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In Love with Daddy 1,2,3 / Влюблена в папу Год производства: 2018 г.
18+ Teens, Blowjobs, Big Dicks, Cumshots, Creampie, Shaved
Продолжительность: 02:40:42

Режиссер: Ricky Greenwood Penny Barber
Студия: MissaX

Язык: Английский
В ролях:
Ivy Wolfe, Scarlett Sage, Kenzie Reeves, Penny Barber, Lilly Bell

My relationship with my best friend Scarlett has been a little tense ever since she set her sights on my stepdad. She''s not the only one who wants him either,

her mom has been calling on him for every little honey do project she can think of. It drives me insane that Scarlett''s bimbo blonde mom, with bolt-on tits is

throwing herself at him. I''ve had it! I''m separating ties with Scarlett and I''ve got to figure out a way to keep him home with me. A melody plays from my purse,

it''s my phone ringing, I look at the screen to see Scarlett''s image. Ugh. I answer it.

Scarlet drawls in her Southern California accent, "hey bitch"

Ivy, "No, YOU''RE the bitch.. or maybe a slut just like your mom. Why were you trying to flirt with my dad?"

Scarlet rolls her eyes, "I told you before I think your dad''s hot. I mean, I don''t get why you won''t let me have a chance with him? I thought we were best


Ivy, "He''s too old for you, it''s..... gross"

Scarlet, "Are you kidding me? Every girl at our senior class wants to nail him. Your dad is the hottest guy in town, easy.. I don''t care if he''s forty-whatever.."

Ivy, "If you cared about me at all, you would leave him alone. I am not comfortable with you stripping off your top in front of my dad"

Scarlet, "your step dad, not even your biological dad. I don''t know why you get so emotional- Ivy interrupts

Ivy, "It''s surreal, like some cheap joke, or a bad dream I haven''t waken up from.. you''re going to end up exactly like your mom"

Scarlet, "Careful.."

Ivy, "I thought you were different than her. I''ve known you since kindergarten, how many times did we laugh at how slutty and desperate she acts around teachers,

neighbors, and remember Father Matthews"

Scarlet, "I may have thought it was gross that my mom was ''sexually adventurous'' when I was young, but now that I''m mature, I think she''s kind of hot. My mom''s

sexuality is powerful. You don''t think it''s hot as fuck that she seduced a priest, a man who vowed to remain chaste for God?"

Ivy empathetically, "No, I really don''t. I think it''s sad. And listen, we should be friends.. let''s not be mean to one another. I don''t care if you want to be

sexually adventurous, if that''s what you want to call it, but please just leave my daddy alone."

Scarlet, "omigod.. I''m getting it now, it''s all becoming crystal clear to me.. You want to fuck your daddy."

Ivy, "what?!"

Scarlet, "you''re in love with your Dad. All the pieces are fitting together."

Ivy, "What are you talking about?

Scarlet, "even when your mom died, it was as if you were relieved. You thought of her as competition, didn''t you? All that constant talk about how great your

dad is, how he''s your hero.. this is some crazy Freudian shit, Ivy. You don''t want anyone to have him because you want him"

Watch the story unfold...
Stepdaughter Kenzie (Kenzie Reeves) walks past her stepdad (Chad White) swathing TV. She asks him to leave her alone in the house for her online therapy session and ends up going off on him when he pushes her about spending some time together. She apologizes and at the therapy session we find out that she gets very turned on when he spanks her. After the session is over they share a brief kiss but Chad awkwardly breaks it off. Later that night Kenzie sneaks into Chad''s room to seduce him again in order o get a release. She begs Chad to tell her what to do as ,masturbation quickly turns to a sloppy 69 and toy play before moving onto doggy and further punishments Being In Love with Daddy can be quite rewarding when you''re a good girl.

As anyone would expect a moral man to be, Chad is initially hesitant, but he soon relents and becomes the dominant daddy than Kenzie craves. Plenty of daddy talk from Kenzie to urge him on and a creampie and a facial to finish things off.
Lilly (Bell) recounts when she recounts meeting her future stepdad Liam (Ryan Mclane). She falls in love after e touches her for the first time. It''s the next day and Lilly and Liam are planning on getting to know each other because her mom will be out of town for a week or two. Lilly gets dressed up in a little black dress but Liam doesn''t approve and thinks she is dressed like a hussie. She walks away and later Liam goes to her to talk to Lilly and to apologize for what he said. A slow seduction begins and the next morning, after bringing him a cup of coffee, Liam kisses Lilly and the apologizes for his behavior. She tells him it is OK and later that night Liam tells her that he doesn''t think he can control his urges around her. She plays up her innocence and says she just wants to be close to him and says that he is the kind of guy he thinks she should be with and that there is no way he could ruin her. They then begin to slowly kiss again before he starts to suck on her nipple. A sensual blowjob, with plenty of eye contact, comes next. Hand holding and lap grinding follows before following up with doggy and missionary, ending with a popshot on Lilly''s bush.

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