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Various Artists

COHEN : The Scandinavian Report

Scandinavian artists sing LEONARD COHEN
Жанр: Folk Rock / Jazz / Pop
Страна: Sweden
Год издания: 2009
Лейбл: Sony Music Sweden
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: VBR V0
Продолжительность: 75:40


1. Cookies 'n Beans — First We Take Manhattan (4:05)
2. Rebecka Törnqvist — Here It Is (3:47)
3. Moto Boy — If It Be Your Will (4:31)
4. Jan Malmsjö — Dansa mig till kärlekens slut (4:46)
5. Ane Brun — Ain't No Cure for Love (4:31)
6. Bo Sundström — Everybody Knows (5:31)
7. Sara Isaksson — Hey That's No Way to Say Goodbye (4:10)
8. Lars Halapi — Sisters of Mercy (3:39)
9. Mikael Wiehe — USA är redo för demokrati (7:06)
10. Anders Widmark — Hallelujah (3:39)
11. Eva Dahlgren — Bird on the Wire (5:05)
12. Vidar Johansen & Peter Nordberg — In My Secret Life (4:31)
13. Jenny Wilson — The Partisan (4:21)
14. Olle Ljungström — Chelsea Hotel #2 (3:43)
15. Sophie Zelmani — Waiting for the Miracle to Come (7:11)
16. Christel Alsos — Suzanne (5:04)
Producent: Lars Halapi
A&R: Lars "Billy" Hansson for Bolero Recordings
Label : Sony Music Sweden
Releasedate : September 30, 2009

A word from the producer:

[i]On a distinctly grey day in January I got a call from AnR Lars ”Billy” Hansson. After about a minute of comparing the wheather in Stockholm and Skеne , and making sure our families were both well, he asked me: How about making a tribute album to Leonard Cohen?

So, how do you make a tribute album? Well, off course you need to find the right artist for the right song. Next step is to make it sound like one album. How do you achieve that? I had been thinking about this and also trying to find new ways to get presence and vibrance in recordings and I had an idea: One place, one time and one band.No safety net. The different artists would come one after another and sing their song. Lars Hansson liked the idea and we started to discuss singers and songs, studios and engineers, and budgets...

Eventually we agreed on a list of very fine Swedish and Norwegian artists and to our joy almost everyone were happy to come. Further more we settled for the 17-18 of August at Studio 4, Radiohuset, Stockholm. Lars and I continued to work on the planning and logistics and I contacted all the artists to discuss key, tempo,arrangement and vibe.

The C-day finally came. The plan was to record 19 songs in two days. This takes a lot of concentration from a lot of people. Singers, musicians, engineers. It also takes a lot of luck: One late airplane, two hours of computer problems and one artist not happy with the microphone could jeopardise the whole album. I can honestly say I've never been so tired, or musically happy, as when we finished the last song 9.30 pm on the 18th. Everybody involved had done their utmost to make this album come alive and the artists all brought their musicality, their personal interpretation, their concentration. And all this with high spirits and lots of generousity. I'm deeply grateful. And very proud over this album.</span>

Lars Halapi, Puk Studios, August 22, 2009

Отзывы приветствуются, кнопка "спасибо" работает.

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