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Galfimbul ghost

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Sophie Dee & Flower Tucci - Phat Bottom Girls #02
Сайт: Evilangel.com
Время: 2010-10-07
Жанр: Hardcore, Big Tits, Anal Double Penetration, Deepthroat, Foot, Group sex, Gonzo, Blowjob, Ass to mouth, Pussy to mouth, Cum swallow
Количество фото: 42
Разрешение: 800x855-950x686
Описание: Manuel is out in front of a Valley estate with Michael Stefano, David Perry and Mick Blue that he explains is a private whorehouse. Flower Tucci is standing in front of the main house in fetishy pin-up clothing, smoking a cigarette. Manuel asks if the house can accommodate him and his friends. She tries to turn him away, explaining there''s only one girl on duty. He talks her into it, and she takes him around back to see the whore in question: Sophie Dee, who is sunning herself on a raft in the pool. Flower asks her if she "wants to play ... three times." "That''s a lot," Sophie exclaims, coming out of the pool. Flower shows off Sophie''s tits and ass. A deal is struck, and Manuel fetches the boys, bringing them around back, where a now-naked Sophie is kneeling, ready to go to work. The guys line up for some cocksucking, and then she takes all three dicks at once. Manuel retreats to the house, where Flower is waiting to play with him. He tells her he wants to watch, and she puts on an extended ass show for him, finally crawling outside to join Sophie on mouth-whore duty. Flower then moves the entire party indoors for some serious orgy action. Sophie pairs off with Mick Blue as the other two studs start breaking in Flower. Soon they''re all next to each other, switching off partners and orifices continuously, making anal daisy-chains. Sophie squirts and Flower gets double-penetrated while Sophie and Mick suck her toes; everything climaxes, along with the guys, on the girls'' pretty faces.

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