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The Ozporns / Развратная Семейка Озборнов

Год производства: 2002 г.
Страна: USA
Feature Hardcore All Sex Anal Parody DP
Продолжительность: 01:54:45

Режиссер: Antonio Passolini
Студия: VCA

Язык: Английский
В ролях:
Tawny Roberts, Chloe, Sindee Coxx, Nikita Denise, Tina Tyler, Samantha Sterlyng, Tanya Danielle, Calli Cox, Aria, Kyle Stone, Pat Myne, Steve Hatcher, Cheyne Collins, F.J. Lincoln, Marty Romano, Rick

TV Can Only Go So Far...We Go All The Way.

An Uncensored Parody of America''s Favorite Dysfunctional Family!

They''re Creepy and They''re Kooky, Mysterious and Spooky...no, wait - wrong family! Oh well, meet The Ozporns. America''s favorite dysfunctional family. Each week they air their dirty laundry on the "reality show" that takes you into their home, their lives, and even their beds!

There''s IZZY, the constipated, scatter-brained dad whose good intentions are sometimes toiled by his overactive libido: SHERRI his loving wife who wears the pants in the family - and never takes them off: their children, FIONA and JOHN, who come home from college to create sexual chaos: SARAH, the nymphomaniacal nanny: and the sundry other characters who drop in unannounced - and leave sexually gratified.

In this episode, Izzy is on a mission to find out who stole his bran muffins. John is getting his feet (and other body parts) wet in the glamorous world of porn production. Fiona''s in love with a struggling rapper from the bad part of Malibu, and Sarah has her eyes on...well, you''ll just have to watch it, won''t you?

A dead-on parody of TV''s most popular show, The Ozporns dares to take you where no one else can...or will! With many precision. Award-winning writer/director Antonio Passolini serves up his funniest, freakiest romp yet, reasserting his role as the undisputed king of kinky comedy.

A 2002 Editor''s Pick Selection

Доп. материалы: 2003 AVN Award Winners

Меню: Есть
Качество видео: DVD5
Аудио кодек: AC3
Видео: 720x480 4/3 4803 kbps 29.970fps
Аудио: AC3 Dolby Digital, 48000Hz, 2ch, 192kbps

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