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Bullfrog - 2 albums

Жанр: Hard Rock
Страна: Italy
Год издания: 2004-2009
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 205-320 kbps
Продолжительность: 00:52:37

01. Sundance [00:04:37]
02. The Road to Santiago [00:05:02]
03. Rain on Me [00:05:46]
04. Boz's Walk [00:06:00]
05. Kissin' Mary Lou [00:03:18]
06. Morning Creeping [00:06:19]
07. Supersister [00:05:07]
08. Slow Bottom [00:04:59]
09. Walk Away [00:03:55]
10. I'll Be Gone [00:07:30]

01. Over Again [00:05:17]
02. F For Fool [00:04:59]
03. Rocking Ball [00:05:06]
04. Detour [00:07:07]
05. On Through The Night [00:04:22]
06. Every Sunny Day [00:05:42]
07. One For A Zero [00:06:34]
08. Keep Me Smiling [00:04:16]
09. Rat Kicking [00:04:34]
10. Easy On My Love [00:05:22]
11. Poor Man Cry [00:06:47]
Bullfrog is a band from Verona, Italy that plays good old classic hard rock! The band was formed in 1993 from the ashes of other bands from Verona (Great Fish, Capricorn, Highshooter, Hitchers). Starting as a cover band, the group plays songs by Free, Bad Company, Grand Funk, Led Zeppelin, Mountain, and other blues standards. The sound is pretty much reminiscent of the classic power-trios of the 70's, with a lot of room for improvisations and solos. Gradually, as a natural development, the band begins to write and play their own material, clearly showing the love for the great rock of the 70's. In 2001 Bullfrog finally enter the studio to record their debut album, Flower on the moon, for the Andromeda relics label. The album includes nine original compositions plus one interesting cover of Sail on, sail away, originally recorded by Moxy, a great and sadly forgotten canadian band from the 70's. To this day the CD is getting great reviews from all the most important italian music magazines. In May 2002, Bullfrog debut on television, for the live show Terremoto on the Matchmusic channel, performing unplugged versions of Trouble in paradise e Flower on the moon. In March 2003, the song Stranger to the danger is included in the compilation CD Burn!, sold with the new rock magazine Classix. In April 2004, a new cd is published, The road to Santiago, a great work of pure hard rock, including nine original compositions and a cover version of the James Gang classic Walk away. Stylystically close to the previous record Flower On The Moon, The Road To Santiago shows a much better production, and a growing musicianship. In the following months the album gets rave and enthusiastic reviews from critics and magazines. The songs Sundance and The road to Santiago are included in two compliation albums of local bands MusicAlive#2 and Tales, the first being also aired on the national radio program Demo on Radio1.
Francesco Dall Riva (bass, vocals)
Silvano Zago (guitar)
Michele Dall Riva (drums)

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