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Breathing Space

Жанр: Progressive Rock
Дата выпуска: 2007-2011
Страна: UK
Формат: MP3 (tracks)
Битрейт: 192-320 kbps
Продолжительность: 03:57:39
Breathing Space are a York based band formed by Iain Jennings, keyboard wizard and co-songwriter with Mostly Autumn. They have evolved into a touring band with two albums out and a third on the way.

The full band line-up is currently:

Iain Jennings - keyboards
Olivia Sparnenn - vocals
Paul Teasdale - Bass
Ben Jennings - Keyboards
Barry Cassells - Drums

This site is maintained by the Breathing Space Webmaster and we will endeavour to keep you up to date with any news, late changes to gigs, etc, if you sign up!


When keyboard player Iain Jennings recorded the first Breathing Space album he enlisted fellow Mostly Autumn band members Liam Davison and Bryan Josh on guitars, with backing vocalist Olivia Sparnenn moving to front of stage to take the lead vocalist role. Iain’s brother Andrew, also in Mostly Autumn at the time, took on drum duties.

The resulting album mixes soaring guitars, ambient instrumentals, heart-rending ballads and classic rock. It quickly sold out and had to be re-pressed.

Taking the album out on tour the core of Iain and Olivia were joined by Mark Rowen on guitars and Paul Teasdale on bass, with Iain’s brother Ben adding extra keyboard depth.

During 2007 Andy was left to pursue other options and was briefly replaced by Olivia’s dad Howard (ex of 70s band Flight) on drums before Barry Cassells joined full time. The second album Coming Up For Air was then recorded with the addition of John Hart on saxophone and wind synthesisers, adding extra sonic textures. It was released to critical acclaim.

The album added rock anthems and a subtle jazziness to the growing and varied repertoire at live performances. The band are now playing to bigger audiences around the country and after their appearance at the 2008 Cambridge Rock Festival its organiser Dave Roberts said «awesome somehow doesn’t do the band justice».

The third album is being recorded in spring 2009 and after a lot of heartfelt discussion the band have decided to concentrate on the use of guitars and keyboards. Inevitably this means less opportunities for sax and wind synth solos in the live set. As a result John Hart, who played sax and wind-synth on the Coming Up For Air album and tour will in future only appear as an occasional special guest musician.

In March 2009 Mark decided the time had come to move on, and left the band. Liam Davison has recorded guitar on the new album and played a few gigs whilst a new permanent replacement is found.

For the next few gigs Bryan Josh will join the band as temporary guitarist.
Продолжительность: 00:52:32

01. Coming Up For Air [00:06:04]
02. When I Hold On To You [00:04:09]
03. On The Blue Horizon [00:06:02]
04. Time Tells All The Unknown [00:04:46]
05. Rain Song [00:05:40]
06. The Senses [00:04:24]
07. Don't Turn A Blind Eye [00:06:02]
08. Head Above The Water [00:06:26]
09. Searching For My Shadow [00:05:13]
10. Turn Of The Tide [00:03:42]
Продолжительность: 00:51:04

01. Below The Radar [00:04:12]
02. Clear [00:04:29]
03. Lantern For A Smile [00:06:44]
04. The Night Takes You Home [00:04:32]
05. Run From Yourself [00:06:42]
06. Dusk [00:02:47]
07. Behind Closed Doors [00:05:38]
08. Drowning [00:06:26]
09. Questioning Eyes [00:09:30]
Продолжительность: 02:14:03
01. Intro [00:03:35]
02. Forgive Or Surrender [00:05:44]
03. The Senses [00:05:04]
04. Clear [00:04:24]
05. Coming Up For Air [00:05:34]
06. Hollow [00:08:17]
07. Rain Song [00:06:24]
08. Run From Yourself [00:07:35]
09. You Still Linger [00:10:05]
10. Time Tells [00:05:40]
11. Belief [00:05:21]
12. Wasted All The Time [00:05:24]
13. The Night Takes You Home [00:06:48]
14. Searching For My Shadow [00:06:13]
15. Drowning [00:06:44]
16. Dusk [00:02:54]
17. Never The Rainbow [00:04:47]
18. Below The Radar [00:04:01]
19. When I Hold Onto You [00:07:25]
20. The Gap Is Too Wide [00:10:21]
21. Questioning Eyes [00:11:33]

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