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Скачать Dylan Ryder MegaPack№3 (65 роликов) [Big tits, All Sex, HandJob, Oral, Solo, Lesbo, Group] через torrent

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Dylan Ryder MegaPack№3

Имя актрисы: Dylan Ryder
Жанр: Big tits, All Sex, HandJob, Oral, Solo, Lesbo, Group

Тип ПАКа: В ПАКе больше 50 роликов (MegaPack)
Количество роликов: 65

Имя: Dylan Ryder
Дата рождения: Февраль 23, 1981
Место рождения: California ,USA
Цвет Глаз: Карие
Цвет волос: Шатенка
Рост: 175 cm
Вес: 69 кг

Dylan Ryder was born February 23, 1981. Ryder was born and raised in California. She resides in Orange County. Ryder was a flirt growing up and loved attention. She excelled in competitive swimming and modeling. When she turned 18 she moved to the Central Coast and took up nursing, and later became a substance abuse treatment counselor. Ryder was drawn into adult films when she was 22 and saw a Penthouse magazine. The models were so beautiful and sensual. They had something that Dylan knew she wanted to explore. She finally sent photos to an adult company. Her first shoot was for Reality Kings. She enjoyed her time in the business but quickly took a break to become a correctional officer in Arizona. After working in such a harsh environment, she longed to be closer to her family. After she moved back to California, Ryder wanted back in the business. With her new breasts, 474 cc overfilled to 575cc, saline, and new attitude she wanted to jump right in! Ryder like so many women found her sexuality and became comfortable with her body in her mid 20's. Dylan has been a front runner in the adult industry since her return in July 2008. Ryder continues to show her playful and sweet side while turning up the heat with her very sexy figure. Ryder's confidence clearly shines in each scene! Dylan has a great smile, beautiful big eyes, a tall statuesque figure and perfect breasts. Ryder is truly the total package! Dylan enjoys travel, Disneyland, going to the beach, reading true crime and swimming. She has a close relationship with her family and friends. Official links for Dylan Ryder Fans... http://www.myspace.com/theofficialdylanryder http://twitter.com/DylanRyderxxx " I am very sexual and love knowing people enjoy watching me. I think the sexiest thing about me are my eyes! I love getting into it and then looking at the camera with a very lustful, lascivious, libidinous wanton, way! I love being a highly sexual person! I love to embrace the moment and enjoy the feeling and rush of being on camera." Dylan Ryder


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