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Скачать [Playboyplus.com] Все ролики сайта Playboyplus.com за Январь 2021 (17 роликов) [Erotic, Posing, Lingerie, Softcore, Big Tits, Small tits, Dream, Glamour][1080p] через torrent

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<div class="post-user-message"> Сайт: Playboyplus.com
Охваченный временной промежуток: Январь 2021

Жанр: Erotic, Posing, Lingerie, Softcore, Big Tits, Small tits, Dream, Glamour
Количество роликов: 17

Тип HD видео: 1080p
Формат видео: MP4
Видео: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1920x1080 | 23.97fps - 30.00fps| 6321 kbps - 6574 kbps
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“Playboy means sexy, strong women that aren’t afraid of being sexy and strong,” says newcomer Leighla Habib. On the set of a beautiful backyard in Silver Lake, California, Leighla poses for the photographer, Damon Loble. “My experience thus far has been amazing,” reflects Leighla. “My fi rst shoot was so much fun. Everyone made me feel great!” Bold and self-assured, Leighla tells us about herself as the camera snaps. “What makes me, ‘me?’ I’m courageous and confident,” she says. “I am tiny on the outside but so loud and proud on the inside.” A model and photographer, Leighla views posing nude as artistic. “I believe that being nude isn’t a thing to be seen as raunchy — nudity can also be art,” she shares. “I love posing nude. I’m so comfortable with my body and the way I can make it move.”
Go behind the scenes with Reed. Just wrapping up her two pictorials, Reed hangs out on set as we get to know her a little better. A model and photographer, Reed loves being in front of and behind the camera. “My passion? I love showing people photos of themselves and lighting their faces up,” sh e says. For her, being in front of the camera is an act of self-love. “I love posing nude! It’s a way for me to explore my sexuality and claim my body as my own.” Reed shot with the photographer, Tina Louise, and an all-female team on location in Joshua Tree. “Female empowerment was shooting with a female photographer,” she smiles. “That always makes me feel next-level!”
Take in the view with Toni Maria in this brand new pictorial from the photographer, Henrik Pfeifer. Dressed in all-red lingerie, Toni enjoys the sights of the rooftop as the camera clicks. “I am sweet, chic, sensual, and always smiling,” says Toni of herself. This is the fifth time Toni has work ed with us, and we are thrilled to continue our collaboration. “My personal experience with Playboy thus far has been lovely,” she says. “I feel incredible and sure of myself when posing nude!” A full-time model, Toni is often traveling, on a set, or creating content for her online fans, so she enjoys her downtime. “In my spare time, I read books, cook, exercise, do yoga, and connect with nature,” she shares.
Kenna is right at home in this glamorous Playboy Plus debut by the photographer, Madeline Northway. On the set of a retro apartment in Los Angeles, California, Kenna introduces herself while making breakfast. “What makes me, ‘me?’ My playful wit,” she says. “Female empowerment is rooted in every passion I have — makeup artistry, modeling, [and] victim advocacy.” Dressed in blue and leopard print, Kenna has a quiet morning as the camera clicks. “Today was truly a dream coming true,” says Kenna of her time on set. “Shooting for [Playboy] is such a huge milestone in my career. I’m so emotional.”
Calypso Muse returns to Playboy Plus for the first time since 2019 with this brand new pictorial from the photographer, Henrik Pfeifer. Taking in the view, Calypso tells us what she’s been up to lately. “I have lived in France and Italy. Now, I am based in Greece,” says the Colombia native. Sh e’s also learning the language. “My special talent? I am good at languages,” shares Calypso. “[I speak] Spanish, English, French and Italian fluently, and now I am starting to learn Greek!” Dressed in all white, Calypso is herself in front of our cameras. “How do I feel about posing nude? Free,” she says. When dating, Calypso looks for someone who isn’t afraid to be themselves. “Self-confidence is the most important quality,” she says. “Just be yourself!”
Anna Katarina takes us behind the scenes in this fun Playboy interview. On the set of her latest pictorials, Anna is on location in Mexico with Cassandra Keyes. “I grew up in a small town in the Rocky Mountains,” she shares. A musician and model, Anna loves performing and being in front of the camera
Vina Sky returns to Playboy Plus with this special pictorial by the photographer, Holly Randall. On the location of a beautiful floral bedroom set, this concept was something Vina has been dreaming up for quite some time. “Everything about this day was just amazing,” reminisces Vina. “When get ting asked, ‘what’s your vision?’ This cherry blossoms [set] has been one of mine for a long time, so I’m super excited that it finally came to life with Playboy.” When it comes to being in front of the camera, Vina is right at home. “I love doing adult film,” she says. “I feel free [posing nude]. I enjoy expressing myself on camera. Being nude lets me feel comfortable in my own skin.”
Sophia Grey returns to Playboy Plus with this all-new gallery and video by the photographer, Madeline Northway. Sophia is dressed in all black lingerie and a blazer on the location of a beautiful home overlooking Los Angeles, California. “I’m a sex worker and entrepreneur,” says Sophia of hers elf. “I’ve worked extremely hard to get to where I am today.” Confident, Sophia loves being in front of the camera, and it shows in her photographs. “I love my curves and how strong I am,” she says. “[This] was such a liberating and empowering experience! I felt so sexy during my shoot, and it feels amazing to be a part of such an iconic brand.”
Meet newcomer Genevieve Liberte. Dressed in all black, Genevieve makes an exciting debut on set in Los Angeles with the photographer, Damon Loble. “I am often told that [I have] a big heart,” says Genevieve of herself. “Life can test and harden us, and I’m proud to say that my nature is to b e compassionate and giving.” When it comes to posing nude, Genevieve takes it seriously and sees it as art. “A woman has to be picky when choosing a photographer to shoot nude work with — this is the third photographer I have ever shot nude with,” she shares. “I said yes to Damon because he is a true artist and his nude photographs resemble impressionist paintings.”


Travel back in time with this week’s Editor’s Choice gallery and video. We’re looking back on some of our favorite sets that have a little retro flair. Browse through pictorials from Hailey Afton, Juniper Hope, Carissa White, Riley Reid, and Kayla Coyote. First, do some vintage shopping with H ailey Afton. “I think I may have been born in the wrong era,” laughs Hailey. “I’m a sucker for the aerobics aesthetic, and in my spare time, I like treasure hunting at thrift stores.” Next, see a show with Kayla Coyote as she poses on the set of an old theater. A model and dance teacher, Kayla is often on stage. “I enjoy creating as much as possible,” she says. “My passion for the arts is fueled by how magical it is to share content with an audience and [being] able to say something meaningful with that performance.”

Natalie Del Real takes in the view in this brand new pictorial by the photographer, Sophia Sinclair. On location in Los Angeles, her hometown, Natalie is on the set of a home that overlooks the city. “What I love most about my city is the diversity,” says Natalie. Having a wonderful time, she te lls us more about herself as the camera clicks. “I would love to think I am funny,” she says with a laugh. “What makes me, ‘me,’ is how weird I can be — I make myself laugh all the time!” Natalie thinks everyone can benefit from this kind of mindset. “Being weird, funny, and not taking yourself so seriously all the time is definitely what everyone needs,” she says. Natalie is always striving to live in her truth and be herself. “Some words I live by? Life is too short to care about what anyone thinks!”
International model Gena Miller is back with this all-new gallery and video from the photographer, Henrik Pfeifer. On location in Vicenza, Italy, Gena poses beautifully on a hot summer day, poolside. “What makes me, ‘me?’ I’m sincere, true, and very emotional,” she says. “I’m really hu mble.” Dressed in a green bikini, Gena takes in the lovely landscape around her. “[This] is one of my favorite places,” she says. “[Posing for Playboy] means having a space [and] a family where you can feel confident in your own body,” she shares thoughtfully. “I feel human and free.”
Leighla Habib is feeling free on the set of this all-new gallery and video from the photographer, Damon Loble. “Something people wouldn’t know about me at first glance? That I’m a model,” laughs Leighla. “My passion is modeling — I’ve always been so shy around people, [but] the second the camera turns on, I transform!” On the location of a beautiful home in Silver Lake, California, Leighla shines for our cameras. “Playboy means sexy, strong women that aren’t afraid of being sexy and strong. I am truly blessed and honored to be a part of Playboy,” she says. “I feel most empowered when I see my work come to life!” When she’s not in front of the camera, you can find Leighla kicking back and taking in her surroundings. “I love taking my dog to the park, [having] a beach day, and just enjoying nature,” she says of how she spends her spare time.
Go behind the scenes of Abigail Mac’s two pictorials in this week’s Editor’s Choice feature! Abigail is on location in Downtown Los Angeles with the photographer, Holly Randall. “I woke up at 6 o’clock this morning, got ready, and drove downtown,” says Abigail of her shoot day. “We got to the door of where we were going to shoot, and said, ‘this is amazing! This is exactly what everyone envisioned!’” A longtime admirer of the brand, Abigail is proud to collaborate with us. “What Playboy means to me? Old-school sexy,” she begins. “Raw, beautiful women, being themselves and being free. It was always so inspiring to me to see these women embracing their bodies. It’s powerful; it’s powerful for women to be free.”
Feel the electricity with newcomer Miss Kenzie Anne in this unique pictorial by the photographer, Tina Louise. On a futuristic set in Palm Desert, California, Miss Kenzie has some fun posing for the camera. "[Posing nude] is my absolute favorite type of modeling. I am showcasing me and only me,” s he says. “It really feels like any mask I wear for society is gone when I’m fully naked.” A model and entertainer, Kenzie feels a deep connection to her followers. “My passion? To guide and influence people to reach their own freedom and happiness,” she shares. “When a person DMs me and tells me I influenced them to follow their passion or leave a situation that was holding them back, I am motivated to continue.”
“I’m a very compassionate and open-minded person,” says model, artist, and newcomer, Ivy Rose. On the location of a large, luxurious home in Los Angeles, California, Ivy poses for the photographer, Damon Loble. “I grew up in a family of musicians, artists, models, dancers, actors, writers, a nd directors — the arts have always been my passion,” says Ivy of herself. “Modeling has been a dream come true for me! My experience with Playboy thus far has been incredible. What an honor to be a part of such a cultural icon.” When she’s not working or creating, Ivy loves to experiment in the kitchen. “I love cooking elaborate plant-based meals for my loved ones,” she says. “Cooking is one of the major ways I show my love and appreciation for someone!”
“What does the Playboy brand mean to me? It means women taking back their sexuality and power,” says Kenna. Returning to Playboy Plus with this beautiful second pictorial by the photographer, Madeline Northway, Kenna is proud to be on set with us. “My experience with Playboy will never be forg otten. I’ve felt empowered, sexy, and creatively embraced — it’s incredible.” On the location of a gorgeous home in Los Angeles, Kenna gets comfortable by making a cocktail, playing cards, and unwinding by the fire. “What makes me, ‘me’ is my playful wit and sass,” she laughs. When it comes to posing nude, Kenna sees it as art. “My favorite thing about classic paintings is that the female body is worshipped,” she shares. “I feel like art when I pose nude — I love it!”
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