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Fokatelep - 3 альбома

Жанр: Folk Rock
Страна: Hungary
Год издания: 2009-2012
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 128-320 kbps
Продолжительность: 02:25:46
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: да
1. Indulj el
2. Kerek a szolo levele
3. Hej, bura, bura
4. Madarka
5. Yallah, Yallah
6. Mon amie la rose
7. Nemzeti Vagta
8. U Stankini
9. Szallj el
10. Szomoru vasarnap
11. Viragom
01. Alom
02. Chaos Santana
03. Kimegyek
04. Csip Csirip
05. Elalelok
06. Hordocska
07. Bosszudal
08. Kaske
09. Kicsi Rigo
10. Alma
11. Real
01 E kertemben
02 Fujja
03 Romlott testem
04 Citadella
05 Marra
06 Kuku
07 Un Cabrito
08 Tavol
09 Piano
Fókatelep was founded in 2007 based on jam sessions of the members of Korai Öröm (5 in the beginning, 3 now), a psychedelic world-beat band known far beyond the borders of Hungary. After Annamária Oláh had joined the group, the instrumental music gradually changed to the present song-like form. During its first year the improvising, ambient project has become a strong folk-rock group. The band rapidly found its audience and plays in more and more prestigious scenes. Among these were the successful concerts at the major Hungarian towns and festivals and on the closing day of the Hundertwasser exhibition of the Museum of Fine Arts. In October 2009 the band toured in Northern Europe with success. Besides the concerts its members gave workshops in few Dannish schools.
Their first record introduces us to the world of primarily Hungarian but also Bulgarian, French or Indian folk style songs with energetic rock flavour. The meeting of the experienced musicians with the young, but extraordinarily talented singer and songwriter caused a strong album with its own signature.
Fókatelep do not commit themselves to either of the wide range of styles (folk songs, chanson, metal, electric) they are inspired by. Their characteristic „fóka sound” is more a mixture of all the above.
Their first album Fókatelep (self-titled, NarRator Records 2009) introduces us to the world of primarily Hungarian but also Bulgarian, French and Indian folk style songs with an energetic rock flavour. Yallah Yallah is Indian-inspired „raga-rock” with Bulgarian folk instruments, Fly away is folk-like song arranged as a heavy „piano metal”. With their adaptation of Gloomy Sunday they created a Hungarian trip-hop from the classical Rezső Seress song known throughout the world. Apart from Annamari’s lofty voice the ethno feeling is fortified by Nikola Parov (www.nikola.hu ) appearance as guest on the album. The worldwide-known musician, who recorded albums among others with Márta Sebestyén, played traditional Balkan instruments in several songs.
The track Leave was chosen for a CD compilation introducing the best of Hungarian world music in Europe’s most acknowledged world music magazine, the Songlines' March 2010 issue, with other renowned acts.

Fokadelic, the second album out in April 2011, brings them ever closer to realising their very own sound – world beat founded in rock, fusing the tradition of Hungarian „csujogato” singing style with Bulgarian folk, gypsy tango with chansons, Latin with Afro rhythms. This creative spirit reflects in the lyrics, oscillating between Hungarian, Spanish and Bulgarian.
The full album is available to stream at www.soundcloud.com/fokatelep/sets/fokadelic
After touring in Germany, Denmark and Sweden in 2009 (giving workshops in schools in Hillerod, Denmark in their free time), Fokatelep found themselves in Germany again in May 2010 to perform alongside Besh O Drom at a series of events promoting Hungarian talent. Later that year, they travelled to the Italian showcase festival Meeting Degli Indipendenti to perform for a professional audience.

Meszecsinka is a child of a love affair, started under the full moon. It means in Bulgarian „small moon” and comes from Annamari’s favorite Bulgarian folk song. Meszecsinka is intimate, magical and fragile, as any child of love. She sings in seven languages (Hungarian, Gypsy, Bulgarian, Finnish, English, Arabian and Spanish), and leads you into a Wonderland, where Bulgarian and Hungarian folk lives together with Latin and funky, Oriental and experimental.
Annamaria Olah - vocals
Emil Biljarszki - keyboard
Viktor Csanyi - drums
Janos Jocsik - percussion
Ferenc Somogyi - bass
Peter Szalay - guitar

Annamaria Olah - Vocals, Gitarre, Piano
Emil Biljarski - Keyboard, Gitarre
David Krolikowski - Percussion
Arpad Vajdovich - Double Bass

Трекер:  [ 12-Июл-2012 20:13 ]


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