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Nikki Anderson

Страна: Hungary
Жанр: All Sex, Anal, Cumshot, Double Penetration, Group, Glamour, Hardcore, Lingerie
Real Name: Nikoletta Prusinszky
Date of Birth: 11/03/1977
Place of Birth: Hungary Hungary
Height: 1,72m/5'7"
Stats: 34C-23-33/36D-24-36
Film Career: 1996-2001
Nikky Anderson was born in Hungary on 11 March 1977. Having finished school she decided against working in an office, partly because she found it boring, and partly because the salaries in Hungary at the time were so low. Instead she turned her attention towards modelling, knowing full well that she had both the figure and face for the job. To support herself she began working as an erotic dancer, and spent most of her free nights at Budapest's top nightclub, High Light. While on the dance floor one night she was approached by a Frenchman, inquiring as to whether she would be interested in making a porn film. Nikki immediately refused, believing that such a step would inevitably involve appearing in sado-masochistic and bestiality videos, and eventually lead to prostitution. Instead she continued mainstream modelling and started making a name for herself. Agencies began to notice her and soon she became one of the main underwear and beauty product models in the country. Unfortunately she found the underwear and beauty product industry boring and tiring. The final straw came one day after spending eight hours modelling a face cream, before driving home, only for her car to break down on the motorway near the Slovak border.
Soon after Nikki was once again approached in the High Light nightclub and asked whether she would be interested in making a porn film. The man turned out to be French director Pierre Woodman, who had established a reputation for making quality productions for the Swedish company Private. This time Nikki agreed to meet him the following day and discuss his proposal.
According to Pierre she was a virgin at the casting. Nikki herself would later claim that up until this point she was sexually inexperienced and had had only two previous lovers. This is not completely true. Throughout high school Nikki had a reputation for having a wild streak. This often got her into trouble and she was suspended twice. The first time because she was caught in the teachers room having sex with a member of staff, and the second time for having sex with a classmate in the toilets. Nevertheless, the 18 year-old Nikki was clearly nervous during her meeting with Woodman, as is evident on the later released video, 'Casting 3' (1998).
Pierre Woodman: “With Nikki Anderson it was special because like most of the girls, she didn’t want to meet up with me or come to the casting. Finally we got her. At the casting she was a little difficult.”
During the interview Woodman asked her a number of questions about herself, and then suggested she undress for the camera. At this point Nikki changed her mind about the entire affair and decided to leave. It was only after Woodman ran down the hotel corridor re-assuring her, that she eventually returned.
According to Woodman “She’s in the category of the girl, and I’m sorry to say this, that is not one of the most intelligent. Casting is always most difficult when the girls aren’t that intelligent. People think that if a girl is stupid it’s easier to get her to do porn. The opposite is true. If a girl is intelligent she may accept or not accept what you say, but at least she can understand you and therefore you can convince her. When a girl is stupid, you can talk for five hours and she will never understand anything.”
Nikki agreed to strip down to her underwear, and it became obvious that she had a stunning figure. Woodman eventually persuaded her to undress completely and masturbate in front of the camera. By this point she had lost her inhibitions and the French director soon persuaded her to have sex with him on film. Although Nikki was not inexperienced, she had never had anal sex and was still evidently nervous. In her first ever on-screen sex scene, Woodman proceeded to have sex with Nikki in every possible position, before having anal sex with her and eventually coming in her mouth. Although by the end of it Nikki looked a bit overcome, Woodman knew he had found a star.
Soon after her first casting, Nikki signed a contract with Private Video, and two weeks later was flown off to Egypt where she appeared in her first full-length hardcore porn film, 'Pyramide' (1996), along with Woodman's future wife, Latvian star Tania Russof. The now 19 year-old Nikki only had a small role in the film, but it was clear that she had potential. For his next film, 'Sweet Baby' (1996), Woodman cast her in the starring role, and she proceeded to take part in her first-ever double penetration scene. Despite looking stunning on film, Woodman later admitted: “Nikki has a problem. She has a chicken brain, and when she tries to act she’s terrible. In ‘Sweet Baby’ I had so much trouble to get what I wanted with the acting part.”
“She worked with me for one-and-a -half years and of course we always shot anal. She had never done anal before, and when she was working for Private she only did anal when I fucked her, or when I was filming her for a movie. She never did it in her private life because she was afraid of the pain. Then she went to Spain to work for [French actor/director] Christophe Clark. It was the first time she did anal with anybody else. When she returned to Budapest I did one photo-shoot with her and realised her arse had been destroyed! It was June 1997, and the last time I worked with her. By this point her attitude to the job had changed. She had started to become a worker. With me she was a sexual worker - having sex, having orgasms, and working at the same time. When she came back from Spain all she could think about was how much she would make. She was different.”
During 1997 and 1998 Nikki continued to appear in a number of European releases, often co-starring with such major European stars as Sylvia Saint, Olivia Del Rio and Karen Lancaume. Her status was consolidated in 1997 when she won the Award for Best Actress at the Hot D’Or Adult Film Awards in Cannes. In 1998 Private included her, along with Sylvia Saint, Anita Blond, Helen Duval, Draghixa, and Tabatha Cash in it's video 'Private Stars', which was a celebration of it's most famous actresses. Nikki's big break, however, came in 1998 with the release of John Stagliano's 'Buttman In Budapest' (1998). He later recalled: "I first shot Nikki Anderson in 'Buttman In Budapest,' with Christoph [Clarke] and Andrew Youngman. She has beautiful skin, perfect round hips and butt, although her cheeks are not like, 'Oh, spectacular, spectacular!' Her hips and butt are perfect in so many ways. The thing about Nikki is that she's got the cutest butthole that I have ever shot. She exudes vibrancy, a youthfulness and health that makes her so much fun to shoot. There's another thing about Nikki, which is when she gets fucked in the ass, she really makes a lot of noise, which is pretty interesting. If you check out 'EuroAngels 1' I think it is, Nikki is getting fucked in the ass and is really loud."
'Buttman In Budapest' opened Nikki up to the US market, and she soon began moving between the States and Europe to appear in a number of releases. In 1999 she teamed up with French producer and director Marc Dorcel. Dorcel ran VMD productions, the largest adult video company in France, and was responsible for turning Laure Sainclair, Anita Blond, Anita Dark, Maria De Sanchez, Lea Martini, Karen Lancaume and Olivia Del Rio into major European porn stars. Nikki began appearing in a number a top quality porn films that took full advantage of her beautiful figure and face. In 2000 she reverted to her natural hair colour and as a brunette appeared on the cover of the May edition of Penthouse (US Edition) as Pet of the Month.
Nikki Anderson admits to enjoying sex with women, but claims she prefers men. "One of my favourite scenes is one in which I had sex with 7 boys in a restaurant." Porn has also allowed her to live out most of her sexual fantasies, "The only one I haven't fulfilled is having sex with a homosexual guy. I hope I'll do it some day." According to Nikki porn never interfered with her private life, claiming that her boyfriends were usually "delighted" to see her getting fucked in front of the camera. However, in 2001 she admitted "I won't be working in the adult industry forever. I have plans. I want to start my own business. I really like makeup, so maybe I'll open a beauty shop."
Nikki Anderson, even by porn standards, was not a good actress. Her inability to speak either English or French meant that she rarely had any lines. She simply stood around looking pretty before being fucked by one or a number of men. Nevertheless, it worked, and although she never had the natural fluidity of Laure Sainclair or Olivia Del Rio in front of the camera, she still became one of the most popular porn stars in Europe. By 2001, however, the European market had become saturated by Nikki Anderson movies, and her appeal began to wane. She went for quick money and as a result killed off her career through over-exposure!
According to Pierre Woodman, in a 2005 interview: “I think Nikki pushed her body too far. Now I think she’s stripping somewhere. She’s a good girl, her heart is in the right place. I think if she had been more intelligent she could have had a fantastic career and become one of the biggest stars ever, because she was very, very beautiful. One of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.”

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