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[MormonBoyz.com] History of Elder Xanders and Brother Calhoun

: Brother Calhoun (aka Dante Colle/Ryder(CF)), Elder Xanders, President Nelson, Brother Strang, President Oaks, Bishop Angus, Elder Garrett
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Ever since he arrived on his mission, Elder Xanders just wanted to go home. All his life hed been told what to do and where to be. And now that he was eighteen, he wanted freedom.

That wasnt going to be easy for him. Between his youthful looks and his small stature, he was never treated like an adult.

As a missionary, the other boys have given him a nickname. They call him little brother. The other missionaries arent mean. They adore him. But still, its hard not to resent being told how cute he is, or having the other missionary boys ask to have their pictures taken with their cute little brother.

Stature aside, if hed been born anywhere else, hed just be a normal kid. But in his strict Mormon household, he was a bit of a black sheep. With his father being a Stake President and two older brothers who could do no wrong, expectations were high.

Specifically, there was a high expectation for him to tow the line and obey.

This never really sat well with him and he was eager to do something for himself. Nevertheless, while on his mission he was a model of Mormon behavior. That is until he was on splits with Elder Sorenson.

Elder Xanders wasnt exactly hard to read, and that made it that much easier for Sorenson to do what he does best: seduce and fuck the boy senseless and have him beg for more!

The boy practically still had a load in his butt when Sorenson reported his activities to the Brethren, who in turn were quick to act on the information of a potential new recruit. The very next day, Elder Xanders received a call at his apartment. He was being asked to meet with President Nelson.

As much as the young man wanted to go home, Xanders knew that if word got out about having sex with another boy, hed be shunned by his community and family. It made his palms sweaty and his heart race.

On the way to the temple he tried to remain calm, the whole time frightened about what was in store for him.

President Nelson saw the beautiful young wisp of a boy walk into his office. As young looking as any Mormon missionary boy, and barely a young man, Xanders couldnt have weighed more than 100lbs soaking wet. And the boy had the face of a scared child.

Clearly he couldnt shave yet, but that wasnt uncommon for eighteen year old missionary boys. Many of the late bloomers wouldnt be shaving until halfway through their missions. In the case of Elder Xanders, however, he wondered if the boy had even gotten his pubes yet!

The two talked for a while about seemingly everything. P-day activities, his adjustment to being away from home and then the subject of his recent transgression with Elder Sorensen came up. Xanders turned white as a sheet, but Nelson cut to the quick, saying that he knew exactly what took place. Indeed, he said that he knew every last detail of what happened when the boys were on splits.

Nobody needs to know if you can promise me one thing, said Nelson.

Anything, Xanders replied. Please just dont tell my family!

You have to promise youll tell no one about about the remainder of our discussion, or what will happen here today.

Of course.

Good. Stand up, he ordered to the nervous boy. The boy did as he was told, still visibly shaking at his knees.

Get undressed, Nelson instructed.

The young missionary was confused, but did as he was told. He wasnt sure what was going on, but he knew that his fate was in this mans hands. He couldnt say no to him nownot at this point.

Nelson watched him as he stripped. As each piece of clothing fell to the floor, he could see just how tiny this boy really was. He got excited, eager to see his body next to his own.

He told Xanders to stand next to him and he ran his hands over him. He was wearing only his garments, which practically hung off him like robes. As loose as his whites were on his tight little frame, there was one area that was surprisingly very tight: his crotch. This tiny, nervous boy was rock hard.

The boys breath was a soft patter. President Nelson grabbed at the bulge in his shorts, impressed by the massive erection he was concealing. He smiled. Theres nothing quite like the quivering of a young boy who cant help his own arousal.

The older man pulled Xanders garment shorts down and fondled his genitals carefully, stroking his shaft and cradling his balls. He proceeded to remove his shirt as well. He loved seeing his soft, smooth body in all its glory. He needed a thorough inspection.

Get up on all fours, Nelson ordered, not revealing his excitement in his tone. The boy got on top of the desk and stretched out his arms and legs. It felt wrong and uncomfortable, but he knew he was in no position to argue. Besides, he couldnt help but be completely turned on.

President Nelson made his way to the boys backside, running his hands over the boys smooth ass, spreading his tiny cheeks apart to expose his boyhole. His tiny pucker was absolute perfection. He grabbed at him tightly, practically getting the entire buttocks into one of his large man hands.

He felt up Xanders entire body, causing the boy to shake like a leaf. He landed at his front, facing him, locking eyes with him, and placed his fingers in the boys mouth. Xanders soft, full lips instinctively wrapped around Nelson as he felt around his warm, wet, velvetine tongue. Nelson closed his eyes and revealed to the boy an expression of passion. And Xanders cock grew harder.

Come lean over the desk, Nelson whispered. Xanders obeyed, climbing down from the desk and planting his feet firmly on the ground. His palms were sweaty from nerves and he did he best to compose himself. All the while, he heard the sound of Nelsons belt buckle behind him and his heart beat faster.

He waited. Staring ahead, he could could hear the sound of clothes coming off and falling to the floor. He didnt know what to do. His cock was rock hard but he was frozen solid. It wasnt until he felt the warm, stiff shaft of Nelsons bare cock slide against his butt that he felt himself shake free of his anxiety.

President Nelson pressed his body hard against Xanders and pushed his shaft between the boys thin legs. He gently took the boys penis in his hand and stroked it as he caressed his body with the other.

Anxiety turned to anticipation as the horny missionary felt his desire for the man grow. This handsome, powerful, muscular man was in total control and he wanted him to take him.

President Nelson was tempted to skewer this beautiful boy on his massively thick endowment. He wanted to watch his cock push inch by inch into the beautifully smooth ass of this young man. Of course, his nine inches might split the boy in two.

For now the boy was his to do with as he pleased, and he would take his time enjoying the young mans ivory smooth flesh. And if he didnt impale and fuck this beautiful boy today, he wouldnt let Xanders leave his office until he was certain the boy would come back and beg for it later
. : 14.05.2017

Elder Xanders was still catching his breath after he got back to his apartment. With each breath as he lay in bed , he continued to relive his meeting with President Nelson.

It was all so sudden and strange; he wasnt sure how to wrap his head around what had happened.

After getting him naked and touching his body all over, President Nelson proceeded to play with Xanders cock and watch as the young boy masturbated on his desk. Xanders felt violated and humiliated, but also wildly turned on.

After the young missionary ejaculated, President Nelson gave the boy further details about the Order and how Xanders had been selected. Truthfully, the only thing the boy could think about was his exciting violation.

Back home in their missionary apartment, Elder Sorenson pressed him for details on what happened. Elder Xanders was told explicitly to not speak about the Order or what happened between him and President Nelson.

Nevertheless, thought boy thought he could trust Elder Sorenson with secrets about the brethren and told him everything.

Elder Sorenson listened closely, lingering on every word Xanders said. The boys story aroused Sorenson. The thought of the boy being spanked for violating his covenants aroused him more. Even if it didnt turn him on, he was duty bound to tell the Brethren immediately.

It was only a matter of days before Elder Xanders was called back to the temple. He knew he would be meeting with President Oaks, but didnt know why. Did President Oaks know about his tryst with Sorenson? Or even Nelson himself?

Temple patrons guided him into the basement where he was brought to a dark room. With the exception of a few lights, he could hardly make out how wide or long it was. It was total darkness. The only figures that broke up the endless black were President Oaks and Bishop Angus.

President Oaks took a seat in a large, red chair while Bishop Angus stepped toward Xanders, bringing him further into the room. Without saying a word, Oaks made a simple gesture to Angus and the burly bear of a man began to undress nervous, young boy.

Xanders remained still as he was stripped and groped, feeling himself become more vulnerable as he became more naked. He felt just how small he was as he stood next to Bishop Angus. The older man was taller, stronger, and broader than him in every way.

Bishop Angus took complete control of him. Touching him everywhere, grabbing at his genitals and buttocks, navigating in and out of his garments to feel wherever he desired. Xanders knew this was wrong, but knew he couldnt do much to resist. These men were in charge. And inexplicably, this caused Xanders penis to engorge.

President Oaks gestured for Xanders to stand beside him. As soon as the boy did, he was bent over his knee and Oaks pulled down his garments to reveal his lily-white ass. The president ran his hand over it gently, feeling how soft and smooth it was. Oaks own erection began to pop up as he reached behind his desk and pulled out a wooden paddle.

Elder Xanders remained still, not sure what to make of what was happening. He looked toward Angus for a sign of what was to come, but only saw an enigmatic smile break through his salt and pepper beard. The answer came quick and sure when he felt a sharp smack on his behind, followed immediately by the sound of wood hitting flesh.

The paddle struck him over and over, each time seeming to become more painful as the shockwaves lingered throughout his butt. He still had no idea why he was being punished, but at that point the reason was irrelevant.

The pain grew. He cried out, moaning into the darkness for some kind of relief. President Oaks continued on, reddening the cheeks of the young boy as Bishop Angus held him in place. The muscle bear took a hand to the boys neck, holding his chin up so that their eyes would meet. Angus could see the boy was scared and he returned a look that assured him that hed be okay.

Soon the paddle went away and Oaks resumed the percussive discipline with his bare hand. The slaps still stung, but Xanders felt the older mans fingers gently clench after each impact, as if to hold his cheek in place. It lessened the pain somewhat, but more than anything it sparked something in the trembling young boy heavy arousal.

President Oaks could sense it, too. With each smack, the boys reaction became less frightened. His body arched to receive the hand and shook with excitement after. Oaks, of course, could also feel the boys swollen erection pressing into his lap.

Oaks took his hand away and stood the boy up. He looked at him and spoke, Youre probably wondering what that was for.

Elder Xanders stood trembling, uneasy in his nakedness, red-assed and weary, but nodded.

Being in the Order requires you to be obedient in all things, Oaks continued. You were given very specific instructions and you disobeyed. Were here to show you the consequences of that disobedience.

Bishop Angus came behind Xanders and led him away from the chair. He positioned the boy on his knees as Oaks stood up. Stepping behind him, Oaks brought out a red blindfold and placed it over Xanders eyes.

Having authority, we will teach you about trust and compliance. And when were done, there should be no more confusion as to whats expected of you.

Blindfolded, Xanders senses went wild. Without being able to see, he was desperately trying to hear what was happening and what the two men were doing. He was abruptly pushed down on all fours and forced to arch his back in the air.

His butt was aggressively smacked and grabbed as he heard the rustling of clothing in the background. On either side he could hear fabric falling to the floor, buckles jingling, and shoes being removed.

When his garments were taken off, he felt two sets of hands running oil over his exposed hole. He let out a moan as it trickled across his sphincter, not sure what they were doing.

Then, without warning, he felt it. Xanders let out a loud, guttural gasp as he felt a cold, hard, unyielding object enter him. It felt like smooth ice, yet it practically burned as it made its way inside him. It went deeper into his butt, prying his hole open.

It only lasted a moment, but he discovered that this was only the beginning. As quick as the object was pulled out of him, he felt a hard cock push into his mouth, pressing his lips apart as it invaded his face. This was followed almost immediately by another making its way inside his wet hole. He was being taken by both sides, unable to see who it was and unable to stop it.

It was all too much. He felt used. Abused. Completely at the mercy of the these powerful men without any way out. And still, hed never been more turned on
. : 28.05.2017

Elder Xanders couldnt believe it. He wasnt being sent home. Despite his actions with Elder Sorenson, it seemed that the Brethren were going to allow him to stay on his mission.

As relieved as he was, he was still very uneasy with what happened at his last visit to the temple. President Oaks took a great deal of pleasure in spanking his butt as punishment for not keeping their secrets. This, of course, was just the beginning.

Once he was stripped down and vulnerable, both Oaks and Bishop Angus took turns penetrating him and using him hard. Elder Xanders tiny, little body was at the mercy of the older, larger, stronger men.

Still, the worst part about it wasnt being fucked. Part of his punishment meant he wasnt allowed to cum!

Elder Xanders had been jerking off two or three times a day since he was old enough to figure it out. Despite his Mormon background and his mission, he continued to do it, never thinking it was big deal.

As hours turned to days following his unexpectedly rough threesome, he got hard often and felt the itch to touch himselfan itch he was told specifically not to scratch until he was back in the temple.

The boyish young man found himself easily distracted, unable to focus on anything but the hope of being summoned back to the temple. Everything seemed to make him horny. After about a week, one night he finally received the phone call he was waiting forthe Brethren wanted to see him.

Xanders could have cum just from the way his unyielding erection brushed against his garments as he made his way into the temple. The temple patrons took him in and brought him to a room to change. He was told to strip completely and put on a temple shield.

The white sheet was enormous on him, practically weighing down his tiny body. The giant cloth, however, provided Xanders just the cover he needed to hide his boner and continue forward.

As he entered the next room, he was bathed in bright white light. The light seemed to pour out around him, though he knew that in this part of the temple there wasnt a single window.

Standing by the far wall stood Brother Strang.

Brother Strang was a very tall man, probably about a solid foot taller than Elder Xanders. His face was that of a vikings: hard and somewhat rakish, with a long, bushy beard that hung from his chin and over the knot of his tie. Despite his otherwise rough disposition, his hair was impeccably combed and parted, his clothes were as white as the room, and he stood with unimpeachable authority and power.

Xanders stood still beside him, following his few spoken instructions carefully. Brother Strang took a small amount of oil in his hands and began to anoint the young boys body. As he spoke, the words of the ritual put Xanders into a kind of erotic trance, intensified by the older mans gentle, invasive touches over his his already sensitive skin.

As Strang ran his hands across the boys chest, Xanders let out a fluttered breath. Strang heard this and paused only for second before continuing to the boys stomach, legs, and loins. Xanders did his best to contain his expressions, not wanting to appear to enjoy this too much. His body, however, betrayed his will as each point of contact between fingers and flesh shot sparks directly to his crotch.

Seeing the boys rising excitement, Brother Strang kneeled down in front of the boys genitals. Taking the Xanders testicles in his hand, he cupped his penis and began to lightly stroke his aroused shaft.

Xanders looked down, watching at the mans actions. Strang looked up and caught his eye. Elder Xanders could see a dark look in the mans face: scary, but still exciting. Something in the way this man looked at him made him feel less like an anointed missionary and more like a rabbit being seen by a hungry wolf.

Brother Strang stood up, rising high above the tiny missionary, and, without warning, took the boys butt into his hands, pulled him forward, and kissed him passionately. A part of Xanders wanted to run, frightened and timid like that rabbit. But a bigger part wanted to be devoured.

Strang tore the loose robe from Xanders body. Pulling him close again, Strangs beard brushed against his smooth face, surprisingly soft on his tender skin. As his mouth continued to invade his own, Xanders felt the sexy mans fingers tease his hole. His body was nearly shaking with the powerful, pent-up urges the Brethren had forced him hold. With every manipulation of his butt and hole, he lost himself in his pleasure.

Brother Strang guided the boy to his knees, feeling the heat rise off his crotch and hole. With the boy down below him, he unbuckled his belt and pulled out his erection. Elder Xanders took it in his hand, amazed at how long and thick his shaft was.

In a moment of excitement, Xander threw his mouth down on it, feeling it hit the back of throat unexpectedly, causing him to choke and gag on the end of his member.

Brother Strang looked down and laughed lightly. The smile through his beard was supportive, but still had a tone that suggested great pleasure in seeing the boy struggle on the size of his endowment.

Barely under his breath, Elder Xanders could hear the tall man say, Thats it, boy.

Xanders eyes welled up slightly, just enough to make his eyes bright and shiny when he looked up at Brother Strang. The older man was amazed by how well the boy was doing. He looked too young to be so capable. But he knew the real test was yet to come.

Brother Strang pulled his cock out of Xanders tight and dedicated grasp, giving himself the chance to remove his pants and strip down to his garments. With his legs freed, he took Xanders and laid him down on the floor on his back, allowing him to rest on a large, white pillow he pulled from nearby.

With the young boy lying flat, he stopped to take in the sight of his smooth, lean body. The boys penis was fully hard, and Xanders seemed unable to stop touching it. Strang took the boys cock in his mouth and teased it on his tongue.

Xanders couldnt believe how good it felt. The mans warm mouth wet and massaged his penis in a way hed not felt in days. He tightened his hole, hoping to keep himself from losing the feeling.

Strang, of course, was just exciting the boys body to receive his real pleasure. Taking his cock out of his mouth, Brother Strang pulled his cock through his garments, resting it on the crotch of Elder Xanders while he reached for the oil. The boys waist barely seemed wider than his cock, which only turned the man on more.

Stroking his cock with the available oil, he placed the tip gently on the smooth and sensitive hole of his young catamite. Xanders let out a moan, his body already anticipating the feeling to come. Once Strang gently pushed himself past his anal ring, Xanders moans turned to cries as he felt himself pierced deep.

As the older man made his way deeper inside, pumping himself in and out faster and faster, the young boys sounds were silenced by an instructive shhh.

Elder Xanders did his best to keep quiet, but the bearded giant seemed determined and passionate in taking him. The young boy breathed deep, relaxed his hole, and felt his body vibrate as his swollen prostate got assaulted, one hard thrust after another
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Elder Xanders woke up and got undressed. He made his way into the bathroom and turned on the shower. He felt the water to see that it was warm and got under the stream. All this was normal and routine except for one thing: he had to leave the bathroom door open.

During his recent meetings with President Oaks about his induction into the Order, Xanders was asked if he touched himself during the few alone times he had as a missionary.

This, of course, was something Xanders could not deny. And the brethren expressly forbade unsanctioned sexual activity.

During a follow up meeting with the mission president, Xanders and his companion, Elder Garrett, were instructed to leave the bathroom door open in their apartment at all times.

Elder Garrett was additionally instructed to report anything inappropriate as well.

Elder Xanders tried to go on about his business, but the whole thing was incredibly humiliating. Not only did he have to forfeit his last slice of privacy, he also knew Elder Garrett was explicitly instructed to police him.

Elder Garrett, however, wasnt super keen on the entire situation. This meant no privacy for him either and the last thing he wanted was to be completely exposed.

Back when he was at the Missionary Training Center, hed been forced to take group showers with the other boys, making him very uncomfortable. He had a tendency to get aroused easily, and being in that environment left him no place to hide his boners.

Now, even in his own missionary apartment, he still had no place to hide.

And he wasnt just hiding his boners, he was hiding a secret. His secret was the reason the wet naked bodies of the other boys as they showered gave him a boner.

Today, Elder Garrett went into the shower and tried to get in and out as quickly as possible, hoping he could go unseen. As soon as the warm water hit his body, he felt his penis begin to swell up. It was as if his genitals had a mind of their own every time he got in the shower.

Garrett began to reach for the soap and lather up his smooth, wet body when he saw a naked Elder Xanders watching him from the other room.

Elder Xanders was also fully erect.

The two boys shared a still moment, not sure what to do. They were conflicted, for sure, but also incredibly aroused. Theyd not masturbated in a while and were desperate to cum. Elder Garrett looked at Xanders small, smooth body and felt himself become even more turned on.

While Elder Garrett had a girlfriend back home, he also knew that the sight of naked boys turned him. He had never considered himself gay. That is, he never considered it until a few weeks ago.

And now, presented with this awkward, exposed moment, he found himself intrigued, excited and very much wanting Xanders.

Seeing the tortured look in Garretts face, Elder Xanders stepped into the bathroom and made his way into the shower. Under the water, the two boys stood next to each other, staring at one another intently. Before Garrett could explain away his boner, Xanders grabbed a bar of soap and began to soap down his companion.

It didnt take long for them to begin kissing each other and touching each other all over, soaping down their bodies and feeling every inch of their exposed, wet skin. Garrett couldnt believe he was doing this with another guy, but it felt too good to resist.

They rinsed off their bodies and made their way back to their bedroom, toweling each other off as they went. When they were back in their room, Elder Garrett laid Xanders down between their beds, pressing his body on top and kissing him passionately.

Their penises rubbed against each other as their tongues wrestled. Elder Garrett lifted his head up and looked down at his excited companion. He smiled at him, still shocked by his own indulgences, and tousled his hair as he broke away.

Elder, we need to get ready for bed, Garrett said as calmly as he couldtrying to reassure himself as much as his companion.

The two boys got up and began their nightly routine, reaching for their garments and settling in for sleep. Suddenly, a knock came at their door. The blood rushed from their faces as they saw Bishop Angus walk in.

You dont have to stop, Angus said encouragingly. You arent the only ones who see whats going on in that shower.

Elder Xanders understood immediately that the brethren had set him up. And just as quickly he understood what was expected of him.

Elder Garrett, on the other hand, was not exactly caught off guard. He didnt know if or when it might happen, but after going on splits with Brother Johnson a few days earlier, he suspected that an unannounced visit from one of their priesthood leaders was a real possibility.

Unbeknownst to Elder Xanders, Bishop Angus had setup several web cameras in the boys apartment when the two boys were out for the day. Xanders had been meeting with President Nelson. It was the meeting during which President Nelson had extended to the boy his official calling to join the Order.

At the same time, his companion had been on splits with Brother Johnson.

While on splits, Brother Johnson had quickly learned of Elder Garretts secret attraction to boys. During lunch at Brother Johnsons home, the sexy man expertly seduced, stripped and molested the young man.

Brother Johnson told Elder Garrett about the secret priesthood order. Before he dropped the boy off back at his mission apartment, he told him that cameras had been placed in their apartment that day. His priesthood leaders would be watching him, and others would likely want to do more of the things that he and Brother Johnson had done.

And taking advantage of the boys guilt, Brother Johnson swore Elder Garrett to secrecy about everything that had been said and done that day, not the least of which was their sexual encounter.

That was several days ago, but always on Elder Garretts mind.

And very much on his mind as he was heading to his bed, still in a state of undress, as the bishop came into their room.

He was initially expecting some sort of reprimand. But the handsome muscle daddy surprised him with his response.

Garrett didnt know what to do. It felt like a trap or some sort of test. The older man stepped closer to the two boys and pressed a firm, strong hand on each of their shoulders. He pushed them together, making them stand inches apart, still completely nude. It was clear what he wanted.

Elder Garrett leaned in to resume kissing his companion while Bishop Angus guided the small boy closer to him. Having the older man there gave Elder Garrett permission. The strong, clothed man gave him permission to do thisand he needed it badly.

Two boys continued to make out with each other while Bishop Angus touched their bodies, as if he was directing their actions, while taking the opportunity to play with their erect genitals. He would even take their cocks in his mouth, grabbing at their butts.

Elder Garrett felt like he was in some kind of dream. In what world would he be able to make out with his companion while the bishop watched? It was so wrong and so hot at the same time. His head spun trying to make sense of it all.

Bishop Angus came behind Elder Xanders, took Garretts hand and placed in between Xanders butt cheeks. The confused boy felt his companions tight hole and began to finger it gently. It felt warm and tight, and he wanted to feel it deeper.

Bishop Angus took off his clothes and watched as his young boys played with each other, kissing and following his lead. Once he was down to his garments, he brought himself close to their bodies, feeling the heat from their skin against his. He took his large, furry, manly hand and placed it on Xanders backside as well, teasing the young boys hole alongside Garrett.

Elder Xanders felt his tiny boy boy butt pulled and poked in each direction, getting him more and more excited. Then Bishop Angus spoke up and make him nearly drip with arousal.

Elder Xanders, you want to fuck him? he asked. Xanders nodded to the older man, lust burning in his eyes. Bishop Angus grabbed at Elder Garretts neck and pulled him down. He spoke loudly and with authority, Down on your knees.

Elder Garrett obeyed, crawling up on the ottoman on all fours with his ass in the air. He couldnt believe what was happening. Elder Xanders was going to fuck him while Bishop Angus watched!

A part of him wanted to run out the door, knowing everything about this moment was foreign and against all hed ever known. A bigger part of him wanted to feel the boys cock in his ass and earn the older mans approval.

All he could do was arch his back and breath, feeling Bishop Angus hand lift up his chin and bring him in to kiss the bearded leader. His penis hardened as he could taste the older mans tongue on his own, and just as hed lost himself in their embrace, he felt the tip of Xanders cock press between his tight, virgin hole
. : 18.06.2017

Brother Calhoun loves being the Ward Mission Leader. It gives him incredible pride and joy to be able to enrich the experiences of the missionaries.

He had the time of his life when he was an elder and made good friends. He wanted his current calling to be similarly fun, and be an opportunity to bond and build new friendships.

For the most part, this was true. But as ward mission leader, he interacted with Brother Strang in the area mission leadership. Brother Strang had a way about him that made Calhoun uncomfortable.

For one thing, he stood out because of his long beard and a rugged look which did not exactly blend in with the otherwise clean cut, modern men of the church.

But shaving is not a requirement for priesthood leaders, just the young missionary boys. So this was mostly just a clash of aesthetics.

But Strang was also quite friendly. Unusually friendly. Friendly in a kind of a pushy way. Brother Strang would always touch him uninvited. Nothing suggestive, but an arm hold or a quick rub of his back while chatting, and it just seemed unsettling.

Calhoun did his best to ignore him, focus on his assignment, and keep guarded for any other encounters with Brother Strang. His girlfriend even suggested he back off altogether, maybe even asking to be released from his calling. But Calhoun was dedicated to his calling.

One day while going about his usual tasks in the temple, Brother Calhoun made his way down the stairs to a long row of storage rooms. He wanted to check on a few things before heading to the locker room where he would change back into his street clothes and leave for the day. As he turned a corner on the stairs, he saw Brother Strang standing there, smiling. He must have been waiting for me, Calhoun thought to himself. He tried to be polite and just move on, but Strang spoke to him.

Brother Calhoun, how are you?

Anxiously, Calhoun responded, Doing well, how are you?

They continued to exchange small pleasantries, until Calhoun placed his hand on his shoulder. It was more aggressive than the usual hand on shoulder, or prolonged handshake, or similar. More of a hold than a touch. It made Calhoun nervous.

I think I should go, he said, his voice trembling slightly with unease. Instead of backing away, Brother Strang got a look in his eyes that made Calhoun panic. It was predatory and wild and was followed by a sudden shove against the wall.

Brother Strang used his upper body and left arm to pin Calhoun to the wall by his shoulders, and groped the boys crotch with his free right hand.

Calhoun was stunned by the violent push. He didnt know what was happening. It was so fast he could hardly think fast enough to react. All he could do was try to struggle his way out of Strangs grasp.

In a quick jerking movement, he broke free of Strangs hand and tried to crawl his way back up the stairs. His climb was cut short as the bearded aggressor pulled him back by his foot, dragging him back down.

Strang moved on top of Calhoun, straddling his waist and holding him down on the ground. Calhoun kept telling him to get off, but the wild man covered his mouth. Adrenaline coursed through his veins, making his heart thundered loudly in his chest. He could barely hear his own muffled protests over his own pulse booming in his ears.

Strang looked up and around, looking to see if there was anyone around. For a moment, Calhoun thought this might be over. Someone would surely be coming by and help him. This thought was followed by a sudden and strange feeling of desire. Somewhere in the back of his mind, beyond his own comprehension, he didnt want this to stop. He wanted to be taken.

Strang was scanning to see if things were clear, and in a split second Calhoun switched from panic to frustration that Strang might just stop thereand then he pulled Strangs face toward him for a kiss.

Brother Strang responded by kissing the young man passionately and aggressively. And to his amusement, Calhoun was kissing him back.

But Strang became impatient and wanted more than just kissing. He lifted the young man up to his feet and pressed him against the wall once more. He held him firmly in place with an arm and a leg, removing his belt and pulling his pants down. Calhouns breaths were shallow and quick, still trying to catch up from their stairwell wrestle. With Calhouns pants down, Strang had full view of special garments.

In a heat of excitement, he turned the young man around, pressing him against the wall even harder, and pulled down his garments, exposing his snow white behind.

Calhoun feared where this was headed, but was in a state of shock and internal conflict. He felt his body overpowered and confined. He lost all feeling of security and will. Strang was in control and he wasnt sure he could or even should fight back.

He repeated no and stop but felt like the possibility was slim that anyone would hear or intervene in that part of the temple. Strang knew this boys protests were in vain, which is why he singled him out in the first place.

Strang could sense Calhoun wanted to be dominated, controlled, and used by another man. It came off of him like a pheromone that he could smell every time he got close. Calhouns awkwardness around him wasnt fear, but rather desire. Desire that had been so locked down, deeply repressed and quieted that even Calhoun had no idea it was there.

Calhoun continued futily, putting up just enough of a fight to convince himself that he tried, but Strang just whispered in his ear, you know you want it.

Strang unbuckled his belt and let his pants fall behind him, a sound that shot Calhoun into total fear and even made him struggle to get free of the wall. Strang reinforced himself against him. And in the same motion, he pulled his cock out of his garments and pressed it between the scared boys cheeks.

Calhoun continued to say no, despite his growing erection, but deep down he knew the inevitable: he was going to be fucked.

Strang spit a bit on the tip of cock and pressed himself firmly against Calhouns exposed hole. Calhoun let out a pained sound as Strang pierced through his sphincter, feeling his sensitive hole give under the mans force.

It hurts, he said, barely above a whispermore of a plea to slow down than a no.

Thats not what your ass says, Strang replied flippantly, filling his ass further and harder. Strangs hard cock invaded Calhouns body, fucking him roughly and aggressively. The young man closed his eyes and breathed, taking it as best he could, all the while thinking in the back of his mind, More
ind, More
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Brother Calhoun couldnt stop thinking about what happened on the stairs. In the nights that followed, he even dreamt about the way Brother Strang pinned him down and fucked him.

He was so confused and torn about how to feel. He couldnt talk to anyone about it, resigning his concerns to the echo chamber of his mind.

He felt guilty and angry that he was made to feel so powerless. It was a complete violation, and he knew thatbut at the same time, he knew it turned him on.

Hed never once considered what it would be like to be with another guy, and now that it had happened, he didnt know what that meant for his calling. Mormons are not supposed to think about having sex with men, let alone actually do it.

And while the decision ultimately was not his, he knew on some level he wanted it.

He did his best to ignore it and go about his life, but he felt something was different about him. And he didnt know what that would mean.

The first indication of this change came when Brother Calhoun had been meeting with Elder Xanders and his companion. The three talked about their missionary work with members, and Calhoun gave them advice on how best to get member referrals.

During this meeting, however, Calhoun found himself surprisingly distracted by Elder Xanders. The young boy was very boyishly framed, short, and had very full lips. He had a smoothness that made him think of his girlfriend. And taken together, these things made him excited.

Later at home, Calhoun couldnt stop thinking about Xanders. In his nightly struggle to quiet his mind, he found himself conflating his anger and confusion about Strang with his new appreciation for Elder Xanders. Somewhere in his thoughts, he began to think about how it felt to be overpowered by Strang.

The thought started to make him hard and soon his hand fell to his rising erection. He closed his eyes to touch himself, hoping to find some relief and get some rest, when his fantasy changed suddenly. It was no longer he who was pinned down, but Xanders. And it wasnt Strang that was holding him down, he was the one holding down little Xanders.

He stopped immediately, shocked by his own imagination. He closed his eyes and tried to sleep.

As he had with so many missionaries before, Brother Calhoun set up member-missionary splits with Elder Xanders. Brother Calhoun made the arrangements, but he felt uneasy about it. He didnt want to have the thoughts he was having, but that seemed to be out of his control.

He knew that being in Xanders company would only make things harder. Despite this, he gave in to his powerful drive to be alone with the boy.

And after a long day on splits with Xanders, it was time to shower up before bed. Calhoun opened his scriptures and tried his best to focus on the scriptures and not dwell on the struggles of the past few days. For a time this worked. But the dark thoughts came back.

He could hear the water running in the bathroom and imagined the young boy inside his shower. He wondered what his body looked like without his clothes. It didnt take long before Xanders came out of the shower in his towel, and Calhoun got his answer.

Elder Xanders was in clear view of him as he began to towel off his naked body. The boy was so smooth and delicate. From behind he reminded Calhoun even more of his girlfriend. Yet somehow even more exciting sexually. His perfectly shaped butt and long, thin legs made him seem some small and so gentle.

Calhoun kept watching, unable to look away, though he knew he should. He felt his penis become aroused, but didnt know what to do about it. He kept his scriptures in his lap, and tried to not make it obvious that he was looking.

As Xanders bent over, he could see his perfect, fresh, pink hole, fully on display. It was too much for Calhoun to take. He needed to feel good again, to quiet his mind, and get some relief from his anguish. And in a sudden burst of fury and passion, he stood up from his bed and rushed Xanders from behind.

Calhoun cupped a hand over Xanders mouth, keeping him from gasping too loud from the shock. He pushed him down on the bed, holding him in place with his knee while he ran his hands over the boys damp body.

Xanders trembled underneath the older mans hold, not sure what to do or say. He knew hed be no physical match for Calhoun whatsoever. He was stunned, aroused and immediately became docile.

Calhoun didnt even notice the affect he had on the young boy. He was so preoccupied with feeling around his genitals and butt that it didnt occur to him just how nervous and frightened Xanders might be. The boys body was still wet from the shower and Calhoun pressed his fingers hard against his hole. He wanted to take the boys body, and he felt he deserved it.

Brother Calhoun took Elder Xanders hands and held them hard behind his back, holding him down such that the young boy couldnt even squirm. He spit out onto the boys hole and fingered it in, getting his tight pucker good and wet. He then planted his mouth between the boys small butt cheeks, feeling the warmth of his body meet his face. He licked his sphincter long and deep as Xanders trembles began to diminish.

Elder Xanders was unsure of what Calhoun would do, but he couldnt help be pacified by the feeling of his ass being eaten out. It was a familiar comfort that made his body relax and his hole warm up. The aggression that that older man displayed was new and scary, but at the same time, every time Calhouns mouth met his ass, he let out a moan of pleasure.

Dont move, Calhoun ordered, his voice a dark and threatening tone hed never used before.

The leader stood and began to undress, removing his shorts and shirt as he watched the young missionary immobilized on his bed. To his amusement, Xanders didnt move. He didnt run or fight or scream out. He continued to lay flat with his ass exposed.

A rush of excitement flooded his mind as he took out his rock hard cock and began to stroke it. He felt an incredible sense of power and control over Xanders. He felt strong as if he was getting back some of what hed lost to Brother Strang.

Calhoun wrapped his arm around Xanders body, lifting him up off the bed and dragging him over to the other side of the room. He couldnt believe how easy it was.

He held Xanders close to him, such that the boys ass pressed against his erection, holding it snugly between his soft cheeks. His eyes went wide as his urge to fuck took over. He held him firmly with one arm wrapped around his waist and bending him over with the other. Calhoun ran his cock against the boys tight, wet hole.

In a sudden push, he made his way inside Xanders body.

The young boy let out a muffled yelp as he tried to steady himself on his feet. Calhoun tightened his grip as he pushed in deeper, feeling the boys hole pulse fiercely around the shaft of his penis. He pumped his body furiously into him, unrelenting in his need to dominate
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