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Учитель-мафиози Реборн!
Оригинальное название:家庭教師ヒットマン
Английское название:Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Год выпуска: 2006
Страна: Япония
Жанр: приключения, комедия, мистика, сёнэн
Продолжительность: ТВ (203эп.), 25 мин.
Режиссёр:Имайдзуми Кэнъити
Озвучка: Любительский (одноголосый) Shachiburi
Описание:В один распрекрасный день к школьнику средней школы Цунаёси Саваде приходит кавайный карапуз. Этот малыш, представившийся профессиональным киллером-учителем Реборном, сообщает молодому Цуне, что тому уготована участь стать боссом семьи Ванголла, и что Савада (пожизненный неудачник) - мафиози в десятом колене. Мельком Реборн упоминает - после того, как «девятый» ушел на покой, на Цунаёси открыта охота, и дабы новоиспеченный крестный отец не умер раньше положенного срока, Реборн берется за его обучение различным прелестям мафиозной жизни. Цуну, конечно же, такой расклад мало привлекает, но кого это волнует?
Качество: TVRip
Формат: MP4
Видео кодек: H.264
Аудио кодек: AAC
Видео: MPEG4 Video (H264) 368x272, 368 Kbps
Аудио: AAC 44100Hz stereo 128Kbps
001. What!? I'm the 10th Generation Mafia Boss?
002. The End of School!?
003. Shocking! Cooking with Love and Horror!
004. Hahii! Destroy girl's hearts!
005. The Director of the Discipline Committee's Avoidance of Boredom
006. Ni-hao Gyoza Fist!
007. The Limit! Passionate Brother!
008. The Senior Boss Thinks of his Family
009. The Short Life Skull Disease
010. Gahaha! The Exploding Lunch Box!
011. The Gyoza Dumpling of Love and Death
012. Teacher's special training! Strengthening program
013. New Year! Great match of 100,000,000 yen
014. First Date!? Zoo of Hell
015. Clash! Survival Snowball Fight
016. Escape from the Mountain of Death!
017. Hospitalized, Don't make any sound
018. The Love Chocolate has poison
019. Infallible? The Ranking of anything!
020. Sudden Attack
021. Wounded Friends
022. Foresawn Evil Influence
023. The Last Death Will bullet
024. The Counterattack
025. I Want to Win! The Awakening Time
026. The end and from now on...
027. Eat Sushi to Celebrate Promotion
028. It's a Lie! We killed?
029. Broccoli's Sweetheart?
030. Hide and Seek on a Cruise
031. Welcoming at Mafia Island
032. A Shark in the Public Pool
033. Summer Vacation Ruined by Loans?
034. The Varia Comes!
035. The 7 Vongola Rings
036. Katekyo, Start
037. Master and Disciple Combi, Set
038. The Disapperance of the Stubborn Fawn
039. The Unseen Enemy's Motive
040. Fight for the Ring Begins!
041. Feelings of the Protector
042. The Power to Rebound Adversity
043. Thunder Strike of 20 Years Later
044. The Stolen Sky Ring
045. Storm Brewed by Angry Waves
046. Reason to Fight
047. The Strongest Invincible School
048. Namegata's Game
049. Requiem of the Rain
050. Guardian of the Mist is Coming?!
051. Illusion VS Illusion
052. The Hazy Truth
053. A Taste of Anxiety
054. The Guardian of the Cloud's Charge
055. Resolve
056. Gokudera's Story
057. The Battle of the Sky, Begins!
058. Flame of Wrath
059. Relieving Everyone
060. Dying Will Zero Point Breakthrough
061. Zero Point Breakthrough - Revised
062. Bargaining
063. Freezing Flame
064. The Truth About Anger
065. Conclusion!
066. The Shivering Ghost
067. Vongola style Parent's Day
068. Happy? Wedding
069. Unthinkable Crime of Three Siblings
070. Shoichi Irie's Calamity
071. Spirit Battle! Absolute Evil Fist
072. Expulsion Crisis
073. Mom's Day of Thanks
074. The world Ten Years Later
075. Hideout
076. Search for the Guardian
077. The Resolution's Flame
078. The Clue to the Past
079. First Trial
080. Dissonance
081. Combination
082. The Strongest Guardian
083. Information Brought to
084. Be Too Distant Way Home
085. The Agitation Point is Where?
086. The Most Fearful Tutor
087. Succession
088. Tri-Ni-Set
089. Piano of Sorrow
090. Rain Owl
091. Those Who Believe
092. The Entrusted Decision
093. Emergency Warning Level D
094. True Natures Revealed
095. Determination
096. X Burner
097. Large Pursuit
098. Announcement
099. Last Ordeal
100. Rushing Into The Last Night
101. Night Raid
102. Operation Start
103. The First Obstacle
104. The Troublesome Magician
105. Regret
106. Student's Growth
107. A Desperate Situation
108. A Man's Box Weapon
109. Imprisonment
110. The Secret of Melone Base
111. The Enemy is Octopus Head
112. Boomerang's Trap
113. Electric, Again
114. Guardian of Storm, Stand Up
115. Sistema C.A.I.
116. Various Resolutions
117. The Storm Counterattacks
118. The Princess' Conviction
119. A Battle's Intervals
120. Virtual Space
121. The Two Battles
122. The Strongest Swordsman
123. The Sword Emperor's Teachings
124. The Blocking Mist
125. Further Intruders
126. The Best Vs. The Best
127. Mystic Flower
128. The Disciplinary Chairman Arrives
129. Operation X
130. Resolve and Irritation
131. Rampage
132. Final Block of Defense
133. A Game-Changing Move
134. The Knight From Hell
135. Arrival!
136. Revealed Truth
137. Main Battle in Italy
138. Twin Princes
139. Furious Roar
140. Another Sky
141. Reunion
142. The Strongest Seven
143. Trial #1
144. The Arcobaleno Seals
145. Guardian Showdown! Cloud and Mist
146. Box Weapon Prototype
147. Catching the Wind
148. The Two who Inherit the Heavens
149. Reborn's Examination
150. Closed Path
151. When a Rainbow Forms
152. The Boss' Resolution
153. The Last Mark
154. To the Next Battle
155. The Real Six Funeral Wreaths
156. Inspiring Allies
157. Namimori Holiday
158. A Warm Place
159. For My Friends
160. Gaining Mobility
161. Airbike
162. The Sky Vongola Box
163. Terror! Turmoil on Base
164. Vongola Box, Training Begin
165. Boycott Declared
166. With The Same Heart
167. Day of the Battle
168. Choice Begins
169. Sky Lion: Leone di Cielo ver. Vongola
170. Fateful Showdown
171. Revenge
172. Kikyo's Assault
173. Choice Ends
174. The Truth About the Future
175. Yuni Comes
176. Escape
177. After the Battle
178. The Primo Family Arrives!
179. Inheritance Begins
180. The Duty of the Guardian of Rain
181. Furious Bolt of Lightning
182. Silent Storm
183. Aloof Cloud
184. Sunny then Cloudy
185. Set Trap
186. Bewitching Mist
187. Betraying Memory
188. Primo's Will
189. The Family's Resolve
190. The Real Six Funeral Wreaths Attack!
191. Open Carnage Box
192. Alaude's Handcuffs
193. Daemon Spade's Devil Lens
194. The Final Battle Begins
195. G's Archery
196. Lampo's Shield
197. Knuckle's Maximum Break
198. The Last Real Funeral Wreath
199. Ghost Awakens
200. Sky Full of Desire
201. Precious Moments in Time
202. Sea. Clam. Rainbow.
203. To a New Future

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