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Скачать [RaunchyBastards.com] #176 - Training The J.V. Team (Alex Arbor, Clay, Jonas Drift, Will Hahn) [2018 г., Cum Swallowing, Group, Masturbation, Older/Younger, Oral, Tattoo, Twink, 1080p] через torrent

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#176 - Training The J.V. Team - Alex Arbor, Clay, Jonas Drift, Will Hahn

Имя актера: Alex Arbor, Clay, Jonas Drift, Will Hahn
Подсайт и сайт: RaunchyBastards.com
Год производства: 2018 г.
Жанр: Cum Swallowing, Group, Masturbation, Older/Younger, Oral, Tattoo, Twink
Продолжительность: 00:38:14

A few weeks ago I had several bastards down all for the same weekend. It was pretty fun. I certainly had a blast. The guys did, too. I took them to the beach and we had a grill out. It''s a good time of year for that in Florida. But what was more fun, especially for newbie Will, was what happened in the living room later that night. Will is one of the best cocksuckers I''ve met, and the others agreed. So, we all thought it would be fun to have Will suck us all off. After all, these guys are all young and horny, and, well, I''m just always horny. This was a particularly fun night for me, too, because I finally talked Alex into sucking cock for the first time. He''s my favorite, and I was eager to see how he would do. But the real star of the show was Will.

Will took turns sucking us all off and we all took turns holding the camera, too. Every few minutes Alex would go down on either me or Jonas. He''s definitely a newb at polishing a cock with his mouth, but I see potential. Will, on the other hand, is a grand master as worshiping dick with his teenage mouth. It''s almost shocking. The only buzz kill of the night was that Jonas was glued to the tablet watching porn, since I had told him that he could. He professed that he might not be able to get hard otherwise. Well, I really think, based on my experience with guys like him, is that he was using the pretense of watching straight porn as a safety blankets of sorts. "If I''m watching straight porn while I''m getting my dick sucked by a dude, that doesn''t make me gay." While that might work for some people, since Jonas has already fucked, been fucked, been creampied, sucked dick like a pro and has even told me he likes dudes sexually, I thought it a bit much. But, hey, to each his own. This is reality, and I''m not gonna fake it just for Jonas.

Back to the good stuff, though. Will drained each of us and came himself while slurping on studly Jonas''s thick cock. He was in seventh heaven, and we all appreciated his hard work and dedication. He was sucking away like a Hoover for almost 40 minutes, and that takes skill. So this training session ended up beautifully. We taught Will to be not only a great cocksucker but a true cum slurping jizz whore. We taught Arbor how to suck dick, and got to be the first to experience the joy of his 19 year old sweet mouth wrapped around our dicks. And, Jonas got off, too. A fun night with the boys all around, I''d say. They might be J.V. now, but these guys are on their way to varsity in no time.
Тип HD видео: 1080p
Формат видео: MP4
Видео: h264, 1920x1080, 29.97 fps, 4207 kb/s
Аудио: aac, 44100 Hz, stereo, 189 kb/s

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