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Best Of The 1970''s. Volume 1 / Лучшее из 70-х. Сборник №1

Год выпуска
: 1979-1987 г. г.
Страна: USA
Жанр: Bareback, Muscle, Oral, Anal, Masturbation, Group, Butt Play/Dildos, Threesome, Rimming, Outdoor, Hairy, Compilation, Cumshot, Masturbation
Продолжительность: 06:00:00
Режиссер: Al Parker, Bill Clayton
Студия: Falcon Studios Entertainment
В ролях: Andy Fuller, Big Ben, Bill, Bill Adams, Billy Putnam, Chad Benson, Chris, Dick Fisk, Don Talon, Ed Wiley, Eric Nolte, Frank, Gordon Grant, Guillermo, Hal Drake, Jack Egan, Jeff Carsen, Jeff Turk, Joe Andrews, John Carpenter, Johnny Harden, Josh Kincaid, Kristen Bjorn, Luke, Mac Turner, Mac Turner, Michael, Mike, Mike Cole, Mike Flynn, Peter, Peter Hanson, Philip, Randy Page, Roger (III), Scott O''Hara, Skip Wilson, Sky Dawson, Ted, Tim Kramer, Tom Manley, Vince Clark

1. The Other Side of Aspen 1, pt 1 175''
Dick Fisk, Chad Benson
Market Reports Newsletter:
The story begins with a jogger leaving his apartment for a run through San Francisco neighborhoods, leaving a note for a friend. The scene cuts to a skier coming off a run, then shows him walking up to a chalet where he sees Dick Fiske and another guy undressing and begin to suck each other. The scene cuts back to the runner, and alternates back and forth as the action at the ski chalet progresses to screwing, and the jogger trots along Land''s End beach. The jogger and the skier are the same guy, although it isn''t readily apparent ­ he''s nice looking with fairly short brown hair, probably in his early twenties. Fiske has dark brown hair, a developed build, mustache, and his friend is a dark blonde, average adult build also wearing a mustache. Both appear to be between 25 and 30 somewhere. Good color, well filmed, initially puzzling without sound.
[See picture magazine Ski Summit part 1; Two Plus Two.]
see also The Other Side of Aspen 1
see also Tahoe: Cozy Up (Bonus scene)
2. Johnny Harden 150''
Johnny Harden solo
Johnny Harden fucks his own mouth and ass while jerking off into his mouth, all beside a pool.
found in collection Johnny Harden and the Champs
3. Hitchhiker (Falcon) 200''
Bill Adams (70s) OgrAt, Vince Clark OrgAb
Bill Adams is driving along minding his own erection when Vince Clark signals for a ride by grabbing his basket. They suck each other and then Vince leans on the car with his ass out for Bill to take. They cum on each other and the car.
[See picture magazine Hard Riders.]
[See picture magazine Buckeroo No. 1.]
Service Sales puts Joe Markum in this loop incorrectly.
found in collection Champs (Falcon)
found in compilation Ride My Raw Cock!: Falcon Bareback 31
4. Thrust After Thrust 300''
Michael (phillip) OrgAtRgr, Phillip (michael) OrgAbRgr
Two real life lovers, Phillip and Michael, give us a show about how they do it down home. Meeting on the streets of San Francisco, they head off to an apartment where the make love in the living room. Nobody plays dominant or submissive in this steamy exhibition but Phillip does take quite a pounding. Not that they couldn''t have, they both cum and Michael cops a taste of Phillip''s man juice.
Falcon promo:
Falcon is proud to announce the return of Michael and Phillip in a powerful new, sex filled release, This fantastic film brings you these two versatile young super studs as they share a wild sunny afternoon together in San Francisco. Rarely has a film captured the beauty of two extremely handsome young men as they explore all the excitement of male love. Spurt after spurt, thrust after thrust, the excitement of this action film will leave you breathless long after the film has ended.
Market Reports Newsletter:
Setting: very elegant apartment - red leather wingback, red toned Oriental rugs, potted orange (?) tree, dark brown velour couch.
Performer 1: Michael, age early 20''s, cauc., hair dark brown medium, full, body tall well built clean, lt.leg hr., uncircumcised
Performer 2: Phillip: age mid-20''s, cauc., hair light brown short, wavy, body very well defined very clean, smooth
Action Sequence: very fine shot of a cable car climbing Hyde St. hill, SF. Bay and Alcatraz in background - cut to M & P meeting, with a handshake, then a walk to the apt. They start a tape and talk, M. in red leather chair... Phillip then has M''s pants open and is sucking him. The clothes come off piecemeal. M pulls P''s pants down and sucks him, plays with his buns. The trade off sucking. On the floor, they 69, the M rims P. They start to screw, Michael on Phillip facing, then kneeling, squatting, then kneeling, prone, rolled back facing, sitting impaled, roll back over to facing. Cut to P rimming M, then reversed. Michael is back in the saddle fucking Phillip, prone, then pulls out and pulls off on P''s butt. Good big discharge. Phillip rubs it in. Next, Philuip is shown beating off onto Michael''s face, whose legs are up like he''d just been fucked. Michael then sucks Phillip completely dry.
Rating: very good color - good camera angles, generally well constructed - very interesting, well-set film.
found in collection Weekend Lockup
found in compilation Ride My Raw Cock!: Falcon Bareback 31
5. Crotch Watcher, pt 2 200''
Gordon Grant OrAt, Chris Burns (70s) OgAb
While heading home from this hard sex-at-work day, Gordon picks up a blonde Chris Burns. Finally, Gordon gets to be top man getting his dick serviced by both ends of the blonde. Both men cum, making this the fourth load in this busy day for Gordon.
found in collection The Crotch Watcher
found in compilation Raw Prime Beef (Falcon), Falcon Bareback 13
6. Bigger Than Life 300''
Roger (70s) OrAt, Tod (fv), Peter (fv)
Ever wonder what really goes on behind the closed doors of an artist''s studio when a painter engages a nude male for a private "life" session? Now my cameras show you exactly what happens during one such encounter - and it''s everything you ever fantasized!
As we join them a young European artist, Peter, is rapidly sketching the incredibly hunky and hung well-tanned form of Roger, the Florida bodybuilder recently featured in Blueboy magazine. Up there on the posing platform, amiable Roger radiates total masculinity and Peter''s aching crotch keeps this hard-lean young Michelangelo from fully concentrating on his sketching.
Distracted, he abandons his effort and moves across the studio to indicate he wants Roger to assume another position. Once his hands touch those taut, golden muscles, Peter''s real intentions become quite clear to this particularly willing-and-ready model.
Quickly Roger''s swollen 10 inches are in Peter''s skillful hands, deep down Peter''s throat and then, finally, up Peter''s hungry ass - pile-driving away to a spurting climax as their sweat-glistened bodies writhe over the floor of the painter''s studio. This sizzling 300-foot film is itself a work of art and definitely a must for every collector of highest quality male erotica. You won''t be disappointed!
found in collection Double Whammy
see also Richard Moore loops
found in compilation Falcon 40th Anniversary Collector''s Edition
found in compilation Deep Raw Delivery: Falcon Bareback 24
7. The Other Side of Aspen 1, pt 4 164.4''
Al Parker, Casey Donovan, Chad Benson, Dick Fisk
Market Reports Newsletter:
Opens with the jogger and his friend talking, cuts to the skier watching the chalet orgy; he strips, jacks up and joins in with the others. There is a good fuck scene, supported by everyone not otherwise engaged sucking and rimming each other. There is a somewhat surrealistic scene of everyone masturbating, shot from above, as the recipient of all of the anal attention beats off to climax, At the apartment, the jogger and his friend are seen lying on the bed, as the jogger exposes his cock and his friend reaches for it. The color of all sections is very good, and the film is well made with elaborate multiple participant scenes filmed for viewing.
[See picture magazine Ski Summit part 2; Orgy!.]
see also The Other Side of Aspen 1
see also Tahoe: Keep Me Warm (Bonus scene)
8. Cellblock, pt 1 200''
Mike Cole (ka), Hal Drake
Mike Cole''s been charged with indecent exposure and thrown into jail for the weekend. To make matters worse, one of his guards, Hal Drake, catches him beating his meat in frustration over his predicament! While Drake stares with curious indifference, Cole''s mind races with fantasies of making it with this mean-looking big-dicked stud. Nightstick and cop-cock up his hot, twitching asshole, that massive prick-club choking his beautiful ass cheeks, their muscular bodies gobbed in torrents of cum. When fantasies become reality, it''s a weekend lockup to remember!
[See picture magazine Cellblock.]
found in collection Upperclassman
found in compilation Cops on Duty
found in compilation Ready, Ripped & Raw, Falcon Bareback 17
9. Against the Rules, pt 3 300''
Mac Turner Ab, Eric Nolte Ab, Josh Kincaid At
Mac Reynolds and Eric Nolte find their coach Josh Kincaid chopping wood. Kincaid invites the students in to warm up. They get down to business after some cold beers. Mac shares tales of the coach''s large blond cock with Eric just before an invitation to get more comfortable. The two school mates shed their clothes and take turns on the coach''s cock. However, it''s blond cadet Nolte who gets broken in and fucked nice, long and hard by both Kincaid and Turner.
found in collection Against the Rules
found in compilation Do It for Daddy
10. The Ax Master 285''
Don Talon OrgAt, Jeff Carsen OgrAb, Skip Wilson OgAt
In the morning at a campsite with three guys in a tent, a big muscled hairy Don Talon wakes up puts on jeans and a cap and goes to chop wood. Skip Wilson wakes up next and steps out for a piss. When he gets back to the tent, he lifts the covers off blond Jeff Carsen to find a morning piss hard-on. Jeff wakes up and they commence to 69ing and stripping off their shirts. Jeff gives Skip a good hard fuck but then Don comes back in the midst of the rutting. Don carries their naked young hides out of the tent, ass first. He stands over them and gives them a hard glare that they respond to by pulling his pants down and sucking him. Don lays down for a little bit, sucking on Jeff while Skip plays between his splayed legs. Skip gets on his back and Don fucks the willing ass missionary style. Jeff demands his turn and he gets it doggie style. Don cums on Jeff''s back and Jeff jerks off to cum on his own stomach.
Falcon promo:
A tent pitched in a forest clearing. In sleeping bags inside are a heavily muscled stud and two blond 19-year-olds. Early morning coastal fog hangs in the tops of the towering redwoods.
Awakening, Don Talon emerges from the tent into the dawn chill. His thick, rock-hard arms, massive chest and sculpted abdomen ripple in the filtered sunlight as Talon stretches the kinks out of his superbody. A man''s man, if there ever was one!
He pulls on shirt and boots, grabs an ax and strides off to chop firewood.
Meanwhile, the awakening young studs, finding themselves alone, begin to satisfy each other''s morning hardons. Talon returns with an armload of firewood and discovers the pumping blond asses in a tent-shaking fuck scene. He bursts in on the pair, pulls them apart and hauls them out of the tent, one under each arm, bare-assed and struggling, into the clearing.
Terrified at first, the two rascals soon realize that their burly tentmate only has a little good old-fashioned getting-it-on in mind.
What follows is a blistering session of might and submission, as Talon repeatedly pounds his throbbing cock into each hungry blond, for a trip to the woods they''ll never forget!
found in collection Steam Heat (Falcon)
found in compilation Falcon 40th Anniversary Collector''s Edition
found in compilation Do It for Daddy
11. Champs - The Finals 200''
Dick Fisk OgrAtRgr, Sky Dawson OrgAbRrg
In a sequel to Johnny Harden and the Champs, Sky Dawson is out on the water again and he still can''t keep his hands to himself. He and Dick Fisk suck and rim each other with zeal until Sky throws his legs in the air and Dick takes the plunge. Dick puts his dick in Sky''s mouth and then Sky turns it around and comes onto Dick''s open face.
See picture magazine Champs.
found in collection Champs (Falcon)
found in compilation Seaside Sex
found in compilation Falcon 40th Anniversary Collector''s Edition
found in compilation Raw Outdoor Balling, Falcon Bareback 16
12. Help Wanted (short) 400''
Joe Andrews OgrAt, Dick Fisk OgrAb
Footloose Joe Andrews encounters Falcon superstar Dick Fisk when he responds to a "Help Wanted" sign on a warehouse door. Hunky Fisk''s come-on has Andrews rockhard in no time and before you know it, they''re sixty-nining on a conveyor belt. The most incredible ram-rod penetration and standing-fuck episode seen anywhere makes this remarkable film Falcon''s hottest ever and a must for every erotica collection!
found in collection Help Wanted
13. Full Service, pt 1 (Falcon) 295''
Mike (fv) OgAb, Guillermo (Ricardo) OrAt, Ed Wiley OrAt
Young Mike is in a three-way with macho mechanics Guillermo and Ed Wiley.
[See the picture magazine Talon No. 1.]
Have you ever been in a garage or gas station and seen a hot, good looking attendant or mechanic and found yourself mentally stripping off his coveralls, wondering how big that bulge flopping under the coveralls might be? If the mechanic had been Ed Wiley, he''d have had a huge, thick, beautiful 13 inch cock. And you might have gotten a once in a lifetime deal, like Mike did recently when he went in to pick up his car. Low on cash, Mike finds himself unable to pay the bill. Ed suggests "Fuck, man . . . if you haven''t got the bread maybe we can work it out another way. You''ve got a find looking ass there, kid . . . maybe me and my partner, Guillermo over here, could work it over some. You know, maybe you could get us both off."
Mike feels a surge of excitement come over him as he agrees. But as Ed pulls out his mammoth prick, Mike is suddenly filled with a strangely pleasurable kind of fear. How would he take anything so big? Ed forces his already hard monstrous cock down deep into Mike''s choking throat. Mike''s gasps only turn him on more and he repeatedly plunges the throbbing 13 inches in hard, deeper—brutally, without mercy. Guillermo is ready for his turn, driving his big rod down the cock ravaged throat as Ed grinds the full length of his massive prick into Mike''s sweet young asshole. Mike''s buttocks quiver under the pounding attack as Ed and Guillermo take turns jamming the stretched fuckhole with their ass hungry cocks in a burning, animalistic fuck-frenzy. the scent of the greasy garage and of manly sex sweat fills the air and is mixed with that of heavy thick loads of cum gushing from their gigantic pricks which glisten from the moisture of Mike''s tender, reddened hole.
Another young customer walks in on the action and settle his account by offering himself for an even heavier assault at the hands of these two sexy hungry mechanic studs. He''s probably still not recovered from the wrath of Ed Wiley''s enormous prick. John Holmes—move over . . . a bigger, much hungrier cock has finally arrived!
Market Reports Newsletter:
Set in a repair bay of a garage, Guillermo and Ed Wiley take a big repair bill out in trade as youthful Mike can''t pay up. It is rough sex, with a clean-cut guy getting thoroughly used by two super macho types. It isn''t entirely one way, however, as they work out the many variations possible on three way sex. There are good views of the action, and a lot of it. The end has a fourth model walk in an catch the three in action — he stands to watch, turns on, and continues his part in the second reel. Color is good and the film well made using the automotive props extravagantly.
found in collection Ticket Home
found in compilation Blue Collar Balling
14. Double Whammy (short) 200''
Big Ben (70s) OrAtRr, Tom (Manley) OgAbRg
Falcon promo:
Remember Ben, the crotch-bulging grassman in "Big Standoff"? well, he finally makes it to the park and is plying his lucrative trade, when Tom, a clean-cut college hunk, approaches to score a lid. Tom always insists on sampling before he buys, and big Ben''s just sold out, so the two agree to split to the dealer''s nearby apartment for a toke or two of Ben''s really good stuff.
Once there, with a few tokes put away, Tom seems to be distracted by the immense lump in Ben''s jeans. Damn, but could it be getting even bigger? Already turned on by the clean-cut hunk''s cocky attitude and the tight fit of his campus duds, Ben picks up on the kid''s fascination with his basket and decides to let him sample a big hit of the real mindblower stashed there.
Tom resists, but somehow that suddenly mean, big, black dude has him stripped naked before he can collect his grass-hazed thoughts.
Is it the super Colombian or the sight and feel of that thick 13" club of black supercock that makes him dizzy? Does it matter–as he''s upended and rimmed wide open, then butt-spanked raw before taking all 13 long, fat inches up his virgin-tight white ass!! After a seemingly endless butt-fucking session the tireless Ben finally unloads damn-ear a lids worth of his "really good stuff" all over the kid''s upturned face–our dealer''s got himself another steady customer for sure!
[See picture magazine B & W.]
found in collection Double Whammy
found in compilation Bare Black Ballers: Falcon Bareback 25
15. Hot Coals 200''
Mandingo (70s) OgAb, Dennis Love OrAt, Kent Tucker OrAt
A pair of big-dicked redneck cocksmen are cruising in their pickup, on the make for some hot ass, when the y spot a good-looking young black dude hitching a ride. Forced into the truck against his will, he''s taken to a secluded spot and made to submit to the heavy demands of these fuck-hungry men, as they trade off the strong hand of authority. Plugged every which way but loose, brutalized up one side and down the oethr by their combined 20 inches of hard studmeat, he''s left sweaty and cum-soaked in a cloud of dust kicked up by their vanishing pickup.
[See picture magazine Hot Coals.]
[See picture magazine Full Trottle.]
[See picture magazine Menage.]
found in collection Dirt Bikes
found in compilation Bare Black Ballers: Falcon Bareback 25
16. Chromes 200''
Cal Driver OgrAtMrRg, Todd Baron OgrAbtRgr, Ron Pearson OrgAbMgRr
Cal Driver is selecting photographic slides when Ron Pearson and Todd Baron join him. Cal gropes ass while the other two have their eye on the pictures and instantly, all three are in bed. Todd is busy sucking on Ron''s balls, dick and ass while Cal rims Todd''s open ass. Ron is on all fours with Todd tonguing his cherry and Cal crawling beneath his chassis to grease the joints by mouth. Todd lies on his back while Cal sucks him and Ron straddles Todd''s ball sucking face and gets off a load over Todd''s throat.
Finally down to fucking, Todd rides hairy host Cal while Ron sucks him. Briefly trying fancy acrobatics, Ron sucks Todd upside down with his legs over the shoulders of the kneeling saddle ridder.
Todd fucks Ron''s face and then ass over the edge of the bed and then gets shafted again by Cal as he bends over Ron''s body. With Todd pounding away between his spread legs, Ron gets off another load that he sprays over his own straining torso. Cal takes over fucking the spent Ron. Ron can still take more as he gets fucked by Todd face down and sideways. Cal ends up on the other end of the two as Ron sucks his balls and Todd shows how well he can do two things at once when he sucks Cal while pounding away at Ron''s tolerant upturned ass. Cal is ready to come and Ron jerks him off but then Cal has to push Todd up just in time for Todd to pull out and drop his cream on Ron''s bouncing bubble butt.
found in collection Style
found in compilation Falcon 40th Anniversary Collector''s Edition
17.1. Ticket Home, Pt 1 185''
Luke (Philip Wagner), John Carpenter
Young Luke is a footloose farm boy stranded in the big city. Blond John Carpenter is the businessman who leads young Luke on an afternoon of heavy mansex. Luke returns home for a hot solo session that builds in tempo until he shoots a fresh load of his youthful sex juice.
Stranded! No Money! And no way to make it home.
Dejected, standing in front of the bus station, sorting out his options, Luke notices a good looking blond guy pass by several times in a black Trans Am. The man stares at Luke, and catching his eye, smiles warmly. For reasons unknown to him, Luke suddenly feels better, like maybe he''s about to meet a new friend, someone who will help him. A few minutes later, the handsome stranger walks up to Luke and introduces himself as John Carpenter. Luke explains how he needs money for a ticket home. John invites Luke home for an afternoon around the hot tub and pool Luke accepts as John assures him that he will take care of the ticket later in the day.
It was to be an afternoon that Luke would probably never forget, an afternoon during which he would lose his youthful innocence. It was to be an afternoon in which he would do thing she had never before imagined. He would take John''s huge eleven inch horse cock down his coking throat. His virgin asshole would be tongued, finger fucked and opened wide—wide enough to have John''s enormous prick pound itself all the way to the limits of the moist warm passage. Luke''s ass would be fucked in every way possible and John would force the beautiful young body to take the abuse of all his manly passions. Both Luke and John would come four times that afternoon as they cover one another with big loads of the sex cream of youth and the liquid flow of a man''s pleasure.
Market Reports Newsletter:
The story is of a beautiful young man stranded in the city without the price of a ticket home. He is picked up by an older guy, driven to a modern hilltop home, where they both strip next to a big swimming pool. They start to work each other up, then move to a hot tub, and continue. The first reel of the film is all oral activity, including rimming — some very good sequences are included. They leave the hot rub and continue on a sun mat next to the pool. Both climax in the hot tub sequence, and are working up for the following sequence with more rimming and oral attention. The film ends with a preview of the next reel. Luke, as the young man is called, has a magnificent, smooth body and fantastic ass. His companion is in very good shape for his age, is called John Carpenter, and is hung like a mule.
found in collection Ticket Home
17.2. Boots 300''
Sky Dawson, Kris Bjorn
Falcon favorite Sky Dawson returns to the screen-more handsome than ever and with a gym-perfected physique-to costar with Exclusive Discovery Kristian Bjorn. A man of many excesses, Sky explodes in a gut-wrenching 15-spurt climax. That''s right, all over the boots!
[See picture magazine Boots (Laguna Pacific).]
[See picture magazine The Falcon File No. 13.]
found in collection Biker''s Liberty
found in compilation Ready, Ripped & Raw, Falcon Bareback 17
17.2. Ticket Home, pt 2 154.6''
Luke (Philip Wagner), John Carpenter
Young Luke is a footloose farm boy stranded in the big city. Blond John Carpenter is the businessman who leads young Luke on an afternoon of heavy mansex. Luke returns home for a hot solo session that builds in tempo until he shoots a fresh load of his youthful sex juice.
Market Reports Newsletter:
Leading off with a synopsis of the content of the previous reel, Luke and John Carpenter continue their pool-side sex with some heavy fucking. There are several different positions employed and some excellent views of both penetration and insertion. For those who prefer big cocks, this one is a crowd pleaser. At one point Luke does something the reviewer had never seer before: with his feet braced on the chest of his kneeling partner, and his body weight supported by his hands placed behind him, he is able to glide back and forth like a porch swing, fucking himself on the stationary cock of Carpenter. This one has fine color value and is very well made. One dark patch of 13.2 sec was noted near the end.
found in collection Ticket Home
found in compilation Deep Raw Delivery: Falcon Bareback 24
18. The Biker and the Gymnast
Andy Fuller OgAbRr, Peter Hanson OrAtRg
Blonde Peter Hanson strokes himself on a mattress in the light besides tall windows. He puts his jock strap on and goes outside on the stone steps. Meanwhile leather clad Andy Fuller rides a motorcycle and then walks up to see Peter exercising with his bare ass to the wind. They greet each other warmly and Andy immediately pushes Peter''s head down to his crotch. Andy complies and sucks on the hard protruding cock. Never without his jacket, Peter rims Andy in a couple of positions and then bends him over a ladder or an unceremonious fuck using the jock straps to hang on. Peter comes on Andy''s back and then rips the jock apart. An editing error has no jock on Andy when he gets creamed but the jock is back on and ripped off afterwards. Andy goes back in the house and jerks his Nordic dick off in the flattering sunshine from the window.
found in collection Huge 2
found in compilation Raw Intensity, Falcon Bareback 28
19. Water Sports (Falcon)
Scott O''Hara OgrAtRg, Randy Page OgrAbRr
Starring Scott O''Hara and Randy Page. A jogging preppie...a new gardener...a jogger''s dare...a gardener''s response...wet and wild relentless energy.
found in collection Winner Takes All (Falcon)
found in compilation Deep Raw Fucking: Falcon Bareback 23
20. Mr. Egan Gets His New Paperboy 219''
Jack Egan OrgAtRrg, Billy Putnam OgrAbRgr
Jack Egan comes home at night but can''t find his newspaper and has to call to get one sent. Rain soaked paperboy, Billy Putnam comes to the door during the phone call and Jack invites him in. By a burning fire, Billy strips out of his wet clothes into a robe. Jack chats Billy up, gropes him and starts sucking. Billy returns the favor and they go to sucking and rimming 69 style on the rug. The older man put the paperboy feet in the air and fucks youthful hole and cums on Billy stomach. Jack sucks Billy some more until Billy can jack himself off to orgasm on Jack''s tongue.
Falcon promo:
Remember "Mr. Egan and the Paperboy"? Well, Jack Egan has moved and wants a new paperboy. He know that they deliver . . . sometimes more than just a newspaper.
Arriving home from a heavy workout at the gym Jack discovers that his newspaper has not been delivered. He mixes himself a drink and even though it is raining, calls the circulation department for a special delivery.
The new paper boy arrives soaked to the skin, his we cloths clinging to the young stud''s muscular body. Instead of chewing out the humpy delivery boy, he invites him in to dry off and warm himself by the fire.
Mr. Egan smooth talks the we shivering hunk out of his soggy clothes and into a robe, offering to get him a drink. When he returns he finds the kid''s throbbing thick cock sticking out of the robe, now warmed and ready to deliver much more than he had bargained for.
What follows is a sizzling session of sixty-nine, ass-licking, heavy duty ass fucking in front of the roaring fire. Mr. Egan now gets his newspaper delivered on time EVERY TIME and some extra personal service that most papers don''t deliver.
[See picture magazine Dynamo No. 6.]
found in collection Steam Heat (Falcon)
found in collection Double Whammy
found in compilation Deep Raw Delivery: Falcon Bareback 24
21. If You Want It, Work For It 300''
Bill (falcon-bl)
Falcon promo:
After we began dinner Bill looked up at me and asked, "Is it true what they say about Marines?" I knew what he meant, but I laughed and said, I don''t know but I''ve heard some rumors. With that, Bill touched my foot under the table I was super horny and feeling the wine. Looking Bill straight in the eye, I said – "You want to suck my cock don''t you?" Bill blushed and lowered his eyes to the table "Yeah, I guess I do." "O.K.! You can suck it, but you''re going to get it up the ass too!" I looked at Bill and noticed for the first time how good looking the guy was and how much he and his sister resembled each other. I thought to myself "If I can''t have Diane this weekend, her brother will do." We got up from the table and moved to a more comfortable spot. I pushed Bill''s head down and said. "Suck it Bill, suck that horny ache right out of my fucking hot nuts!"
Bill went down on my now swollen cock and I damned near shot my nut right then.
It was too soon. I pulled it out of his mouth and said. "Show me how bad you want it Bill, get down there and lick my balls–oh yeah. Bill that''s good keep licking, yeah, that''s great man, real fucking great!" I raised my legs and shove my ass into his face. "Eat it, eat my fucking ass!" Bill pulled back, but I pulled him into me and said, "Eat it. Eat it! or you don''t get any more cock!" With that, Bill buried his face in me and shot his tongue up my ass. The feeling made my toes curl. By now I was so damned hot I couldn''t wait any longer. Rolling him over I saw his cock for the first time. It was big, but he was even bigger. It made me even hotter as I place my cock against his ass and plunged it in.
He jumped and groaned but I held onto him and plunged it deeper. Bill was breathing hard and fast now as I repeatedly drove it to him harder and harder. Bill''s body jerked and he yelled, "I''m coming. I''m coming!" This was the first time I saw another guy shoot his load and it made me so horny I knew it was over for me too as my ass tightened and I blew my own nut. Hot and heavy spurts ejected from my bursting cock giving me the greatest fucking feeling I''ve ever felt in my life. It was great to be home.
[See picture magazine Dynamo No 6., pg 11-17.]
Market Reports Newsletter:
Setting: apartment, white covered sectional couch - bedroom with blue sheets on bed, some good-appearing Navajo rugs hanging on walls.
Performer 1: Marine, age 20''s, Cauc., hair dk. br. mil. short, body med. ft. well blt. clean, cut, mustache
Performer 2: age 20''s, Cauc., hair dk. bl. ear tip, body med. fr. well blt. v. clean, cut
Special Interest Notes: mature, older physical types
Action Sequence: uniformed Marine walks up a street; model 2 is seen in an apartment. Then they are seen together, talking, on the couch. Model 2 serves dinner on the coffee table... fades to close-up of fireplace fire, then to 1 and 2 making out together, naked, on the double bed. 2 sucks 1, several angles - 1 sucks 2. 1 mouthfucks 2, then 2 rims 1 as 1 sucks 2. 2 mouthfucks 1, then 1 mounts and fucks 2 kneeling - penetration is shown. 2 fucks 1 prone, then facing, with legs on shoulders. 2 disengages and pumps off by hand, roiling his eyes like a steer in a lightning storm. 1 jacks himself off and cums on his leg, and 2 licks it off.
Subjective Observations: model 1 could easily pass for 35
Technical Observations: excellent color, well filmed.
found in collection Take It (Falcon)
found in compilation Men in Uniform (Falcon): Sir, Seed My Ass!
22. Biker''s Liberty pt 1
Mac Turner Ab, Tim Kramer At
The sailor and the biker, It''s a classic fantasy, a high-volume wet dream! Big blond Tim Kramer, the bike-riding leather man, and Mac Turner, in swabbie whites, come togther for a sizzling, play-rough encounter of domination and willing submission. The towering leatherman whips out his favorite toys and works Mac fore ''n aft with leather and rubber dildos until he''s crying-for still more!
[See picture magazine Falcon File No. 12.]
found in collection Biker''s Liberty
found in compilation Falcon 40th Anniversary Collector''s Edition
found in compilation Men in Uniform (Falcon): Sir, Seed My Ass!
found in compilation Loads of Leather
: 5х DVD5
Формат: DVD Video
Видео кодек: MPEG2
Аудио кодек: AC3
Video: MPEG 2, 720x480 (4:3), 29.970 fps, 9 800 Kbps (0.570 bit/pixel)
Audio: AC-3, 48.0 KHz, 2 ch, 192 Kbps, CBR
Описание: Dick Fisk and Chad Benson in The Other Side of Aspen; Johnny Harden in Johnny Harden & The Champs; Bill Adams and Vince Clark in Champs; Michael and Philip in Weekend Lockup; Gordon Grant and Chris in The Crotch Watcher.
Описание: Roger and Peter in Double Whammy; Jeff Turk and Mike Flynn in The Other Side of Aspen; Hal Drake and Mike Cole in Upperclassmen; Mac Turner, Josh Kincaid, and Eric Nolte in Against the Rules; Skip Wilson, Don Talon, and Jeff Carsen in Steam Heat.
Описание: Dick Fisk and Sky Dawson in Champs; Joe Andrews and Dick Fisk in Help Wanted; Ed Wiley, Mike, and Guillermo in Ticket Home; Big Ben and Tom Manley in Double Whammy; Ed Tucker, Dennis Love, and Mandingo in Dirt Bikes.
Описание: Ron Pearson, Todd Baron, and Cal Driver in Style; Big Ben and Tom Manley in Double Whammy; Kristen Bjorn and Sky Dawson in Biker''s Liberty; Luke and John Carpenter in Ticket Home; Peter Hanson and Andy Fuller in Huge 2.
Описание: Randy Page and Scott O''Hara in Winner Takes All; Billy Putnam and Jack Egan in Steam Heat; Bill and The Serviceman in Take It; Mac Turner and Tim Kramer in Biker''s Liberty; Frank and Ted in Take Ten.

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