUPER TITS, and TIGHT FUCKIN' PUSSY. Hey Sophia...welcome to the club.
Blonde Sensation

Episode: 029
Scene ID: 30
Date: 19.05.2008
Directed by: Raul Cristian
Cast: Jana Cova , Clara G
File: 029_s30_hd.wmv
Time: 00:25:26.656
Size: 948,15MB
Well guys this was a very special scene for me fist of all...uh I mean first of all, because I'm in it. And the second reason is because I get to play titty tennis with euro cutie Jana Cova from Prague. I push my tongue so far up her asshole...it almost came out of her pussy and she loves it, which naturally makes me smack, choke and poke her with my dildo until her pussy turns into hot cream soup. And just wait till you see what she does to ME...another day in L.A.
Naughty neighbor

Episode: 030
Scene ID: 31
Date: 26.05.2008
Directed by: Clara G
Cast: Sochee Mala
File: 030_s31_hd.wmv
Time: 00:29:21.365
Size: 1094,07MB
Hey listen guys, how do you know if you've moved to the right part of Los Angeles? Well, it's when Sochee Mala shows up and says welcome to the neighborhood. Now, if you have a fetish for long legged Amazonian goddess-chick that likes to beat her own ass...then THIS scene is for you. This crazy ass bitch deepthroats a huge dildo, beats her tits with the SAME dildo, and then fucks herself crazy on my living-room floor. Wow...hard neighbors are good to find, huh?
Cummin' out the closet

Episode: 031
Scene ID: 32
Date: 02.06.2008
Directed by: Clara G
Cast: Jenaveve Jolie , Audrey Bitoni
File: 031_s32_hd.wmv
Time: 00:28:03.242
Size: 1045,47MB
Well guys, you never know when you're gonna need pussy, it's just one of those things in life it's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. So I always keep a bitch in the closet...just in case. Today it's sexy Jenaveve Jolie turn to burn, but since I'm behind the camera this time I get help from hot starlet Audrey Bitoni. I introduce these two chicks and they were like "ok...lesbefriends". It's all about great big tits and horny girl-on-girl sexaholic action, and I do mean action. Hmmmm...if they had only looked in the fridge.
Turbo knockers

Episode: 032
Scene ID: 33
Date: 09.06.2008
Directed by: Clara G
Cast: Amy Reid
File: 032_s33_hd.wmv
Time: 00:28:43.733
Size: 1069,62MB
Ok, in this scene guys Amy Reid and her incredible turbo knockers drop by for a little early afternoon turboknocker tea party. And since I try to be the perfect hoestess I even give her a huge dildo to fuck herself silly with, and well that's exactly what she does. Amy is a really big porn star and I had to shoot her while I was here in Los Angeles. I'm happy I could make her happy.
Hole mates

Episode: 033
Scene ID: 34
Date: 16.06.2008
Directed by: Raul Cristian
Cast: Savannah Stern , Clara G
File: 033_s34_hd.wmv
Time: 00:26:55.872
Size: 1002,47MB
Savannah Stern could be the dark side of Clara G because sexually we both have the same insatiable appetite for hardcore sex. For instance, I like slapping...she likes slapping, I like hard spanking...she likes even harder spanking, I like choking...she likes choking (she even takes a long ass dildo halfway down her throat) and I just love to fuck the living shit out of my juicy cunt, and guess what guys, she likes that shit too. Savannah Stern my long lost hole mate.
Chocolate star

Episode: 034
Scene ID: 35
Date: 23.06.2008
Directed by: Raul Cristian
Cast: Marie Love
File: 034_s35_hd.wmv
Time: 00:26:08.298
Size: 974,08MB
Hi guys, I was just thinking that everyday must be Valentines Day when your skin is the color of dark sweet chocolate and you're name is Marie Love. In this scene my partner Raul steals her from a calendar photo shooting and talks her into fucking her juicy pussy and sexy brown ass with two huge pink dildos in some double penetration action you chocoholics will find hard to resist...and there's also pissing too.
Two "free ones" have fun

Episode: 035
Scene ID: 36
Date: 30.06.2008
Directed by: Raul Cristian
Cast: Sophia Santi , Clara G
File: 035_s36_hd.wmv
Time: 00:25:25.888
Size: 947,69MB
This scene was one of the highlights of my Los Angeles shooting trip, Sophia Santi is my favorite flavor and she has a kind of sexuality that just begs to be explored, and me being the adventurous type I couldn't help but take up the challenge. BULLSHIT...Ok honestly guys, I wanted Sophia Santi in my panties for as long as I can remember. She fucked me so hard that the room was spinning and it looked like one of her tattoos was moving. This clip is a shout out to all my friends at FREE ONES, you guys rock...
My Thai

Episode: 036
Scene ID: 37
Date: 07.07.2008
Directed by: Clara G
Cast: Priva
File: 036_s37_hd.wmv
Time: 00:34:18.282
Size: 1278,03MB
Never let a bitch get bored. I ran into beautiful and exotic Priva from Thailand at a studio while I was shooting in Los Angeles. She wasn't very happy because her producer was late and she was already hungry for sex. Well, too bad for him but just perfect for me. Priva needs huge toys to stretch her pussy and fuck her asshole. And I just couldn't believe how deep she is able to push such a huge dildo down her throat and still survive... That's my girl.
Asian invasion

Episode: 037
Scene ID: 38
Date: 14.07.2008
Directed by: Clara G
Cast: Mya Luanna , Lana Croft
File: 037_s38_hd.wmv
Time: 00:33:54.560
Size: 1263,62MB
Two Asian sex kittens Mya Luanna and Lana Croft go shopping for lingerie and what's the first thing they do? They head straight back to my place for a naughty afternoon fashion show. This quickly turned into a "fuck my tight Asian pussy with that giant dildo" show. These girls love it hard, big and nasty; this scene is all about big poles in little Asian holes.
Pleasing Jana

Episode: 038
Scene ID: 39
Date: 21.07.2008
Directed by: Raul Cristian
Cast: Jana Cova
File: 038_s39_hd.wmv
Time: 00:23:12.384
Size: 864,78MB
Wow...Jana Cova looks drop dead gorgeous in her tight purple mini dress. This is her doing a girl solo scene that was shot by Raul. And I must say guys this Czech chick has one of the sexiest up skirts I have ever seen, that ass and those legs from the back are just too hot for words. She takes a whipped cream bath and just fucks the hell out of her sweet wet pussy, hot fast and furious action here fellas. Jana kicks ass.
Alma Black loves sex

Episode: 039
Scene ID: 40
Date: 28.07.2008
Directed by: Raul Cristian
Cast: Alma Black , Frank Gun , Mike Angelo
File: 039_s40_hd.wmv
Time: 00:36:06.039
Size: 1345,60MB
Hi guys you know after my excellent American adventures it felt really great to come back to Budapest with Raul and shoot a new series of kick ass scenes for my kick ass web site and what better way to start this new chapter than with Alma Black. Why? Because she has never starred in a porn movie, home movie or even CCTV feature in her whole life. In this scene we get Mike Angelo and Frank Gun to do the dirty work. Just watch the action in this horny movie and see why this angel bitch is no saint.
Three the hard way

Episode: 040
Scene ID: 41
Date: 04.08.2008
Directed by: Raul Cristian
Cast: Zafira , Cindy Hope , Lauryn May
File: 040_s41_hd.wmv
Time: 00:32:53.077
Size: 1224,46MB
A giant dildo fight turns into an anal fist fucking competition with no limits. These three Hungarian super freaks are so hot and so dick dizzy it made me wonder... will they ever find their one true love. Or will they just have to move to some far away deserted island with a few giant rubber toys and live happily ever after. Lots of anal gapping, fisting and spanking in this one guys.
French food

Episode: 041
Scene ID: 42
Date: 11.08.2008
Directed by: Clara G
Cast: Cecilia Vega , Nick Lang , Mugur
File: 041_s42_hd.wmv
Time: 00:44:07.040
Size: 1644,63MB
Hi guys, I call Cecilia Vega "my bonjour bitch" because she comes from France. I really like Cecilia, she has such an unbelievable horny sexuality and that smokin hot body. So, believe me when I tell you, this French fucktart loves dick so much her pussy could be a cock parking lot. In this scene Mugur and Nick Lang manage to fuck this hot turbo bitch into slut sauce for me. This scene has deepthroat, anal dp, slapping and lots of orgasms from Cecilia. Viva la France.
Nasty Ashley

Episode: 042
Scene ID: 43
Date: 18.08.2008
Directed by: Raul Cristian
Cast: Ashley Paige , Mugur , Lauro Giotto
File: 042_s43_hd.wmv
Time: 00:38:20.373
Size: 1428,48MB
Ashley Paige has a very uncomplicated sexuality, she simply likes to be butt banged, choked, face smacked, double penetrated, used and abused, spanked, dick slapped, and generally treated like the scarlet whore of the apocalypse, and did I mention that she also likes horseback riding, old movies and long walks in the park...at night...alone. No seriously guys, this is the real deal...visit the motherfuckin gym before you visit this bitch. Great scene guys! Another Clara G girl.
Fist of fury

Episode: 043
Scene ID: 44
Date: 25.08.2008
Directed by: Clara G
Cast: Angela Winter , Cecilia Vega
File: 043_s44_hd.wmv
Time: 00:47:56.330
Size: 1787,17MB
Two hoes go toe to toe for the nasty bitch championship of the world, that's how I would describe this scene guys. Angela Winter is our current champion but that crazy French bitch Cecilia Vega wants a shot at the title. The atmosphere on the set is electric as these two world class fuckbunnies fist each other, with great success, in every available orifice; the only rules are no judo and no unicorns, everything else goes. Anal fisting, hair pulling is ok. We've got no problem with spitting, slapping or anal foot fucking either.
Mad about Madelyn

Episode: 044
Scene ID: 45
Date: 01.09.2008
Directed by: Raul Cristian
Cast: Madelyn Marie , Mike Angelo , David Perry
File: 044_s45_hd.wmv
Time: 00:36:38.613
Size: 1365,32MB
She is not, I repeat, not your average girl next door type, guys. Madelyn Marie looks like a fucking super model and she's got an ass that I'm sure one day will be declared a national treasure. I used a calculator to count how many orgasms she had in this scene and I still lost count. And I was also lucky to get two French cock rockets, David Perry and Mike Angelo, to cum along for the ride... Madelyn Marie loves dick and dick loves Madelyn.
The anatomy of Sasha Grey

Episode: 045
Scene ID: 47
Date: 08.09.2008
Directed by: Raul Cristian
Cast: Sasha Grey , Clara G
File: 045_s47_hd.wmv
Time: 00:26:53.738
Size: 1001,70MB
In this episode of the official adventures of Clara G you will see me face to face (or should I say tongue to pussy?) with one of the hottest new porn stars in the States right now: Sasha Grey. This scene was shot during my latest trip to Los Angeles with my partner in grime and number one muddy buddy Raul Cristian. What you get here fellas are two sex addicts for the price of one: Clara G and Sasha Grey. I just love a girl with dildo skills...plus Sasha has this goddess body thing going on with her, which I'm totally into these days.
Dark fantasy

Episode: 046
Scene ID: 48
Date: 15.09.2008
Directed by: Clara G
Cast: Jennifer Dark , David Perry , Toni Ribas
File: 046_s48_hd.wmv
Time: 00:33:44.490
Size: 1257,70MB
Hi guys, have you ever wished that a beautiful girl would walk up to you and just go on a muthafuckin' cock safari? What I mean is: she gives you a first class dick sucking but on a college level and then she humps your hoe humper to the point where you think you'll never need pussy again. Have you ever wished for a girl like that? Well then Jennifer Dark is probably what you want for Christmas. Just ask Toni Ribas and David Perry who play two broke ass undercover gypsy vagina finders from hell. So Guys, in this scene not only is Jennifer into talking dirty but she also does it with bad grammar...now how horny is that?
Dances with dildos

Episode: 047
Scene ID: 46
Date: 22.09.2008
Directed by: David Perry
Cast: Alison Pierce , Layla Rivera , Shy Love
File: 047_s46_hd.wmv
Time: 00:33:37.493
Size: 1052,01MB
I don't give a fuck what they say about diamonds, a dildo is a girl's best friend. Nobody ever had an orgasm from fucking a rock, ok? Now that we've cleared that up, I would like you to meet a trio of female dildo killers who fuck like chicks sick from dick flu. This scene is a humpathon shot by our friend and new producer for Cruel Media, Mr. David Perry, starring Layla Rivera, Shy Love and Alison Pierce. It was directed by me Clara to the motherfuckin G. These girls take the ancient art of rubber dick ramming to the next level and it's just incredible because they use dildos bigger than the bus that drove them to the shooting...

Episode: 048
Scene ID: 49
Date: 29.09.2008
Directed by: Clara G
Cast: Jennifer Dark , Kenzi Marie
File: 048_s49_hd.wmv
Time: 00:38:10.986
Size: 1423,35MB
In this scene guys we have two girls who couldn't be more different. First, Kenzi Marie is so nice, so sweet, so cute and innocent that when she came to the casting I was so shocked to learn that she was even an actress. I was thinking "i'll just buy a few boxes of Girl Scout cookies from her and she'll leave"...what a cutie pie. But then we have Jennifer Dark, the Herminator, that cunt drunk pussy pirate from Prague. These two girls really love each other long time in this clip; Herminator takes a huge dildo deep into her hot beautiful sexy ass and Kenzi Marie's tits will now go on the list of things that I really love about L.A.
Hard at work

Episode: 049
Scene ID: 50
Date: 06.10.2008
Directed by: Freddy
Cast: Clara G
File: 049_s50_hd.wmv
Time: 00:29:35.573
Size: 1102,88MB
Well guys it's just another busy day in the orifice...uh office at Clara-G.com, spinning around in my chair, booking models and looking over contracts while feeling a nice red dildo fucking my pussy at the same time. Type, spin, stop and fuck; type, spin, stop and fuck; try this aerobic exercise for only fifteen minutes a day with your secretary and you will be amazed at the results. I'm a very lucky person because I don't have to worry about mixing business with pleasure, actually my business is pleasure. I love you all and this one is for all the fans who have been asking for me solo butt naked in a hot scene with a pickaxe...
Sweet Anita

Episode: 050
Scene ID: 51
Date: 13.10.2008
Directed by: Freddy
Cast: Clara G , Anita Pearl
File: 050_s51_hd.wmv
Time: 00:30:27.541
Size: 1135,19MB
Well...after shooting for almost one month in Los Angeles, it felt really nice to be back here in Budapest. But I'm not really the type of person who can just sit at home and relax, watch TV and vacuum the dog. I heard a lot about this new actress Anita Pearl and I just couldn't wait to meet, greet and freak with this beautiful Hungarian fuck junkie. You know guys, they just don't make nasty bitches like they used to, and that's why I was so happy to meat Anita. She is not that typical "hump her, dump her" type, Anita Pearl is pure lust at first sight.
Clara Bee

Episode: 051
Scene ID: 52
Date: 20.10.2008
Directed by: Raul Cristian
Cast: Clara G
File: 051_s52_hd.wmv
Time: 00:31:47.968
Size: 1185,18MB
Honestly dudes, I never thought when I first started this website that one day I would be crazy enough to let Raul talk me into revealing the one secret about myself that I said I would never share with anyone except my closest friends. Just take one look at these photos from the scene and you already know what I'm going to say: I'm... beesexual. This means I like to have sex dressed as a bee, a real bee. Every Wednesday about 3 o'clock I take the same three dildos, make sure my neighbors are watching and run around my back yard singing. Now all I have to do is figure out what to do with all this honey...bee cool.
Fisted sisters

Episode: 052
Scene ID: 53
Date: 27.10.2008
Directed by: Raul Cristian
Cast: Clara G , Britney
File: 052_s53_hd.wmv
Time: 00:37:34.828
Size: 1400,62MB
So many fans have written to me asking exactly the same question "Where the fuck is Britney? I miss that bitch!". And I understand why, she is without a doubt one of the most insatiably horny euro fucksluts of her generation. So when I see her I can think of only one thing...fist kebab. Listen and I'm not making this shit up guys, I put my whole fist up this nasty bitch's pussy from the back and she reaches around and puts HER fist into the same pussy, THE SAAAME PUSSY! It looks like we're installing a fucking burglar alarm. This time I was able to get two hands so deep inside her pussy I almost had room to clap
Self service

Episode: 053
Scene ID: 54
Date: 03.11.2008
Directed by: Clara G
Cast: Sonya
File: 053_s54_hd.wmv
Time: 00:29:58.869
Size: 1117,36MB
Hi guys, Sonya is one of the best friends I have in this business so when I found out she was back in Budapest after working in the States for a few months, I just had to have her as a guest on my website. And in case you didn't know Sonya is the babe who put the ho in horny, this is not the type of girl you take home to mom but believe me dad would just love to meet this bitch (and I mean that in a good way). Sonya really looks wonderful in this scene; that sexy hard body getting hyperfucked by one of the biggest cunt fuckers from my serious and I do mean serious dildo collection.
Mandy Reloaded

Episode: 054
Scene ID: 55
Date: 10.11.2008
Directed by: Clara G
Cast: Mandy Bright
File: 054_s55_hd.wmv
Time: 00:33:01.141
Size: 1230,31MB
Mandy Bright is a huge euro porn actress and I was really excited that I could present her to you guys as you see her today which is hott... and delicious I call her hotilicious. "I love pain and I want to feel it all over my body" this is what Mandy confesses in our interview before the scene and at that point I almost dropped my fucking camera on her foot because I'm thinking "shit man, this bitch is craaaaazy...perfect". My pussy becomes like the rain forest when she demonstrates to me her definition of a spanking and then her famous double dildo in the pussy technique followed by squirting.
Sister Sanchez

Episode: 055
Scene ID: 56
Date: 24.11.2008
Directed by: Freddy
Cast: Sandra Sanchez
File: 055_s56_hd.wmv
Time: 00:27:27.112
Size: 1022,70MB
Just in time for the holiday season we have from the Czech Republic the beautiful Sandra Sanchez. When I met up with Sandra she was standing at a bus stop in unusually warm winter weather, its two o'clock in the daytime and I swear guys you can see from the pictures that for some reason this chick is dressed like a motherfucking polar bear...ok a blond polar bear with nice tits, ass and sunglasses but still she looks great. So I invite her up to my place so we can start bringing sexy back because I know one thing for sure with this big polar bear coat on she's already going to be hot.
Czech mate

Episode: 056
Scene ID: 57
Date: 08.12.2008
Directed by: Freddy
Cast: Tarra White , Clara G
File: 056_s57_hd.wmv
Time: 00:32:30.891
Size: 1211,90MB
Well... I think you know how it is guys, some girls you wanna fuck and some girls you gotta fuck, Tarra White is a gotta fuck. I first met Tarra a few weeks ago at the Venus Awards film festival in Berlin were I'm happy to say Cruel Media won the award for Best International label although I'm sure if there was an award for cute bitch with the nicest tities Tarra would win two awards, one for each tit. Tarra is from the Czech Republic but she drove all the way to Budapest for my free dildo dating service only available to those girls who have a pussy and no problem with wearing a bikini in the middle of fucking winter.

Episode: 057
Scene ID: 58
Date: 22.12.2008
Directed by: David Perry
Cast: Vivien , Clara G
File: 057_s58_hd.wmv
Time: 00:31:49.717
Size: 1186,24MB
Hi fellas! Perhaps I should have called this scene "Red alert" just in order to prepare you for Vivien's huge inspirational tits and let's not even get into those incredible long sexy legs; and I'm sure that beautiful ass is exactly what Santa Claus would say he wants for Christmas. Now I don't know where Vivien went to slut school but I'm sure she must have graduated first in her class and was voted the girl most likely to lose her virginity to the North Pole. Have a great Christmas and a wonderful new year I love you all.
Double Trouble

Episode: 058
Scene ID: 59
Date: 05.01.2009
Directed by: David Perry
Cast: Lea Lexis , Katy Cambel
File: 058_s59_hd.wmv
Time: 00:37:00.586
Size: 1379,55MB
New Year is the perfect time to try new ideas or if you don't have any just try the same old ones backwards, which may not be a very GOOD idea but at least for sure it's a new one. So that's my advice for a happy life in 2009...damn where was I? O yeah, Lea Lexis and Katy Cambel's four fists and a huge black dildo come together to drop it like its hot, right here, right now, in the middle of my living room floor. These beautiful pint sized playmates look like the energizer fuck bunnies, the way they seek and try to destroy each other's pussies. I'm so proud to say that its only January and I start out with this blazing hot scene just for you.
Take the red pill

Episode: 059
Scene ID: 60
Date: 19.01.2009
Directed by: David Perry
Cast: Abbie Cat
File: 059_s60_hd.wmv
Time: 00:30:14.314
Size: 1126,98MB
Hello guys, I would very much like to introduce you to someone, her name is Abbie Cat. Abbie Cat is only nineteen years old so of course she is brand new to the porno business but just take one look at that incredible ass and I'm sure you'll agree that this girl definitely has a great future behind her. Just don't be surprised if in the future you see a scene with me and Abbie together if I get enough positive feedback from the fans it's gonna happen for sure check her out for me and let me know what you think.

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