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Up and Cummers: The Movie / Начать и кончить: Фильм

Год производства: 1994 г.
Страна: США
Жанр: Adult, Porno
Продолжительность: 02:05:44
Язык: Английский

Режиссер: Ed Powers
Студия: 4-Play Video

В ролях: Angel, Anisa, Mr.X.Bone, Bonita, Asia Carrera, Tabatha Cash, Monique DeMoan, Thisha Diamond, Felecia, Keisha, Micky Lynn, Isis Nile.

Описание: Ed Powers is breaking new ground here with his first full length motion picture, shot on film! This film includes twenty girls and stars Randy West, Peter North, Ed Powers, Loretta Sterling and Mr. X Bone. You''ll recognize some of your favorite debutantes, Isis, Tabitha, Tricia Diamond, Deborah Welles, Tricia Yen, Bonita, Keisha Lynn, Uma, Monique, Anisa, Mandy Fox and Angel. You''ll recognize your favorites from Randy West''s Up and Cummers video, Asia, Felicia, Kyrsta and Vixen. Of course you will recognize Valeria, Serenity and Micki Lynn as well. This is a movie within a movie so to speak with an enthusiastic cast that lead the way to orgasmic heights. Ed invites the most sexiest ladies to experiment with him in the making of a real film. The story revolves around Randy West and his idea to being producing features and fade out of the acting part of adult biz. He''s looking for more control but doesn''t exactly reach that goal when everybody tries to get into the act and bombard Randy with visual ideas. Randy''s pals mean well but end up frustrating him until he just about calls it quits on the whole idea...Up and Cummers:The Movie features three ways, four ways, five ways, six ways, eight ways, Imagine being with twenty girls, but you don''t have to imagine because this DVD delivers on screen 20 visions of beauty. Plenty of cum drops here! Plenty of fast paced action! Plenty of time too, 2 hrs. and 18 minutes! This movie was m ade with a lot of love, fun and hopes that you would find this enjoyable form of entertainment. Up and Cummers the movie is in your hands, the rest Is up to you...

Scene 1. Angel, Ed Powers
Scene 2. Krista, Mandy Foxx, Micky Lynn, VixXxen
Scene 3. Krista, Mandy Foxx, Micky Lynn, VixXxen, Peter North
Scene 4. Anisa, Bonita, Keisha Lynn, Monique DeMoan, Umma
Scene 5. Asia Carrera, Ed Powers
Scene 6. Tabatha Cash, Trisha Diamond, Ed Powers
Scene 7. Anisa, Bonita, Keisha Lynn, Monique DeMoan, Umma, Ed Powers
Scene 8. Deborah Wells, Isis Nile, Tabatha Cash, Trisha Diamond, Tricia Yen, Valeria, Randy West
Scene 9. Felecia, Serenity

Доп. информация: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0153463/ https://www.kinopoisk.ru/film/927684/ http://www.iafd.com/title.rme/title=up+and+cummers+the+movie/year=1994/up-and-cummers-the-movie.htm https://www.adultdvdempire.com/937536/up-cummers-the-movie-porn-videos.html

Качество видео: VOD
Формат видео: MP4
Видео: Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 576x432 29.97fps 499kbps [V: h264 high L3.0, yuv420p, 576x432, 499 kb/s]
Аудио: Audio: AAC 44100Hz mono 63kbps [A: SoundHandler (aac lc, 44100 Hz, mono, 63 kb/s)]

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Гонзо-фильмы 1991-2010 / Gonzo 1991-2010 ·?· Up and Cummers: the Movie / Начать и кончить: Фильм (Ed Powers, 4-Play Video) [1994 г., Anal, Facial, Group Sex, Reverse Gangbang, Amateurs, VOD] (Angel, Anisa, Asia Carrera, Bonita, Deborah Wells, Felecia, Isis Nile, Keisha Lynn, Kitty, Krista, Mand Galfimbul 723273743690 MB 0 7 1636645261



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