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Fractale/Live Suranne

Жанр: Zeuhl/Jazz rock
Страна: France
Год издания: 2010
Лейбл: A Bout de Son
Продьюсер: Julian Julien
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 00:27:21
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: да
Источник: e-mail present from Julian Julien

1. Partie XV 2:57
2. Partie VI 2:04
3. Partie V 5:09
4. Partie XVI 4:31
5. Partie XVIII 2:45
6. Sans paiers live at the Sunset (Bonustrack) 4:32
7. Clémentine (Bonustrack) 5:22
This is a short but wonderful EP that can be easily loved by any progressive rock fan. And it is not common that I start with a phrase like that, actually I would finish my review with it, but this time I did it the other way around because I have truly enjoyed this album every single time I’ve listened to it, and believe me, there have been at least 10 so far. Fractale is the project of French sax player Julian Julien, who with the help of some friends and of course high-quality musicians have created a wonderful mixture of rock fusion with spacey textures. This EP entitled “Suraneé” consists of five live pieces which does not really have a name, and two bonus tracks. Actually, and it is worth mentioning, this is like a taste of Fractale’s sound, since Julien have created a bunch of songs that can (and should) be listened in a row, without any distraction, in order to have the feeling of being reading a book or watching a movie, I mean, the images created by the music are countless, all depends on the listener. “Suraneé” sadly is pretty short, I always have that empty space where I am asking for more, but as I said, this is only a taste of their sound, and what a taste! It opens with “Partie XV”, and since the fist seconds we will listen to that jazz oriented sound, with lots of wind instruments, percussion and synthesizers. The music is really friendly; it will put a smile on you, and surely will make you move your body. I cannot help but enjoying it.
“Partie VI” has a slower rhythm, but it is full of atmospheres and spacey effects that in moments remind me of Daevid Allen’s Gong. This also sounds like an improvisation, and it is the shortest piece of the album. “Partie V” is wonderful, with a rich blend of winds and electronic elements that together create new images, atmospheres and nuances. The different trumpets and saxophones do not really sound jammed, them all sound clean and clear, one can easily recognize each one of them. This is one of my favorite tracks! With “Partie XVI” the band follows the same line, but this time they have quite an addictive sound. The name of Gong springs to my mind once again, which does not mean I am comparing them, not at all, but they might have been an influence. You will have four minutes of addiction, of craziness and adventure, but the sad thing is that it all of a sudden finishes, when you are totally caught by its sound. The concert part finishes with “Partie XVIII” which is another cool song, but with a slower and more melancholic sound, like announcing the end. I would have really loved to hear more of this bunch of live parts, it would be a complete trip. The last two additional songs are “Sans Papiers” and “Clementine” which together make the final ten minutes of this EP. The road is practically the same, cool and addictive rhythms, excellent blend of jazz with space and electronic elements; wonderful winds and constant drums. What a pity it ends so soon, but well, the only thing I can do is waiting for a full-length release and why not, to see them live someday. Highly recommendable!
[i]Review by: Guillermo Urdapilleta[/i]

Fractale is a jazz rock ensemble from France by the saxophone wizard Julian Julien, who is also in charge of the compositions. Suranne is the title of their live EP, which they released in 2010. The first thing you notice about this album is the immense array of horn players and I certainly expected a huge sound. What grabs you most about Fractale is that the amazing groove and vibe the songs have. Many jazz rock bands nowadays focus too much on the technical aspect, while Fractale really do have a great feel for the music, which occasionally goes into funk territory as well, which is definitely a plus as far as I'm concerned. Here, I could draw associations with the Swiss band Spaltklang, as they show a similar amount of groove in their jazzier sections, but Fractale manage to hold their mood for longer stretches, which will certainly get you in the mood for swinging your hips. The big band sound of the horns certainly brings up associations with Zappa's jazz stuff, except that Fractale maybe add a few more atmospheric space rock segments, mostly due to the great synths working as accompaniment. The sound of the band revolves very much around the horns, in particularly Julien’s saxophone, but occasionally the piano also takes the lead. The synths play a backing role, as does the rhythm section, but they’re vital to the overall unique sound of the band. Suranne may be a live recording, but it comes off as a studio EP (27 minutes long) because the clapping is done only at the end of each song. Fractale definitely seem to be a band to watch out for and with an amazing feel for the music like they have, their future seems secure, at least as far as quality is concerned. 8.5 out of 10.
Review by: Rok Podgrajšek
Julian Julien: Sax, Composition
Vivien Philippot: Sax (Tracks 1-5)
Patrice Cazeneuve: Trumpet (Tracks 1-5)
Jennifer Quillet: Trumpet
Jon Lopez de Vicuna: Sax (Tracks 1-5)
Lorenz Steinmüller: Tuba
Xavier Sibre: Bass clarinet, Sax (Tracks 6,7)
Francoise Favreau: Drums (Tracks 6,7)
Yann Lupu: Trumpet (Tracks 6,7)
Benjamin Vairon: Drums (Tracks 1-5)
Laurent Dessaints: Sax (Tracks 6,7)

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