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Bang Gang - Love Sells...

Жанр: Glam Metal\Hard Rock
Страна: USA
Год издания: 1990
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 00:35:55

01.Pedal To The Metal [00:04:25]
02.20th Century Boy [00:04:27]
03.The Neon Fairytale [00:03:29]
04.Young & The Restless [00:04:34]
05.You Make The Beat Go On [00:05:04]
06.Be A Model (Or Just Look Like One) [00:03:25]
07.Dangerous [00:03:48]
08.Thrill After Thrill [00:04:03]
09.B.M.G. (Be My Girl) [00:02:36]
Additionally to our TKO feature, here's another interview with Scott Earl about his activities in a band called THE BANG GANG, who put out an album called "Love Sells" on Sinclair Records / BMG in 1990...

At first please tell us all about your career until now and if I'm right with the following things: you were born in Seattle, started playing guitar at the age of 14, formed and played in alot of bands (RAGE, CULPRIT, TKO, THE BANG GANG), played shows with ADAM BOMB's solo band and later jammed with SHAKE THE FAITH (by the way, was it still the same line up who released a CD with Tommy Thayer?)...
"I started playing bass when I was fourteen. I'm thirty-two now so I've been playing for eighteen years. I was born in Elkhart, Indiana and lived in South Bend, IN, Lansing, MI, Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL and then I moved to Seattle when I was about twelve. I formed RAGE with Adam "Bomb" Brenner and Gary Thompson (TKO, Q5) which turned into the band TYRANT with Geoff (WATERFALL) Tate on vocals. I moved to San Francisco a few years later for about a year and a half. When I came back to Seattle Adam and Gary were in TKO with Brad Sinsel on vocals and Evan Sheeley on bass. I was really into Heavy Metal and went on to form a band called ORPHEUS with Bud Burrill on drums and John Devol on lead guitar. We were a trio for about a year. We played a lot of parties and built a following by playing all instrumental gigs. We did a lot of RUSH, RAINBOW, SCORPIONS etc., etc., cover tunes. We finally got a singer named Paul Crissman. We tried to recruit Geoff Tate on vocals but he was involved with a band called MYTH with Kelly Gray on lead guitar. They were a good band and ended up opening for many CULPRIT shows. ORPHEUS played a gig in Seattle with a band called AMETHYST, which was Kjartan's and Jeff L'Heureux's band at the time. After the show we started talking about joining forces. They were more of a pop band at the time, CHEAP TRICK, SAMMY HAGAR etc, etc and we were doing SABBATH! We had written a few originals ('Players', 'Same To You' and 'I Am' which ended up on CULPRIT's "Guilty As Charged" 1982 release) which they really liked, so one thing led to another and we joined forces to form CULPRIT. CULPRIT was one of the first Metal bands in Seattle and became quite popular locally. We sent in a tape to Mike Varney of Shrapnel Records and landed the song 'Players' on his "US Metal II" compilation album of US unsigned bands. We eventually did our one and only record with him. CULPRIT then recorded what is known as the "Metal Heart" demos with Mike and Roger Fisher formerly of the band HEART. The demos were the start of the second record and to this day have never been released (stay tuned), with my influences and song writing abilities changing. I met up with Brad Sinsel. He had this great record in the can and no band any more. We decided along with Kjartan to help Brad restart the band again. I was a big fan of the music he had recorded three years prior and jumped at the chance to be a part of it. I recruited Ken Mary on drums from a JIMI HENDRIX tribute band called RANDY HANSON. Ken was not our first choice on drums we wanted Dean Castronovo from the WILD DOGS but he was living in Portland at the time and wasn't able to move to Seattle. We finally did get it released ("In Your Face") and then recorded a second record "Below The Belt". Ken left the band to join ALICE COOPER and I moved to LA. I left in 1987 and after auditioning for many bands (METALLICA, ALICE COOPER, KINGDOM COME, LITA FORD etc, etc.) I, along with Kjartan Kristoffersen and Jet Silver (also from Seattle) formed THE BANG GANG. After many line up changes we finally released the "Love Sells" record in 1991. Before the band split up we recorded some demos at my house that was to be the second record that never got released (once again keep your eyes open). After THE BANG GANG broke up, I did some demos with some unknown guys but no live shows. The band was called BLESS and I really wished that stuff could have been released. I think it is some of the best stuff I've ever done. Maybe someday that will come out as well. It's kind of a cross between JANE'S ADDICTION and FAITH NO MORE. I hooked up with a singer named Dave arrogant mean Aragon (ha ha) and formed and named the band SHAKE THE FAITH. That guy was the biggest asshole I ever met and finally realized I needed a break from the music biz. Tommy Thayer was not in the band at the time, but he used to come to all our shows and once told me THE BANG GANG "Love Sells" was the best record he had heard in years and wanted to work on some songs with me. I unfortunately never got the chance. During my time in THE BANG GANG I played a lot of gigs with ADAM BOMB and he also filled in on guitar for Kjartan as well as Traci Gunns from L.A. GUNS. I moved to Boston for a year and came back to LA to try and give it another shot. I built a recording studio and started a project with an unbelievable guitarist by the name of Nick Panici. The LA earth quake destroyed our studio and I took it as a sign that God wanted me to do something else with my life for a while."
Years ago you moved from Seattle to L.A., do you still live in L.A. now?
"I still live in southern California. I moved out of Hollywood three years ago and moved about thirty miles south to Huntington Beach. Surf City USA."
Do you still have long hair?
"No, I don't have long hair. I look more like a cross between BILLY IDOL and RICKY MARTIN ha ha!"
What are you and the guys in THE BANG GANG doing right now?
"Achon Inc. is living somewhere in Oregon and is a born again Christian or something. Kjartan is in Seattle being an architect, Jet Silver and I still talk a lot on the phone. He lives in Hollywood still and is in a band called JET SILVER AND THE PLATINUM SPLASH. Scott Stevens is in a band called the XIES or something like that. They have a CD out but I haven't heard it yet. He is the only one still touring. I have a business called Legal Express. We do boring shit for lawyers. I have done many reunion gigs in Seattle with CULPRIT and TKO over the years and both bands are re-releasing CD's this year on Hellion Records."
By the way, where does the name "Kjartan" come from?
"Kjartan is from Norway..."
Have you toured alot after the release of the first BANG GANG album?
"Unfortunately THE BANG GANG did no touring to support the "Love Sells" record. It was very disappointing, but right after it finally got released, the Seattle Grunge thing exploded and no one was interested in our music any more."
What kind of support did you get from the label and from the fans?
"The band got no support from our label and except for our LA following, BMG our publishing company and a little bit of MTV air time nobody got behind the record."
In 1991 you did a demo entitled "Vanity Kills", was this supposed to be your second album? What will happen to these songs, will you use them again?
"As I mentioned we did record some demos at my home studio in '91. Those were the beginnings to what was to be the follow up record. I recently have been working with an American label (Fastlane Records) and the working title is "Vanity Kills". We are working on the cover and lining up foreign distribution and the record should come out by the end of the year. It's just a hobby of mine now, but after Shawn Lane of Fastlane Records contacted me I dug the tapes out of the garage and actually became a fan of the band again. I hadn't listened to those songs in eight years and I really think that if anybody out there liked the first one they're gonna love this stuff. It is a demo however and was only a sketch of what the songs were to become, but there's a rawness and energy to them that really shines through!"
Was it the same line up as on "Love Sells"?
"The line up was the same but there is a few guitar solos done by Nick Panici and he really plays well."
On "Love Sells" you did a cover of T-REX's '20th Century Boy'... Have you recorded any other cover versions?
"No, we never did. We wanted to do 'Go All The Way' by the RASPBERRIES but we never got around to it."
When have you founded your own business "Legal Express" and what are you doing exactly there, do you have employees?
"I started my business in 1997 and have just five employees. We do photo copying and electronic document storage. We also have a courier service all based around the law profession."
Do you have your own family and kids now?
"I have my soulmate and my dog, a beautiful German Shepherd named Kiaza but no kids. My sister lives right down the street and she has three. I like being uncle Scott, but maybe someday I will have my own. For now I just borrow hers."
An album that is always capable of throwing me headlong into one big glam spasm. It oozes sleaze at every pore, sneers with abandon, is packed with catchy hooks and gives well deserved nods to pretty boy godfathers, Marc Bolan and Motley Crue.

Love Sells is an utter gem of the sunset strip scene in my eyes. It compels me to strut down the street decked out in tight leather, cowboy boots, an abundance of jangly bangles and to be totally loaded on vodka, causing maximum chaos. I type all this out to you now, after liberally applying some Maybelline foundation and eyeliner, backcombing my hair into the bird’s nest it currently resembles and once again placing this CD into the player. Ahh, that’s better - I’m much more comfortable….

The Bang Gang will look like - on first glance - your typical “hair band” to any Joe Blow rock n’ roll asshole, but they represent everything so devilishly raw and dirty within the bloated bubblegum world of glam metal. For a start their lead vocalist is called Jet Silver, which to me, is probably the most badass name any glitter/gloss muthafucker has ever baptized their self with! The dude sounds like a cat (that’s not a bad thing by the way) getting his cream, both in the alley and in the kitchen back home and he’s a hot guy (I’m not afraid to say it). Jet’s got sort of a lisping, drawl going on which on first listen makes the group sound similar to the likes of Faster Pussycat and Alleycat Scratch, but I can safely say the Bang Gang are streets ahead of both. We also have Scottie “The Bitch” Earle on bass (formerly of TKO and Culprit). Scottie had hit Hollywood back in ’87 and had try-outs with the likes of Lita Ford and Alice Cooper before pulling in old TKO band mate Kjartan Kristoffersen (guitar), Scott Stevens (guitar) and Achon Inc (drums) to join him and Jet Silver. The Bang Gang was born in 1989, only playing a handful of gigs and then venturing into the studio with Ryan Dorn to knock out Love Sells in 1990 on the independent label – Sinclair Records.
Jet Silver (vocals), Scott Earl (bass, drum programming, guitar), Scott Stevens (guitar), Kjarten J. Kristoffersen (guitar), Achon Inc (drums)

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