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The Night Flight Orchestra - Internal Affairs

Жанр: Classic Rock / Hard Rock
Страна: Sweden (Skåne län)
Год издания: 2012
Издатель (лейбл): Coroner Records
Номер по каталогу: CR 023
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 01:01:10
Источник (релизер): Lossless
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: нет

01. Siberian Queen (06:03)
02. California Morning (05:37)
03. Glowing City Madness (03:57)
04. West Ruth Ave (06:42)
05. Transatlantic Blues (08:21)
06. Miami 5:02 (03:49)
07. Internal Affairs (04:48)
08. 1998 (04:57)
09. Stella Ain't No Dove (04:27)
10. Montreal Midnight Supply (04:41)
11. Green Hills Of Glumslov (04:05)
12. American High (Exclusive Digipak Bonus Track) (03:36)

"The Night Flight Orchestra" started like so many others as an innocent yet serious drunken idea when Björn Strid (Soilwork) and David Andersson (Mean Streak, session Soilwork) were on the road together somewhere in North America in 2007. Björn and David were bonding over what they considered "classic" or not, from rock n roll conspiracies to being arrested in a lobby with nothing but leather pant…
s on. All those scenarios, fictional or real, needed a soundtrack. They also came to think that whether you're on a metal tour or not, a lot of classic rock songs say it all and can really lend you a helping hand and make you forget about everything, especially when in motion or travelling. The classic escape. The never-ending road trip. The transatlantic night flight. It may sound simple and naive but what it all comes down to is that we all need that soundtrack to feel extra special, whether you have been arrested in a lobby or not. It didn't take long before bass player Sharlee D' Angelo (Arch Enemy, Spiritual Beggars) joined forces as well as keyboard player Richard Larsson (Von Benzo) and drummer Jonas Källsbäck (Mean Streak). The goal was to reclaim the 70's/early 80's sense for classic melody, the forgotten recipe to a timeless song, preferably a song mentioning a city, street name or an exhilarating alcoholic beverage. Anything that will have you spitting out the word 'classic'. From "Tarot Woman" to "Badlands", from "Rhiannon" to "Running on Empty", from "Blind Man" to "Night Moves", from "Deuce" to "Separate Ways", from "Elected" to "Set me Free". The list goes on. It's all about reclaiming the "classic".
Björn Strid -Vocals
David Andersson - Guitar
Richard Larsson - Keyboards
Sharlee D' Angelo - Bass
Jonas Källsbäck - Drums

Трекер:  [ 06-Сен-2012 21:36 ]


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