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[HotHouse.com] Swim Meat, Scenes#1-5
(Cade Maddox, Casey Everett, Casey Jacks, Danny Gunn, Hoss Kado, JJ Knight, Johnny V, Remy Cruze, Sean Maygers)

Имя актера: Cade Maddox, Casey Everett, Casey Jacks, Danny Gunn, Hoss Kado, JJ Knight, Johnny V, Remy Cruze, Sean Maygers.

Подсайт и сайт: HotHouse.com

Год производства: 2018 г.
Жанр: Anal Sex, Big Dick, Blowjob, Cumshots, DAP, Interracial, Kissing, Masturbation, Muscles, Rimming, Tattoos, Threesome.

Продолжительность: 01:55:59

Описание: Swimmers are known for their hard bodies and tight shorts that barely keep their meat under wraps. Trenton Ducati directs a team of nine hunky studs just waiting to get down and dirty and aching to show off their ''Swim Meat''. Remy Cruz is sore from his intense swim routine and seeks the help of sports therapist, Cade Maddox. Cade works over Remy''s asshole, fucking him deep and draining his balls all over Remy''s face. Pool boy Danny Gunn finds himself in a three-way with JJ Knight and Johnny V. Danny can''t get enough dick and soon finds his ass getting an extreme workout as JJ and Johnny DP his tight hole with their monster cocks. Sean Maygers gets out of the shower and is surprised to find Casey Jacks in his house looking for his buddy. When Casey sees Sean''s raging hard-on, all bets are off and soon Sean is balls deep in the young stud. When Casey Everett hurts his shoulder doing laps in the pool, he pays a visit to Cade Maddox. There''s not much shoulder therapy going on as Cade sticks his thick cock deep into Casey''s open hole. The stud pounds away until he unleashes a fountain of jizz onto Casey''s face that lands in his mouth and drips down. When Hoss Kado peels off his swimsuit and opens his legs, JJ Knight takes his cue and eats Hoss'' smooth hole. Hoss needs a lot more than a tongue and bends over to get his hole reamed until his ripped body is covered in a creamy load. Sit back and let the hunky studs of ''Swim Meat'' be your guide to ripped swimmers'' bodies and open holes just waiting to be plundered by giant throbbing cocks.

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Описание: Remy Cruz is sore from his intense swim routine and seeks the help of sports therapist, Cade Maddox. Remy hops on the massage table and Cade gets to work on an alternative healing method by going in through Remy''s fuckable asshole. He shoves his tongue deep inside the muscular swimmers backend until both of them have raging boners. Cade can''t help but to take a taste of Remy''s giant cock and as he does, Remy feels the need to do the same. The therapy seems to be working and after taking Cade''s giant cock down his throat, Remy is ready to take it deep in his ass. He eagerly bends over the massage table and waits for Cade to enter his hole. Cade slides easily inside and pumps away on Remy''s tight ass until he''s ready to bust a nut. Cade pulls out and positions himself in front of Remy''s mouth and drains his balls all over Remy''s begging face. With Remy covered in his load, Cade leans over and sucks Remy''s cock until Remy explodes in his mouth. Cade takes the mouthful of cum, and feeds it back to Remy with a passionate, jizz-filled kiss.

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Описание: Pool boy Danny Gunn finds himself alone with JJ Knight and they lock eyes. Without words, Danny gets on his knees and takes JJ''s massive meat down his throat. As he''s sucking, Johnny V enters the room and catches the two studs in action. Johnny joins in on the fun and finds his place in front of JJ''s big cock to help the pool boy take on JJ''s thick shaft. JJ is the first to give the young stud what he needs when he slips his dick deep into Danny''s ass. He fucks him deep as Johnny plants his cock in Danny''s face. The studs spit-roast Danny as he grunts and begs for each of them to go deeper. Johnny wants to share Danny''s hole and slips his cock in alongside JJ''s to really open Danny up. It''s a double-penetration fuck-fest that makes Danny moan out in pleasure as the two cocks drill his prostate. All the cock rubbing action makes Johnny ready to blow, and with JJ still banging Danny from behind, Johnny sprays Danny''s face with a fresh load. It starts a chain reaction of cum with Danny blowing his load next and JJ following along by shooting on both Johnny and Danny at the same time to leave them all drenched with jizz.

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Описание: Sean Maygers gets out of the shower and is surprised to see Casey Jacks in his house looking for a buddy. When Casey sees Sean''s raging hard-on, he immediately drops to his knees to service the hung stud before they move it to the back yard. Casey continues his work servicing Sean''s massive cock and balls. When Sean is rock-hard, he returns the favor with taking Casey''s big dick down his throat. After a quick taste, Sean bends the young stud over to eat his hairy hole and open him up for the stretching he''s about to receive. Neither hunk can hold off any longer and Casey begs Sean to slam his massive dick deep into his open hole. He pumps in and out at a frenzied pace until Casey asks to sit on it. Sean happily gives the young stud what he wants and sits back to let Casey bounce on his cock. He rides the Sean''s massive meat up and down, pushing himself to the limits of what his hole can take until Sean takes over one last time and gets Casey on his back. A few pumps later, Casey is ready to blow and blasts his load all over his own furry patch of pubes. The sight of Casey getting off is all it takes for Sean to follow suit as he drops his load all over Casey''s face and tongue.

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Описание: Casey Everett shoulder starts getting sore after he does a few laps in the pool. For a quick fix, he goes to sports therapist Cade Maddox, whose cure for every ailment is a nice stiff cock up the ass. When Casey sees what his therapist has to offer, he instantly drops to his knees. He wraps his lips around Cade''s extra thick dick and lets the stud ream his face with cock. Cade is hard as a rock when he bends the young swimmer over to open his hairy hole with his tongue. After getting Casey loosened and lubed up, Cade knows that it''s time to feel Casey from the inside. Cade sticks his dick into Casey''s ass as Casey begs for the stud to fuck him harder. Cade obliges and picks up the pace as he continues pummeling Casey from behind. ''Wanna ride my dick?'' Cade asks. Casey happily hops on top to bounce up and down on the thick pole. Casey takes control until Cade is ready to take over one last time. Cade flips Casey onto his back and goes deep, hitting the perfect spot inside Casey until he fucks the cum out of his dick and onto his ripped abs. Cade keeps pounding until he pulls out and unleashes a thick fountain of jizz onto Casey''s face that lands in his mouth and drips down.

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Описание: JJ Knight and Hoss Kado are out by the pool and when Hoss catches JJ''s eye, their fun starts. Hoss peels off his swimsuit and spreads his legs wide open. JJ goes in to lick Hoss'' smooth ass as Hoss begs for a couple of fingers inside. JJ gives the young stud what he needs and opens him up with his tongue and fingers until Hoss is begging for JJ''s massive cock in his ass. The muscle hunks move the action inside where Hoss gets JJ''s huge cock in his mouth. It''s too much to cram down his throat and both studs know where to put it next. Hoss bends over to offer up his tight hole and JJ takes the bait. He slams the horny stud with his monster cock and stretches it wide as Hoss continues begging for JJ to fuck him harder. Hoss is nice and loose when he takes control and hops on to ride JJ. JJ has no mercy and slams him deep as Hoss'' hard cock and loose balls flop up and down with each thrust from JJ''s rigid pole. Hoss wants to watch the hung stud who''s pounding him and lies back with his legs spread wide. JJ continues his relentless ass reaming until he makes Hoss cum all over his own ripped body. That''s all JJ needs to fire as he pulls out, backs up, and blasts Hoss'' body from head to cock with creamy white jizz. With his face dripping with cum, Hoss gathers up as much as he can get and shoves it into his mouth to taste JJ on his lips and tongue.

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