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The Foundry MODO 12.0v1 Build 492947t

Год выпуска: 2018
Версия: 12.0v1 Build 492947t
Адрес оф. сайта: modo
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Лечение: Присутствует
Системные требования:
ОС: Windows 7-10 (64-bit только)
Процессор: Intel i3 или лучше
Размер на диске: 10GB для полной установки с контентом
Оперативная память: минимум 4GB
Видеокарта: 1GB видеопамяти и с поддержкой OpenGL 3.2 или новее.
MODO является полным решением для исследования дизайна, создания контента для игр, анимации персонажей и производства качественных рекламных изображений.
Созданный для художественных рабочих процессов, MODO позволяет достичь легкого создания цифрового контента и дизайна.
Художники и дизайнеры могут свободно исследовать и сосредоточиться на творческих усилиях, которые максимизируют качество продукции за меньшее время.
glTF 2.0 Export to Facebook
Developed in conjunction with Facebook's new ‘3D Posts’ functionality, artists can now create 3D objects in Modo and then share them on the Facebook News Feed. Facebook users can then grab, spin and interact with the objects to look at them from all angles. This technology presents artists with a unique opportunity to create more engaging and compelling content, whilst offering users the opportunity to enjoy interactive 3D experiences on Facebook.

Mesh Paint Refinements
Modo's Mesh Paint tool has been brought up-to-date and enhanced, allowing you to quickly bash out models and environments faster than ever before. With the ability to now paint random presets, you can utilize asset libraries in new and exciting ways, and the new array paint modes give you greater control when painting more ordered collections of objects.

MeshFusion Surface Strips
MeshFusion is significantly enhanced with Surface Strips, an innovative new feature that works by allowing the creation of strip geometry or topology that lies flush on any Fusion Item surface. This provides a wide range of opportunities for Post-Fusion modeling with either Procedural operations or direct modeling of the Fusion Output Mesh. The most obvious examples are channels and ridges along arbitrary paths — but the range of applications is much much wider, allowing artists to explore iterations more creatively than ever before.

Modeling and Design Creation Enhancements
The Jitter tool has new options to randomize the position, scale and rotation of connected geometry within a single Item. It also works with connected selections, allowing you to quickly add subtle realism in situations where previously it would have been difficult. It’s now possible to model even faster in a single 3D viewport by moving objects towards you and away from you without having to interact directly with any transform handles. And a new tool handle has been added to the Vertex Slide tool, giving you greater control when tweaking the position of vertices in a mesh.

New Procedural Mesh Operations
A Triangulate MeshOp has been added, which lets you export triangulated models in a non- destructive manner. The Merge Mesh operator can now read replicator items as geometry inputs, allowing replicated geometry to be manipulated using procedural modeling tools, and providing an easy way to convert a replicator item into a single mesh item for export. It’s now possible to modulate the shape of an Item Falloff via the Mini Graph Editor, allowing for a much wider array of falloff effects when rigging or procedural modelling. The new Falloff Operator lets you drive Mesh Operation Falloffs via a range of scene and geometric parameters.

Cloud Assets and Foundry Share Site
Creating, sharing and downloading preset assets has been improved. Cloud Assets can now be dragged and dropped into the item tree or directly into the Modo viewport. Just want to download the assets and not apply them to your scene? Use the new download badge that appears in the upper left of the preset thumbnail. The process of preset creation has also been significantly streamlined. It’s now possible to create any preset type by simply dragging from it's location in the UI into any preset browser.

UV Tools and Workflow Refinements
Modo's fast and nimble workflows continue to be refined, with UI optimization and new toolbar menu options making it easier to manage 3rd party Modo Add-ons. The Modo Modes toolbar has been re-organized for more consistency, with a number of modes now having improved workflows, vastly reducing the number of clicks involved in a standard Modo modelling session, while the UV viewport has new buttons to give easy access to a range of common display options. The Fit UVs command has new Gaps options to set border padding. Also, it’s now easier to align multiple UV selections in one go.

The Hatchet Collection
Modo 12.0 comes with a selection of python scripts from the popular Hatchet Collection, enhancing core functionality in Modo and making asset creation even more efficient. There's a wide variety of tools to convert curve types, offset curves, select random, and much more.

Advanced Viewport GPU Acceleration
The Advanced Viewport in Modo now uses Multi Sample Anti-Aliasing (MSAA) GPU hardware to speed up anti-aliased rendering. This is a faster, rough and ready version of an also-available Supersampling method. The new GPU powered Anisotropic texture filtering provides superior viewport texture quality in virtually all cases, at the slight expense of performance.

Rendering and Shading Improvements
Providing a much more flexible way of rendering specific frames, a new frame range channel has been added that controls which frames are to be rendered during animation rendering. The new glTF Material Shader allows for complete WYSIWYG between Modo's native renderer, the advanced viewport, and any other application that supports the glTF shading model. A Shading Model drop-down has also been added that includes both PBR & Unlit settings.
1. Установите программу Foundry (контент опционально)
2. Установите FLT7 сервер (если уже установлен,настроен и исправно работает, то переходите к 9 пункту)
3. Остановите Foundry License Server в службах или в утилите Foundry License Utility (RLM Server -> Stop Server)
4. Копируем патченный rlm.foundry.exe в "C:\Program Files\The Foundry\LicensingTools7.1\bin\RLM" с заменой исходного)
5. Отредактируйте xf_foundry.lic заменив HOST_NAME, MAC_ADDRESS и PORT значениями любым из следующих способов:
- запустить от админа Foundry License Utility в меню Diagnostics -> Run Diagnostics (Host Name и System ID)
- через CMD команда ipconfig /all (имя компьютера, физический адрес (без дефисов в нижнем регистре))
- через CMD запустить rlmutil.exe с параметром rlmhostid -q ("The Foundry\LicensingTools7.1\bin\RLM")
- значение PORT задать по умолчанию 4101 (5053, хотя можно и ничего не писать)
Пример: HOST WIN-5O9OA5CSM8S 001bdc060b7a 4101

6. Переместите отредактированный файл xf_foundry.lic в папку "C:\ProgramData\The Foundry\RLM"
7. Запустите RLM Server в службах или в утилите Foundry License Utility (RLM Server -> Start Server)
8. Проверьте в Foundry License Utility меню Diagnostics -> Run Diagnostics наличие лицензий программы
9. Запустите программу, если всё сделали правильно, то в меню About будет указано Floating License
Если программа при запуске запросит лицензию не увидев сервера, то сделайте следующее:
1. Выберите Install Legasy License -> Use Server -> вставьте [email protected] в поле выбора сервера.
2. Нажмите кнопку Connect для подключения к серверу, если нет ошибок, то окно активации исчезнет.
3. Перезапустите программу для применения лицензии (чтобы в меню About стало Floating License).

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