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Daddy''s Little Boy, Tape #8 - Mr. Armstrong & His Boy Austin: Welcome to Forbidden Boy Hotel

Имя актера: Alex Killian, Austin Lock
Подсайт и сайт: Gaycest.com

Год производства: 2020 г.
Жанр: Anal/Oral Sex, Bareback, BlowJob, Cumshots, Dad and Son, Masturbation, Rimming, Twinks
Продолжительность: 00:21:51
Mr. Armstrong and Austin are always looking for ways to be together and get close. After their visit to Dr. Wolf’s office, the two were informed about the “Forbidden Boy Hotel,” a special getaway program meant to help men and their boys really connect. Usually the program is for those who have yet to form the intimate bonds that the Armstrongs have, but the two were happy to take a vacation and see what the trip could do for them.

As soon as they arrived, Mr. Armstrong looked around at their cozy rental, imagining all the ways and places he could breed Austin! The horny bottom, too, was eager to get started, but agreed to hold off and follow the directions they were provided.

Looking at the welcome kit, Mr. Armstrong saw a series of events, clearly geared for breaking down barriers and promoting physical intimacy. They all looked exciting, but the first involved changing and preparing for bed. They had gotten in late, so they proceeded to change out of their street clothes and into the jockstraps and bathrobes provided. According to the instructions, it was important that they change in front of each other and stay in their guest attire for the entire duration of their trip.

Austin had changed in front of his old man plenty of times, showing off his boy butt in different underwear and bathing suits even when he wasn’t taking his father’s raw cock. The instructions seemed simple enough, but it definitely reminded Austin of the first time he saw Mr. Armstrong naked. He was curious and nervous, wanting to touch him, but unsure of how to ask. Austin was amazed how far they’d come that he was able to reach out and caress the older man’s member as it settled into the pouch of his underwear. He knew he was lucky and he wished that more boys could have this experience!

As they got into bed, Mr. Armstrong wondered if Austin would be too tired for any activity. The instructions said nothing about what they should do now, except for laying next to each other and enjoying the night. For these two, alone time in a bed could only mean one thing; morning, noon, or night! Austin was quick to grab at Mr. Armstrong’s cock, feeling it rise in his tiny grip. His old man couldn’t help but get instantly hard, excited to have this special time, but always eager to feel his little boy’s body on his.

The older man pulled his boy up on his knees to face him so that his crotch was right at mouth level. Austin could feel the horny man’s hot breath on his groin through the thin jockstrap, exciting his cock as it warmed his balls. Mr. Amstrong pulled his pouch to the side, freeing his hard erection so he could take it into his mouth. Letting out an exhale through his nose and onto the boy’s shaft, Mr. Armstrong passionately devoured his little boy’s cock, loving how silky and smooth it felt on his tongue.

He needed to fuck him! Something about the moment felt special and new. He was reminded of their first time and how nervous and exciting it was. He imagined the other daddies and how they must feel taking their boys for the first time in this place. It all rushed to his head and his cock, making him hornier than he’d been in a long time!

Putting Austin on his side, he pressed his hard, leaking cock up against his smooth, tight hole. He could feel the heat coming off of it as it pressed close. He was just wet enough on the tip to pierce through his son’s cute, little cheeks, making Austin moan as it inched deeper inside him. Austin wanted him badly and he couldn’t be more turned on by his desire! Fucking him deeper, he picked up speed, massaging his manhood with his little boy’s hole. He was going to make love to him, breed him, and fuck him. It was just what the doctor ordered…

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