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Скачать OnlyTrans / Только Трансы (Devil's Film) [2022 г., Transsexual Gonzo Anal, Hardcore WEB-DL, 540p] (Split Scenes)(Nadia Love Ivory Mayhem Jenna Creed Nicole Korsakova Janie Blade Cherry Mavrick Ariel Demure Jade Venus ) через torrent

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OnlyTrans / Только Трансы

Год производства: 2022 г.
Страна: USA
Transsexual Gonzo Anal Hardcore
Продолжительность: 02:36:43

Студия: Devil''s Film

В ролях:
Nadia Love Ivory Mayhem Jenna Creed Nicole Korsakova Janie Blade Cherry Mavrick Ariel Demure Jade Venus

Ivory Mayhem is concerned as she checks in on her friend, Nadia Love. Nadia recently broke up and has been in a major rut, and Ivory thinks it''s time for Nadia to move on. She tries to get Nadia to join her for a girls'' night out to find someone but Nadia laments that she''s not ready for a relationship. Ivory insists that Nadia doesn''t need a RELATIONSHIP right now -- she just needs to get LAID.

Nadia still isn''t sold but Ivory, so concerned for her, decides to take matters into her own hands. That''s when Ivory leans in for a kiss that instantly sparks heat between them. If Nadia isn''t feeling up to going out THERE to find the relief and confidence she needs, Ivory''s going to help her get it right HERE instead!
Nicole Korsakova enters her living room and is surprised to find a stranger, Jenna Creed, resting on her couch. Jenna explains that she and her friends met Nicole''s roommate Simon at a party last night, and then they all came back here because her friends wanted to have sex with Simon. But Jenna''s not into guys, so she decided to crash on the couch while waiting for her friends.

Now intrigued, Nicole asks Jenna if she''s not into guys, what is she into? Jenna smiles and says she''s into chicks, lifting her skirt to show that her pretty cock is already hard for Nicole. She invites Nicole to sit next to her, and Nicole strokes Jenna''s cock and kisses her. Then Nicole starts giving Jenna a blowjob, and lifts her own skirt so that Jenna can touch her pretty cock, too. Nicole might have missed the party, but it looks like she''s going to have lots of fun anyway!
Cherry Mavrik is lounging in bed when her roommate Janie Blade comes in to show off her cute outfit for the evening. Seems like Janie''s boyfriend is taking her out to a fancy spot, and she wants to look extra special.

Cherry thinks Janie looks super hot, so she gets up to inspect the outfit firsthand. She moves her hands across Janie''s body, all the way down to her hard cock, barely contained under Janie''s petite dress. Cherry gets turned on and can''t resist teasing Janie by rubbing her through the fabric.

Janie''s tempted, but before she loses herself, she stops Cherry from going any further. Janie doesn''t want to get all messy before her date. That''s not a problem for Cherry, she can pleasure herself just fine! She goes back to the bed where she whips out her own cock and masturbates in front of Janie.

The sight of Cherry, sprawled on the bed with her hands between her thighs, is too much for Janie. She gives in and joins Cherry in bed for a pre-date warmup.

Janie might be late for her date tonight, but with Cherry, she always cums right on time.
Ariel Demure is taking a soapy bath when her partner, Jade Venus, comes home early from work. It turns out that the servers went down at Jade''s tech office, so she''s got the whole afternoon free. Ariel sees this as a perfect opportunity to invite Jade into the tub and spend some quality time together.

Jade strips out of her business suit and dips herself into the warm waters, peace and relaxation washing over her. She works so darn hard, and Ariel knows it, so she gives Jade a sensual foot rub to further relax her.

After a few moments, Jade is so aroused by Ariel''s soft touch on her feet that something else surfaces through the bubbly water: her hard cock. Ariel is hungry for it and proceeds to give Jade a different sort of massage...

With work off the mind, Jade and Ariel have passionate sex, taking advantage of this rare moment where they can forget about the outside world and focus on themselves.

Доп. информация: https://www.devilsfilm.com/en/dvd/OnlyTrans/59113

Тип HD видео: 540p
Качество видео: WEB-DL
Формат видео: MP4
Видео кодек: H.264/AVC
Аудио кодек: AAC
Видео: 960х544 16/9 23.976 fps 2000 kbps
Аудио: AAC Dolby Digital, 44.1Hz, 2ch, 192 kbps [/spoiler]

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