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: London River, Tyler Faith
: Defenders of Morality
: Primal's Custom Videos / PrimalFetish.com / Clips4sale.com

: 2019/04/25
: 01:07:36

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Defenders of Morality custom video Synopsis An evangelical/conservative pair of women (EVE and JANET) visit a neighbourhood to warn people about the dangers of pornography. They split up, and EVE visits one home to be greeted by MR DAEMON, who invites her inside. While she waits in the living room, she is slowly corrupted by the mesmerizing, pornographic images insidiously included on the TVs screen by MR DAEMON. He returns, and completes her corruption into a wanton, sacrilegious whore. Later, JANET visits the home in search of EVE, and her former friend helps corrupt JANET too. JANET and EVE are then dressed in fetish outfits, and service MR DAEMON. The video ends with another ring at the door. Specifics ? Props needed - dildo, clipboard and paper ? Set dressing and furniture minimal needed. Just a tv and a sofa are required. ? Visual effects wed need to have a small montage made from burning fireplace footage (like https://www.youtube/watch?v=eyU3bRy2x44) mixed with porno footage (could be a way to include clips from your other material), and brainwashing/entrancement text (see script). This would be displayed on the TV at points in the video. I guess youd just have some green screen cloth on the TV so you could add this film later in the video? ? Dialogue it would be ideal if the actors can follow the scripted dialogue (as youve done with my prior customs), but its ok to improvise along similar lines depending on how much time they have to learn the dialogue. ? I really find the dirty talk a turn on, so please include as much of this as possible the female characters talking about how much they want cock, how much of a slut they are, etc. Please do draw from the script whenever possible, as Ive included words and phrases that would be turn-ons. ? Im not a fan of POV, so would prefer to avoid a POV camera angle. Script: Defenders of Morality Scene 1: Outside house EVE and JANET, an evangelical, conservative pair of women visit a neighbourhood to warn people about the dangers of pornography. JANET carries a clipboard (presumably with their messages, and a list of who theyre going to visit). They discuss which side of the street each of them will take (improvised dialogue), and part ways. We follow EVE as she walks to the front door. EVE rings the doorbell, and MR DAEMON opens the door. We switch to a view from inside the house. Scene 2: Inside house, at door MR DAEMON: Hello, may I help you? EVE: Good morning sir. My name is Eve. Im from a local group called Defenders of Morality. MR DAEMON: Uh-huh. EVE: Yes, were spreading the word about the dangers of pornography. We are asking all upstanding citizens to help us eradicate the poison of carnal temptation, and return society to traditional values. MR DAEMON: Oksure. EVE is encouraged - usually people have told her to leave by this point in her spiel. EVE: Great! Im here today because weve heard a notorious smut-peddler has moved in somewhere nearby. We dont want that filth in our neighbourhood. It encourages sinful acts - like sex before marriage - and corrupts our youth. MR DAEMON: Well, thats very concerning. Do you have time to step in and discuss it? Eve thinks for a moment, and looks around she knows she has lots of houses to visit, but decides its best to get this person on board first. EVE: Really? Thanks, that would be very kind of you. MR DAEMON: Come on in. Scene 3: INT, Living room MR DAEMON and EVE walk in, exchanging improvised pleasantries (e.g. you have a lovely home, etc.). They sit down on a sofa in front of a TV. The TV is on, and it shows a burning fireplace (like https://www.youtube/watch?v=eyU3bRy2x44) EVE: Thank you so much for your time. Its so refreshing to meet someone who shares our values. May I ask, are you a man of faith? MR DAEMON: (regretful) Well Eve, I was once very devout. But I fell out with someone I looked up to, and decided to take a different path. EVE: That is a shame. If you have time, Id love you to join our scripture study group. MR DAEMON: Do other women of similar, er...moral certainty like yourself attend? EVE: Thats right. And were always looking for new members. MR DAEMON: Sounds like just the place for me. EVE smiles. Theres a slight pause, and she tries to fill the silence with more small talk. EVE: By the way, I like the fireplace effect in the TV (she indicates the TV showing the fireplace). Is that a new channel? MR DAEMON: Actually, I create soothing visuals to help loosen people uper, after their stressful days. Ive also got footage of a fishtank, a meadow in the breeze, and a babbling brook. But this one just reminds me of home EVE: Its lovely. Much better than the salacious programming on HBO - or as my group calls it HB - NO! (she does a little embarrassed laugh at the appalling pun. MR DAEMON smiles belligerently) MR DAEMON: Why dont you relax while I get us some tea? You can then tell me about this corrupting influence in town. EVE: Youre too kind, thank you. Masturbation (5-6 mins including dialogue) MR DAEMON leaves. EVE looks idly at the screen for a few moments. However, we soon see that the video is interlaced with subliminal messages, though its unclear whether this is actually the film or the effect of MR DAEMONs evil magic. The screen does a flash cut to pornography, and then back to the soothing visuals. EVE frowns, but doesnt realise what she just saw. With creepy music on this videos soundtrack (not the TV itself - the images on the TV are silent), she keeps watching. This process repeats over the course of several minutes, with trigger phrases also flashing up. These could include, but dont have to be limited to: ? Spread your legs ? Touch your tits ? Play with your pussy ? Fuck your faith ? Praise the cock ? You want to be corrupted ? Youre a slut ? All sluts should swallow cock ? Youre a good little cocksucker ? You love cock ? You want to drink cum ? Suck cock ? Drink cum EVE finds herself slowly but inexorably turned on starting off with getting hot and bothered, then touching herself as she cant take her eyes off the screen. The video becomes more and more pornography-heavy over the course of 3-4 minutes, until it is nothing but hardcore porn interspersed with the trigger phrases. By this time, EVE has undone her top, pulled her boobs out of her bra to better caress them, and pulled down her pants/skirt and panties to masturbate. MR DAEMON comes back in. EVE tries to control herself but cant stop masturbating. The pornography continues to play silently in the background. EVE: Oh myIm so sorryI think theres a problem with your programme. There were somedebauched images that came up. MR DAEMON: They obviously met with your approval. EVE: No, that cant be true. Im not the sort of woman that would indulge in thatfilth. EVE is having trouble keeping her eyes from the screen MR DAEMON: Really? What women would enjoy that material? EVE: Well....liberal women. You knowhussies. MR DAEMON: Come now, you can speak plainly in my home. What kind of a woman likes to watch pornography and masturbate? She stares at the screen for a few seconds. She keeps her eyes on it over the next few dialogue exchanges. EVE: a slut? MR DAEMON: Well, youre definitely enjoying it, so what would that make you? EVE: Id beaslut. But thats so wrong MR DAEMON: Theres nothing wrong with that. Youre just indulging in pleasure. EVE: I dont knowit does feel really good. MR DAEMON: You want to be corrupted. (this is a trigger phrase from the video, so has more power over EVE) EVE: Why do you say that? Why would I wantmmm (she likes the thought of it)to be corrupted MR DAEMON: Maybe its ok for you to be a slut. EVE: Yesmaybe I can bea slut. (she surprises herself, but enjoys saying the words) MR DAEMON: A dirty slut. EVE: Yesdirty. (she smiles/laughs as more of her resistance ebbs away. She looks at MR DAEMON with lusty in her eyes). EVE: A dirty ssssluuut (she emphasises the word, drawing it out). Yes, thats what I am. MR DAEMON: Maybe youd even like being a whore? EVE: No, I (her eyes are drawn inexorably to the screen again) yesnow I think about it, I...really want to be a.filthy whore. MR DAEMON: Thats right. And youve been good for so long, denied yourself so many pleasures of the flesh. EVE: Yes - Ive held back so many times. Ive wanted to indulge...but its seemed so wrong. MR DAEMON: Let me change your mind. (His tone becomes commanding) Spread your legs. (another trigger phrase) Cunnilingus (3 mins) EVE takes off her panties and spreads her legs, her eyes on MR DAEMON. He kneels over the sofa and begins licking her pussy. Her gaze drifts between looking at him in surprised pleasure and lustful glances at the screen. They continue their dialogue (improvised) while he goes down on her. MR DAEMON encourages her to use more dirty language, particularly referring to her parts in increasingly explicit terms, e.g. EVE: Ilikehow youre licking mymyvagina. MR DAEMON: I think you mean pussy. EVE: Ummyes, my pussy. EVE: Mmmfeels so good to stroke my breasts. MR DAEMON: I dont think so. What are they called? EVE: Mytits. My slutty tits. Blowjob (10 mins) We then return to the scripted section. EVE: I dont know whats come over me. MR DAEMON: Now theres an idea. Would you like cum over you? EVE: Cumyou mean...semen? Urgh, on me?! Thats disgustingright? (but shes starting to masturbate again) Why cant I stop thinking about it? Why does that turn me on? MR DAEMON: The best way for sluts to get turned on is to suck cock. Would you like to try that? EVE: (shocked) Oh Ive never done that. My husband asked, but I thought it was so sordid MR DAEMON: Youve always wanted to be a good little cocksucker. (trigger phrase) EVE: (she pauses, and the corruption grows in her again. She grins evilly)yesbeing sordid soundsso good now. Ill be a good little cocksucker. (she tries to resist again) ButIm a married woman, it wouldnt be right for me to MR DAEMON: Watch. While she talks, he takes his erect cock out of his pants. He jerks his cock slowly in front of her as she trails off and shes transfixed at the sight. She tries to look away but cant. She drools, and tries to wipe her mouth, but starts putting her fingers in her mouth and licks them. She starts masturbating faster, and continues to drool, wiping the wetness into her pussy over the course of a couple of minutes. MR DAEMON: Im sure your husband would want you to indulge your true nature. EVE: My truenature? MR DAEMON: I knew it the moment I saw you Eve. You love cock. (trigger phrase again) Sluts like you cant get enough cock down your throats. EVE: But...my faith says that I should be- MR DAEMON: Fuck your faith. (trigger phrase) EVE: (shes trying to resist one last time) II(the last of her resistance breaks)Yes, fuck my faith! I want your cock down my throat! MR DAEMON walks slowly over to her still jerking his cock. She salivates at the sight. MR DAEMON: Stick out your tongue like the corrupted whore you are. EVE obeys him, opening her mouth wide and letting her tongue loll out. MR DAEMON bounces his cock on her tongue a couple of times and she moans in pleasure. EVE: Pleaseplease let me suck it. MR DAEMON: (he teases her with the cock, not letting her suck it) You dont need to defend morality in this neighbourhood do you Eve? EVE: NoI just want your cock. MR DAEMON: Thats a good slut. Take what you need. He lets her suck it. She goes down on him slowly, savouring every inch, her eyes rolling up with pleasure. She sucks him slowly and deliberately a couple of times. EVE: Why was I such a stuck-up prude before? I should have given into my desires, become a whore I was meant to be. Thank you for showing meMr? MR DAEMON: Daemon. But you will call me Master now. EVE: Yes Master. May I suck your cock more? MR DAEMON: I insist upon it. EVE sucks MR DAEMONs cock feverishly and sloppily over the next 5-6 minutes. Dialogue can be improvised, but would be good if this could include explicit language again from EVE, which turns her on, e.g. EVE: Sucking your cock is making my pussy so wet. MR DAEMON: Pussy is too polite a word for you isnt it? What would you call it Eve? EVE: Mywet cunt. MR DAEMON: More than that. EVE: Mmm...my sopping wet fuck hole! MR DAEMON: You want my cock in your slutty mouth dont you? EVE: Yes. Put it in my mouth. MR DAEMON: Your mouth is meant for my cock,isnt it? EVE: Yes, its just a cock hole. MR DAEMON: Tell me what you are. EVE: Im just a filthy little bitch for you. EVE: Use all my holes. EVE: Yeah, make me go deep on your dick. Ill take it like the cockwhore I am. They watch some more of the images together. EVE sucks his cock as she watches, enjoying the sensation and trying to emulate those on the screen. Cumshot in mouth (1-2 mins) EVE sucks MR DAEMONs cock to completion, with him finishing in her mouth (can be fake cum). She plays with his cum, licking it off her hands and then playing with in her mouth as MR DAEMON then talks about the next steps. EVEs whole demeanour is now obedient, slutty, and evil. MR DAEMON: Excellent work slave. Now, lets talk about what happens next. EVE: Yes Master. (pulling cum out of her mouth and letting it drop back in) MR DAEMON: What would you normally do tomorrow? EVE: Go to my church Master (she licks her fingers in satisfaction) MR DAEMON: And what will you now do instead? EVE: Suck cock like a fucking nympho bitch! MR DAEMON: Excellent. In fact, youre going to help me spread sin and depravity to all your friends. Doesnt that sound good? EVE: Yesyes! I want to corrupt them all. They should all be depraved sluts like me! MR DAEMON: Thats a good slut. Are any of your friends out today passing on the good word? EVE: Yes Master. Janet will probably come looking for me. Shes a prissy little cunt, may I please corrupt her Master? MR DAEMON: Certainly, well start with her. Now, lets get you dressed appropriately. FADE OUT Scene 4: Outside house JANET is walking by the house clipboard in hand, looking a little concerned. She walks to the front door and rings the doorbell. MR DAEMON opens the door. We switch to a view from inside the house. Scene 5: Inside house, at door JANET: Excuse me sir, Im looking for my friend Eve. She came by here earlier to talk about our moral mission? MR DAEMON: Yesyoure Janet right? She left a note for you. Hold on(he makes to go back down the corridor) JANET: Thank you. MR DAEMON: (turns back acting like hes remembered something) damn, sorry. She left the note on my desk, but Ive got it mixed up with all my work papers. Come in for a sec, and Ill find it as quick as I can. JANET: Oh sure, no problem. JANET follows MR DAEMON down the hall. Scene 6: INT, Living room They enter the living room. The TV is showing the fireplace video again. MR DAEMON: Please just take a seat. Hopefully this wont take long. JANET: Youre very gracious. JANET sits on the sofa where EVE sat before. She fidgets for a few seconds and then EVE strides in confidently dressed in fetish wear. EVE: Hi Janet. Like the new me? JANET: (puts her hand to her mouth in shock) Oh my lord Eve! What in heavens are you wearing? You look likeaa tart! EVE: Its my new uniform. Ive decided to change career. JANET: Career? To what?! EVE: Full time fuck slave. You should really consider it too youll get to suck cock and drink cum all day long. JANET: II cant believe what Im hearing. What on earth has happened to you? EVE: This is who Ive always been. I just needed to be shown my true, whore self. JANET: Saints preserve us. Ijust cant understand. Look, I have to leave. (she starts to get up, but EVE pushes her firmly but gently back into her seat) EVE: Hush Janet. You want to be a whore too. JANET: I most certainly do not! How can you suggest such a thing?! EVE: All you need is proper stimulation. Look. She points at the TV. Almost instantly, this shifts to the part of the video with pornography interspersed with the embedded commands. JANET: Thats revolting! This is the filth were supposed to be fighting against! JANET starts to go, but cant quite take her eyes from the screen. She sinks back down into her seat. EVE: Gooood Janet. Keep watching. Isnt it exciting? JANET: Nono, not exciting. Maybea biterdifferent. Why...do I want to keep watching? EVE: I resisted too...but not for long. Masturbation and dildo sucking (5-6 mins) JANET stars at the screen for a few more moments and then starts touching herself lightly over her clothes. EVE notices this, grins in lust, and starts touching herself too. This continues for about a minute. There is improvised dialogue between EVE and JANET along the lines of JANET protesting but slowly becoming more entranced and turned on, and EVE persuading her that its good for her to watch. After about a minute, EVE picks up a dildo from by the sofa, and begins sucking this seductively. She moistens the length of it with her spit, and then presents it to JANET. EVE: Time for you to try it. JANET: Thats so vulgar...Ishouldntbutwhy do I want it in my mouth? Gingerly JANET puts her mouth around it as Janet holds it horizontal in front of her. The taste and sensation turn her on, and she starts sucking more deeply. JANET: Mmmm...god, this is disgusting...but it feels so good. EVE: Why dont you take it, find your own rhythm? EVE gives the dildo to JANET. JANET: (muffled) Thank you. JANET sucks the dildo rapidly with lots of spit. Meanwhile, EVE is pulling off JANETs clothes and starts going down on her. JANET looks in shock initially, but quickly becomes aroused and enjoys the sensation. JANET sucks the dildo deeper, moaning in pleasure. EVE talks dirty to her, increasing JANETs corruption, and caresses her body. Dialogue here can be improvised along similar lines as in previous scenes. Good words to use from JANET might include: vulgar, wanton, wicked, obscene, to describe the acts that shes now enjoying. After a few minutes, JANET cums. MR DAEMON comes back in, and JANET looks up at him in surprise but barely concealed lust. EVE: Shes ready Master. JANET: Readyfor what? MR DAEMON: (to EVE) Almost. Blowjob and cumshot in mouth (3-5mins) MR DAEMON is standing and unzips his fly, taking out his erect cock. JANET looks on in surprise but cannot take her eyes off it. EVE: Try it Janet. All good sluts should swallow cock. JANET: All good sluts? (her expression hardens and she grins evilly) Should swallow cock! She goes down on his cock slowly, then begins to speed up. She sucks MR DAEMONs cock for 3-4mins, with EVE goading her on and JANET increasingly enjoying being a slut. MR DAMEON cums in her mouth (can be fake cum). EVE: What do we say Janet? JANET: (cum coming out of her mouth) Mmmmthank you Master. (she uses her fingers to play with the cum) MR DAEMON: Now shes ready. Its time for a new look Janet. FADE OUT Scene 7: INT, Living room Masturbation (3-4 mins) Both JANET and EVE are standing with their backs against the wall in different but similarly themed fetish gear. They both masturbate, moaning in pleasure, and wiping spit from their mouths onto their pussies as they masturbate. They talk dirty about themselves and each other (similar to the Relationship Counselling video), and fantasise about how they will corrupt their friends. Example dialogue to include: EVE: Whos a corrupted Christian cunt? JANET: Me! And youre a depraved cockwhore. EVE: Mmm, yes. JANET: God, how come I never realised how much I love the taste of cock? EVE: I knowall those days in church and protesting against depravitywhen I could have been getting my wet cunt fucked. JANET: Taking communion when we could have been taking cock instead. JANET: Mmmm. Now we can drink cum all the time. EVE: I want to be covered in masters cum, over my face, running down my body. Swallowing every last fucking drop till Im full. JANET: Hot cum down my fucking whore throat, so good JANET: Cant wait to corrupt our friends at the church. EVE: One by one, well turn all those uptight prudes into thirsty cumdumpsters, just like us. JANET: Mmmm, make those pious women into disgusting lewd bitches, begging for cock. After a couple of minutes, MR DAEMON enters. MR DAEMON: Youve been patient slaves. Its time. Vaginal sex (15 mins) This includes double BJ, vaginal sex in multiple positions. Improvised dialogue from EVE and JANET about how corrupted they are, how much they love being sluts, and how theyre going to corrupt the people at their church, scripture group, etc. Facial cumshot (2 mins) JANET and EVE beg MR DAEMON to cum on them, e.g. JANET: Blow your load over your whores Master! Give us the cum we deserve! EVE: Please let drink it all, like good slutty slaves! MR DAEMON cums over their faces. They lick up and share the cum between one another. Scene 8: INT, Living room MR DAEMON sits naked in the middle of the sofa, while EVE and JANET suck his cock slowly between them. The doorbell rings. MR DAEMON: Another one of yours? JANET: Another addition to your flock master. JANET and EVE laugh evilly as they get up and walk to the door, while MR DAEMON looks on contented. END

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