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[HotAndMean.com / Brazzers.com] 2020-05-06 Casca Akashova & Kendra James - Caught Red Handed

Сайт: HotAndMean.com / Brazzers.com
Жанр: Ass Worship, Athletic, Average Body, Bald Pussy, Big Tits, Big Tits Worship, Black Stockings, Blonde, Caucasian, Cheating, Couples Fantasies, Enhanced, Feet, Femdom, Garter Belt, High Heels, Innie Pussy, Jeans, Lesbian, Medium Ass, Medium Skin, Outie Pussy, Redhead, Skirt, Small Ass, T-Shirt, Tattoo, Trimmed Pussy, Wife
Количество фото: 111
Разрешение: 2495x1663

Описание: The unbelievably sexy Kendra James gets home early after a long day''s work... This comes as a surprise to her husband''s curvy blonde mistress, Casca Akashova. The big-tittied babe tries her darndest to hide from Kendra, slipping under the blankets in Kendra''s bedroom. Casca isn''t the best hider and her cute little feet stick out from under the covers. Kendra sees Casca''s feet, and thinking they belong to her husband, she gives them a nice old massage. It isn''t long until super-detective Kendra notices that these feet have had a recent pedicure... Suspicious. Kendra rips off the blankets to discover Casca. Kendra''s angry, but she also wants to know what her hubby''s been enjoying. Kendra massages and rubs Casca''s huge breasts, and when she''s through with that she throws her onto the bed and sits on her pretty face. The ladies explore each other''s bodies until they''re both satisfied.

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Трекер:  [ 07-Май-2020 00:03 ]


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