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Eve & Linda
Год производства: 2011 г.
Страна: Чехия
Жанр: pissing, fetish, lesbians, all girl
В ролях: Eve & Linda
Описание: Девочки WD - очень много pissing сцен, лесбо и страстной мастурбации под тяжелым влиянием алкоголя.
Dear customers, we've been searching for a long time for a topic that would distinguish from the currently available tons of internet porn. Videos of bored prostitutes, average performances by actresses or amateurs who are in fact paid professionals and play lolitas even in their thirties. We're here to change that. We speak to beautiful Czech girls in the streets of Prague and want them to get drunk in front of a camera. Only then you can witness their truly natural behaviour when the last feelings of shame vanish and the girls express their passionate eagerness for sex. Original masturbation, lesbian sex between girls who met each other just a while ago, peeing outdoors and mainly authenticity; all of that is available here for you - in top quality. You - our customers - will help us keep weekly updates and you can look forward to a regular supply of female sexual urge in its wildest form.
WD Girls is THE right place for all drunk fetish lovers. It offers only authentic drunkness of amateur girls we've found in the streets as well as of some drunk professionals. We also have for you a lot of pissing scenes and passionate masturbation under heavy influence of alcohol. You can choose yourself between slightly drunk or totally wasted girls. We have for you weekly updates, each with gigabytes of HD quality videos. Our "Wild & Drunk Girls" team always offers only real drunkness, no fakes - ever!
Качество видео: HDRip
Формат видео: MP4
Видео кодек: MPEG4 Video (H264)
Аудио кодек: AAC
Разрешение: 1280x720
Видео: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1280x720 60.00fps [Video]
Аудио: AAC 48000Hz stereo 1536Kbps [Audio]

Трекер:  [ 11-Янв-2012 15:51 ]


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