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Half Past Four / Rabbit in the Vestibule

Жанр: Art Prog / Eclectic Prog
Страна: Canada
Год издания: 2008
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: V2
Продолжительность: 62:51
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: нет
Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Missing Seventh (2:31)
2. Johnny (2:48)
3. Poisoned Tune (7:53)
4. Southern Boogie (4:15)
5. Twelve Little Words (5:18)
6. Underwater (4:58)
7. Lullaby (4:16)
8. Strangest Dream (6:20)
9. Biel (8:14)
10. The Ballad Of Dwayne's Plane (4:53)
11. Salome (2:45)
12. Bamboo (2:38)
13. Rabbit (6:02)
This young canadian band named Half past Four did an excellent job here on their first album named "Rabbit in the vestibule" from 2008. They gathered in this album almost all the greatest ideas must has an eclectic band from today, the result is a brilliant trip through eclectic music with a little avand gard in places and for those who are open minded and want somthing diffrent then usual prog music. The imagination of these 5 musicians is top notch, is quite rare for me to listen to such chalenging and intelligent music from newer bands, but as is with Rabbit in the vestibule everything is possible, impressive album. The musicianship is awesome, from cruchy guitar tones with a,lot of time signatures and a typical sound movements to some most amazing vocal parts I've come across lately in progressive rock, the magnificent voice of Kyree Vibrant. She has a wide registerd with a great range, from mellow to more rougher in places when pieces needs it, she make a truly solid vocal arrangements here, super on some pieces like Johnny, Southern Boogie, Biel, Bamboo or Rabbit she covers almost every zone of her voice, delivering some very catchy and intristing moments, great voice. The rest of the pieces are aswell very good, 2 instrumental tracks are here one of them hard to forget with a lot to offer - Lullaby, shows how talented and good this band is. What is realy top class here is the keyboards of Igor Kurtzman, he knows when and how to use this instrument to make some truly amazing moments here, very intristing and not very often I heared this kind of approach to keys , quite eclectic after all. So an band to watch in the future because they are amomg the best in last years, very talented with solid and intristing ideas

Line-up / Musicians
- Kyree Vibrant / vocals
- Constantin Necrasov / guitar
- Igor Kurtzman / keyboards
- Dmitry Lesov / bass

Art Pisanski – drums and percussion
Ashot "Da Sherriff" Grigorian – saxophone on "Southern Boogie" and "Salome"
Sahra Featherstone – tin whistle on "Poisoned Tune" and violin on "Salome"
The Burlington Seniors Four Part Harmony Choir – vocal chorus in "Biel"
Dylan Goodhue – background vocals and the voice of "Biel"

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