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Год выпуска: 2017
Жанр: First-person shooter
Разработчик: Arkane Studios
Издательство: Bethesda Softworks
Код диска: CUSA06559
Регион: EUR
Тип издания: Полное
Версия игры: 1.05
Требуемая версия прошивки: 4.00
Работоспособность проверена релизером: Да. Собственный дамп
Языки интерфейса: Русский, английский и польский
Языки озвучки: Русский, английский и польский
Описание: Действие Prey происходит в 2032 году. Вы обнаруживаете себя на лунной орбите, на борту космической станции «Талос-1». Эксперимент, в котором вы участвовали, должен был навсегда изменить человеческую расу, но привел к катастрофическим последствиям. Станцию захватили враждебные пришельцы, которые теперь ведут на вас охоту. Раскрывая мрачные тайны «Талоса» и собственного прошлого, вам предстоит выживать, полагаясь на подручные средства, собственную смекалку, оружие и сверхспособности. Судьба «Талоса-1» и всех, кто находится на борту, - в ваших руках.


 Path: F:\PS4\Prey [CUSA06559]\EP1003-CUSA06559_00-PREYPS4FULLGAME1-A0100-V0100.pkg
 Image Type: PS4 Package
 Volume Type: Application Package
 Package Digest: 3E3B4D57EB4D...

 Category: gd
 Content ID: EP1003-CUSA06559_00-PREYPS4FULLGAME1
 Title ID: CUSA06559
 Title Name (default): Prey
 Title Name (English): Prey
 Title Name (Russian): Prey
 Title Name (Polish): Prey
 Master Version: 01.00
 Application Version(APP_VER): 01.00
 Application Type: Paid Standalone Full App
 Parental Level: 9
 Required System Software Version: 04.008
 SDK Version: 04.008.000
 Creation Date: 2018-04-02
 Storage Type: digital50

 Number of Chunks: 15
 Number of Scenarios: 1
 Default Scenario: #0
 Scenario #0: type=0x01 (Single Player)
 PlayGo Languages: Not supported


 Path: F:\PS4\Prey [CUSA06559]\EP1003-CUSA06559_00-PREYPS4FULLGAME1-A0105-V0100.pkg
 Image Type: PS4 Package
 Volume Type: Patch Package
 Package Digest: 6F15D554584C...

 [Patch Referable Rate]
 Package Size: 1,254 MiB (1,314,652,160 bytes)
 Referable Size: 31 MiB (32,505,856 bytes)
 Referable Rate: 2%
 Referable Size to the Application Package: 31 MiB (32,505,856 bytes)
 Referable Rate to the Application Package: 2%
 Distribution Required Size: 1,223 MiB (1,282,146,304 bytes)

 Category: gp
 Content ID: EP1003-CUSA06559_00-PREYPS4FULLGAME1
 Title ID: CUSA06559
 Title Name (default): Prey
 Title Name (English): Prey
 Title Name (Russian): Prey
 Title Name (Polish): Prey
 Master Version: 01.00
 Application Version(APP_VER): 01.05
 Application Type: Paid Standalone Full App
 Parental Level: 9
 Required System Software Version: 04.008
 SDK Version: 04.008.000
 Creation Date: 2018-06-03
 Storage Type: digital25

 Number of Chunks: 15
 Number of Scenarios: 1
 Default Scenario: #0
 Scenario #0: type=0x01 (Single Player)
 PlayGo Languages: Not supported
Fixes to address screen-tearing/stuttering
Player can no longer become blocked from rebooting Power Plant for the "Reboot" mission after killing the Technopath in Life Support.
Added weapon malfunction text for when weapons jam.
Fixed crash when mimicking bass guitar in the Yellow Tulip.
Extra items gained through passive neuromods, such as organs and tumors from Necropsy or spare parts through Dismantle, will now properly stack in the player's inventory automatically.
Loading a save from a previous version of the game will no longer remove all quests and inventory, or break the HUD.
Fix for some AI-related crashes.
Various combat tweaks/fixes for mimics.
Opening the TranScribe will no longer disrupt FoV settings.
The light on top of a turret will no longer become detached when the player jumps and glides while holding it.
Approaching areas with Coral should no longer cause the client to stutter and eventually freeze.
Operator corpses from saves made on previous builds will no longer cause performance issues.
Repair II and III increase efficiency with suit patch kits. Reduced suit damage from enemies on easy and normal difficulty.
Increased wrench range and strength of melee aim assist. Wrench now always staggers mimics (interrupts attacks). Mimics stand further back to prevent players having to look down too much.
Stun Gun now tells the player when a target is out of its effective range. Weapons will display a "Weapon Offline" when disabled by EMP.
Hepatocytic Amp S-m186 chipset now properly only removes the negative effects of the "Drunk" debuff
Player will now spawn in the correct location when traveling from Shuttle Bay to other locations.
Fixed rare crash when level transitioning to Life Support.
Reployers no longer lose collision when recycling them, and then loading a save where they were present.
Player can no longer bypass ceiling collision by mantling GLOO.
Danielle now voices the correct response to the player's actions with the Cook during the endgame sequence.
The fabricated coral detector chipset and the quest-given chipset now both function correctly to scan the coral when installed
Fix for rare freeze/crash when in combat with Phantoms.
The Luther Glass quest will no longer incorrectly complete and fail after the player has already completed the quest in Trauma Center.
Lights are no longer sometimes incorrectly 'on' when the player enters the Cargo Bay for the first time
Igwe will no longer be found in Cargo Bay when the 'meet January' call is triggered.
Mimic's wall jump attack animation is cancelled if they are stunned.
Treasure Hunt now lists an objective and marker to return to Abigail's workstation once all the maps are investigated.
The nightmare in the Arboretum is now able to get into the greenhouse and use ranged attacks on the player from the doorway.
Turrets can now be hacked properly if they've been previously controlled by the Technopath.
If the player manages to fully GLOO the greater mimic while it is in mid-lunge toward the player's face, the facegrab animation will no longer play and trap the player.
Hitting a stunned Phantom with the wrench no longer breaks their animations
Raised phantoms and operators will no longer become hostile to the player when attaching grenades to them.
Various crash fixes
Various text fixes.
При необходимости запустить HEN эксплоит; зайти в Debug Settings -> Game -> Package Installer и установить файлы EP1003-CUSA06559_00-PREYPS4FULLGAME1-A0100-V0100.pkg и EP1003-CUSA06559_00-PREYPS4FULLGAME1-A0104-V0100.pkg)

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