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Скачать Alexsis Faye [Solo,Big Boobs,Anal,POV,Dildo,Chubby,Cosplay,Breasts,Erotic,Fetish,Lingerie,Masturbation,Sex Toys,Softcore,Topless,Uniforms] [2397x1600,2397x1600.2000x3000,3000x2000,1200x1600, 11,668, 145] через torrent

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[Alexsisfaye.com / Scoreland.com] Alexsis Faye Photosets (145 sets) (2397x1600,2397x1600.2000x3000,3000x2000,1200x1600)

Жанр: Solo,Big Boobs,Anal,POV,Dildo,Chubby,Cosplay,Breasts,Erotic,Fetish,Lingerie,Masturbation,Sex Toys,Softcore,Topless,Uniforms

Количество фото: 11,668
Количество сетов: 145
Разрешение: 2397x1600.2000x3000,3000x2000,1200x1600

Описание: This Pack Contains Photosets of Alexsis Faye from her website alexsisfaye.com and scoreland.com
it contains 145 Photosets, Thats almost all of her sets.

Доп. информация: About Her in her words:-

I''m Alexsis Faye, model on livehotpussy.com since January 2014 and I have dedicated my time since then to entertain and fullfil every fantasy my members have. I love to meet new people and make friends all over the world.

Here I will be your virtual girlfriend and your best friend and you can know more about me and inside info about my life as a webcam girl. I''m going to give you a close look what I do everyday and keep you updated with all that means personal life too.

I''m happy when I can bring joy to my clients and I will do all I can to make that happen; so if you are into roleplay I can be your secretary, your maid, your Supergirl and even you Mistress.

Alexsis Faye
If you are interested in a private show these are the things that I am able to do for you:

Different locations: bedroom, office, kitchen and bathroom;
Outfits: schoolgirl, secretary, maid, nurse, bunny, wetlook outfits, Supergirl, Batgirl, cat, police girl, sailor, a big collection of bra and panties, bodysuits, dresses, stockings & pantyhose, heels and all that you can find in a girl''s closet.
Toys: vibratoy, dildos, butt plug, love balls, strap on, handcuffs, gag ball, anal beads and of course we can improvise for more!
Special treatments : live orgasm, anal sex, double penetration, deepthroath, roleplay, smoking, all types of humiliation and domination, jerk off instructions. Don''t be scared to ask and try new things with me!

From : Eastern Europe
Birthday : 21.02.1992
Height : 175 cm
Weight : 80 kg
Shoe : size38
Hair : Blonde
Bodytype : Curvy
Sexual orientation : Straight and sometimes bi
Tattoo : No
Piercings : No
Smoking : Occasionally
Language : English, French, Spanish
Characteristics : Big boobs,Mystic
Eyes : Blue

Q: Do you enjoy porn or play by yourself in your free time?
A: Of course, even if you work as a waiter you still find pleasure in having a cocktail or a glass of wine. When I am alone, I still like to watch girl-girl videos or another girl masturbating. That''s really my time and I focus on myself and it''s the most intimate moment cause I don''t have 2000 guys watching me, it''s getting more special.

Q: Do you cum for real online?
A: I learned my body and I know what I like and what would make me cum; so even if I take more time for it I make sure my member is getting a 100 % real orgasm. They will see it on my face; personally I don''t like my face when I cum, it looks like I''m transforming lol.

Q: Shave or wax?
A: For my blonde pussy hair I am planning to do a laser hair removal but for now i struggle with the waxing. My cosmetician is a strong lady!)

Q: Have you ver been involded in any weird niche?
A: Of course, I discover everyday something new, for example a member was into vorarephilia ( known as vore); that''s a desire of being consumed by another person. So i had to make up a story for 4 hours and the only thing i had was apples. So I eat a few fruits and pretended to swallow the whole seeds and fight with them until I could consume it.

Q: What profession would you put on your pasport if you had too?
A: For awhile I told everybody from my family and friends that I work as a secretary. I had made a contract for a part time job so I was not lying ).

Q: Do you watch porn in your own time?
A: Yes i watch porn too, i have a monthly subsciption. But only for research!

Q: When you started working as a webcam girl?

A: First time I started to work on Livejasmin 3 years ago and I did that in a weekend while i was still working at my previous job as a travel agent. It went so great and made so many friends since first day that the monday after that I went straight to my boss and told him I quit! For the first time I was so happy, finally I saw an oportunity to take care of myself and have an easier carefree life. The only thing I am sorry is that I didnt do it sooner!

Q: First webcam experience? Why did you start to be a webcam model?
A: One of my ex boyfriends... We were having a long distance relationship and we were talking all day at phone but was not enough. So we started to videocall and he can not wait to see me without my clothes off. He was the one who started to give me this idea of being a webcam model, saying that I am made for it.

Q: How many guys ask you to marry them?

A: This question I get as many times as asking how big are my boobs! you can imagine no day passes without having to answer to that! But I am still waiting for the prince on a white horse I think he got lost....:

Q: How many dickpics did you get? Did you keep any of them?
A: Every girl hates getting unrequested dick pics! And guys! Dont start a conversation with a picture of your organ! That is definately not a good start! try with good old fashioned "hi". I am not into colleting those definately : If it happens to see it while we both play I dont mind.

Q: Did it ever happened that you want to close the private show sooner ?

A: I was always trying to do all in private shows even if that meant to sit in my head with legs up or pretend I am a ghost and run around the room with the bedsheet on me. But only one guy managed to annoy me so bad and insult me that i had to block him. Rudeness i will not accept, if I am nice to you then I deserve that back.

Q: What was the most bizarre demand you received?

A: Oh there are so many.... sleeping, Jelly bears in my ass, shooting carrots from my pussy, ordering a cake and eating it with my hands in the back, naked workouts, playing on my Xbox "Just Dance" game. So many different request but I enjoyed every of them and had lots of fun with them! One weird one was putting a dirty shoe in my pussy! Of course I had to pass that one.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Gonna have a nice surprise for my fans that subscribed to my site. Some new hot content is coming soon! And I m gonna do more than being a cam model, I got some offers from online big boobs magazines for making some videos and pictures for them. Keep following me and you will find out!

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