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Год производства: 2018
Жанр: Gaping pussy stretching high heels huge pussy shaved pussy star brunette skinny
Подсайт и сайт: PJGirls.com

Описание: Ah Nathaly: one of the first true legends on PJG. This Blondie still has it, and like a vintage spirit, gets better with age. She has gone under the knife a few times, and has a cosmetic look to her. Her pussy is the same as always, and so is her talent for presenting it. She knows her fan base very well, and wastes no time getting her pussy gaping for you. The gapes are excellent, and you will want to dig your face right up into her crotch as your screen drowns in pink pussy. The content that separates this from her other work is the four finger gapes where she spreads her honey pot from the sides with her arms under her bum. Nathaly is a premier model on this site, and it is always good to have her around to turn me on.

Name: 20181219 - Pussyflex 1080p.mp4 | Duration: 14:53.360 | Size: 774,94 Mb
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