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Скачать [Playboyplus.com] Все ролики сайта Playboyplus.com за Сентябрь 2020 (12 роликов) [Erotic, Posing, Lingerie, Softcore, Big Tits, Small tits, Dream, Glamour][1080p] через torrent

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Сайт: Playboyplus.com
Охваченный временной промежуток: Сентябрь 2020

Жанр: Erotic, Posing, Lingerie, Softcore, Big Tits, Small tits, Dream, Glamour
Количество роликов: 12

Тип HD видео: 1080p
Формат видео: MP4
Видео: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1920x1080 | 23.97fps - 30.00fps| 5922kbps - 6263kbps
Аудио: AAC 48000Hz stereo 317kbps
“Who cares what people think of you as long as you feel good about yourself,” says Brooke Lorraine of some words she lives by. For the fourth time on Playboy Plus, Brooke is back on set in Los Angeles with the photographer, Torrey West. On a little staycation, Brooke heads to the pool as she tells us more about herself. “I grew up most of my life in Kenosha, Wisconsin,” she says. “I love how time isn’t really a worry there; everyone’s happy doing their own thing.” A model and filmmaker, Brooke is usually working, but when she does find some free time, she’s spending it intentionally. “What do I enjoy doing in my spare time? Laying on the beach, hiking, gardening, and hanging with friends and dogs,” she smiles. Get to know Brooke better through her all pictorials, right here on Playboy Plus!

Sophie Limma stays up late in this brand new pictorial shot by David Merenyi. In pink silk pajamas, Sophie poses for our camera’s on the set of a kitchen. “My passions are sex, travel, and food,” she says. “My special talent is that I can eat more than a man,” she adds, laughing. A full-time model from the Czech Republic, we’ve been collaborating with Sophie for the last year, and she’s appeared on Playboy Plus five times! “My experience with Playboy has always been great,” she says. “[This] was my dream!” As for posing nude, Sophie enjoys it. “[I feel] very good,” she says. “Do I read Playboy for the articles or the nude photos? Nude photos!” Learn more about Sophie, right here on Playboy Plus.
Most known for her four previous Playboy Girlfriend features, Jay Marie, now makes her solo debut as a newcomer! On location in Mexico with the photographer Cassandra Keyes, Jay is in a garden setting, exuding a bit of 1970s energy with her themed outfit. “My personal experience with Playboy has been a fantastic one,” says Jay. “To be able to meet like-minded, creative people has completely changed my life. The brand represents so much that I believe in!” For Jay, who is very creative, posing nude is just one way she reveals herself. “I spend a lot of my time doing art. Whether it’s sketching or painting, I love finding different ways of expressing my feelings and thoughts,” she shares. But Jay did tell us that modeling is by far her favorite medium. “My passion is nude modeling — it’s so liberating. [It] has helped me get through difficult times, and I’m forever grateful to be able to create this way.” Stick around to see more of Jay Marie, right here n Playboy Plus!

Katrine Pirs spends the day in bed in this brand new pictorial from the photographer, David Merenyi. Dressed in all black, Katrine enjoys some relaxation as the camera snaps away. "I''m a creative person," she says of herself. Now modeling for us for over two years, Katrine first started her career on the catwalk but is glad she''s made her way to Playboy. "I think this is a great experience and a good way to test yourself and your luck," she says. "I have a model''s body and an athletic form." When she''s off set, you can usually find Katrine spending her time outdoors. "I like surfing and running," she shares. Learn more about Katrine Pirs, right here, on Playboy Plus!

“I like to think I’m really funny,” smiles Sarah Mollica on location for her second solo pictorial. On the set of a garage in Los Angeles with the photographer, Emmy Pickett, Sarah tells us more about herself as she poses among classic cars. A professional model from Fresno, Sarah, can usually be found on a set, traveling, cooking, or relaxing. “I love nothing more than snacking in bed watching movies,” she says. “I’m really weird,” she adds with a laugh. When it comes to first dates, Sarah enjoys something low-key. “My perfect first date? Dinner and drinks in a comfortable (not fancy) place,” she says. “[I look for] somebody soft and confident. They have to be a lover!” Want to learn more about Sarah? Check out her previous pictorial, right here on Playboy Plus
International model Diana Lark returns to Playboy Plus with this spirited gallery and video from the photographer, Henrik Pfeifer. Dancing her cares away, Diana flows from move to move and pose to pose as the camera snaps away. “Playboy found me,” she says of her story. “I was flipping through the news and saw a casting! I decided I couldn’t miss [it.]” Now, Diana has been shooting for us for over two years. “This is an opportunity to emphasize the beauty of the female body,” she says. “I love my body — it’s completely natural.” When she’s not working, you can usually find Diana baking, traveling, reading, or enjoying the outdoors. “In my spare time, I like to read books, and I like [to play] sports!” Make sure to check out all of Diana Lark’s pictorials, right here on Playboy Plus!
“Some words I live by? ‘I got this,’” says Taylor White on the set of her second pictorial. Dressed in blue lingerie before a blue backdrop, Taylor makes her Playboy Muse debut shot by the photographer, Carianne Older. “I’m a lover to everyone around me. I’m always trying to help and see people do good,” says Taylor of herself, “But I’ll call you out on your shit because I have a low tolerance for anything other than love,” she adds with a laugh. Having a blast on set, Taylor’s love for shooting really shines through in her work. “My passion would have to be creating,” she says. “To me, the Playboy brand is so iconic. To be able to say that I had anything to do with it is just craziness — I’m so thankful.” When she’s not working, you can usually find Taylor cooking, resting, or spending time with loved ones. “I love to cook; I [also] enjoy sleeping, being outside, and spending as much time as I can with my family back home.” See more of Taylor right here, on Playboy Plus!
“The art of the muse is being able to mold oneself,” says Alexis Carene, “I have always found that to be the most fascinating part of my job as a model.” On location in Marin County, California, with the photographer, Sophia Sinclair, Alexis makes her Playboy Muse debut. “I love shooting anything sexy with an all-women team — it really allows for me to feel free and beautiful,” she says of her time on set. “I have always felt like posing nude was an act of owning myself and my body. I am proud of the art that we produced!” Passionate about art in its various forms, we felt this set was perfect for Alexis. “I am a major nerd,” she laughs. “There is something about learning that my spirit never grows tired of.” Learn more about Alexis Carene, right here on Playboy Plus!
Carissa White returns to Playboy Plus in this blissful pictorial shot by the photographer, Tina Louise. On the set of a gorgeous lush garden, Carissa finds joy in life’s simple pleasures. “People tell me I’m a passionate person about the things I care about,” says Carissa of herself. “I am [also] very good at reading people and situations — I’ve been told that I am a bit psychic.” Dressed in a sheer floral robe, Carissa glides through the patio as the camera snaps away. “I discovered Playboy as a teenager,” she says of her first encounter with the brand. “I’ve actually always wanted to be a Playboy model. I’m very comfortable naked, and I don’t understand why people feel the need to frown upon people who pose nude. It’s natural.” Get to know Carissa better, right here on Playboy Plus.
International model Clara lives life on the edge in this brand new pictorial by the photographer, Henrik Pfeifer. Out for a hike, Clara enjoys her beautiful surroundings as the camera snaps away. “I am a Czech and Vietnamese girl,” Clara says of herself. “I am sexy and funny.” A full-time model, Clara is often on set, traveling, or creating her own content right at home. When she’s not working, Clara enjoys the little things, like hanging out with her cat and eating a great meal. Learn more about her right here on Playboy Plus.
“Some words I live by? ‘A woman doesn’t have to be modest in order to be respected,''"says newcomer, Kyrah. Just starting her day, Kyrah poses on the set of a bright kitchen for the photographer, Sophia Sinclair. “Something people wouldn’t know about me at first glance is that simple [things] make me happy,” says Kyrah of herself. "I am very open-minded, outgoing, confident, and bold.” Enjoying her morning delights, Kyrah flows from pose to pose as the camera snaps away. “I feel comfortable [posing nude;] like I’m in my natural habitat,” she says. “The bare body is beautiful. I love every inch of my body.” Want to see more of Kyrah? Stay tuned, right here on Playboy Plus.

Spring has sprung a little earlier than usual with this brand new pictorial from Riley Reid, shot by the photographer, Maddie Cordoba. With flowers in her hair, before a sky backdrop, Riley embodies the season beautifully. “Life is about the experience,” says Riley as she steps on set. “My passions are happiness and sharing love because that is the most important thing.” A self-described ‘goofy girl,’ Riley strives to put her outlook into practice each day. “I’m full of love and fun energy,” she says. “I try to stay positive, and I think that helps make every day a better day.” A lover of her work, we had a blast shooting with Riley on set again. “My personal experience with Playboy thus far? It’s been so lovely,” she says. “I’m grateful to have gotten the chance — I hope to shoot again!” Make sure to check out all of Riley’s pictorials, right here on Playboy Plus.

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