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Скачать [MommysGirl.com / GirlsWay.com] Angela Sommers, Jenna Sativa, Ziggy Starr - Stuck in the middle part one and two [2017-02-25, Big Tits, Cunnilingus, Lesbian, Tribbing, 1080p, SiteRip] через torrent

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В ролях: Angela Sommers, Jenna Sativa, Ziggy Starr
Название ролика: Stuck in the middle part one and two
Подсайт и сайт: MommysGirl.com / GirlsWay.com

Дата производства: 2017-02-25
Жанр: Big Tits, Cunnilingus, Lesbian, Tribbing
Продолжительность: 01:15:33

Тип видео: 1080p
Качество видео: SiteRip
Формат видео: MP4
Видео: AVC, 1920x1080, 29.970 fps, 6800 Kbps
Аудио: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 channels, 192 Kbps

Описание: Teen step daughter Jenna Sativa is studying biology with her girlfriend Ziggy Star when her MILF step mother Angela Sommers asks for help with something. After Jenna introduces Ziggy as her friend, because she hasn''t come out to her parents yet, she promises to help later, and Angela leaves the room frustrated. But Ziggy is upset that Jenna lied about the true nature of their yearlong lesbian relationship. Jenna calms her down with kisses, just as Angela knocks on the door again, insisting she needs help. Jenna follows obediently to the bedroom, where Angela begins to make out with Jenna on the bed. Jenna returns her step mother''s affections but wriggles away to get back to her awaiting girlfriend. Back in the teen''s bedroom, the lesbian couple resumes making out. But Jenna''s barely taken Ziggy''s bra off when Angela comes back to borrow her daughter. They sneak into the master bedroom and undress each other completely, leaving Ziggy alone to brood. Eventually Ziggy wanders toward the noises coming from the master bedroom and sees her girlfriend cheating with Angela. When Ziggy demands to know what the fuck is going on, the guilty pair sit upright making no attempt to conceal their nudity. Angela declares that Jenna is both her girlfriend and her step daughter, and they''re taking care of each other like family is supposed to. That''s when Ziggy blows the cover off their relationship. Angela is livid that Jenna kept that secret from her. She demands to see what they''ve been doing behind her back all year. When the girls look confused, she instructs them to make out. The couple obeys and Ziggy stares down Angela triumphantly while Jenna sucks on her nipples. The horny MILF tells Jenna to step aside so she can show Ziggy what she gets every night. Angela starts kissing Ziggy, but Jenna quickly feels left out, so they bring her into the fold for a threesome. The teens stroke the MILF''s stunning body while Angela decides which pussy gets devoured first. She watches Jenna eat out Ziggy''s pussy, then holds Jenna in her arms while Ziggy licks Jenna''s pussy in reciprocation. Jenna takes a seat on Angela''s face and 69s her pussy with Ziggy''s assistance. After making the MILF cum, Ziggy teams up with Angela, licking Jenna''s cute little ass and pussy till she orgasms. Angela and Jenna then go down on Ziggy making her pussy squirt! Ziggy rides out another juicy orgasm on her girlfriend''s face while Angela tribs Jenna till they both reach ecstasy! Which pussy does Jenna love more?

Teen Jenna Sativa can''t reach her girlfriend Ziggy Star on the phone. Jenna successfully kept her year long lesbian relationship a secret her parents. Until the other day, when Jenna and Ziggy participated in a lesbian threesome with Jenna''s MILF step mother Angela Sommers. It''s not the first time Jenna and her step mother fucked. Their sexual relationship has been ongoing for some time. When Angela found out about Ziggy, the MILF insisted it''s only fair that Jenna share her lover. So, when Jenna catches Ziggy and Angela sneaking around behind her back, she becomes livid with jealousy. After she bursts into Angela''s bedroom and throws a fit. She yells at Ziggy to stop sucking Angela''s tits and kicks her rival out of her house. Jenna is too hurt and angry to listen to Angela''s excuses. But the MILF follows Jenna into her bedroom groveling for forgiveness with her perfect tits still sticking out of her robe. She lets Jenna pout about feeling betrayed and then reassures the teen that she loves her like a real mom. When she kisses her to demonstrate, Jenna begins to calm down. She wants to know if she likes Ziggy more than her. Angela admits she likes Ziggy, but loves Jenna and asks for her forgiveness. Jenna accepts but makes her promise not to fuck any more of her friends. Angela admits it won''t be easy but agrees to comply. She lovingly strokes her daughter''s hair and takes off her robe as Jenna kisses her breasts. The teen removes her clothing and Angela plots a trail of kisses all the down Jenna''s naked body till she reaches her sweet little pussy. As she kisses and licks her, Jenna wriggles and moans till she cums on command in her mouth. Angela sits her perfect body over Jenna''s mouth and rides her face till she cums. Happy to have her mom all to herself, Jenna lies on top of Angela and kisses her passionately, scissoring their legs and tribbing feverishly until their orgasms release. Jenna sits on Angela''s face and lets her mommy lap at her pussy till she cums again. Then Jenna sucks one more cum out of her mother''s pussy! Did Angela convince Mommy''s Girl Jenna of her love?!

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