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BEAK> / >>

Жанр: Krautrock
Год издания: 2012
Издатель (лейбл): Invada
Страна: UK
Аудиокодек: FLAC (*.flac)
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: lossless
Продолжительность: 47:59
Источник (релизер): sddd
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: нет
1. The Gaol (3:09)
02. Yatton (5:17)
03. Spinning Top (6:13)
04. Eggdog (4:14)
05. Liar (2:21)
06. Ladies' Mile (4:44)
07. Wulfstan II (7:10)
08. Elevator (4:23)
09. Deserters (3:35)
10. Kidney (6:49)




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FILE: BEAK- - BEAK- - 10 Kidney.flac Size: 35745422 Hash: 129283D1CE40978084DCF3D85E013681 Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: 3B3C923A8314A44E885A24F66F282C04A64F11B1FILE: BEAK- - BEAK- - 09 Deserters.flac Size: 21659314 Hash: CECDADC03865765646BB35853898A510 Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: 77ABCFF07D9249FE5849C67BF5BCE437EEF74E9DFILE: BEAK- - BEAK- - 08 Elevator.flac Size: 23767034 Hash: 16AE0057E5687A8A6A35EABDDE6963F1 Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: 932EE03433A2A9600C601640D237A562753965E2FILE: BEAK- - BEAK- - 07 Wulfstan II.flac Size: 45290682 Hash: C690DE55B95F716CE8A7F40A8290C8C2 Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: F49EA4135EAFB703FCB3BA0E584AD1D474BB055AFILE: BEAK- - BEAK- - 06 Ladies' Mile.flac Size: 19741706 Hash: 68835924B3829602497A25B0C65F3B47 Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: MPEG 100% Signature: 88EC842E239CA6739D00818FD896907FD47D5C72FILE: BEAK- - BEAK- - 05 Liar.flac Size: 14407956 Hash: EAA67C9287FAF46C80F8DD7F4ACAE44A Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: A6995618354889C3A2FA2C5D71D700302FDA422CFILE: BEAK- - BEAK- - 04 Eggdog.flac Size: 24642809 Hash: FE2F0B5736992CACAECDA938964AE0D0 Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: 484085D0E5217B433334AE9F508CA1FD8245D39DFILE: BEAK- - BEAK- - 03 Spinning Top.flac Size: 37263595 Hash: FF0811BBB4D54251EF8178A63B86A518 Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: 9DD3972758DD41DF04314A03B4F8E4E63FC35BC6FILE: BEAK- - BEAK- - 02 Yatton.flac Size: 29182243 Hash: 2FF3CB72BB7FE7123F0A9AC660E319CE Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 99% Signature: F736D008DA183D268BD22A0D878A27E766486CF5FILE: BEAK- - BEAK- - 01 The Gaol.flac Size: 18498402 Hash: 400597C41B9D91DA4A44D3F04F891F1D Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: 4FA20338A7B3A3C9AE6CAB33D866E61B9562F11F
Hot on the heels of his Quakers hip hop project ,and the Judge Dredd inspired / Drokk soundtrack collaboration , Geoff Barrow unveils the second Beak> album ,the krautrock inspired band formed with Billy Fuller and Matt Williams. Available on CD & a 2 LP set the initial version of the LP is pressed on heavy vinyl and comes in a foil embossed sleeve. There is an accepted music industry strategy, mainly from the mouths of experienced music managers and A&R men, that for a band to get ready to present themselves to the world they should go on tour. In most cases this advice works; the band hone their craft on the road so by the time they get on to Later with Jools Holland they can amaze with their slick, tight rock performance. However, this doesn t always work. BEAK> formed by Geoff Barrow - Matt Williams - Billy Fuller in 2009 recorded their self-titled debut album in Bristol, created out of 12 days of improv sessions and then edited into song form. Shorty after releasing it on INVADA records UK and Ipecac records U.S., the band went on a successful tour, playing various festival dates across Europe and the U.S. Buzzing from the tour, Beak> then returned to the studio to start work on ALBUM 2 only to find that the time on the road had taken its toll on the band s delicately sensitive and creative nature. And, by consequence, had turned them into a truly awful-sounding pub prog-rock band. The magic had gone. It seemed that the band were thoroughly moribund. Until... One rainy afternoon in Bristol after many tortured, truly terrible recording sessions something changed. It may have been the diesel fumes from the bands tour splitter bus had worn off, others say that the band simply turned their amplifiers down. We will possibly never know the true events of that afternoon but the band began to play and, once again as before, their bleak, wobbly anti-blue note sound had returned, but this time with added synthesizers.And so... recorded in one room live (with very few overdubs) Beak>> is upon us.

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