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Rocket League
Год выпуска: 2015
Жанр: Racing, Sports
Разработчик: Psyonix
Издательство: Psyonix
Код диска: CUSA01433
Регион: EUR
Тип издания: Полное
Версия игры: v1.17
Требуемая версия прошивки: 2.00
Работоспособность проверена релизером: Нет
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Язык озвучки: Английский
Описание: Автофутбол возвращается в этом долгожданном сиквеле знаменитого симулятора автофутбола с реалистичной физикой – многопользовательской игры S.A.R.P. Battle-Cars! На ваш выбор - различные автомобили с огромными ракетными ускорителями, взлетающие в воздух, используйте их чтобы забивать голы, демонстрировать невероятные сейвы и даже крушить соперников на невероятных скоростях!
-Added "NBA Flag Pack" DLC, including…
-(DLC) 30 NBA team flags
-Added NBA Logo flag
-Players can now auto-save replays mid-game
-Players can now name/rename Replays
-"Hoops" playlist is now available in Casual playlists, Private Matches and Exhibition.
-New "Cosmic" Arena has been added to the "Rocket Labs" playlist
-Multiple Bug Fixes
-Changes to vehicle hitboxes and ball physics behavior
-ESRB Rating has been lowered to "E"
-Multiple Bug Fixes...
-Added "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Car Pack" DLC, including...
-(DLC) Exclusive "Batmobile" Battle-Car
-(DLC) Three new Antenna Flags:
-"Wonder Woman"
-Added a new automated camera option in Spectator Mode
-Various bug fixes
-Various bug fixes
-Various bug fixes
-Season 1 of Ranked play has ended and rewards have been given to all Ranked participants
-The "Rocket Labs" experimental playlist is now available for casual Online play
-New Item Rarity system introduced, "Common" and "Uncommon" items can now be found after matches
-"Wasteland" arena has been added to Competitive Playlists
-"Snow Day" can now be played in Private Matches
-Improved performance on multiple arenas
-Player Reporting feature has been added
-"Quick Chat Only" filter has been added to Text Chat options
-Multiple outstanding bugs have been fixed
-Added "Chaos Run" DLC Pack, including...
-(DLC) Exclusive "Grog" and "Ripper" Battle-Cars
-(DLC) Six Decals for each new vehicle
-(DLC) Two new Paint Types: "Camo," and "Sun-Damaged"
-(DLC) Two new Wheels: "Grog" and "Ripper"
-(DLC) Two new Rocket Boosts: "Nuts & Bolts" and "Sandstorm"
-(DLC) Three new Toppers: "Boombox, Cow Skull," and "Mohawk,"
-(DLC) Three new Antenna Toppers: "Bomb Pole, Radioactive," and "Retro Ball - Wasteland"
-Added "Wasteland" Arena
-Added three new Portal themed Rocket Trails
-Added six new Portal themed Video Game Antennas
-"Mutator Mashup" has been added to Unranked Playlist menu
-Custom Mutator settings are available in Exhibition and Private Match
-Titles can now be swapped or disabled in the Garage
-Improved turn radius on Venom, Paladin, Merc, Scarab, and Backfire
-Spectator input is now required when skipping replays in Private Match
-Weather Effects can now be toggled on/off
-Added 13 new Video Game Antennas including: Fallout, Oddworld, Driveclub, and Unreal Tournament
-Added 7 new Community Flags
-Adjusted Rank Point Calculations
-Ball indicator now properly appears in Beckwith Park (Stormy)
-Improved Ranked post-game UI stability when attempting to chat
- Added "Revenge of the Battle-Cars" DLC Pack, including...
- (DLC) Exclusive "Scarab" and "Zippy" Battle-Cars
- (DLC) Six Decals for each new vehicle
- (DLC) Three new Paint Types: "Toon Glossy, Toon Matte," and "Toon Wood"
- (DLC) Two new Wheels: "Scarab" and "Zippy"
- (DLC) Two new Rocket Boosts: "Accelerato" and "Battle-Stars"
- (DLC) Four new Toppers: "Cavalier, Locomotive, Pixelated Shades," and "Shark Fin"
- (DLC) Two new Antenna Toppers: "Retro Ball - Urban" and "Retro Ball - Utopia"
- Added "Urban Central (Night)" and "Utopia Coliseum (Dusk)" Arenas
- Added five new Community Flags and three new Video Game Antennas
- Ranked Season 1 Officially begins
- Added multiple Ranked Season Divisions with post-Season Division placement rewards
- Added "Ranked Solo Standard" back to the Online match queue
- Made multiple improvements and adjustments to the Utopia Coliseum arena
- Added Music Player interface to all menu screens
- Added "Featured Video" to in-game blog roll
- Added multiple "Spectate" mode improvements
- Added 12 new Community Flags, 2 new Chivalry Flags, and 20+ new Country Flags
- Repaired sound-related crash scenario that caused the game to crash on the loading screen after multiple matches
- Added "Supersonic Fury" DLC Pack Support, including..
- (DLC) Exclusive "Dominus" and "Takumi" Battle-Cars
- (DLC) Six Decals for each new vehicle
- (DLC) Five new paint types: "Brushed Metal, Carbon Fiber, Metallic Pearl, Pearlescent," and "Wood"
- (DLC) Two new Wheels: "Cristiano" and "Spinner"
- (DLC) Two new Rocket Boosts: "Burnout" and "Nitrous"
- Added "Utopia Coliseum" Arena
- Added "Spectate" to "Choose Team" menu in "Private Matches," allowing players the option to watch games rather than participate (3v3 match-type maximum)
- Added 70+ new Country Flags and three "Sorry" items for our overloaded launch servers ("Servergate" Wheels, "Disconnected" Antenna, and "White Flag")
- Added 3v3 Team Ranked as a replacement for 3v3 Solo the Online match queue
- Ranked matches will no longer start if the game is not full
- Added the ability to create or join Private Matches that can be named and/or password-protected
- Added "Vote to Forfeit" button to "Ranked" online matches
- Up to four Party member's Battle-Cars can now be displayed on the Menu screens
"Quick Chat" commands can now be used cross-platform
Stat tracking for online games is now properly recorded for all Garage items
AI Bot skill levels now adjust to the average skill level of all players currently in the game
The first player to abandon a "Ranked' match is now banned from matchmaking for 15 minutes
"Far, Far Away" Trophy can now be unlocked via online play
Player's "Win / Loss Ratio" is now displayed as a "Win %"
Fixed multiple crash scenarios
Server stability improvements
Misc. minor bug fixes and polish

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