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River County - Rockin' The Country

Жанр: Southern Rock | Country Rock
Страна: USA
Год издания: 2008
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 00:36:08

01 - Rockin' The Country [00:03:20]
02 - Moonshine Still [00:02:31]
03 - We're All Here [00:02:44]
04 - It's Alright To Cry [00:04:41]
05 - Song From Your Heart [00:04:16]
06 - Those Nights [00:03:18]
07 - Becky Brown's Daddy [00:03:44]
08 - What A Real Man Does [00:03:53]
09 - The Trill Of A Better Chase [00:02:50]
10 - I Thank God [00:04:46]
[i][b]From a high school talent contest to center stage, River County’s Derek Wylie (lead singer), Chris Presley (lead and rhythm guitar/background vocals) and Jake Hehman (keyboards & harmonies) formed a bond in musical kinship a long, long time ago that was destined “to be.”

Combining the musical vibe and storytelling of Marshall Tucker Band, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Charlie Daniels, River County is fully loaded! Delivering a bold sound, toe tappin’ melodies and tear jerkin’ ballads in Southern Rock/Swamp Rock style, River County knows how to rock the house and reach out to grab the audience with their lyrical content and high octane performances. \"If Lynyrd Skynyrd put on a cowboy hat and had a lovechild with Rascal Flatts, that’s River County!\"

River County makes their national introduction to country radio with the release “Rockin’ The Country” featuring Chris Presley on lead guitar and what the group calls their main instrument—River County harmonies. Chris and Jake Hehman wrote the tune. “We just felt ‘Rockin’ The Country’ was the best song on the album to demonstrate exactly who we are as performers and musicians and where we come from.”

The debut CD by the same name [ROCKIN’ THE COUNTRY], produced by Terry Wendt, features collaborations written by the band members. Other writers to be credited include Brett Wolf, Del Grey, Jon Stone, Buddy Owens and Phil O\'Donnell to name a few. Filled with hidden messages and personal meaning, the ten-song CD was recorded in Nashville and highlights the heartfelt, emotional fan favorites \"I Thank God” and \"It\'s Alright to Cry,\" the groovin’ “We’re All Here” (that’ll drive every listener to the local watering hole), every gal’s dream song, “What A Real Man Does,” and the hard drivin’ new single “Rockin’ The Country.” “The CD title says it all—we’re Rockin’ The Country! You’ll hear country music in ‘River County style!’ This album is full of songs that we hope people will connect with on a deeper level. A lot of these songs have personally helped us through difficult times in our lives and we hope that they too will just reach out to that one person in need (whether it to be to laugh, sing, dance or cry) at just the right time.”

These rowdy friends blend a taste of sweet home Alabama with just the right touch of heartfelt sincerity. River County’s ROCKIN’ THE COUNTRY has a musical something for everyone. River County knows who they are and where they come from--a bunch of good ole boys that just want to have some fun and they’ll bring the “good times” right to you! “Just listen and watch.”

From SVC Records, Indianapolis

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (September 11, 2008)--SVC Records, Indianapolis, IN is poised to make its national introduction with the first musical production from its flagship artist River County.

River County\'s Derek Wylie (lead vocals), Chris Presley (lead/rhythm guitar and background vocals) and Jake Hehman (keyboards & harmonies) are good ole\' country boys from Indiana who are friends for life and have made ROCKIN\' THE COUNTRY their life\'s mission. The band is set to release its debut CD, aptly titled ROCKIN\' THE COUNTRY, on October 28, 2008.

Produced Terry Wendt, the project is a double barrel blast of whiskey-soaked country with a rock\'n roll flavor. Featuring tales of love and disaster with pure, honest to goodness storytelling and heavy-hitting music, ROCKIN\' THE COUNTRY has all the captivating elements of a good yarn. Chock-full with River County originals, the album is filled with hidden messages and personal meaning. The 10-song CD contains the heartfelt, emotional fan favorites, \"I Thank God\" and \"It\'s Alright to Cry,\" the groovin\' \"We\'re All Here\" (that\'ll drive every listener to the local watering hole), every gal\'s dream song, \"What A Real Man Does,\" and their hard drivin\' new single \"Rockin\' The Country\" which was released to radio in July.

River County music is not for the faint of heart; it\'s for the honky-tonk faithful and true-blue southern rock fans. Combining the musical vibe and craftsmanship of Marshall Tucker Band, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Charlie Daniels, the trio delivers a bold sound in southern rock/swamp rock style.

A non-stop, working band, the road warriors have played more than thirty dates in the last three months; have opened for Andy Griggs, Rascal Flatts, Jack Ingram and Lorrie Morgan and performed at a variety of special events including the Indy 500 and the NASCAR Brickyard 400. In early 2008, the group successfully completed a five-city tour in Mainland, China and most recently headlined the HANK\'s Advantage Health SkyConcert in Indianapolis. The trio was named \"Indy\'s No.1 Country Band,\" by Nuvo Magazine (2007) and featured in Country Weekly\'s \"Listen Up!\" in the August 11, 2008 issue.</span></span>

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